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Magnolia Foot Travel to Dahlia (Seki/Nobu/Private)

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Magnolia Foot Travel to Dahlia (Seki/Nobu/Private) Empty on Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:22 am



She begged her god to say something, anything to help her. Sekiya ran through the forest, branchs clinging to the cloth on her back, tearing her attire bit by bit. She was tattered, but far from destroyed.

It was her duty to make it back to Dahlia. She was granted that task by a woman who gave her life to save her. Whatever the Manji had done to this man to hunt them all down was not an answer she needed to understand. She needed to know how to get away from him, then she would understand her heritage.

She had to run.

Just this once.

Whoever that girl was, she wouldn't forget her face. Whatever lay in Dahlia must be of importance. If she couldn't shake off the man, surely someone in that place could stop him. They were no dying breed. They were being hunted for a reason, right?

No. What if they were the last of the bloodline? What motive does he have to stop the flow of ancestry? Could he be an accursed? The thoughts ran through her head, trying to find an answer. She would run until she could run no more. Then she would crawl. She would crawl until she could crawl no more. Then she would squirm . .  

Until she could squirm no more.


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Magnolia Foot Travel to Dahlia (Seki/Nobu/Private) Empty on Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:30 am


These Manji were a pest. To take the honor from his company only drove him further to the edge. he was a man devoted to ending lives. He was in the business of genocide.

He couldn't even remember why he hunted them anymore. He knew his men were dead, and it was their doing, but why did he attack them in Sin? It didn't matter. It was too far to go back. He had to finish his business. If he left this undone, he would have to change his name and armor again. He was done starting over. He was going to end this here and now.

There was no more room for error. He was going to find his girl through all of this brush. He was going to follow each drop of blood until he stopped her. And if he failed, he would go to Dahlia and find what the girl had warned her. What haven existed in that town? What was there to offer?

Of course. He knew the answer. It was the heir to the clan, that stupid little pale girl. Chi? Shi? It didn't matter. She would have a long and painful death when he arrived. No one would know he was coming, and when they did.. it would be too late.


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