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Strange Timings [Arisa]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

on Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:56 pm

He couldn’t but remember back at Dahlia Town when she showed up. It had been quite the jump-scare for both of them, but he was more than happy that she was safe and sound after that episode. Coda was even happier as her flapping wings and joyful peeps clearly emitted joy. “… You’re oddly favoring females,” he spoke directly to the feathered creature with a sweat pearl trickling down his face, but Coda stayed happy and carefree as ever. Now, it had been a few days since they bumped into each other out in the plains of Baska Town, but he had a feeling that she was still in town. She did have something important to tell him, right?

He found himself feeding other pigeons near a building with bread that he had baked recently. It was one of those normal dishes that he could make himself by having learned it from his mother, and Coda couldn’t eat even 10% of the large piece. Besides, wherever wild animals like these birds were, he was a friend of them. Then again, it was more subconscious that he decided to share bread with them now, but at least it didn’t cause people to look at him funnily like all other events that he used to do…


on Wed Dec 27, 2017 2:35 am

She stood up tall, as she turned her head to look for Hyoen. Perhaps he got lost in finding her. She sent a letter yesterday to meet up with her today at some area. She honestly forgot what specific area that was to be exact. She continued on walking after having no sigh of her friend, Hyoen. He was a friend and guild mate, but she wondered if he knew about the guild master and maybe he should have an update of what was going on between herself and /him/. The last they met she felt in despair, truly ready to die in the pit of darkness. Her heart pained with the thought of when he broke it off with her. Once again, the thought of that happening again still hurt and pained her deeply like a long foot and inch needle gashed through her human skin and through her angelic body, missing her heart by a centimeter.

She was wearing a long black dress that had lace over the chest area making a U-shape. The sleeves were long with frills on the end and she wore dress shoes with stockings on. There wasn't snow on the ground at the moment and it wasn't very cold, but the wind could bring such coldness. Soon enough she got closer and saw dear Hyoen throw crumbs of bread for the birds while sitting alone by person yet truly if he was like Yasuki and birds, he wasn't alone. ''Hey! ... Hyoen!'' she called out with a wave and simple smile. She put down her hand and jogged towards him, but walked slowly so she didnt scare the birds. Surprisingly they looked at her (quite creepy) and started back to eating. Was it because she was an angel. ''May I uh... Sit next to you?'' she wondered and slowly sat by him as soon as he accepted.

#3Daiko Flayme 

on Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:02 pm

Hyōen even began munching some bread himself as he spectated the plumages gather around the free meals. Coda was tempted to join up and claim all the food herself, but the Fire Mage was quick in turning her thoughts elsewhere by feeding her bread directly from his hand. Therefore, the raptor wouldn’t harass the other birds in their feast, and a bloodbath was prevented in the middle of Baska. “… It’s pretty dry,” he commented on the bread, and that was a first time for him. Could it be that having eaten more delicate food with people like Esperia and Alisa had changed his taste buds? “… Oh, no, no, no, no, no!” He quickly begun stuffing a bit more bread into his mouth, denying the very thought of not liking this self-made dish, “It tastes *munch* just like always..!”

Surprisingly, he heard a girl’s voice that caught his ears and made his head turn around to spot Ana. He lightened up his face by her presence and waved back at her. “Hi, Ana..!” he greeted back and munched a little more bread, while Coda flapped her wings wildly, “Of course, take a seat.” He made a little space for the angel to sit down and broke off a piece of bread. He then held it out to her in hope of treating her something to eat.


on Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:05 pm

She made a sweet goddess-like smile as she bowed her head towards Hyoen. ''Thank you kindly.'' she spoke, giggling and sat down after moving to a comfortable position. Her eyes looked at Hyoen's companion, making her lasting smile once more. ''Hello to you too, sweet Coda.~'' she spoke lifting her hand up, pointing finger a little more up as a bird then lands on her soft finger. The bird was white, holy-like and as some called them, doves. She didn't know what the whole fascination with them was, but all animals were beautiful creatures, just like living beings. Yes, ever since last night she felt different and saw some things differently and truthfully, it could be called a bless.

