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Baska to orchidia

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on Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:53 pm


The train was probably one of Vidarr’s least favorite way to travel, he couldn’t move, ugh, it was just so unbearable. Vidarr sat down in his seat and stretched, his fit form showing and absorbing most of the space, he earned a few views from people nearby, but Bidarr had become used to onlookers. He was rather...loud, and many times he brought the eyes of people looking when he yelled, or got into an armwrestle. Je traîne loudly too, stealth wasn’t his forte, it had never been a skill of his.

The train ride wasn’t always boring, a couple got into a fight when the wife came back to the husband kissing another woman, they were escorted to a private part of the train, that bought their family quite a lot of views, it was interesting what people looked st or objectified. It was just the way World seemed to work, the beautiful, the loud, those who make mistakes, those who make drama, they are the ones who draw the most eyes, they act as magnets, theaters for people to lose their mind in, forgetting their laughable, boring lives that were honestly the most boring thing that possible existed. Vidarr tended to be the most thing that people looked at, he fell into two of those categories, beautiful and loud. Falling into a slumber, he finally found a way to pass the boringness of train rides, a easy way to not to bore yourself to death, which something that Halle we to vidarr on a regular basis, he had an exuberant amount of energy and it constantly seemed to flow out of him, the levels would rise and cube with his attitude but it always seemed to be coming out of him at a steady pace, a pace that would resemble a stream, not a trickling stream, more like a flowing stream, anyone with any kind of magic vision would see that. The train screeched to a halt, vidarr was ready to run the last part of this awful, terrible journey, but he got to run again at least.

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