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In the Night Kitchen [Solo]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

on Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:24 pm


It's a strange feeling when one falls asleep; the innate nature of sleeping wasn't strange (it was more mysterious than strange, if that makes sense), but rather, when one manages to fall asleep while being intrinsically aware of the fact that one is sleeping, and by extension, dreaming. There was probably, no, there was definitely some kind of scientific word that one could use to describe this sensation, and while something like ''lucid dreaming'' was a word that Houren managed to snatch from his vocabulary, he knew that such an inappropriate phrase did not do his current feelings justice. A lucid dream is a dream where the dreamer is aware that he is in a dream, his own, and is capable of manipulating certain control over the dream's narrative and people with this newfound sense of awareness. That is such a word to describe the dream itself, and the control of the dream's narrative and characters, but not in any way appropriate to describing the sensation of being firmly aware of one's situation, but holding absolutely zero jurisdiction over the content or path.

In this regard, perhaps it was better to classify this as a nightmare as opposed to a dream. He wasn't seeing the wacky things he'd normally see in a dream like talking ice cream cones, flying dogs and his deceased friends. Or maybe he was in a state of high at that point, and not just dreaming when he recalled those times. In this dreamlike world, he could not actually remember anything. There was one thing that he could recall though, and that was that he actually did remember falling asleep somewhere on Tenrou Island; when this revelation came to him, he suddenly remembered everything about his time in Tenrou Island, well, in fact he was probably still on the island right now as they spoke. He remembered they were struggling with something, but they eventually managed to fight back and get out of that pinch situation without anyone getting hurt or dying. The Fire Dragon Slayer supposed that he must have been tired after that encounter, and took a nap somewhere.

But hell, where did he fall asleep again?

Was it after they came out of that tomb or before? Wait, if he's thinking about after they went into that tomb, then there's no way he could have fallen asleep before they entered, right? Because they already left the tomb, or was that just his minds playing tricks on him? Perhaps he was still in the tomb? No, they had definitely left the tomb and gotten into more situations elsewhere but he couldn't put his finger on it at the moment. He decided against thinking too much about it; as far as he could remember, he didn't lose any fights so this couldn't have been the consequence of an enemy's spell, and he wasn't in a bad position so he didn't fear being attacked or anything while he was unconscious. Or maybe he did have something to fear?


#2Houren Vanadis 

on Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:18 am

Technically speaking, this wasn't actually a dream in the strictest sense of the word. Actually right now, he was experiencing a flashback; he was seeing something that must've happened to him many years ago although truth be told, Houren couldn't actually remember this particular memory. He was observing as a third person, but it went without saying that this memory was already set in stone. Even if it was a bad memory or something like that, he wouldn't be able to interfere since this was just within the confines of his own mind. If this was a lucid dream, maybe something could be done but at the same time, he didn't really want to change anything, even if he had the choice. His past experiences, good or bad, all accumulated and give form to the present day him. In other words, they made him, and that was something he had to acknowledge. Hell, he might have grown up a spoiled and fragile brat if he hadn't gone through as much as he had. There were too many times when parents who didn't have much became success stories and in an attempt to alleviate the pain of having grown up poor, compensate by spoiling their children rotten. It was a shame, an ironic shame that these hardworking men and women would have such ungrateful, useless sons and daughters.

Of course, when Houren actually saw this disaster story for himself, he couldn't help but snicker when the parents actually found themselves confused as to how their kids ended up like that. The cause was right there in front of them of course, even more so if they had the courage to look into a mirror and come face to face with the undeniable reality that they, in their attempt to alleviate the terrors that they had conjured up in their own mind, had ruined their children. Of course, being the childless man he was, that meant nothing to Houren. Well in the end, it all came down to the fact that Houren liked who he was, and the he who was here right now can only exist because of the experiences that he has accumulated in the past, good or bad. A bad memory like getting publicly rejected by a girl hurt, and you'd probably blush red every time you'd think back to it, but there was no doubt that your heart would be much stronger next time around. Take all those experiences from even the most powerful of men, and all you'd be left with was his husk, and the Fire Dragon Slayer was afraid of becoming nothing more than a simple husk that couldn't do anything at all.

Since he was here anyways, Houren decided that he'd just engulf himself in whatever memory his mind thought it fitting to see at the moment. He'd engulf himself and experience the memory as though it were happening right now, but it went without saying that he'd try to figure out just how exactly he ended up here.


#3Houren Vanadis 

on Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:43 am

The first memory that he saw a strange one, but it wasn't one like the other one that Houren knew was true but wasn't able to place his hand on it. This one was one that the Fairy Tail mage could recollect, but he didn't think it was very significant that he would actually bother remembering it subconsciously now that he was floating around within the confines of his own twisted mind. He was not proud of it, but Houren had done some pretty bad things when he was a younger man, bad stuff that would probably make people who currently consider him a friend to be nothing more than a deviant. It was the kind of thing that Houren, when he died and went before St Peter who would recount all his good and bad deeds, would need to turn his red face away while the Saint spoke. It went without saying that the Fire Dragon Slayer wasn't proud of what he used to do, but at the same time, he didn't really regret it until after the fact, and even then, when the high he received from doing something so obscene wore off, he'd feel tempted to do it all over again.