She remembered the days when she had nature for a life, magic, power... whatever one wished to call it. Flowers grew upon every step she walked although she mostly tried fighting with her fists. Her eyes of golden mirrors turned/cornered to look at Hyoen's dark ones and tilted her head with a smile. ''No thank you, but thank you kindly.'' she spoke sweetly and calmly, turning her head to look up at the sky, seeing the bird fly off to the ground to eat bread itself. ''Hyoen, did you know the guild master died?'' she questioned. Arisa felt like this was her responsibility now, to let the members she did know, know that he died.

#5Daiko Flayme 

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:22 pm

Coda began feeling a deep jealousy towards the doves as one landed on Ana’s finger carelessly. The bird’s eyes would prey down upon this poor individual figure of white feathers, and if not for Hyōen’s next procedure to lock the raptor’s talons around his shoulder with his left hand, the predator would have slaughtered that innocent dove at the spot. It was more or less clear to see Coda’s intimidating nature for both the other birds and, most likely, for Ana. It wasn’t as if the female falcon was trying to hide her feelings at all.

Her words were strange, at first it emitted such sweetness and happiness, but what she mentioned next took Hyōen like the fear of death. Even his laid back breathing suddenly paused at the instance that he caught the news of his Guildmaster’s death, replaying it in his head just to be fully sure that what Ana had just said was clear… it really came out of nowhere, and he couldn’t but tug his jacket around his chest. “… I… I didn’t,” he replied in a more quiet tone. His mind instinctively began showing images of an encounter years ago, the first time that Hyōen met another wizard. Strong and proud did he stand on that rock as if being the bridge between the Fire Mage’s primitive, limited valley and the rest of the globe. He could only thank him for all of his experience as a guild mage… and despite the boy’s absence here and there, that tall man was like a father figure - screw his often, strict actions, because Hyōen couldn’t think but one thing…

“I…. I sure missed a lot,” he spoke, his voice cracking faintly in some instances. He felt truly bad for not having seen more to the master due to his own adventures.


on Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:56 pm

Her eyes looked at the ground, each bird hopping to another spot by inches and ate more of the bread crumbs. It was silent after she talked so her eyes cornered to look at Hyoen and his facial expression was saddening. 'I spoke too much perhaps?' she thought and sighed, looking away. It was silent between them, but a voice decided to speak up in her head. 'No, you spoke not enough. Keep going.' it said. It wasn't dark like the other voice, it was much lighter. She nodded and stood up straight quickly and looked at Hyoen. The poor boy seemed to feel sad about the guild master's death so perhaps some good news will do it justice in some way?

''Hyoen!...'' she spoke out loud and got up to stand in front of him. Her left hand brought itself to palm against the middle of her own chest and looked at him sincerely. ''I, Ying Yue, or as you formerly know as Ana and/or Arisa, became your Guild Master of Lamia Scale as of a couple days ago. If you need anything or anyone to talk to. I shall be your ears.'' she spoke in a rather serious, soothing tone in her 'french' like accent. Her hand that was on her own chest slid down to rest against her own side like the other hand. She never said anything so serious before, other than telling Noel how she truly felt about him. He'll always be there for her too, right?...

