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Underwhelming Champion [Quest]

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Underwhelming Champion [Quest] Empty on Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:50 pm

Jeremiah Ali
So tomorrow for sure, Jeremiah was leaving Magnolia. He spent his last few days here because he was thinking about staying but only if coming back to the guild would help him get stronger. Seeing that there were only weaklings present, he has no reason to remain so close to the hall. His magic as of late had been acting extremely weird he concluded that what he needed was time to isolate himself. To train as as hard as possible not only physically, but mentally. He often succumbed to his failures so easily that he actually began to hate the world. Blaming everything else for his problems because he was mentally strong enough to take them on himself.

Standing on the roof, he looked down at the streets of magnolia. It was early. The winds from this height at this time were cold enough to give anyone light frost bites but not this young brown skinned mage. He was always a warm being, thanks to the the Phoenix, but he didn't understand how he wasn't like a normal human now. The Phoenix was gone and it was his power that kept Miah warm, and as strong as he was. The mage didn't think too much about it though. He stood on the roof and closed, absorbing the early sun's beams of light and sparking a flame into his soul. It was meditation. For a moment the mind of Jeremiah Ali drifted into the breezes of the wind, flowing with every woosh against his skin.

"Hey Mister!" Oh great, just what he needed. Every time he had a perfect moment while enjoying the world someone always found their way to him. Opening one eye, Miah looked down at the person the voice came from. A kid. A gray hat sat on his head, keeping his hair down on the sides of his face. In the front of his head, his hair stopped directly onto his forehead. Now the Fairy mage opened both eyes. From experience, when kids needed your help it was usually for something really serious like saving their mother or stopping a bully.

"Sup, kid?" His voice cold like always, but not a chilling cold more like a cool cold. A cold that indicating a small amount of warmth. In other words, it was pretty obvious that Jeremiah wasn't a bad person, just a tough one. "I really need your help for something really really important.
Somethin' tells me you're a mage or somethin'"
Jeremiah raised an eyebrow and chuckled. "What's this important somethin'." Miah looked the kid dead in the eyes. The boy looked away even faster, embarassed or shy to say what it was that he needed a mages help with. The boy turned back to Jeremiah and began to chuckle, rubbing is head he spoke to answer Jeremiah's question.  

"Well ya see... there's this boxing tournament we have in the streets sometimes and like, this dude came in and beat the champion and-and he was my favorite! Now he's the new champion but I dun lik em! He's cocky and annoying."

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Jeremiah Ali
Jeremiah understood completely what the boy needed him to do. He understood so much that he didn't even bother to say a word. He leapt down from the building and landed easily onto his feet before the boy who moved back a bit in awe. Jeremiah simply told the little oy yto lead im to everything they had to do so that they could take down the cocky new champion fast. The boy was down. All of his faith at that very moment was put into Jeremiah Ali of Fairy Tail guild. If the young mage failed - which probably wouldn't happen - the kids heart would be broken and once again he would have placed his faith in a loser. For certain that wouldn't happen though, not ever again would he lose.

On the way to the boxing ring the boy talked non stop. He spoke about his master being missing and his mission of finding him. Believe it or not, Jeremiah believed in him. This boy had so much faith that his master was alive that it had to be true and if it wasn't it didn't hurt to look anyway, that was his goal and on the path to achieving it he will learn so much about himself.

The two soon approached the signups outside of the boxing ring. It took place in the middle of a street, nearby a dead end. The street was rather closed as well, separating itself from the main streets and giving the boxing event some privacy even being outside. There had to be at least a hundred people gathered around to see the event. Boxing. Miah's mom used to speak about how their uncle was a boxer back in Savannah. He went by the name of Muhammad and was told to be one of the best boxers in Savannah, bit you all know how parents liked to drag things sometimes. It wasn't too hard to believe though since his family were magically gifted.

Jeremiah snapped out of his thoughts as it was now him and the kids turns to sign himself up for the boxing match. Keremiah bent down and used the writing untensil to write his name down onto a piece of paper. It was funny because you would think that more people would be participating for the champions belt, but the only names that were on the list of boxers was his and the boxing champion himself; Rodric. After writing his name the man collected the paper and walked over to the judges. People quickly filled in the seats of all the rows beside the boxing ring. The man walked back from the judges and told Jeremiah to follow him, however Tyler had to stay behind and sit somewhere. He was sad knowing that he couldn't be beside Jeremiah but he was anxious to see the fight already so he didn't complain. The man spoke to Jeremiah telling him that there was a grand prize for the winner. He could never deny money.

