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Decorative Party [Quest]

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Jeremiah Ali
Some things just don't change and Magnolia was one of them. So far this was day 3 since Jeremiah has been back in the town and it was going a lot better than he expected. I mean, not that he expected anything bad to happen he jut didn't expect to be enjoying his time as much as he was. On the first day of returning he nearly seriously harmed his guild mates. His anger usually got the best of him but he was working on it. The Phoenix still was nowhere to be found, but oddly enough he did feel like something fiery was consuming him when he awoke in the morning. Without the Phoenix he had no control over his magical abilities, he was just some weakling mage without any real power. That wasn't too bad though, having his mind to himself actually felt better now that he was...home.

This morning he woke up with one thing to do on his mind, and that was to enjoy the entire day. Yesterday he was at the bath house where he met a beautiful woman named Phoebe, she was a likable person and if he was to see her again he really wouldn't mind. Jeremiah usually didn't like anyone, so this was a start to a possible friendship- or friends with benefits. She was too beautiful for him to miss that chance if it was given, but he didn't care if he didn't have the chance.

Walking through the streets of Magnolia he could see just how excited everybody seemed to be. Kids were out and about playing cheerfully despite the weather being quite cold. What's the occaison? He thought to himself as his sword dangled on his hip.

More people seemed to be out and about throughout the town than usual. People were selling all sorts of things and the more he walked the more colorful the streets became. It was most likely some sort of town festival, Magnolia was known for those types of things. The sun was out and the clouds were nowhere to be seen, making way for the rays of the fiery  ball to warm him just a little. Jeremiah never really got cold though, so he didn't worry too much about the slightly frosty air. The positive vibes the people were given mixed with the lively energy of the town forced the young Fairy Tail mage to smile. Today he had nothing to be upset about.

"Ooh, cotton candy." Miah whispered to himself as he saw an elderly woman twisting a white stick into a pot and pulling it out covered in blue and pink cotton like candy. He couldn't help himself, he's had a sweet tooth for the longest and couldn't find anything that made it better... but if all else failed cotton candy sure as hell wouldn't. It's taste was best when you allowed it to sit on your tongue and melt, he had to get some. Quickly he made his way over to the elderly woman and with a smile began to speak.

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Jeremiah Ali
"Can have some of that, please?" The elderly woman looked at him before smiling. She only nodded and pushed her glasses onto her face. she used her left hand to hold the white stick and lace it inside the bowl of cotton candy before moving it around the sides of the bowl. Before Jeremiah knew it the cotton candy was already filled onto the stick. The young mage fished into his pocket and pulled out a couple of jewels before the woman shook her head. She told Jeremiah that the cotton candy was free. Raising his eyebrow he smiled and happily took the candy off the elderly woman's hands. The woman must have been in her last days because her eyebrows nearly drooped over her eyelids.

Free cotton candy? He was loving this day that was for certain. Next on his list of things to do was to simply roam the town and see what other things he could possibly get for free. Jeremiah wasn't completely broke, but who didn't like free shit? Moving on from the woman he walked slowly and took a bite out of the pink cotton while his left hand remained in his pocket. On his waist his katana dangled as always. He really needed to get a more powerful sword, something that had magical abilities. Throughout his travels he came across many people with powerful items like his ring, but instead these items were on a totally different level. He once even fought a man with a dagger that could multiply itself to create more daggers.

Jeremiah took another bite out of the cotton candy. Around him he could see people putting up signs that said "Happy Birthday" and all excited to do so. Was it Magnolia's birthday perhaps? Or maybe someone the town really appreciate it was aging today? Jeremiah raised an eyebrow but he didn't say much because he truly did not give a shit about anybody's birthday, but it did explain the free cotton candy and stuff. This was nice though, he had to admit it.

Everyone in the town coming together for one person and all happy about as if it were themselves. He wished he cold get that type of love, but that was a long shot because people usually didn't like him. I guess that's his fault though because he makes it impossible for anyone to be able to be his friend. Jeremiah wanted to change the way he was but he had a lot of things to do before he was truly a happy person so he wouldn't be improving on his "Unapproachable" attitude any time soon.  Maybe he could stop being such a jerk to everyone though, including his guild mates.

What he did when he went to the guild that day sat on his consciousness for a long time and it's already been the third day since he's done so. It was settled, after enjoying his time in the town for a bit he would go back to the guild and apologize.

