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What is life without death? [Akai | Red]

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What is life without death? [Akai | Red] Empty on Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:14 pm

Jeremiah Ali

The fiery figure stood in the middle of the magical forest known in Magnolia for it's magical things and whatnot. Standing at a daunting height of nine feet he smirked, looking down at his left hand before opening and closing it. "It's good to be back." Yes. You guessed right. Finally after all these months the Phoenix that Jeremiah believed was lost has returned to it's host and now he was much stronger than before. His long orangish locks flowed in the cold breezes of the forest, but he was not cold. The air was rather refreshing considering it's been quite a while since he could physically feel anything. Jeremiah made his way to the forest for mental training in order to control what he thought was regular fire magic since he lost the Phoenix spirit inside of him, but his meditation instead brought the Phoenix out of him. Even the young Fairy didn't understand what was happening. But how?!
I thought you were gone all this time...how are you back!?
he thought. "It seems you no longer wanted to use my power - or rather allow me to use my power through you. You subconsciously locked me away inside a mental barrier thus making it near impossible for me to be unleashed." The Phoenix paused, his face dimming down to a serious expression. "You've gotten stronger but keeping me locked away for so long has only built my strength. I've been trying to break the barrier as of late which explains why you erupted into flames the other day. It also explains why your eyes were so sensitive to the sun." Jeremiah remained quiet for a moment. The emotions he felt at this moment were too complicated to put into words. He felt...excited...yet nervous, angry and happy all in one. If you think you're going to force your way to use me however you please this time around, you're wrong. The Phoenix chuckled as his eyes daunted around the area. He stood directly in the middle of a circle of trees, as if this spot was used multiple times for meditation sessions. "Indeed you are stronger so it won't be that easy for me to control you anymore, in fact, it'll be much easier for you to draw power from me without me fully taking over your mind but not now." Again he chuckled, this time keeping the devilish smirk on his face. Storing me away has given me too much power for even you to control! I'll just do what I want until my time is up! Hahahahaha! Consider this.. a welcome home gift." Jeremiah always knew what the Phoenix meant by that. He was ready to go on a killing spree and right now, Jeremiah wouldn't be able to stop him. If you hurt anyone...

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What is life without death? [Akai | Red] Empty on Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:26 pm

OOC: for me to die, you have to label the topic as red

Akai strolled through the dark woods, why he thought a midnight walk was a good idea was beyond him, but at least he had his lycan senses at hand to help him out in a time of need. The air was cool causing him to rub his shoulders and try to create friction and heat. The razor he used for magic rested on his bare chest, the cool metal made goosebumps run up his back every time the two touched. Something rustled nearby but akai was notwirrrjed it was nothing he needed to be afraid of, it was just some deer. The stroll continued on until the smell of burning drifted into his nose, he couldn’t place his finger on what was burning but all he knew was that he needed to stop it. Breaking into a sprint he kept towards the smell almost flying as he sprinted towards the smell, the smell grew stronger as he got closer, until he broke into the clearing where some humanoid figure stood, flame erupting from his body, ”what on earth are you?” he asked the fire man.

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What is life without death? [Akai | Red] Empty on Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:02 pm

Jeremiah Ali

The Phoenix looked to his left, seeing in the distance something coming towards him moving fast - for a human, that is. This man was brave, facing him and asking blatantly who he was. It wasn't obvious though since he wasn't in his full form but he was obviously someone who didn't need to answer to lowly scum like him. The phoenix tilted his head, analyzing the man in front of him before even speaking. "Bennu, the Phoenix." His voice cold and his words were straight to the point as he turned to face the man with his hands beside him. He concluded that he'd give this man knowledge of who he was before he killed him. Too bad for this human...it wasn't his lucky day. Bennu... that was the first time Jeremiah ever heard his real name. He remembered the Phoenix said that he would only state his true name when his host was worthy, so did he think that Jeremiah was worthy enough to hear it? "You've come at the perfect time."

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What is life without death? [Akai | Red] Empty on Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:28 pm

Bennu the Pheonix? Akai wondered in his head. "Well what on earth are you?" Syliph growled, his lycan side preparing to lunge out dangerously. He felt the wolfish side of him lurking underneath, dangerously underneath, so close that his voice changed, this Bennu rubbed him the wrong way, "And what the hell are you doing?" he asked, his voice deeper, almost beastlike. Akai kept a neat distance between Bennu and himself, and he reached up and broke the razor of his chain, ready to cast spells quickly, though it was unlikely they'd do any real damage. Snapping his fingers, Akai gave Bennu a dirty look, he didn't like this guy. Akai moved in a circle like motion, approaching the clearest exit, this guy was probably a thousand times stronger, and if he needed to get away it would be in his best interest to move as quickly as possible away from Bennu. Akai never stopped moving, even though it was at a slow pace he never stopped moving, Bennu had some malicous look, like something bad was going to happen, and he was playing Akai on a string, Akai watched precariously