Man, he really was some kind of male nymphomaniac. Satyriasis, was it?

In any case, this memory that was currently being shown in this memory showcase of sorts wasn't one of those, but speaking by pure probability, one of those would probably end up appearing sooner rather than later, and the Fire Dragon Slayer decided to use these mild memories as a way of strengthening his own mental resistance to that sort of thing. It was a very typical memory, well, this one, not the steamy ones that were mentioned earlier. He was certainly younger man in this particular memory, not even a younger man, but an actual child, back in the stage when the boy talks but people aren't really sure what gender he is until they pull down his pants and confirm his gender for themselves. A bit extreme, but then again, the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail had a pretty extreme childhood, so this was only fitting, wouldn't you say?

The very young Fire Dragon Slayer, way back before he had even implanted that lacrima to become a Fire Dragon Slayer, so he was more or less just a young Houren Vanadis, was hanging out in a forest somewhere, probably on the outskirts of his mother's hometown, picking fruits and pretty much just enjoying life as only as a child can, since they're carefree and know nothing of the true horrors of the world. As he had been picking a fruit he saw a bush near a tree that caught his eye bearing much splendid fruit that looked to be peaches. Intrigued and feeling absolutely famished, Houren decided to take some of the fruit from the tree, but upon trying to touch one, his finger was scratched by a thorn and he instinctively pulled back, inspected his bleeding finger, put the finger into his mouth and sucked on it before walking away.


#4Houren Vanadis 

on Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:57 am

But man, that really was such an insignificant memory that this showcase of memories decided to show him. He remembered the events happening to him, but his thought process at the time was completely lost to the stars; yes, in truth, the Fire Dragon Slayer had no idea why he did what he did, and why he didn't just continue to pick the peaches, but instead this time just being extra careful so that he doesn't get pricked by one of the many thorns that had been present on the bush in that warm spring day in May over what must have been ten years ago now. Strangely enough, the scene was very serene to the Fire Dragon Slayer and he didn't remember being scared at all by what had happened even though children tended to cry and panic when confronted by something as scary as blood. It wasn't until you're an older man and acknowledged your mortality that you were able to hold your own in the face of gushing redness; either that or if you were a soldier or doctor, a profession that often pitted you, in your daily life, against the sight of blood and gore - soldiers and doctors came to mind, of course, but I guess you could say the same applies to nurses or paramedics. Y'know, or people who worked in places and jobs that have a high fatality rate. The Fire Dragon Slayer imagined there could be many accidents on a construction site, and all of them would be ugly.

Honestly, looking back the scene now as an adult, the Fairy Tail mage who was a Fire Dragon Slayer couldn't help but think that there was some sinister backdrop to it. Of course, as a child, he wouldn't have been able to notice it, and even if he had, would he have cared if he didn't sense any immediate danger? The thought processes of children was pretty damn weird after all, so maybe he wouldn't even have cared but at the same time, his actions that day were not easy to explain at all. Thinking about it now, the Fire Dragon Slayer would have gone back to pick fruit at that exact same location many times after this event, but he never did see that bush again. It probably didn't belong there; and Houren, being a curious child, had approached it, probably only to realize that this bush was not natural here when he was pricked by one of the thorns.

Yes, now that he was here, having just revisited the past in the vaguest of ways, and thinking hard about what could possibly have transpired that day, the Fire Dragon Slayer knew he would be wrong to call this a simple memory of little significance. This memory that he just saw was not what had 'truly' had happened, but it is what Houren remembered from his days as a child. Yes, if he had been an adult, things would have been very different indeed.


#5Houren Vanadis 

on Sat Dec 23, 2017 2:26 am

The Fire Dragon Slayer was still thinking about the previous memory, about what it could have meant and also trying to remember it exactly as it would have happened as opposed to what he could remember as a child, since after all, a child's memory was anything but reliable and he knew that better than anyone else since he was literally experiencing this right now, a situation where he is being let down by the memory that he would have had back when he was maybe seven or eight years old; in other words, a child. No sooner had he thought that he was coming close to what his previous flashback, the memory, could have meant did the entire thing reset, and he was presented with a completely new scene. The first thing he saw was an older version of him, the one of him that was probably an adult and who's memory was probably very reliable. The Fire Dragon Slayer actually considered just looking away from the current scene and thinking more about the first memory, but ultimately he couldn't do that when he came to realize exactly just what it was that his mind was showing him right now.

The memory was vivid in his head even now, much more vivid than the memory with the fruit picking, peaches, forests and thorns, but unlike the first memory which Houren initially believed to be insignificant, this one was anything but. It wasn't entirely relevant to what they were doing on Tenrou Island, but at the same time, it wasn't entirely irrelevant either. He was talking, of course, about the first time he had actually set foot in the Fairy Tail guild. It was strange, it wasn't even two years ago but seeing how far he had come since then, the Fire Dragon Slayer couldn't help but regard the him that was here now looking at the memory, and the him that was in the memory as two completely different entities, even though at one point, the Houren looking at the Houren through the memory was once the Houren in the memory, and the Houren in the memory would one day become the Houren that was looking at the Houren in the memory through the memory.