#7Daiko Flayme 

on Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:05 am

Argh… perhaps he should’ve hanged more around the guild rather than going out on an adventure. It was starting to get into him… but did he have to regret that, though? In this time of sadness, he began remembering the very few things that the previous Guildmaster used to say when they first met, and surprisingly enough, he started smiling. He assumed that the man died as he lived, tough and confident. Besides, he had no space in his heart to grieve over death anymore. It was a natural phenomenon, and it was proven to him in an unmerciful way a long time ago…

Now, Hyōen hadn’t noticed it before, but as his thoughts seemed to settle again, Ana was standing up in front of him. Her next words couldn’t but leave him as wondered as a little child. “… Huuuuh,” he let out faintly. He would then quickly stand up too, staring deeply into Ana’s golden eyes. “… I bet that he would be proud to see you success him, Ying… wait a second.” He suddenly changed his voice a little, finding the name Ying too strange to call Ana, the woman whom he had referred to as Ana since day one. “Ying doesn’t really feel natural for me to call you… hmmmh…” He held his chin in deep thought, before he decided. “Ana... yeah, Ana sounds fine.”


on Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:16 pm

She wasn't sure on how Hyoen was going to react, but the way he did in the end wasn't what she expected. He was more calm and less excited that she became the guild master. It almost made her laugh as he was so relaxed about it all. The only thing he was more on towards was her name. He felt 'weird' to call her by her Sinese name and truthfully it was fine by her. She rather not have people call her by her real name anyways. She giggled towards Hyoen while her eyes gazed at him. ''That's fine by me, but do me a favor and not tell anyone that name - unless they know of it.'' she told him.

She trusted Hyoen because why wouldn't she? He didn't seem to be the type who would do anything to harm her. The birds continued to eat the bread and it made her smile on how peaceful this setting was. ''I hope war doesn't come anytime soon.., You know?'' she randomly spoke, but in a more cold tone. She didn't like the image of war. The bodies, the tears that fell... it was all morbid and she didn't want anything to do with it.

#9Daiko Flayme 

on Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:28 pm

”Uh, rogers,” he replied quickly to her asked favor. Yinyin was quite the strange name, though… perhaps Alisa knew of it too? She was the only other person that Hyōen could assume would know of Ana’s real name. Then again, was Yinyin the name? He barely remembered it now, that was how strange it sounded to him. Maybe… maybe he misheard, maybe she said Yin Quang… maybe it was Yin yung… oh, what was the point in torturing his mind to remember what her name was? It was the first time that he had such an issue recalling one, single name, and it gave weight to his earlier words.

The birds were getting fed up with bread now, and during the nice view of plumage emitting feathers, Ana suddenly spoke that she hoped for a peaceful time to come. It did lead his thoughts back to what he had heard about Hargeon Town back then, and he quickly gulped in a slight worry. “… Yeah, me too,” he expressed, “I mean, at this point, who exactly wishes war?” Coda would begin to peck his head intensely as if declaring war at that very moment, this time with such a magnitude that his head would begin bouncing to the left side. “H-Hey, hey, what do you think you are, a general..?!” he scolded the hype raptor. “… Hmh…” At a time like this, he needed strenght, in which he stretched his chest proudly and spoke:

“Well, I, Daikō Flayme, whom you probably know as Hyōen, shall be by your side… just as I promised to be by the previous Guildmaster's side... through fire and… wait, I am saying it right, right?”


on Sun Dec 31, 2017 3:54 am

It was true what he was saying, who would want war? Obviously, there was someone as they were killing guildmaster's from almost every guild. So far it has been Phantom Lord, Blue Pegasus and now Lamia Scale. Who will be next? Fairy Tail? It was in question, but when she thinks about it truly, she's not even from here. Arisa closed her eyes and leaned back trying to rethink this situration. ''There is obviously someone out to get all the guilds besides itself.. Otherwise they wouldn't have attacked and killed Phantom Lords guild master.'' she started to speak about what she thought. What she didn't know was that it wasn't Phantom Lords Guild master they were after, but it was the guild master of Blue pegasus who he helped due to them being brothers... something like that.

She didn't know any of that, but she then looked at Hyoen who was making his own little speech. After he was done, she giggled at him. ''It was quite alright. Hehe.~'' she spoke and smiled warmly at him. It was all okay, right? She sighed softly and got up to then look at Hyoen. ''Shall we walk more then? Perhaps just somewhere random I suppose.'' she spoke and couldn't think of a specific place. She was sure Baska had its own mystery to explore.