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What is life without death? [Akai | Red] Empty on Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:28 pm

Jeremiah Ali

Bennu watched as the man growled like a dog. Lower than human, he was a dog man. Disgusting. The Phoenix didn't answer his question, a small symbol that he was hardly worth the time. Still, a nonchalant look held his face.The man was idiotic. With 5 meters between the two Bennu would be able to shut the annoying dog man up and so he did. Once the man grabbed his own necklace, the fire beast dashed forward, closing the distance almost immediately and grabbing a hold of his neck once the distance was closed between them. With the grab, his 5 one inch claws would pierce the skin of the mans neck if he was successful in grabbing the man. Bennu, no! Jeremiah would have no control over what was happening, but he couldn't say that he did not know what would happen the moment his body was taken over. Bennu was heartless, despite being a a spirit of fire, he was colder than Malachai himself was. The Phoenix grinned at what was happening. His thirst for blood was so extreme that he didn't even want the man to fight back, all he wanted to do was kill. Kill Kill Kill.

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What is life without death? [Akai | Red] Empty on Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:41 pm

Akai choked when Bennu grabbed his neck, writhing uselessly in his grip, Syliph let his Lycan self emerge, he grew twice, all aspects of his being becoming stronger, the only downside was the fire the man known as bennu held. But Bennu would never need to use his fire, the claws still pierced Akai's skin, blood gushed out of Akai's neck, he was dying and he knew it, and there was nothing he could do. But there was, he'd never kill the pheonix, but he could go out with a bang. Akai cut his hand on the razor held limply in his hand. barely able Akai raised his hand in front of him, the magic circle appearing, then with a bang, a demon shaped blast of red energy burst forth, it wouldn't be able to miss at this range, it most definitely wouldn't kill Bennu, but Akai was dying anyway, who cared? The blast would cause D-rank piericng damage to Bennu upon impact. If he managed to hit Bennu, Akai would fall limp on the ground, lying in his own pool of blood, he realized this was almost how he died as a kid, in his own blood, but now he was going to die, with one last breath, Akai died

Spell used:
Name: Inner Demon
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Sacrificial Arc Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Darkness
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The caster draws blood from any part of the body then places their hand in front of them, Then a magic circle will appear in front of them and a demon shaped blast of red energy that is 2 feet by 2 feet will be released doing D-rank piercing damage to anyone hit.

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What is life without death? [Akai | Red] Empty on Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:29 pm

Jeremiah Ali

It was too late to stop now, not that Bennu wanted to. The beast smirked as the blood dripped down like rivers from the man's neck. Just like that, his very existence was erased from Earthland. This... Jeremiah began. The Phoenix simply ignored him, he was enjoying watching this man die too much. It seems his victim was a fighter though. "Oh?" the man managed to raise his to Bennu's face, but quickly the Phoenix slapped his hand away. Still, the dead dog man managed to release a blast of red energy from his right hand, shooting the blast past Bennu's cheek. It was weak, but his attempt to do any kind of damage to the Phoenix was honorable. Bennu didn't let go of the mans neck yet, he continued to dig deeper with his nails...however the Fairy had enough.No. With a simple two letter word, the Phoenix dropped the man and Jeremiah returned to his normal state. The hold that the Phoenix had over him wasn't enough to keep Jeremiah down. The bronze mage fell to his knees, breathing heavily as his hands were drenched in blood. What was he to do now? He didn't murder this man, but the blood in front of him was proof that a part of him did.

"Look...look at what you did..." Jeremiah stared blankly, eyes wide open at the dead man before him. He feared nothing but right about now he began to fear himself...not even Bennu. He feared himself because he did not truly feel bad for this poor excuse of a mage... he feared himself because he felt nothing. No boy, you did this. Don't you get it? The host lifted his head up in a manner that indicated sudden realization. You are me Jeremiah. He refused to acknowledge that.

"Shut up!" The phoenix only chuckled at his vessel. The midnight winds began to pick up while they stood in the middle of the forest, the only thing that gave them light were the stars above. Silence. Everything was silent. This power that you've been seeking...you can obtain it through me Jeremiah. You must accept me as you, that is the only way for us to grow as one, to grow stronger." Jeremiah looked down at his hands. They began to burn, boiling the red liquid that covered them. Perhaps Bennu was right, maybe it was time to accept the beast and truly become one with him.

~ EXIT ~

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