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Marigold to Baska [Train Travel]

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on Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:05 pm

The elf was almost finished packing up her belongings. She placed a few more items on top of her clothes before snapping the suitcase shut. She clenched her fists and prayed to God that the silver haired elf wouldn't follow her. She had been very careful about purchasing her train ticket. When she bought it, she made sure that her purchase was inaudible to anyone unless they were standing right next to her. She made sure that as soon as she bought the ticket to Baska, she shoved it deep in her pocket right away so that nobody could even have the chance to read what was on it. She bought the ticket as early as possible, so the chance of running into the elf was as slim as possible. She began to think that all the measures she took to steer clear of the elf was a bit much, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized that it was better to be safe than sorry, especially when she was dealing with a potential enemy. Could he be an enemy? Possibly. He certainly didn't seem like an ally though, that was for sure. What kind of ally was a stalker who sent cryptic, unsettling messages?

Kerii grabbed her winter coat and suitcase before going out. Although she was down in the south, it was bound to be cold further up north in Baska. She left the inn she was staying at, returned her room key, and paid the fee. With that done, she began making her way towards the train station. The whole way, she gripped the handle of her suitcase so tight that her knuckled turned white. As she stood in line to hand over her ticket and get on, she frenetically looked, scanning for some sign of the elf. He wore a cloak. She saw none. If she were in Orchidia, he would have been harder to spot, but in Marigold, he would have stuck out like a sore thumb. So far, no sign of him. Good. Everything was going as planned.

She stepped onto the train and took a seat in an empty booth. She watched tentatively, looking for any flash of silver, any pointy ears, or any cloaks. Just as it was on the way to the train station, Kerii saw nobody that fit the bill. She smiled to herself. She was just being paranoid. Of course the elf would have no idea where she went. Confident that she finally escaped, she peered out the window and began to lose her train of thought. Any linear thoughts were lost in a world of pure wonder, each one drifting in and out. At that moment, she felt truly at peace. Time became fluid. Minutes felt like seconds. Before she knew it, the train departed. She had hardly noticed that someone was sitting across from her. She glanced at the person, only to see that it was someone who was clearly not an elf, nor had platinum hair. She let her eyes drift back towards the window and get lost in her own imagination again. It was a long train ride to Baska.

Throughout the whole train ride, Kerii went from periods of daydreaming to sleeping. She was impressed of how well she could keep herself entertained. She only got bored about three quarters into the trip. The stranger who sat across from her was now gone. He had gotten off two stops ago. Kerii's was next. After two more hours of waiting, the train finally arrived at Baska and Kerii got off the train and went blissfully into Baska... and so did the other elf.

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