#11Daiko Flayme 

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:07 pm

All the guilds? Did that mean that Lamia Scale wasn’t the only one who has been through such a tragedy? “… But that’s a huge issue, isn’t it?” he replied faintly. If there was some kind of organ out there who were targeting guilds like this, then how long would it take for anyone to try and track them down? It remained in his mind, all those thoughts about a problem like this, and perhaps he was destined to find out more in the far future. For now, though, he could only assume that there was someone out there who were, most likely, posing a huge threat now that they had taken down not only their Guildmaster… and his thoughts took a huge brake there…

“Yeah, let’s go eat something,” he spoke up, but his voice was more modest and low than before, “I still haven’t visited every corner of Baska yet… not that I absolutely have to, but it’d be nice to know my way around and all. I do believe that it could be easier…” He suddenly considered taking a flight again, just to show Ana that he too possessed that ability, but then he remembered that she was quite discreet with her secret, and maybe it would just offend her. “… I have a feeling that we’ll meet those gremlins again, in which… you lead the way, Master.”


on Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:41 pm

She felt like Hyoen never really got out much by the way he was speaking. He didn't know much about the attacks and stuff that was happening. Her on the other hand, she felt like it kept happening in every location she seemed to travel. She looked at the boy and then forward in which he was then getting up to follow. ''You should get out more.~'' she joked and chuckled with a motherly smile and walked forward. Her arms dangled against her side as strands of hair that fuzzed out of place were winding with the wind itself. She wandered with her beautiful mirror eyes as she turned her head to do such a thing.

Seeing the fields so open it made her feel like it was a great place to just hide away from the city type of drama. ''I feel like I should be in such a great mood on this day.'' she started and cocked her head towards Hyoen to look at him. Her eyes rolled back with her head as they looked forward. ''Me and him are finally back together like I wanted. I turned in the guild master of a guild which is huge for people normally, right?'' she speaks and does movements with her hands/arms as she talks. She motions her right hand hand outward as if reaching for something and brings it back quickly for it to be against her chest, where her heart is. ''I feel nervous though and all I can think about is him. Is this truly what obsession is?'' she wondered, stopped and turned to look towards Hyoen. ''I'm scared at what I will turn into if I get jealous over something that has to do with him... You know?'' she looked away and bit her lower lip on the right side and turned back to walk.

#13Daiko Flayme 

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:27 pm

Nah… Hyōen was already as much outside as any human could be. Maybe he was just trying to hide that? However, why though? And maybe Ana was mishearing things, but that couldn’t be, either… he guessed that it was a matter of perception, and he simply shrugged in amuse. “Heh… maybe,” he replied happily. He watched as the angel felt rather carefree, or to some degree, content and joyful. It was refreshing to see, and so he felt just as pleased with the atmosphere now… it was rather weird, but he began seeing the old man looking down at them from above. The pain was still there… but with the new Guildmaster present near him, he could clearly imagine the previous one telling him to man up and tackle life as it was.

At the fields again, the wind settled and brought a pleasant cool to freshen up Hyōen’s mind. Ana began saying something, and he had already found himself comfortable on the soft grass, having his left arm support his head and all that. He began listening closely and replied: “I’m happy for you two… and yeah, Guildmaster is quite the title to gain.” He picked up a grass knot from the dirt and looked at it closely whilst continuing, “Obsession… jealously… like if Coda got lost someday, and I’d cry out all day to try and find her again..?”


on Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:11 pm

She started to walk with Hyoen and his little friend bird, Coda. The feathers on the bird seemed to become lighter as if obviously the bird was getting older faster than them. Herself? Arisa will forevermore age slowly now as long as she's an angel, a seraphim, someone who can't have children. It will hit her for awhile and even if it doesn't show, she has grown quite mentally ill. Her arms wrapped behind herself, against her tailbone as her hands held each other. Her eyes gazed forward, head and posture straight otherwise. The wind had a gentle feel against her cream colored skin that shined, making it flawless fine colored.