A bit confusing, but the truth nevertheless.

Well, technically speaking he had never actually 'walked' through the gates of Fairy Tail, but rather, from what he was told, he was actually carried or perhaps he was transported through the use of some kind of levitation magic. In any case, before the Fire Dragon Slayer had joined the guild, he had some ordeal with his father, one that he didn't want to think about now, but also a memory that would probably come to manifest itself in this memory showcase later down the line, assuming that Houren didn't wake up for another while. In any case, in the current memory, he was looking groggy, walking through the Fairy Tail guild much like a car crash victim might walk through a hospital after waking up from a coma.


#6Houren Vanadis 

on Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:46 am

The other people in the guildhall, some were people who he would later get to know and become close to later on, and others were people who no longer frequented the guildhall nowadays, whether it was because they had decided to retire or because they were now buried six foot under the ground, well, their reasons varied to one or the other. Still, seeing them all here, well and young, and for some, alive, almost brought a tear to Houren's eye if he was a being who was capable of shedding tears for the sake of others. Still, he did have feelings, and in this very moment, he was not sure whether he was happy that he was able to see the guildhall as it used to be, or sad because those days were already gone. That wasn't to say that the guildhall nowadays was any less lively, but you'd notice when a person you used to hang around all the time with was no longer around or something like that. He was sure he was just being unnecessarily sentimental but he still felt a tinge of sadness as he watched his younger self walk forlornly around what used to be the Fairy Tail guildhall.

He remembered very well what had happened that day, and almost as though it were on cue, the Houren in the memory was approached by one of the guild's more seasoned veterans. Fortunately for the Fire Dragon Slayer's heart, this man was actually still a member of the guild, and from the way things seemed, he would be a member of the guild for many years to come still. The Fire Dragon Slayer hadn't really seen him much in the present day though, simply because he was the kind of person who liked to take long, hard jobs that could last anywhere between six months to ten years, but in exchange, the reward would be great. Roughly seven weeks before the Tenrou Island Expedition team was formed, the same man announced to everyone that he was going away on a quest, and that they should expect him back in around three or four years. Everyone was sad to see him go since he had become almost a permanent fixture in the guildhall at that point.

Of course, he was one of the people who liked to do a single rewarding job that lasted a long time, before playing around for a long time. The last time he had done a job like this, the Fire Dragon Slayer hadn't even joined the guild yet. The memory was still somewhat fresh in Houren's mind, and now that he was recalling it for the first time in forever, wasn't it this same veteran that had found Houren in his father's shack on the outskirts of Magnolia? Yeah, he believed it was, and just as the Fire Dragon Slayer came to this conclusion, the veteran in the memory put his arm on the young Houren's shoulder.

"Finally wake up, did ye?" he inquired.


#7Houren Vanadis 

on Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:31 am

The veteran man began to talk now, he began to speak to Houren about how he had found him in his father's house and how he had called an ambulance for him but ultimately decided to bring him back to this Fairy Tail guildhall so that he could rest up. He mentioned a few other misc. things like his name, who he was, where this was, information that, strangely enough, the Fire Dragon Slayer was hearing for the first time since when he was younger and actually hearing these things in person all those years ago, his mind had been dazed and he, honest to godly, wasn't listening at all, but rather, he let the information come in through one ear and then out the other ear. Of course, being a kid in some unknown place like he used to be, Houren didn't actually say anything disagreeable, instead he just nodded his head along like he knew what was going on and the seasoned veteran man seemed to think this was a pretty alright set up.

He'd mention it now and again whenever he and Houren ended up meeting in the guildhall; they weren't particularly close even though he was the one who essentially introduced Fairy Tail to Houren, but the Fire Dragon Slayer still considered the older Fairy Tail mage to be a sort of mentor to him. They didn't do quests together, but Houren knew how reliable he was, and would often come to him when he was in need of advice. Being the young, disillusioned man he was, this was actually pretty often that he would need to go to the veteran man to ask him for advice and other things. In turn, the seasoned veteran treated Houren like he would a nephew, not as involved as one's father ought to be, but always supportive.

When the Fire Dragon Slayer began to obtain fame for himself as a solo adventurer, there was likely no one more proud than this so called seasoned veteran, who bragged to almost everybody about Houren's accomplishments, even though they were not his own. Of course, this confused others who wondered why this middle aged man was so happy when he did not do any of those things that were attributed to the Fire Dragon Slayer, and also because Houren was not actually his son or anything like that. The seasoned veteran would only smile and quip that he was the one who brought Fairy Tail's Oberon to the guild in the first place, and the fact that Oberon was out there earning great fame for the Fairy Tail guild was something that he, as an enabler, should be allowed to take part in.

There were many who claimed that this was a very superficial way of thinking, but the Fire Dragon Slayer knew much better. He wasn't just using the fact that he recruited Houren to the guild as a means of upping his own reputation; there was a genuine pride in his words when he spoke of the Fire Dragon Slayer, and sung his praises.


