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Shady Business [Quest]

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Shady Business [Quest] Empty on Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:08 pm

Jeremiah Ali

"Shady Business"

Jeremiah yawned. It was about 5 O'clock PM and he was just starting his day. Yesterday he'd beaten some guildmates up for the hell of it, disappointed someone who admired him and would probably never see any of them again. It sat on his conscious only for a little while, but not for too long - he had things to do. Sitting on the edge of his temporary bed, he squinted his eyes and put his hand up to block the sun. It seemed to purposely be attacking him this morning, annoying him just for the hell of it. He didn't waste any more time though. Jeremiah arose quickly, making his ay to the bathroom and doing everything necessary before starting his day. Yesterday before he left the guild hall, he took a couple of papers for quick jobs. Some requiring him to be present where they needed him in the future, and a couple for today. He planned on doing as much as possible in this town before he left to hopefully find someone who could help him achieve the power he was looking for. Fairy Tail's guild master was obviously his first choice, but Celia was never around.

Rushing to leave the hotel he stayed in, he quickly brushed his teeth, showered and put on his clothes. His sword was by his side at all times, and his ring was practically stuck to his finger, he hardly went anywhere without any of his belongings - especially the ring - it was the only thing of his father that he had left.

Life was getting more and more complicated with Jeremiah these days. He'd been in a seriously bad mood since being unable to find anything about the whereabouts on the organization that murdered his family, however, he did find that it would be best to go to the Magic Council's headquarters. His father was a pretty strong Knight back in his day, surely they'd remember the mission they sent him on.

"Hm." He said as he left the hotel, nodding off at the women who'd been trying to get his attention since he checked in. He had no time for hoes though, only money. The young troubled Fairy dug into his pocket before pulling out the paper of the quest he took. "Barra's Weaponry Shop." He whispered to himself as he began to make is way there. "I'll do this quickly." Crumbling the paper, he tossed aside as the wind picked up and carried it away. So this dude wanted him to go pick up supplies in his place because it all seemed too good to be true. Talk about cautious. He completely understood though, not everyone could utilize magic in this world so that's where mages stepped in. At this point Jeremiah wasn't trying to serve justice, he needed the quick cash. After this mission he'd probably be doing another one or two. He still had time to spare today and although the sun was nearly gone, he was ready to get jiggy.

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Jeremiah Ali

"Shady Business"

The shop was up ahead. The street was especially empty today, just the way he liked it. The way he saw it the less people that cluttered the area, the easier it would be to do business. Just walking the streets of Magnolia he could feel the eyes of many people on him, or at least it felt like that. The sun was shining brighter than it'd did this entire month today. "Yo." He said as he pushed open the door to the blacksmiths shop. The first thing the man behind the counter did was look at the sword dangling on his waist.

"How may I help you, sir?" Jeremiah glanced down at his waist, following the man's eyes.

"I'm looking for the owner, Barra."
"You're speakin' to em kid. How can I be-"
"I'm here to pick up your supplies for you.
"Ah yes! I was wondering when someone would come. Here." The man fished into his pocket and handed the mage jewels in a tiny pouch. "Now apparently I'm getting really expensive merchandise for a pretty cheap price. It's too good to be true, I must admit so I need you to complete the transaction for me,
I'll pay you more than what I just gave you for ya service."
Jeremiah placed the pouch into the pocket of his jacket with a nod and a light smile. "Where do I meet these guys?" Barra leaned on his counter and opened the magazine he'd been reading. "Sorcerer's Weekkly". "The ally way by the Cathedral, they should be there in a few minutes actually."

Miah nodded once more, turned and was off. He exited the shop. There it was, the sun again. It smacked him right on his eye lids as he left the store, sucking his teeth before looking downwards. The sun was hardly even up, why was his eyes so sensitive to it. Maybe it was a side effect from losing is Phoenix spirit. Maybe it was a form of withdrawal. The bronze male shook his hair, allowing his bangs to fall over his eyes and protecting him from the harsh rays of the sun.

Maybe he needed a healer. He needed someone to help him with his eyes or he wouldn't be able to get anymore work done during the day...like some kind of vampire or something. "Alright.
All I need to do is go to the alleyway and make this transaction or don't go back and get paid."
It sounded like it would be easy money but knowing this world something always happened to make situations worse, especially to him. Finally though, the sun was going completely down. In a few minutes or so it'd be night time already something he couldn't wait to witness. As alone as he was, he always enjoyed the activity of daytime, but these days it was just so annoying to witness.

The Cathedral became closer and closer. Hopefully these guys didn't leave because of him taking too long and hopefully this all wasn't a scam at all. Life. It annoyed him sometimes.

