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Light vs Dark [Kon | Social]

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#1Alice Baskerville 

on Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:01 am

Since she was no longer part of the Rune Knights it was easier not to hide her pregnancy. She didn't have to care which was definitely a good thing. She had just come back from the hospital to figure out how her pregnancy was going. She was on her way to the hotel again. She frowned a little, not entirely sure how to bring this information to Kon or well not even if she could accept the whole story herself. She stared at the young man next to her, "Explain to me why this is necessary?" She asked the person next to her, whose hand went through his short sand coloured hair. "It feels nice." She rolled her eyes, his arrogance as her pet was annoying, leaving out the fact he was human now and talked to her.

This wasn't the first time that he had done it, and yet it had given her almost a heart attack, this was only the second or third time and always when he was annoyed or angry, but this time he seemed to just want to discuss things. Namely he wanted to discuss the problem that she was having something she had definitely not wanted to discuss with Jupiter at all. She looked at Hecate, who was still her faithful companion, still looking like a Glaceon and still unable to talk. "How did you.. manage?" Which was a strange question but his own lilac eyes stared at her, "I listen and pay attention deary." Which made her shiver for some reason, but perhaps it was something else because after the simple word that Jupiter just used it didn't change. It felt as if someone was watching her but she didn't notice anyone specific that was staring at her.

She stopped walking, which took Jupiter only a couple of seconds as well as Hecate. As she looked over her shoulder and back to Jupiter, she noticed how he glanced at her before looking around himself, "I hate how my ears are less good now I'm human or so I believe." Hecate though looked up, as a smaller companion she couldn't see at the same height as Jupiter, neither could Alice in that case. "It gives me a bad feeling." She held on to his arm as if she would faint or anything. There were not yet at the hotel but close and Jupiter simply held her hand and walked with a strong step towards the building, apparently he didn't seem to trust it either. Once she was in the lobby of the inn where they were staying, she felt a bit calmer, but still there was something out there.


on Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:36 am

Having joined the holy knights he had been assigned far few missions then when he was in the rune Knights, the drawback to this however was that the missions he had been assigned to were far harder. Instead of the traditional missions of breaking up a fight or protecting a shipment he had been tasked primarily to look for someone within Baska town. He had not been very successful as of yet with finding his target but he had been given the chance to record information from a large number of people into his book written in his very own code.

He had be skimming through this book, sitting down in front of a desk with a cigar in his right hand the book in his left and a short glass of whiskey on the walnut table. “Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place? Or could this be a test from the church itself?” Looking at his new weapon found leaning to his right, he noticed various engravings full of symbolic runes and drawings. “Just why had the Holy Knights granted him with this weapon, has Midas been watching me for so long that he’s been able to identify my shortcomings?” If he had just what the heck was he doing shouldn’t he have something better to do?”

Recognising that Alice could be back at any moment and his smoking habits being unwise given her condition, he quickly stamped out the smoldering cigar into a crystal astray before moving out into the porch and placing it outside.. Wanting to rid him of the taste and hopefully the smell, Kon moved over to the mini-bar and drank a cold-bubbly-orange drink in a few quick chugs before entering the bathroom and taking a shower.

#3Alice Baskerville 

on Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:49 am

"Perhaps it's better to talk to Konstantin about this, where's Hecate?" Her companion said holding on to her shoulders and looking around her to where Hecate was standing, who just growled for finally getting some attention. Alice shook her head, "Yes, yes I will go." She waved at the inn keep who stared at her with a vague expression and she simply turned her head and quickly made her way, for as fast as she could, towards the stairs to go to their room. She had almost forgotten what she wanted to tell Kon until she arrived and simply opened the door, he seemed to be there since it was unlocked, "Kon are you here?" she called out not too loud. Hecate immediately passed her and went to sit in the usual corner while Jupiter stayed human, something she didn't like right now. Especially since Kon had never seen him as a human.

