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Orchidia to Magnolia (train)

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on Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:28 pm

Akai didn't like the feeling of being in Orchidia, so upon further desicion he decided the best course of action would be to return to where he became a lycan, and where he met Kerii, Magnolia. The train ride wouldn't be long, rather short actually. Akai disliked the smell of the train, his enhanced smell caused his nose to become rather agitated. Yawning he leaned back down to sleep Kerii was probably centuries ahead of him in strength, he had taken a year off practically, there were most definitely people light years ahead of him in strength, which he hated. And not to mention when his mother talked to him on the train ride from Marigold to Orchidia, now he watched for the same smiling old lady, the same haunting stare, the same dark feeling, the same...darkness. Akai could feel something coming for him, but he really couldn't place his finger was about to happen, and he hated it, would he lose his magic, would he lose his lycan blood, what would happen!? the train ride ended abruptly and Akai was in Magnolia, stepping off the train he began to walk down the darkened streets. it was ominous

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