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Akira's Logs

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#1Akira Shimada 

on Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:32 pm





Name: Akira Shimada

Age: Nineteen

Birthdate: Nov 12th, X768

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Sexuality: Straight

Class: Sorcerer

Rank: Cpt-Cdr [S-Rank]

Faction: Rune Knight

Faceclaim: Shiki Ryougi

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 45 kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Grey-Green


Akira is a lithe petite figure; she is slinky almost like she could disappear into the shadows. Her hair is short and splintered in dark strands across her pixie-ish face. If one peers into her large dark eyes, they’d be left wondering… Framed by her spikey lashes, the two windows to her soul are the only places which occasionally betray an innocent spark of brightness. She wears her darkness with abandon, almost flaunting it, like she’s surrendered to it and made it her own, from dark nail-paint to lip stains, to the collar around her neck, for the most part her appearance screams ‘stay the hell away from me.’

Introverted. INtuitive. Thinking. Perception.

They say curiosity killed the cat and it’s a bit like that with Akira's lighter self... When younger, she was earnest and fun-loving, she was very true to her own feelings, and she was transparent, even in her confusion and in her anger. She assumed the world was going to return the favour, but it was much to the contrary. Not only were people not keen on being true to themselves, they didn’t appreciate her candour either… Especially given the nature of her magic, most couldn’t separate her from what she was capable of, till she and her magic were virtually the same.

The world needed people who could wrap themselves in neat little hypocrisies for the sake of politeness and acceptance. It is as though things function only when everyone can adhere to a certain average. The more knowledge she gleaned, the more she could verify that most idols had clay feet. She grew wary and picky, to the point that she no longer could fight it; she embraced her magic and let it define her.

Akira is a tricky being. She flaunts her dark-toned rebellion as a defence mechanism. Her younger boisterous go-getting personality has simmered into a jaded carelessness, but she still has goals. The girl has just realized, that people love categories, boxes to stow away everyone they meet. It is easier to stick to one facet of yourself that is most recognized and seems logical. So she embraced the rag-tag demeanour of someone who faced a setback, a failure, the weird one, the one you should keep your distance from… Most  people start off on her wrong side and then crawl their way to her right if they're cleared. Once they do, make it to her good side though, she will do anything for them.

Her experiences didn't immediately improve after she managed to snag a place amidst the Rune Knights, but she did find a few people who firmly made it to her good side. Over time, despite dealing with several dangerous and potentially life threatening situations she learned to trust again. Particularly in the one she spent the most time with, her designated partner, who stuck along far longer than she had expected, Hatsuharu Akimoto. His contrasting instincts, patience and resilience with her, taught her a lot. Her experiences with the few that she grew close to, or had the luck of instantly connecting with, helped her find her optimism, curiosity and her light again. Although the people around her attributed that to the affect of the light that she found within her, or rather, had been forced to adopt... She stubbornly believes it has nothing to do with the elements of her magic.

Lately, she's developed her dryer demeanour again mingled with a dangerous sort of impatience. Akira has been nurturing the tendency to take matters into her own hand but while she's quick to indulging the satisfaction of making a snap decision, she suffers a lot of guilt over it later. At the same time, she seeks to justify her actions because she does fear failure on her account which she has been faced with in different garbs through the years of her service with the faction. Akira now struggles to find balance in terms of how far she can go with the gift of her magic, when and whether taking lives in the line of duty without explicit orders can be condoned and when not. Especially because she is less concerned with abiding the law, which she thinks is a tool employed by those in power and is truly governed by her own moral instincts.

Honesty: Even if it is the worst thing someone has ever said to her, if it’s true she’d appreciate it.

Silence: Some god-damn peace and quiet is nice sometimes. Away from the constant yammering of people around her… Solitary walks, early mornings and late nights…

Writing: Usually happy with her own company, Akira likes to document her thoughts and ideas as stories, with ideal characters… and occasionally… even happy endings.

Hypocrites: Saying one thing and conveniently doing another, gets her really annoyed.

Peas: The texture and flavour of those tiny, yucky green balls just make her want to gag.

Attention-Seekers: People that would virtually do anything just to get noticed by someone else, that kind of spineless behaviour just irritates Akira to no end.

Sustenance: One needs to do something to survive, so why not work?

Duty: Having learned the bits that she has, she considers it to be her duty to put it to some use.

Balance: The forces of good and evil drive everything forward, if evil doesn’t exist; the good will have no one to fight and if evil gains absolute control, there will be no advance… so it’s imperative to keep the wheel turning.

Betrayal: The girl doesn’t trust easily and once she does, it is absolute and the same is expected in return. Betrayal will break her, since she is already so cautious.

Loss of Control: Sometimes she feels urges that would lead to terrible things, if she gave into them. She fears acting on them and doing things that she’d regret.

Repetition: While she seems to have settled into some sort of mediocrity, she hasn’t. Everyday, there is change; she fears becoming a drone of the system and will do anything to prevent that.


Untapped Potential: The Attribute Points awarded for ranking up is doubled for humans. They do not lose these points if they change into a race later on. However, these Attribute Points cannot be claimed if the user loses a race and changes back into human.


Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Crash magic allows the user to create completely invisible shockwaves. It can only utilize Offensive-type spells but in return, all its spells do double the damage.


