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Hammer Time [T.K]

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on Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:56 pm

T.K woke up to Vulpix rolling around on his bed as Isabella was getting ready for the day, before getting ready for the day he played with him for a while before the two went on their way. After finishing getting dress he left the Inn with his bag full of reports, Lunch, and Patpat even though he is a Rune Knight helping others with small task is a good way to let others know your a friend to them and can understand were they come from, the idea was something all Rune Knights should be going for. The trip to the workshop would have much fast if he didn't run into Mrs. Baker who married one of the local Rune Knights "Thank you again for party gift though I really wish I could have had some of it." he went on to explain what exactly happen once he finished the request and went home, "Oh my well when you finish up with work come over I'm sure the baby and Seth would love to see you." she told him as she walking off with her bag of clothes and books. Now that some time has been wasted TK made his way to the place that some called the devils oven which seemed to be a fair name as most forges are extremely hot inside due to the all the metals heat and so on. The Head Black smith greeted the young boy, and gave him the run down of what he would be doing, the work sounded rather simple but something was telling him that actually doing the work would prove to be a challenge in it's own right.

The head Black smith looked and acted like a father that was disappointed with his son than than anything as it he didn't really give each other much attention "Umm sir could you demonstration how to-" the Black smith pointed at his assistant, T.K knew that he wanted him to get to work so he could focus on his own work "Right I'll just get started then." with that he rushed over to the assistant who looked angry could it be related to how he hurt himself or something to do with the head black smith? I have to focus to get this done right! The smith's assistant held his broken arm away from the soft metal straight from the forge on the anvil for you. The young Rune Knight picked up the hammer and gripped it with both hands as he found the hammer to be a tad bit harder to handle with just one hand holding it due to the weight and lack of practice using suck a tool. The assistant quickly showed him the trick to using the hammer while getting all the work done, after the demo T.K started to hit the metal with everything that he had and did so three time in a row before stopping to catch his breath Oh man this a lot harder than I thought, the thought was true but he had no time to be in his own head their was work that needed to be done.
He did his best not to over do anything as the day started to turn into noon "I think it's half way their." the young knight took in deep breaths as he placed the hammer down next to him, the Assistant told him that he he would get use to the raging heat that the shop held within it so long as he didn't try and rush through it like most new workers do at time so t.k took it to heart and picked up the hammer and got right back to work with a new found work ethic. the process didn't really take as long as he thought it would as he was making good time with it as sheet was starting to look thinner with each strike to it, "Oh man this is really a work out! I see why you have to take your time with this." the comment was true on so many levels as they that the head black smith gave the two a more cheerful grunt to let them know that they could take a break fro the time being but the two kept on working without anything stopping them. The sound of the hammer started to echo through the workshop as they kept working and working until the job was done. The two boys actually fell a sleep while working but while their minds were away their bodies kept working and working until the next day where T.K found himself in the corner with a blanket over him and the Assistant "Guess we passed out." he got up and woke up the assistant so they could finish working on the order's, after working until the next day they finally finished all the orders given to them. The black smith picked the young knight up by his shirt and tossed him out "Oowww that's harsh...whats this?" he looked in his pocket to find a thank you letter with a small sword key chain I guess that was his way of saying good work he thought placing the key chain in his pocket.

T.K made his way to the inn and started writing in his notes about the his latest work adventure I really wish I could spend more time here and meet some of Fairy Tail's members, from what I hear not all of them are as evil as the rumors say. he thought closing his notes. the young knight looked out his window to see that it the afternoon almost as if it was the same day as when he started the mission. "Maybe sister could fill me in on a few questions I have?" many questions had begun to form while he stayed in Magnolia. T.K soon got ready for bed when he remembered his father wanting him to send a gift for his mother's birthday.


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