#8Houren Vanadis 

on Sat Dec 23, 2017 5:23 am

The Fire Dragon Slayer had, perhaps, even before he had spoken to the seasoned veteran and had the virtues of the Fairy Tail guild extolled to him, decided to join the guild. The place seemed lively and even when a groggy guy like him walked in, it didn't kill the mood at all. The people there showed concern for him even though they didn't know him, although only the veteran who Houren would later consider his mentor approached him in the end, although that was probably because he knew who he was. Still, this kind of lively place seemed much better than where Houren was previously, and he felt this innate desire to stay even though he knew that, as of right now, looking as he did, he was completely out of place. Immediately after giving the relevant information such as his name, who he was and the fact that this was indeed the Fairy Tail guild, the seasoned veteran offered to induct Houren into the guild without inquiring at all into his background; he must have seen his father's corpse and Houren being the most likely suspect (well, in the end, he actually did kill his dad, but oh well) must have occurred to him, but he kept quiet about all that and offered the hospitality of this guild to him. Why?

He didn't know this at the time, but the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail would later come to know that the seasoned veteran had grown up under similar circumstances and had actually joined the guild in a similar way; that is, to say, that he was introduced to the guild by a more senior member after he had been in a familial predicament. He must have felt inclined to help Houren, because he saw a little bit of himself as a youth in him or at least in the circumstances that they must have shared. At that time, the man must have offered the would be seasoned veteran a place in the guild, and he must have accepted. This was probably why Houren was being asked to join the guild right now by him, as though it were the most natural thing in the world and that he should just let it happen.

"I-I-I'll stay," the Fire Dragon Slayer had said, and the face of the seasoned veteran along with the cloudy faces of all the people in the background eavesdropping lit up, and they suddenly grabbed him and threw him up into the air, caught him and threw him up again, and rinse and repeat as though he had just hit the winning homerun in the Fiore series. All this just because he had said he would like to join the guild; due to his inexperience, he knew that he was going to be a burden to them at times, but he would work hard to improve. Yes, it was at Fairy Tail where he first understood the concept of family, and all the benefits that come with it.


#9Houren Vanadis 

on Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:51 am

The rest of the memory was not at all memorable, although that wasn't to say that it wasn't significant. It was significant, perhaps the most significant out of all of the memories that Houren has accumulated up to this point in his life thus far. The reason for this great significance is because of what the day held for the Fire Dragon Slayer though, that is to say the day that he left his old life behind and formally became a member of one of Fiore's great wizarding guilds, Fairy Tail. The day itself, minus the fact that he was still suffering from shock due to the fact that he had unwittingly murdered his own father the previous day, was not really all that substantial. The Fairy Tail members present at the time drank a toast to him, their new member, but that was really all and there was nothing else to differentiate this day from any other day. In fact, it was probably one of the more stressful days of the newly inducted Fairy Tail mage's life as he had to go through the trouble of finding accommodation and being shown the ropes of the life of a guild employed mage.

So, it wasn't actually that fun and games at the time, but after things settled down, the Fire Dragon Slayer found himself enjoying life tremendously, earning an income through using his talents as a mage, and he eventually found himself becoming something of a local celebrity in Magnolia. Of course, it wasn't unusual for a mage who was doing well at a famous guild to become a well known, perhaps even a household name. There was something about mages that put them on the same level as rock star and actors, perhaps even more so since you knew that the things they did were the real deal. They were actual warriors, actual fighters, nothing at all like the heroes that actors portrayed on the big screens. Hell, the top wizards probably even had movies directed and books written based on their feats and stories.

The Fire Dragon Slayer felt no innate desire to be written of in stories by scribes, or to have a movie done based on him starring the most well known actor in the leagues at that time, but he was fully prepared for such things to happen. After all, it was just a consequence of fame, right? The seasoned veteran from the memory clapped Houren on the shoulder and said something along the lines of, "I'll get someone to give you the guild emblem soon. You're doing a good thing, kid, oh, and don't worry about what happened back there. I've settled it for you," the words sent a chill down the Fire Dragon Slayer's back since he knew what the seasoned veteran was talking about, that being his father's corpse. Houren, at that time, was glad just to know that he wasn't going to be implicated in some crime and hadn't asked about what happened to his father's body.


#10Houren Vanadis 

on Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:06 am

It would have been fitting, almost appropriate if the memory had ended there, and the Fire Dragon Slayer sincerely hoped it would but of course, he knew that when he really wanted something to happen, it wouldn't happen and something bad would happen instead. This time, he was fortunate because nothing bad would happen because he knew exactly what would happen in the memory and it was nothing particularly embarrassing for him. Even if it was, it wasn't as though there was anyone else in this vague dreamworld to see and laugh at him when his own weaknesses were exposed by this abnormally vivid dream sequence. The seasoned veteran had already said everything he wanted to say, and there was nothing left for him to say, and no reason left for him to continue to stay here so he went back to his friends, but not before giving Houren a slight wink, and a nudge that suggested that he should try and talk to others.

Although he hadn't received the guild emblem yet, the fact that he already verbally agreed to join the guild meant that everyone around, whether they were playing pool in one corner, or chatting near the benches or having a drink at the bar or even if they were just people there working by tending to the bar or putting quests up, already considered him a member of the Fairy Tail family and would continue to treat him as such until he got his emblem and was officially inducted into the guild. Of course, it went without saying that no matter where you went, the ''new guy'' tended to be strangely popular for the first few days, since everyone wanted to be helpful and teach him things and show him around, and some were just curious as to where he came from.