But the tall companion leaned casually against the wall and waited. For now Alice ignored him, she wanted to know if Kon would be able to sense anything like she did as well. She held her left forearm with her right hand. The marks of her dream were long gone but perhaps it had something to do with that. While they had been busy with lots of other stuff, she had tried to find her father but up till now there were no answers about that. Perhaps this was the feeling, perhaps her father was indeed here. Maybe the knights had heard something or maybe her father had found her instead of the other way around.


on Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:37 am

Enjoying the shower, Kon could barely hear into the other room only being alerted when a familiar voice called out to him. While he wanted to dry himself down, he opted to do a quick pat down and wrap the lower portion of his body with an accompanying towel before leaving the bathroom, entering the bedroom and in the direction of the voice. As he walked into the room familiar vessels of mana were placed in various positions though two were altered in someway. The first of the changed vessels seem to be one of Alice’s companion but now strangely was in a more humanoid shape, the other was unmistakably Alice with her golden aura being almost consumed by her left arm. Evidently Midas’ influence on the area had only been a quick fix…, “How unfortunate.” He thought to himself for a moment.
“Alice welcome back, where have you been?” He spoke with a smile taking a quick glance around the room from left and then to the right pausing in between looking at Alice. Idle chatter was never Kon’s strong suit preferring to get to the heart of the matter and then expanding past that. Even though he didn’t like to pressure his wife into anything, he continued. “Pardon the towel, I’ll get something on and then we can have a chat and yes that includes your arm, I can see it you know…” Tapping his golden eye with his free hand. “Excuse me a minute or two, I’ll be right back.” Leaving the room he hastily threw on a plain shirt and some trousers before returning to Alice and her companions. “Now where were we?”

#5Alice Baskerville 

on Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:52 am

Alice simply remained close to the door, it was going fine again but well, who knew. She heard the door to the bathroom open and look up, she simply looked shortly at Jupiter who shrugged but remained standing, "Oh eh.. I went to the hospital." She brushed her hair away for a bit, "But ehm." Kon spoke quicker and she looked at her arm for a second after he ticked her golden eye, which of course meant that she wouldn't be able to see it. She had not even noticed anything was going on with her arm. She simply held her left arm up but obviously there was still nothing for her to see. "I'm not sure if it's about that, ehm.. I have no idea what's going on but I was outside and.." She talked a bit loud of course before Kon would be back in the bedroom. She waited for him to be back before she continued, "Right so outside, ehm.. I felt like someone was staring at me but neither me or Jupiter or Hecate for that matter, saw anyone in a way that gave me that creepy feeling. Than my arm.. it gave me this sort of electric pulse as if my dad is around. I mean I know we didn't hear or see anything but what if he is here?" She took a deep breath, okay she talked way too much, it was probably everything together again, the hospital, the thing with the doctor and this, which was definitely pressing and she looked at Jupiter one more time. But the companion still didn't change back into a companion and still remained standing there, giving her a shrug.

She looked at Kon and she wondered what he would think, she didn't want her companion to say anything. She tried to ignore the whole issue that they would have never seen each other, thank god he immediately knew it was Jupiter instead of some.. she didn't know; picked up stranger.


on Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:02 am

Having dressed and returned to Alice, the conversation continued with her revealing a sense of being watched, an understandable concern, Midas was still watching them but in a positive light will to step in at any point should he need to. He was not the person that she had been suspicious of though with her having already met Midas and recognising him as a friend or at least Kon hoped that was the case. Wanting to ensure that Alice didn’t have mixed feelings towards him, he replied as she finished. “Well Midas has been watching us and perhaps he has you on edge but given that your arms is flaring up once more it’s easily possible that it is someone else.” Feeling that this took priority over everything else he ignored the awkward elephant in the room being the humanoid version of Alice’s companion as it would likely have no effect on the outcome of their journey’s in the grand scheme of things.

“If it is him though what do you want to do?, Do you want to tackle him head on right now in your current state, I’m more than happy to do a majority of the fighting if you want, or do you want to, in my opinion would be better and that would be to track him yourself so that once you've had our child and recovered you can fight him at your best.” He had given her two clear choices with either having serious consequences based what she had told him about her father. His latest bout with Alice’s family had put him in an awkward position striving for revenge but with a slight amount of hesitance as the very mention of Lacie had now stuck him hard feeling a dull pain on his face each time.

#7Alice Baskerville 

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:05 am

Alice looked at Kon, wondering the fact that Midas wass still keeping an eye on her, wasn't really a satisfying feeling but she understood, especially after the information that she was a vessel for Seraph. "Yeah I can also feel this weird sense in my arm, if that makes sense at all. And I don't think I would have my sixth sense freak out when it is just Midas, right?" She felt as if she was saying bullshit things because of that, she didn't even believe in a sixth sense in that way. But still it was a very strange feeling. "But who could it be? My father? We haven't found any information about him the past couple of days since I had the nightmare?" Which she had not had after that, she wasn't sure what had triggered it, but it sure had done something.