  • Allows the user to create completely invisible shockwaves.
  • Spells are one rank higher.
  • Spells always knockback other users 10 meters away upon impact.


  • The user can only cast Offensive-type spells.
  • All spells must originate from the hands of the user.


  • The user must possess an Arcane-type magic.
  • The user must be of a class capable of performing superior offensive spells.







Akira is the product of a failed marriage. The first five years of her life, she witnessed much discord between her parents. Her father was incapable of performing any magic as opposed to her mother could harness magic and employ it. Since patriarchy lilted in this secluded village, that discrepancy chipped away at their harmony and gave birth to violent oppression. Akira strived to be the light in a household that seemed to be getting consumed by darkness. Finally when the girl was about five, her mother decided it was best to part with her spouse and leave for Fiore. It was not easy being a single mother, so Akira watched the woman dwindle between being a pillar of strength and being swallowed by loneliness and depression...

The new place was a gigantic respite, despite her mother’s periodic plummet into the depths of despair. Akira blossomed, she was proud of her mother for making the break and standing on her own two feet. But, soon things were not all hunky-dory. Akira’s latent power seemed to be brewing inside her and occasionally, she’d get a dark aura around her, which was rather intimidating for the young kids around her. It prevented her from making friends. It also attracted undue attention to the mother and daughter… People whispered things about them; how Akira was cursed with some strange demonic power and that it was the mother’s fault for taking away the security of a family from her child.

As she got quieter and quieter, initially people were happy to blame it on the trauma of the separation again. But that wasn’t her problem, a choice her parents made, suddenly defined her. It made things a little strained between the mother and daughter, as the young child fell into the traps of what people said and began blaming her mother… A frustration brewed inside her… Till it burst, it made her aggressive, argumentative… and largely annoyed. What Akira truly hated, was when people would have the gall to pretend to be nice, assuming their snickering went by unnoticed. The condescension and pity had chipped away at Akira’s natural brightness, slowly.

Finally, she started to call people out for their hypocrisy; at such times, her dark aura would only flair darker… Creeping people out and giving her words a much more sinister edge than she intended. It drew people away from her and in turn made her despise her power for making things even worse.  The mother and daughter remedied their relationship and she turned her frustration towards her absentee father. Guilt engulfed her, for making things more difficult for the only person who attempted understanding her, in this world, her mother.

In attempt to make amends, Akira thought it’d be safer if she isolated herself even more. At least she was blessed with one thing, intelligence and a pretty sharp memory, which made anything she studied easy… So while people could complain about her attitude, they could say little about her abilities. As she aged on, the she couldn’t quite shake the label of a troubled trouble child. Till for a few years, when her mother plummeted into the depths of her worse depression, Akira stopped talking all together. Unfortunately, people took her silence as a challenge, and attempting goading her into conversations and into retaliation. Somehow, she held fast.

Noticing her daughter, more in her reservation than in her boisterous complaining, the mother managed to bounce up from rock bottom. But it seemed that it was already too late for Akira… Who seemed consumed by a certain melancholy. In attempt to ensure her daughter doesn’t face the same wrath of the world as she had, the mother decided to work it out, to attempt aiding Akira in harnessing whatever plagued her, into something that would help her in being an independent young woman. It was but a piece of magic, to be wielded by the user, just as so many others… Despite its less appealing appearance.

So Akira trained, not too hard, but just enough to get her power under control, some how, sure that it would be enough. She set her eyes on a new goal, with renewed purpose, her magic already seemed more compliant, which seemed to be enough of a victory and a license to dream big. Wanting to settle for nothing but the best, at least from what she knew of the legends, she decided to attempt joining the famous guild of Fairy Tail.

Weeks passed and soon, she it was time for her to pay a visit to the guild. Already wracked with nervousness, on her way, she ran into a rather bitter stranger. He eyed her from under his wide brimmed hat, scanning her form and scoffing. ‘You’re wasting your time, they’d never accept someone like you, I’ve worked with them before, and you’re not what they’re looking for...’ With that he walked away, but she’d been so wound up, that’s all she needed to unravel.

Akira took this assumed failure hard, it is what changed her... She lost her purpose once again and dove into uncertainty and confusion. This is when she veered towards a more rebellious path, blaming her magic once again… blaming her circumstances... Having never quite failed before, just like hard work, this too was an alien concept to her. So she decided to wear her failure, to make it her identity, she aided people in assuming she was good for nothing... Just a rebellious troubled, weird teen... Her mother was the only one who could see past her garb, the only one who knew she never puffed the cigarette she held between her teeth.

Instead of attempting the flashy guilds again, she decided to work with the rune knights. Most of her rookie colleagues steered clear of her and she was content to pause and contemplate her future in this relatively stable job. Very few wanted to approach her and ask her for anything, so she remembered the ones who did. In fact her very first request was a rather odd one, and seemed a bit above her pay grade. Of course she wasn’t really in a position to turn it down… A group of dishevelled and distraught men requested her aid in looking for an escapee from their village. Their memory of him seemed rather jumbled and they blamed that on the escapee’s ‘witch’ mother. They made this boy out to be some sort of a vile criminal and yet said that he in fact possessed an ability which allowed him to heal… It all didn’t make much sense to Akira, but she agreed to help them anyways…


Squad Mate/Friend

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Squad Mate/Friend

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Squad Mate/Friend

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