It wasn't totally uncommon for newer people to be popular, he supposed, since you know, when you were in a place too long, you tended to get a reputation for yourself and depending on how you are and how others see you, that reputation could range from the local guy that everyone absolutely despised for some reason to the guy that got along with everybody and was seen as something of a local hero kind of guy. If you did happen to be a guy with a bad reputation, you could be sure as hell that word travels fast and not many people would want to associate with you, and people you'd approach might snub you completely; but nope, not the new guy, since he's the new guy who doesn't know anybody, even the guy that nobody likes can approach him and try to make friends.

New guys tended to appreciate the first person to approach them after all, and a local guy that nobody liked had their sights set on Houren, it would seem. After the seasoned veteran left, the locally despised guy of legend approached the Fire Dragon Slayer and tried to make small talk.


#11Houren Vanadis 

on Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:37 am

The local guy that everyone despised and nobody liked approaching the new guy that everyone thought was pretty OK, but nobody was really sure since he was a new guy after all and nobody actually knew him and could vouch for him - there was some serious looks of disgust among some of the tavern goers when Thaddeus, the aforementioned local guy that nobody really liked and everyone despised approached the new guy on the block, Fire Dragon Slayer Houren Vanadis. The local guy that nobody really liked and everyone despised was overly familiar at the start with the Fire Dragon Slayer, perhaps he had been too familiar with some female members of the guild and had been labelled a pervert or something like that. The Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail had never thought to ask Thaddeus and wasn't even sure, even now, why he was so disliked among everyone, but he did recall hearing Thaddeus be called a lewd pervert, or a sexual deviant among other things, but at the same time, when a man gets this kind of abuse and has a bad reputation, people seem to think he's a pervert and a sexual deviant, even when his original crime has nothing to do with indecent sexual behavior.

In the eyes of the public and the masses, every bank robber, murderer and tax evader was a pervert, sexual deviant and a lech. That was just the way things went. The Fire Dragon Slayer was no stranger to unwarranted physical contact though, so when the local guy that nobody really liked and everyone despised touch him on the shoulder much like the seasoned veteran had done only moments prior, Houren did not even bat an eyelid and was just expecting the kindness of another Fairy Tail member, not someone who was trying to use him to his own advantage. The local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised was friendly, overly friendly to the point that the Fire Dragon Slayer knew that something was up and that his kindness was just a facade. The looks that the people around the area were giving them also affirmed this and after a short conversation, the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised slunked off dejectedly although Houren did not do anything outwardly offensive. He had merely rejected all of the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised advances to hang out and things such as that.

Eventually, this very same guy came back with another member of the guild, a lady who was older than the two of the but couldn't have been any older than twenty eight. She handed something to him and the local guy that nobody liked turned to Houren and asked him. "Where on your body do you want it?'' and it became apparent that he was talking about the guild emblem. The Fire Dragon Slayer turned around and indicated his preference that the guild emblem be on his back, and both the older lady and the local guy that nobody liked seemed to agree that it was a good place.


#12Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:03 am

''Welcome to Fairy Tail," the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised murmured, before shoving the Fairy Tail emblem chopper into the older lady's hands and slinking away back to wherever it was that he came from.

The older lady was somewhat caught off guard by the sudden shoving of a Fairy Tail emblem chopper into her arms, but didn't seem all that surprised by the behavior of the the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised. She seemed like a nice person, compared to his gloomy self, but their appearances weren't actually all that off. It was likely that she was his older sister or something, and while he wasn't think this at the time, the Fire Dragon Slayer assumed that blood ties was probably why she was a lot nicer to him than the rest, but as mentioned, Houren, even now, did not know what the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised did to earn the contempt of those in the Fairy Tail guild. She murmured something that must've been an apology, but her voice was so soft that Houren couldn't really make out all that well. Still, he was quite sure that she was apologizing on behalf of her older brother, and he responded in kind, telling her that it was no big deal at all. It wasn't as though he had done anything against Houren specifically thought, so the Fire Dragon Slayer was still pretty alright with him; by extension, that meant he should maintain civility with his older sister, right?

The present Houren watched as the older lady, probably the sister of the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised, gave a slight bow before walking away, probably going after wherever it was that her younger brother had gone off to. The seasoned veteran from earlier seemed to be watching this exchange pretty closely, and after both the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised and his older sister walked away, he approached the Fire Dragon Slayer once again, and again, once again, he greeted him with his characteristic clasp on the shoulder which at this point, Houren knew he needed to get used to this now that he was officially inducted into the guild.

"Got your colours from old Molasses, did ye? Good lad, good lad, not a very popular one, but what can ya do?" the seasoned veteran had a toothpick in his mouth and spoke with it still lodged inside as though it were the most natural thing in the world. It'd probably be a cigarette if they were outdoors, but of course, smoking was not allowed inside the tavern. The seasoned veteran's assessment of ''Molasses'' made Houren think that he wasn't really that hated by everyone in the guild after all and it prompted him to ask why exactly he was so disliked.