She listened to the suggestions that Kon had given, "I don't want to wait much longer, even in my condition. What if he does something, what if it gets worse. I still believe something happened to him, why else show me these flashbacks? I think we have to safe him not fight him.", "I think it was Lacie." Of course now Jupiter talked and she shot him a glance, telling him to shut his mouth with only that. She couldn't blame Lacie for everything and Jupiter knew that as well, besides that, she was trying to avoid her name at any costs, "That's not the point, I think we should find him, that is if you of course want to come along." Which she assumed because he just said that. But where would you look if you only had a vibe?


Yesterday at 2:14 am

The idea that Midas was the cause of the issue that Alice was dealing with had been ill thought out on his part especially considering they were comrades in arms and her symptoms had been occurring even before Alice or even Kon had met Midas, he had only really offered the option of it being him as to not exclude any option. Instead Alice doubled down on it being potentially her father or something that was mimicking her father's appearance for their own reasons, He could only agree with that sentiment as both Midas and even Lacie who was blamed as being the cause by the now humanoid Jolteon used more light based magic rather than darkness which was plaguing Alice's core. Alice leaned more towards taking care of the issue as soon as possible rather than waiting and recovering from the pregnancy which was understandable in some ways but it would make things a bit awkward as he would have taken a more supportive role taking out targets from afar rather then being at the fore-front of the conflicts.

Another thing that made him a bit more hesitation on this venture was her desire to save her father rather than kill him which would if done incorrectly have some drastic outcomes but in this he would also help her. “It might be possible maybe your father was corrupted with the same thing that you have but it consumed him entirely while you were saved thanks to you being a vessel.” Needing to illustrate the importance of being able to let go he moved closer to her before stroking the side of her face with the back of his right hand. “Alice, both you and I have been blessed in a number of ways, we must be prepared to become the guiding hands of this world, I will help you but there will come a time where we must sacrifice our worldly ties...”

The question would be how could they find him while it was true he had his eye to check people's abilities it didn't mean he could see everything. It was easily possible that an artefact on par with his own was influencing things and something like that would make it remarkably hard to find. Because of the awkward position they were in, He would have to refer back to his source for those materials with the Rune Knights having little on the matter, no instead they would go to the church and get as much information from them as possible. “I've been unable to find him through the use of my eye alone, there might be something else behind it a lost relic or something similar affecting the two of you and maybe more, But first we need information, Can I recommend we head to the church and look through the documents there?”

#9Alice Baskerville 

Yesterday at 4:45 am

Was it already thinking too fast to consider Midas not a threat to her but just someone She knew. He had attacked her but with a reason, it still didn't mean she liked it but it had happened. She was also still alive as well as her baby something she couldn't say that the council would be all to happy about. She still didn't really understand how that all worked but it was something she didn't have to worry about anymore after joining the Holy Knights. The thing why she opted for the direct approach because she wanted to believe that something had happened. Perhaps her father had been possessed as in the way her mother had always said it could be her. What if it had happened to him and he was there still, not a hundred percent conscious but well still there. And even though she was vunerable, after giving birth to the baby girl the child would be vunerable. Thing was that she didn't fit in the armour at the moment.

Kon stepped closer and she could not let go of her worried frown and looked at him, listening. True perhaps being a vessel for Seraphim had helped her more than she had realized up till now and perhaps her father couldn't be saved because of that. "I know and I should keep that in mind but I still need answers. I don't let the amnesia divine me but I miss still ten years or so. What if he knows... Though you are right and I should definitely think that he can't answer so it wont be a disappointment."

Than there was still the question on where to look and Kon suggested to go to the church. Which was something that also asked her to get used to. It was an option to go there. Something she had not done before and when she did in Magnolia. Strange how things around 8 months later could be so different. "Yes. The church sounds like a great way to start. After all the other options did not work." finding answers in pubs and other places. She looked shortly at Jolteon, "do you think Lacie left? I heard nothing from her, they didnt find her or anything. I dont understand why she went to Baska or to here. I thought she was avoiding me." One thing at a time, Alice, she told herself but she couldn't help but wonder if her sister had anything to do with this possible demon possession.

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