Hyoen spoke of being happy for her and the significant other. She smiled a little at this as she then cocked her head to look at Hyoen. He spoke of what was the possibility of 'obsession', but it wasn't what she was thinking of. Her head turned back to gaze straight forward as she thought up of an answer. ''I believe obsession is like the sin Greed. You'd do anything to get it, keep it and that includes fighting to the death.'' she spoke in a serious calm manner. Her hands felt sweaty while explaining as she had a little nervous feel to all this. ''I feel like... I don't want to live without him, be apart from him... ever. Like an animal, when one is attracted to another animal's smell, they know right away who they are and how they feel about them.'' she stopped and giggled and halfly chuckled even, ''It's a bit weird, huh?~'' she joked halfly. Rather or not he found it funny... she knew how she felt and feared those in her way.

#15Daiko Flayme 

on Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:53 pm

Greed… now, Hyōen wouldn’t call Ana greedy in any way now that he knew her and all. Also, was it really like greed? Her feelings for this guy, that was… it felt more compassionate to him. Maybe she meant something else with it. “Ah…” he let out whilst looking straight up to the sky as he laid on his back, “It still sounds nice enough to have such a term as sin…” Why she had compared the sin greed with her situation was a mystery for him, but there were many things in this topic that he knew jack of.

“Yeah, most animals recognize each other by their smells first.” Although, the Fire Mage didn’t know about Coda’s case, because her primary sense was her abnormal field of vision and hearing. Then again, what did he know about all of this? These feelings… they weren’t familiar to him. As Ana expressed the strange situation, he slowly lifted his head to turn his gaze towards her with a rather saddened look. “How should I know?! You’re the one with a relationship,” he almost cried in exaggeration. Coda had begun pecking his skull to make him return back to normal in a hurry.


on Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:07 pm

She thought of what Hyoen was saying and it was true. If he has never been in a relationship, how'd he know the feeling? Everyone had a different type of love, different feeling for the so called 'love'. One person could feel a total different passion and they couldn't even recognize it. She yawned and looked on about at the bright blue sky that has yet to turn dark. Something felt strange within her, as if she was going to change again... Again? Again?! She was scared as she remembered the pain the sun brought to her as it used its sun rays to tattoo on her back, her bones re-shaping and everything was changing.

She didn't want to think of the past - or at least about that and one other thing. She could handle everything else in the past, but she didn't truly know that since she couldn't remember the full past. The past that lead her here. She walked away slowly and then turned back to look at Hyoen. ''How about meet me some other time. I'd like to try out these new candies that I got. Not now, nor maybe tomorrow... Someday we'll meet again.'' she spoke lastly to him and walked out of the area and back to her cabin.


#17Daiko Flayme 

on Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:20 pm

Something changed on Ana’s face as if she realized something. At first, he concluded that it was merely a reaction to his not-so proud statement earlier, but her facial expression also emitted a tad worry. It was also very sudden and contrasting to her previously laid-back, relaxed state. He quickly rose his back up and focused his gaze on her as she walked further, suddenly turning her face towards his and giving her signs of departure. It wasn’t even that late yet, but perhaps she was itching to rest for the rest of today… or something else…

No matter the reason, he still felt let down when she mentioned some new candies. Firstly, he and his experience with candy was broad and confusing after the ventre crocodilus episode, but to hang out with Ana was always pleasant and fun. Either way, he would be able to see her again later, so he accepted her choice to part ways with a nod. “See ya,” he left to her as his last words to the seraphim for today.

Coda had half a mind to follow Ana, but Hyōen’s resting finger on the bird’s talons was enough to signal a want of her obedience to him. That was all for today and for the Fire Mage.


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