The seasoned veteran laughed. "Ask him yourself, lad," he said, but the Fire Dragon Slayer never did. He didn't feel the need to do that.


#13Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:16 am

The seasoned veteran, as cool and chill as he was, seemed like the kind of guy that liked to talk - now this didn't mean he just liked to talk in general, but there was a certain type of chatter that got the hairs on the nape of his neck sticking up in particular; the Fire Dragon Slayer knew this from perhaps this point on, that the seasoned veteran was an incorrigible gossip. It wasn't as though he was a very hurtful or spiteful gossip, he wasn't the type of guy to spread rumors. Actually, in fact, it was the exact opposite. He wasn't the type of gossip that liked to say hurtful things about others, and circulate spiteful rumors about others, he always told the truth, but that was exactly his problem; his problem was that he couldn't actually keep a secret, but at the same time, that was probably one of the things that endeared the seasoned veteran so much to the Fire Dragon Slayer, and the same could probably be said of the other members of the guild as well. He was the type of old uncle that everyone liked, but Houren knew that if push came to shove, this guy would have everyone's backs.

"Well, maybe it's better if you keep quiet about it when you talk to him. He knows himself, and I'm sure it'll get worse if you directly mention it to him, you know? These sort of things take time to heal," the seasoned veteran let out the kind of sigh you could only expect from a seasoned veteran, the type that suggested that he was thoroughly tired and was looking for a change. The Fire Dragon Slayer wasn't aware at the time, but by this time, the seasoned veteran was probably already looking for a new job that he could take for the better half of five years, since he genuinely seemed bored with his daily life. "The older members of the guild have known him since he was a kid, you know? We're alright with him although he has always been distant. The younger members aren't too fond of the lad though, which is a real shame," there was a somber tone in the seasoned veteran's voice as he spoke and the Fire Dragon Slayer wondered if the seasoned veteran also had a mentor like relationship with this so called Molasses that the younger members of the guild disliked.

The seasoned veteran looked wistfully in the distance, his eyes were cloudy, almost as though he no longer knew that the Fire Dragon Slayer was standing there right in front of him. A slight cough that couldn't be helped escaped Houren's lips and suddenly, the seasoned veteran was snapped back to reality. Clarity returned to his eyes and he smiled his broad smile again, clasping Houren on the shoulder one more time and saying the following words. "Well, I think it'd be good if you tried to get along with him earnestly," and he walked away again.


#14Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:36 am

Right before he walked back to the pool table where it was his turn to shoot again, the seasoned veteran had spoken to Houren about the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised, and even managed to murmur a lethargic ''welcome'' to him now that he was officially a member of Fairy Tail. It seemed like the game of pool he was in was incredibly engrossing and the newly branded Fairy Tail mage that just so happened to be a Fire Dragon Slayer felt the urge to go up - not to participate, no, he was still too green to be asking the veterans for a game of pool, but he, for now, was content with watching them play, to learn from them, so that one day he could really be apart of the guild. Actually, scratch that, it was probably not the right thing to do. From what the Fire Dragon Slayer knew about this guild, it was one of the hip, happening guilds in Fiore and a lot of people knew about it and knew what they were about. If you thought about it like that in these kind of terms, there was sure to be many young members in Fairy Tail were nearer to Houren's age, right?

This kind of bar setting was probably for the more mature members of the guild - the Fire Dragon Slayer couldn't imagine a bunch of people in their late teens to early twenties hanging out in a place like this with guys who probably could have been their father's age, but this led Houren to the question of exactly where did the younger members of Fairy Tail hang out? Molasses, the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised, was in the bar, as was his older sister, but that was probably because he wouldn't have had anyone to hang out with anyways, while his older sister was just here to accompany her younger brother. He could see them from the corner of his eye, the sibling pair and he decided to approach them, knowing that there was nothing for him to lose. After all, at the end of the day, the Fire Dragon Slayer didn't really care about what people did or where they came from - the here and now was much more important that what might have happened in the past.

"Yo, Molasses!" the Fire Dragon Slayer attempted to sound as casual as possible as he walked up to the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised and his temperate, actually kind of attractive elder sister. At this point, the memory ended and that was probably for the best. The present day Houren Vanadis had no interest in seeing how he had tried to interact with ''that man'' maybe two or three years ago. He had been near the tipping point at that stage, and less than seven months later, he'd really explode and do something that would be unforgivable in the eyes of the Fairy Tail mages. By then, even if Houren had wanted to help him, he knew there was nothing that could be done.


#15Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:56 am

There wasn't really anything else to say about the memory after that; everything became vague again and the present day Fire Dragon Slayer just stood there, sat there, no, rather it'd be more appropriate to say that he merely existed there, waiting for the next memory to play, either that or he would wake up and he'd finally know where it was that he had managed to fall asleep especially since they had been fighting Kerberos only.... how long ago? He was pretty sure he was fighting Kerberos, and he was pretty sure that they had already defeated them and gotten the jewel that Cecilia had asked of them, but it was safe to say that the Fire Dragon Slayer's memory was very much a blur and he could not really remember anything, at the very least, he could not remember enough.

The memory played.