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Jeremiah Ali
Now it was time to step into the ring and do what he had to do to beat this male. Jeremiah was walked  by the man who spoke to him to the ring while his opponent was also walked to the ring but by another person, probably his manager or something. The dude looked extra ready to keep his title. He had two golden boxing gloves and his shorts were silver and shiny. Jeremiah's opponent was introduced to the boxing ring and hardly anybody clapped for him or cheered when his name was announced. In fact, people boo'd him as he entered the ring. Jeremiah glanced over at Tyler who stuck his thumb up with a smile. He had a confident look in his eyes, like he just knew Jeremiah would be the victor of this boxing match.

Turning, Jeremiah smirked. He wore his jacket covering his white T-shirt as always. Nothing fancy at all because boxing wasn't even his thing. He honestly didn't even know anything about bouncing so he was just gonna wing it just like he usually did everything anyway.

The announcer finally announced Jeremiah's name, even adding in that he was a Fairy Tail mage. This information seemed to put his opponent in an uncomfortable situation as his eyes widened from hearing the announcer. The crow didn't even know Jeremiah but I guess they would rather anybody but the current champion to hold the title. The young Savannian wondered why nobody liked the dude. The man Jeremiah first spoke to left him for a moment before coming back with two black boxing gloves for Jeremiah to put on before the fight. He told Jeremiah that he wasn't allowed to use any magic. He asked that Jeremiah give the crowd a good show to enjoy and not just some super quick fight, or super boring.

Spicing things up was Jeremiah's specialty is what this man didn't know though. He was going to give the people a good fight.  Jeremiah walked into the ring immediately after he was spoken to. Both his hands remained folded as he waited for his opponent to stop gloating about his champion belt. Rodric placed the title over his head, showing the crowd that his title meant that he was a winner. The crowd didn't give not one shit though, they boo'd him without any remorse, some people even cursing and insulting him. Rodric was a cocky idiot though, he only continued to show off his belt and even stuck his tongue out at the crowd with a devilish grin.

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Jeremiah Ali
The man that walked Jeremiah to the ring called out his name, making the young Fairy turn. He asked if Jeremiah was ready and all he gave was a simple nod. Turning back, the referee stood between both Jeremiah and the other dude. He was pumped, jumping lightly up and down glaring at Jeremiah as if it was supposed to make him fret even a little. This man obviously didn't know who he was dealing with, but the young male would show him soon enough just who the hell Jeremiah was. The crowd was pumped and hearing them cheer Jeremiah on pumped him up even more.

All of these people were depending on him. Sometimes having people depend on you sucked because you had such an expectation to live up to, but he knew he would have this fight in the bag. Looking over at the little boy named Tyler, he could see that he was already ready for the battle to take place. Jeremiah smirked. Rodric stepped forward as the Ref between the two told the young Fairy to come forth as well.

The ref told them both to fight fair, no cheap tricks and before he knew it he leaped back and told them to begin. Now you see, Jeremiah didn't really know how all this boxing shit worked so he assumed that both fighters would have time to ready themselves in the ring even after the referee told them to fight, but that was obviously not what was happening here.

Rodric immediately bean charging at Jeremiah, throwing a flurry of jabs aimed directly towards his face. Easy enough, dodging them was not a problem, he was way too slow for Jeremiah. Despite the young mage not even be that fast himself, this man would do no harm moving at that speed. With a nonchalant expression he continuously dodged every blow. Rodric shouted that he would take his opponent down in less then sixty seconds, so now Jeremiah would have to wait after sixty seconds to knock him out and prove a valuable point; never underestimate your opponent. It was something that Jeremiah himself did often, this fight helped him realize that.

Rodric seemed to be getting upset and now they were at the fifty second mark. Counting down in his head, he waited until exactly sixty-one seconds to side step a jab that Rodric sent to his face, and backhanded him with his right hand. Rodric was tired out so he could barely react appropriately and boom just like that he was knocked out. The crowd gasped and for a moment there was silence, but soon the crowd erupted with cheers and claps standing up excited that Jeremiah won for one reason or another.

The referee presented Jeremiah a belt but he only said that he would forfeit it to that champion before Rodric. Tyler shouted in glee and as Jeremiah walked out of the ring he presented him with a hug. Tyler said that he would never forget him, then the two parted ways.

~ EXIT ~

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