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Surgery (Quest-Zanto)

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on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:36 pm

The night was young as Zanto walked slowly through the town’s square to get to the motel that he had been staying in for the pass few nights in Baska Town. It was a simple one bed motel room that also had a small bathroom. Room Sevice wasn’t provide as it wasn’t really a five star motel. Hell, it wasn’t even a one star motel, but it would do good enough until he made his fortune back that the bandits had stole from him that day. Making his way through the square, he would see people running in a linear direction. Now, Zanto would run after this. I know you might be wondering, why run after them? You see, Baska was literally a boring town and almost nothing ever happened in it. So if he saw or heard of some action then of course he would run towards it. His legs would burst with speed as he would follow the crowd dressed in white lab coats to the town’s local clinic.

Upon arriving and bursting through the doors, he would see the doctor, Gerard, running around as if all hell was breaking loose and it was. Patients were lying on the floor, people were screaming. It was an absolute hell in the clinic as the doctors and nurses did their best to try and help the sick. The ringing door would cause Gerard to look in Zanto’s way. Upon seeing the young mage, Gerard would scream “Finally! Someone that can be of some use to me!” Zanto would walk up to the doctor and greet him as he would say “What’s up Gerard? What do you need? He would visibly shudder at Zanto as he would say “I have a vey important patient in the back that is in dire need of medical assistance. I’ve been looking for some of my people, but I can’t seem to find them. You are the only one who I think that can help me at this moment. The patient needs a heart transplant and I need a extra pair of hands to help!” Said Gerard as he was literally shaking Zanto’s shoulders. Nearly begging him to help with the surgery.

Now Zanto was a smart man, but he had never operated a surgery on a human before. And he didn’t know why he was going to try now, but Gerard seemed to be in dire need of assistance and he wasn’t just going to let the man down. Zanto would simply nod as Gerard would escort him to a room in the back. Handing him a white coat with also some blue overalls, making is appearance look like that of a doctor. Almost like Gerard himself, but he was missing the eyes of a doctor. Eyes that held so much sorrow and sadness for the lives that he could not save. Following Gerard into the room. A man would be lying on the table hooked up to a machine as a cloth of some sort was held over his chest. Their was a opening over the part of the chest where the heart was and Zanto would assume that the doctor was about to begin cutting.

The procedure would begin as Gerard would ask the mage to hand him a scalpel. A scalpel that had seemed to be as sharp as a sword. Handing the scalpel to the man, which had been on a table with a lot of other equipments. Gerard would begin cutting a vertical line down the man’s chest which was quite deep as a little blood would begin come out of the newly made wound. He would then place the scalpel down as he asked for the scissors. Giving the man the scissors, he would begin to cut away the ribs that were protecting the heart from the world outside. Upon cutting away the ribs, he would place the scissors on the table and instruct Zanto to go and wash them as he would begin on the next step. Making his way to the sink, Zanto would spray all of the materials in a disinfectant spray and wash them off with water as he would place them back on the table.

There would be a grunt like scream as Gerard would cut himself, he would hold his hand as he would tremble. “Dammit! I’ve cut myself, Zanto I’m gonna need you to finish this procedure or this man is going to die! I’ll tell you what to do!” Screamed Gerard as he held his hand that was in immense pain. Zanto would nod as his own heart had begun to beat really fast. Gerard would instruct him on what to do as Zanto would grab the scalpel and begin to make cuts along the tubes that were connected to the main blood vessels of the body. Cutting the tubes, he would remove the heart from the body and place it on a tray as he would grab the new heart. Placing the scalpel down, he would place the new heart secure in the body as he aligned the tubes up with the blood vessels. The tubes matching up perfectly as he made them fit. He would grab the thread and needle as he would begin to see the tubes with the vessels. Making the heart seem nearly perfect besides the lines of thread that were going in and out of it. The job, was almost done. He would proceed with repairing the body back to the way it was and that meant fixing the ribs back up and seeing the skin back together as the man would stabilize.

Gerard would nod at Zanto as he would say “Thank you! You did the job perfectly as if you were a doctor yourself. Out in my office is where you will place the cloths. That’s where you will also find a large bag of jewels that can be used on your own accord.” Said Gerard as he scooted Zanto away so that he could repair his hand and fix the paitent. Zanto would go and collect his things as it was a job well done.

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