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Hammer Time [Quest: Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:24 pm

Phoebe had been so unmotivated to get a plan lately that it was turning ridiculous. She had meet up with a guy, felt more interested in doing some interesting jobs but kept not actually looking for something and thus being bored and stuck with still delivering cupcakes and things like that. Still not one step closer to any solution to her problem. She still disliked the idea of going back home because it felt like being a coward and besides as if Orchidia was more interesting. Everyone knew her there, she would work in her dad’s shop day in day out. There would be no more adventures than there was here in Magnolia, it was only cheaper. Considering the rent she needed to pay for this hotel. She turned off the shower but remained standing there for a second. Perhaps she should do something interesting but the question was: what and where to find it. She decided to simply go to the quest board and see something to do because that certainly would make her more active and getting more jewels. She took a deep breath and opened the shower curtain to get her towel. She started with drying her hair and wrapping it in a towel to get a second towel to start drying her body off. Okay she had done the morning run so she had been active at least. She was afraid that if she wouldn’t push herself to even do that, that she would just sit here and do nothing for the rest of her days. She was going to be so unmotivated that it certainly was time to do something. Once she was dried off she jumped out of the shower and grabbed the underwear that she had placed there. She would first unwrap the towel that tried to make an attempt to dry her hair and started to brush it, leaving water drops everywhere before she started to use the hair dryer. It was always a bit of a work but she rather showered immediately after the run than dropping herself on her bed and not do anything. She yawned while she finished her long raven black hair in a high ponytail with a bow in it. She turned her face left and right to see if it was straight before leaving the bathroom. She would take a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and put them on. She grabbed her purse and the leather jacket that she wore more for show than because she would get cold and headed outside of her hotel room. She first went to the store to get a healthy shake because she didn’t feel like buying breakfast and used it as some sort of milkshake. With that she walked slowly towards the town centre to check out the townsboard that held the quests. There weren’t many and certainly not much interesting ones. There was one that sounded at least like something new; working at the forge. She wasn’t sure if she was able to but it sure sounded interesting.

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#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:37 pm

She took the paper from the quest board and turned on her heel to walk towards the Black Anvil. For a second she stopped, for she had no idea where this Black Anvil was. She turned to look at the address on the paper and realized that she wasn’t actually good with street names. But it had written down a little map on the quest itself and she simply followed it, she recognized things quickly enough to walk with a quicker step and arrive at the forge soon enough. She walked in and simply looked around, noticing Barras was working on some metal piece or well she would believe it was the smith for she at first didn’t notice someone else. Soon she would notice a second person who seemed to notice her and inform the smith. So she had guessed correctly. Barras walked over to her once he was informed and she showed him the quest he had put on the board. He quickly explained to her the idea of the job but looked her up and down with this worried frown on his face; he probably expected that a girl like her wouldn’t be able to do the job. But she simply gave him a thumbs up and walked towards the anvil where she would be working together with the smith’s assistant. She talked shortly with this guy as well and learned that he hurt his arm and that made her a little nervous but she got the tools and he would get the soft metal straight out of the forge so she would be able to hammer it out on the anvil. She was a bit worried that she might hammer it wrong but the smith’s assistant would stay with her and coordinate her in what she needed to do, that sure made her feel more secure. She needed to flatten it out and he would give her locations where she would have to hammer.

It would take her the whole day to finish this obviously but she told her time and time again in her mind that she would not complain. She didn’t like it, her arms felt sore and it was far from a new adventure as she had hoped but she learned something out of it. Besides she got an approval look from Barras because he probably had not expected a girl like her to be able to do this. Thank god she wasn’t wearing her heels at the moment but her boots. She got her jewels and took off, she felt like taking a new shower but that would take too much time. She would pick up some Thai take out and headed back to her hotel, perhaps travelling would make things easier but she doubted it. Orchidia was still in her mind but who knows, perhaps Marigold was a nice idea again. She would show this Alice Nightingale what she thought about her, a piece of her mind. This made Phoebe smile to herself as she entered the building. Time to eat.


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