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Jeremiah Ali
A few more bites of this cotton candy and it would be all gone. He needed to stop, he could already feel his blood sugar rising. With a chuckle to himself he waved a the kid who gazed upon him. He wasn't really known throughout the town for being in Fairy Tail but maybe there were a few people who recognized him or maybe his magical pressure could be felt as he walked, or maybe... I'm on fire! Jeremiah dropped the candy and looked down at his hands. He no longer had the Phoenix inside him anymore so how the hell was he on fire and didn't feel it. Actually, how was he even on fire? He didn't have any spells that engulfed his entire body in flames. His magic was going out of control.

Looking around he could see the people of the town staring at him oddly. Some in awe, some just confused which was to be expected since Jeremiah himself was just as confused as they all were. He needed to do something quick. Closing his eyes he calmed his his energy but it felt...different. It was much harder to control than usual but after a few seconds the fire that encased his body was gone.The people of the town went back to work upon seeing that he was a flaming man anymore. "What the hell is going on?" he whispered to himself as he looked down at his hand, opening it and closing it slowly.

He would worry about what was going on with him another time he didn't want to ruin his day. "Hey there!" Turning, Miah was faced with an older man. His face was familiar like he'd seen him around before but he couldn't quite put his finger on where he saw this man before. "Oh...hey." Jeremiah looked at the man blankly, no emotion, no facial expression and no interest whatsoever. "You're a mage I see, that was some fire magic you got there you nearly changed the temperature of this whole area." Jeremiah chuckled lightly.

"Sorry if it bothered you, I don't know what took over me." The man shook his head and insisted that it was fine. He only approached Jeremiah because he needed a person who could help quickly set up the decorations of the town for his daughters seventh birthday. Now he understood why there was cotton candy, kids and colorful "Happy Birthday" signs everywhere. The man told Jeremiah that he only needed him to move the food onto the tables lined up against the street and he also needed him to hang up a few more decorations. In return he would pay Jeremiah for his work. It all seemed easy enough, So Jeremiah simply nodded and accepted his offer.

The man introduced himself as Medias and Miah introduced himself as Jeremiah from Fairy Tail. After the man pointed to the whereabouts of all the items he needed to start he walked away and told him where to meet him when he was done.

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Jeremiah Ali
Jeremiah quickly got to working. He moved over to where he saw townsfolk grabbing decorations and what not to be placed up on the sides of homes and other buildings. Jeremiah did just as they did once he approached the decorations. He grabbed the banners that said "Happy Birthday" on them, and began to place them on the buildings as he walked passed them, each one being a different color but none of them black or purple. All of the banners were pretty bright colors which would be great for making the town look even more colorful. Perfect for a seven year old's birthday party.

Right now Jeremiah wold have liked another bite out of his cotton candy, but when he randomly erupted into flames it fell on the floor. So much for that cotton candy. However the candy was free so he would have no shame in going back to the old woman who gave it to him in the first place. The banners he was required to place on the side of these homes were pretty long. They all nearly took up an entire house. He actually couldn't believe that the people of the town would allow this man to throw such a huge party for his daughter...but then again this was Magnolia Town, probably one of the towns with some of the most nicest people in Fiore. With a smile, he taped one end onto the home before walking over to the end of the home and taping the other end.

After a few banners were placed on these homes, it was now time to move over to the food and put each pan of whatever the hell it was onto the tables placed on the sides of the streets. The smell of these dishes fused together and yet they could all be discerned so easily. They smelled marvelous. Jeremiah would probably have to get him a plate of everything before he went back to the guild to make amends. The first stand he went to had a whole two pans of what smelled like maccaroni and cheese one of his favorite foods in the entire world. He was tempted to just dig in and eat all of it, but he didn't Miah quickly brought the food over to the first table.

When he was done, he went to another stand. This stand had food that didn't smell as good as the mac and cheese but still he brought it over to the tables. There was about 17 food stands that Jeremiah had to do this for but it was worth it for two reasons. One, he was having fun with himself, guessing each food that was in the pan and two, he was getting easy money. It didn't take long for the young Fairy Tail mage to finish bringing each dish to the tables and soon his whole job was done. Easy enough. When he finished he went to Medias to collect his money and was even invited to stay. However, the young mage declined and instead asked to make a couple of plates for him to take.


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