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Hot in Here [Quest: Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:54 am

Right everything felt like a mess. Especially considering her room was one. She had been cleaning up and yet it was more of a disaster than before. She had some clothes on a hanger still ready to wear, some in the closet some on the doors so she would see what she would be able to wear and there were clothes on her bed that needed to go to the drycleaners and there were clothing in her suitcase because she had decided that she wanted to leave again and actually she had wanted to go back home because she had been almost since the beginning of summer here and now it was the middle of winter and she had not seen her own family, she had not made any progress in actually going on this quests that she had gone onto and most of all; she was getting ill. For some reason she couldn’t else explain but a virus or so, she was feeling cold. Phoebe never felt cold she always used that little bit of magical power to warm up her body to keep it on an temperature that she wouldn’t have to feel cold at all. This was the first time since her control over the Fire starter magic that she felt cold. Which kind of freaked her out as well but she had not come around to control her fire magic yet. Apart from that weird things had happened to the raven haired woman and she couldn’t place them in a way to understand. All she could do was go on. She took a deep breath and simply picked up the clothes that needed to go to the drycleaners. She started to fold them one by one, which actually felt like she was making the disaster worse but the company would be able to fix that right? She put the five clothing items in a bag and took her coat and purse and headed out of the hotel that she had been staying all this time. Perhaps she needed more adventurers in her life, that was exactly why she left the house as well; to do something. To get to do something thrilling and to find her mother but both were not really working. Sure interesting things had happened, things that freaked her out and yet she was still in Magnolia. She swung the bag with her clothing from back and forth while she was making her way down town towards the company. Perhaps if she was here in the city centre, she could go around and pick up a job while she was at it. She would have to wait for the drycleaners anyway. So she waited in the queue and wondered if there would be anything to do, she handed the clothing off soon enough, took the note with the time and her name and put it in her purse to turn around and walk towards the town centre. She walked past the forge and noticed something.


#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:08 am

Phoebe noticed something next to the door of the Black Anvil, the forge where Barras worked. Curious as she was, she headed over to door and started to read it, apparently the smith was looking for some help again. So she stepped inside the shop and looked at Barras who was obviously busy. She would wait patiently before he was done, which didn’t actually take that long as she had expected. The smith looked up and gave her a short smile, still no fan hmm. ”Morning Phoebe, I need you to help my assistant again. Remember last time? It’s going to be the other way around now.” he said with a smile and she nodded and returned the smile and walked over to the place where the assistant was drinking what seemed to be tea. He greeted her a little more alright and they shortly talked about his arm before he stood up to go to work. He explained what she would have to do, to place the metal in the forge and then take it out with the tongs and place it on the anvil. Then if the metal cooled down she would have to start from the start again. She nodded, making sure her hair was out of the way and took up the clothing and the like that the assistant pointed out. He handed her the tongs and she walked towards the fire, which seemed to be awfully warm on her face. But instead of worrying about it now, she worked on the task at hand. She took the metal, heaved it out of the fire and placed it on the metal, where the assistant would hammer away. She noticed when he nodded, she would take the metal again and toss it in the fire again with the tongs. This was a process that seemed to be going on for ages. She was still wondering about the fire, which meant that she wasn’t always paying much attention to the metal that the assistant was hammering on. She shook her head at some point and looked at it, it was so straight, she had not noticed because of her daydreaming. She took it one more time with the tongs and listened to the assistant talk to her and she replied, this was the last round. Barras came to look and said it looked good. Phoebe should put the tongs back and the protective gloves and apron and he would hand her, her payment. She thanked the two of them and headed back to the drycleaners to pick up her clothes. She could use a shower herself now since she felt incredibly dirty and hot because of the fire. Something that she was absolutely not used to and she frowned at the idea. She shrugged it off for now as she held the clean clothes against her, they were separated by a bag so she wouldn’t dirty them immediately. She sighed as she finally saw the inn, her arms felt sore from this job.


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