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Medicare (Quest-Zanto)

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on Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:46 am


The day was quiet in the Town of Baska, as Zanto strolled quietly around the place with his head held high. There seemed to be some type of sickness going around and a lot of people were getting affected. It was both contagious and coming from a direct source. The source of the sickness being the river where nearly all of the townís supply of water was coming from. Zanto was smart though, he didnít drink from the sinks or other things that came from the river. He would simply stop being cheap and buy water from local stores. Not to mention he didnít really need much as he wasnít as active in Baska as he had been in the other towns.

As he walked, a man who seemed to be quite tired, dressed in a Doctorís Coat would approach him. The guy had a thermostat as well as some more things to see if someone was sick. Zanto would frown somewhat as he really didnít want to be exposed out here, tested as if he was some animal that was about to be sent to a zoo. Zanto would raise his hand at the man as he would say ďNow look! Iíve been walking around here as fine as can be! Iím not sick! So donít touch me with that stuff!Ē Zanto hadnít meant to be rude as he knew how to control his emotions, but the words had kind of slipped out. ďItís ok my good sir! You donít have to be tested seeing as you donít show the visual sign of drawbacks!Ē Said the Doctor trying to calm him down.

The doctor would still approach him and say ďThough please, would you feel like helping me? Iím so busy around this time that Iím not able to give the other patients their medications which can be quite bad if they donít get it. If you take medicine to two of my patients Iíll try to pay you a hefty amount of jewels?Ē Asked the Doctor, hoping to get Zantoís approval. Zanto was running low on money currently and he was trying to slowly work his way up to the amount that he needed. Which meant that he needed to take as many quests as possible, even the more easier ones such as the like. Nodding at the Doctor, the man would escort Zanto back to his office so that they could retrieve the medicine. Upon retrieving the medications, Zanto would be given a couple of addresses that he would be instructed to go to.

There were only two addresses, so it meant that Zanto would have to do quite a lot of walking if the people didnít stay close by, but since this was the residential area. He was sure that they lived somewhere near each other. Saying goodbye to the doctor, Zanto would make his way to the homes. Slowly strutting pass the sick as he did his best to avoid them. He might have not gotten the illness, but he didnít want to come into contact with someone who did have it. For what took about thirty minutes or so, he would find the first house that wasnít anything really spectacular. The house was one story tall and didnít seem to have that many rooms. Walking to it, he would knock on the door when a old lady would come to answer it. Her eyes would come to look down at the bag of medications as she would smile with joy. ďOh! I was wondering when Gerard would get someone to get me my medications. Iíve been feeling quite off the weather lately and didnít want to gain that illness once again.Ē Said the lady as Zanto went into the bag and produced one container of pills that he handed to her.

Smiling, well smirking, he would bid the lady farewell as he made his way to the next home which was about three or four blocks from where he was standing. It was quite eerie around in the town of Baska. The sickness had affected peopleís feelings and had caused a deep mist to form around the town. Who would have thought weather effects could form from pure emotion. Making is way around the corner, he would come to look at the next address on his list. Though, this house was gradually way more larger than the ladder. It being two stories tall with a quite amount of windows. Knocking on the door of the estate, a sick man who appeared to be no older than Zanto would answer the door. He had snot running down his nose and his face appeared to be a bit green. ďGerard should send people who can actually work quicker. Iím always the last on the list!Ē Said the man as he snatched the bag out of Zantoís hand before he could even tell him what he was there for. Maybe the man didnít get any visitors, or maybe the man was psychic? The ladder seemed to be more interesting.

Sighing at a good job well done, Zanto had completed his rounds and would make his way back to Gerardís Office in order to collect his jewels. It was mid-day when he came back and the office seemed to be quite packed. Seemed like a lot of people had come down with the illness and was looking for a remedy from the Mage Doctor. Making his way pass all of the sick without touching them. Zanto had finally navigated through the maze like office and came face to face with Gerard who had a smile on his face and held up a bag of jewels. ďI knew that was you. You have the most ridiculous styled and colored hair that Iíve ever seen.Ē Said Gerard. Now, Zanto didnít know if he was to take that as an insult or as a compliment, but he would refrain from taking it as either as he would grab his jewels and leave before he gained the illness. Making his way outside, he would have taken a deep breath, but he didnít want to breath in the sickness that had enveloped the town.

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