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Jeremiah Ali

"Shady Business"

And here he was. Jeremiah stopped, and gazed upon the church. It was a beautiful work of art for sure, that's pretty much all it ever would be to the young mage. When he was younger he remembered how religious his mother was. She always thanked the lord for anything good that happened to her; when she'd find money, when she'd get gifts or when dinner was made correctly - even when Jeremiah himself did something spectacular she'd thank her lord for his talents. At the top of the church, the very point, there was a sun structure built on it. It's aura flamey and drawn out with detail it was amazing. After a few seconds passed by, he looked to his right where there'd been a street leading to another part of the town. On the right sidewalk of that street, there was the Alleyway was one more block up from the cathedral.

Turning, he walked both hands in his pocket comfortably as if the town belonged to him. You see, he didn't worry too much about if this whole entire thing was a set up, because he was confident in his abilities. It was always good to be confident, but it's also just like the Phoenix always said, too much confidence will get you killed. Sometimes he had to remind himself that there were amazing people in the world and that he wasn't exactly the biggest or baddest thing in Fiore. Remembering that, the brown young man hilt the hilt of his blade with his hand as he turned and finally entered the alleyway.

There was a dead end at the end, which meant there was no escape once he was inside - or at least not an exit that wasn't the entrance. The alleyway was dark with every step he took but nothing scared him, so he continued walking until he was directly at the end. He saw a man with a cart up ahead as well, he came this same direction with another man beside him so Jeremiah assumed he'd be the man the supplies were coming from, however he was nowhere to be seen right now. The mage turned around the face the entrance, his hand still on the hilt of his Katana. He began to think that the dudes didn't want to wait any longer, but then. Miah cursed under his breath and sighed but he decided that he would wait here a little longer, just in case they happened to go the wrong way or come back. They could have been doing anything right? I mean maybe he had another client or something, surely there were people who wanted cheap supplies just as Barra did. Damn, such a simple task was he really about to fail miserably at exactly what a mage of lower ranks were supposed to be capable of doing?

"hey kid! You here for the supplies or what?"

Thank god, he thought. He really started to not give a fuck about a few jewels. Hell, he may havenb even kept the jewels Barra gave him if these guys didn't show up.

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Jeremiah Ali

"Shady Business"

All Jeremiah did in response to the bigger dudes question was nod. Beside him was another man, this one slimmer and looked like he would be able to do nothing against Jeremiah if the two planned any funny business. Folding his arms in front of him, Jeremiah watched the two as they got closer. The bigger dude pushing the cart stopped exactly 1 meter away from him. Raising an eyebrow, Jeremiah slowly walked up to the cart. He didn't think too much about what they were up to anymore, he'd just rather see that the supplies were there. However, that was his first mistake. The covering over the cart was lifted after he moved his hand to grab it but while distracted with looking inside the cart, the skinnier man attempted to dig into his pockets and take whatever was there. Quickly, Jeremiah turned and punched him directly in the nose, nonchalantly defending himself in response to what was happening.

So they were mugging him after all - or at least trying to. They'd get their props for trying, but they'd have to do better than that if they wanted to truly get anything from the Fiery Fairy. With a grunt the bigger man grabbed Jeremiah from behind, wrapping both his arms around the brown skinned male and holding him down. The sidekick stood up, angered that he was snuffed directly in his nose. "You think you're so tough dontcha, ya little shit! Just because you're a fairy-" Jeremiah lifted his leg fast like a bullet coated in lightning magic, kickin the man in his chin. With all his strength he forced himself down and was able to slip right out of the mans grip.

They were lame. If they had any clue on how to rob anyone right they would have knocked Jeremiah out from the jump, but they didn't and that would be why they failed miserably. Now facing the bigger dude, Jeremiah threw a flurry of jabs at his face, one after the other connecting each blow with his nose or jaw and ultimately causing him to fall in the end. The skinnier man however, was obviously a better fighter. From behind he kicked Jeremiah in the back, causing him to fall forward. Seeing this as a moment to attack, the skinny sidekick dude leaped in the air and swung his leg down to land a knockout blow to Miah's face but all it took was a simple roll to the left from him to dodge effectively.

This needed to end quick. He didn't come here for all this extra moving and shit, he wanted quick and easy money and now he had to do all this just for a few jewels in his pocket. Miah drew his sword and stood up, dashing at the man and slicing him across his chest before he could even see what hit him. With a loud shriek, he fell to the ground and bled. Oh well. The bigger man groaned as he laid on the floor, looking completely stupid as he held his face. Why do people even attempt to do these stupid things without being fully prepared? If you aren't the best fighter then why don't you just use weapons or something, even if you're not going to use them they always happen to be a pretty good scare tactic these days. Idiots...that's all he could manage to think about these two. Idiots Idiots Idiots... Shaking his head he left the Alleyway and returned to the shop. After telling Barra what happened, he paid him for his service despite not returning with anything.

~ EXIT ~

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