That Molasses guy, the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised would later on go on to do something that would be completely unforgivable to the other members of the Fairy Tail guild, but on that note, it was worth noting that the Fairy Tail mage who also happened to be a Fire Dragon Slayer was not even in Magnolia when that happened. He had returned to find that Molasses was no longer in the guild, and at first, he had attributed this to the fact that he would be away on a mission or something, but he knew that couldn't have been right when he saw the young man's sister in the guildhall, chatting happily to her friends. The two of them generally did their quests together, if he could recall correctly, so if she was here, the chances of Molasses being on a quest were incredibly slim.

At that time, not knowing any better, the Fire Dragon Slayer who was also a Fairy Tail member approached the slightly older guy and inquired as to her younger brother's location, but the people in the vicinity suddenly had their faces turn as white as sheets. The elder sister, also, did not have any discernible reaction; instead she merely cocked her head to one side, and asked about what it was that Houren was talking about, almost as though, no wait, she was completely denying that she had a younger brother. She continued to play this game until Houren had been dragged away by one of her friends who gave the Fire Dragon Slayer a verbal beat down.

"Didn't you hear what that punk did?" the elder sister's friend, who was roughly the same age but not nearly as conventionally attractive, scolded him before leaning in and whispering in his ear. The Fire Dragon Slayer of the past widened his eyes at the news, but the one currently observing the memory as a third party did no such thing. He could not hear her since she was whispering, but he still recalled everything that she had said to him that day, and knew exactly what was going on.


#16Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:10 am

It took a moment, no, perhaps several moments for the severity of Molasses' crime to become apparent to the Fire Dragon Slayer of the past and when he eventually did come to realize just how bad it was, he wasn't sure what he was to do. Molasses and him weren't exactly friends, but they were on a fairly civil relationship - at the very least, to the point where they would say hi to one another or greet one another when they passed each other on a neutral street. It was clear that Molasses was happy just to have someone talk to him, and the Fire Dragon Slayer was more than happy to be that guy. Some thought he was merely taking pity on the guy that nobody liked and everyone despised, but it wasn't as though he was bad company or anything like that. The others could think what they liked, the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised was a false title - it wasn't true.

It wasn't as though Molasses had no friends either; he just didn't have any friends around his age (which was, by extension, also around Houren's age), and it just so happened that that age group was the most hurtful and exclusive of all. It wasn't enough that you left them alone, or just tried to avoid them - if you were around their age, and you weren't in with them, then you were the opposite of cool, you were the opposite of liked and wanted and that was probably why Molasses had been so isolated from his peers in the first place. From talking with guys like the seasoned veteran though, the Fire Dragon Slayer knew that Molasses was accepted by the older members of the guild and that was probably why he hung out in the bar with the older members so much.

And he had his sister too. It wasn't as though he was alone.

"Molasses did that? Are you sure? But he's harmless, he's not the kind..." the Fire Dragon Slayer that also happened to be a member of the Fairy Tail guild spoke, but the tone of his voice suggested that he didn't really believe what it was that he was saying either. He said he didn't think Molasses was the kind of guy to do the crime that he did do, but that wasn't true either. Molasses was a pretty extreme guy, and if he really wanted something and that thing was in front of him this whole time, he would eventually be unable to contain himself and would just go after it, no matter how many laws and traditions it broke.

"And the sister? How's she feeling after all this?" and it was at this moment that the Fire Dragon Slayer realized that she didn't even know the name of Molasses' elder sister, but he later learned that her name was Sara, and he did not even need her friend to answer the question since he already knew from talking to her - she was absolutely not OK.


#17Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:48 am

Well, it went without saying that the elder sister of the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised would not be at all OK. The Fire Dragon Slayer would probably be very upset, almost to the point that he'd deny the existence of such a member of his family even existed if his younger brother had committed a felony that warranted many, many, many years in the slammer or something like that. In that regard, Houren couldn't really blame the elder sister for being so stunned when he mentioned his name around her, and now that he thought about it thoroughly, he was feeling pretty guilty about that. It really couldn't be helped though, and since she was blocking out the memory of that guy from her history anyways, then perhaps she wouldn't even remember what Houren had said to her.

The Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail knew that he now needed to tread carefully around her, and the subject of this local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised would probably become taboo for a while. He knew that gossipy people like the seasoned veteran for example were absolutely dying to talk about the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised, to butt heads with others and drill down until they figured out the best result. After all, this Molasses guy who nobody liked and who certainly nobody could like after what he did, was a member of Fairy Tail, and it was bad publicity for the guild if people outside got a wind of this; that a prominent member of the guild was a registered felon.

Nobody really asked the Fire Dragon Slayer about what he thought of what was going on, but he supposed that was probably for the best as well. He didn't really know what to do with that guy, and since they were sort of friends, or acquaintances, at the very least not enemies, they may have thought that Houren would be sympathetic towards him. There was certainly no lack of people who wanted an excuse to get rid of the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised, and since they really did have a reason to address him by such a hurtful name now, the Fire Dragon Slayer decided that he would just let them do as they liked for now. Maybe he'd finish the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised later on in his jail cell, just so he could find out why he did what he did.

The Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail had an apologetic look on his face and shot a glance towards the elder sister of the felon, and clasped both hands together. He didn't want to approach her; he didn't think he really had the right to after what he did, but it was clear that he was sorry at having done what it was that he did, and this was his way of showing that. The Houren in the flashback mouthed sorry, before the memory faded away.


#18Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 12:08 pm

The Fire Dragon Slayer was left alone with his own memories again, just standing there, sitting there, no, just merely existing there in this plain that wasn't really tangible but only within his own mind. He wasn't technically sitting or standing because there was no concept of such a thing while he was here, it was just about existing, which was kind of cool but not really since he still didn't know what was happening to his actual body outside. The more memories that played in his mind for him to observe and scrutinize, the more worried the Fire Dragon Slayer became, in all honesty. He was at the stage where he wasn't even sure what was going on, or what was happening to his body outside the confines of his mind. Sure, whenever a pleasant memory played (and many of them did play), he enjoyed the nostalgia by laughing along or mouthing the words exactly as he had remembered them. Some were less obvious, since of course, these memories played as the Fire Dragon Slayer remembered them so if he didn't remember them all that clearly, then it couldn't be helped that the memory he ended up seeing would be a blur, or be missing some big pieces.

Of course, it also went without saying that this happened more for memories where the Fire Dragon Slayer was still a young boy, a child basically, as opposed to memories where he was already a grown man. But he didn't really let this get to him, still, he was worried about what was happening to his body while he was here playing around with his past. Many theories begin to form within Houren as he speculated as to why he was here and what was actually physically happening to him right now. The best case scenario was that the Fire Dragon Slayer had successfully defeated those treasure hunters from Kerberos as he had remembered, and was so tired after the fact that he went somewhere to fall asleep and this is what happened after he did fall asleep, and he would wake up any moment now. The less great version of the same thing would be that he had fallen asleep immediately after defeating them and was now vulnerable to enemies; if that was the case, then he would need to wake up ASAP.

The Fairy Tail mage, also, of course, considered the possibility that one of the Kerberos mages had some sort of secret magic that forced him to do something like that and he was now being held captive like that by them. This was less likely, but of course, it was not at all impossible. Of course, if you were just talking about things that were possible and not technically impossible then you could also argue that the entire life that Houren had lived up until now was just some elaborate magic spell forced upon him by some guys that he had managed to piss off in his past life, and they were just figments of his imagination as well. There was no telling what was true and what wasn't, but it didn't matter as the next memory flashed by.


#19Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 12:28 pm

The next memory that showed up for the Fire Dragon Slayer happened quite a while after the incident with Molasses, the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised and his elder sister. It would have been easy to mention his crime, but it wasn't really something that the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail wanted to think about right now so he kept quiet about it, and decided to try and stop it from interfering with his thoughts; it really was a very disgusting crime, and it wasn't just the laws of man that say so, the laws of the gods would have said something similar. Sure, the gods of old you would find in old folklore and mythological stories tended to commit the crime that Molasses was guilty of, but this local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised was not a deity, just a normal guy. It was brazen of him to think that he could do something like that and not be punished for it, so in the end Houren supposed he had gotten his just desserts in end, at the end of the day.

As it would turn out, the Fairy Tail mage who also happened to be a Fire Dragon Slayer would have a chance to visit Molasses in his jail cell although this wasn't that memory, the present day Houren found himself recalling that moment when he met the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised in his jail cell on that mild March day. The local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised had absolutely no regret etched on his face when the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail approached him, and he had even bragged about his crime in front of the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail, which Houren found to be absolutely unacceptable.

The Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail had come here today with the intent to visit the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised and with a sympathetic view, but seeing that this guy had absolutely no remorse for his crimes completely changed Houren's mind. Hell, he was even disgusted with himself for even considering that this guy deserved any sort of empathy from him. In the end, he was just a thug and nothing more than that. The Fairy Tail mage who also happened to be a Dragon Slayer had gotten up from his chair after that, and attempted to leave, but at that point, the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised attempted to justify his crimes to the Fire Dragon Slayer of the Fairy Tail guild.

"What I did wasn't a crime, Houren! It was my right. You don't arrest a man for claiming his rights.. it's not right! It's wrong! It's a crime, a crime I tell you! I'm not the criminal here! I'm not at fault here!" Molasses continued to babble on and on about things that didn't reach Houren's ears. The Fire Dragon Slayer had ignored him and walked away. The present day Houren remembered this clearly as the current memory being shown began to get interesting.


#20Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 12:44 pm

The memory that was playing while the Fire Dragon Slayer was thinking about his encounter, well, the time he visited the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised in prison was one that was of no importance. In fact, it was such a commonplace memory that there were probably hundreds of memories just like it in Houren's mind, each one was probably, no, certainly different in one way or another, but at the same time, the gist of each memory was the exact same so what did it matter if there were slight minute differences between the time he did this and the other time when he did the exact same thing as this? It didn't matter, right? That was probably why the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail was paying almost no attention to the memory and was lost in his own world, especially to the time when he visited the cell of the local guy that nobody liked and everyone despised. He was already done with recollecting that time though, so there wasn't really anything left for this third person Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail to do besides to pay attention the very pedestrian memory that was going on right in front of him. That is, to say, he was having a meal although he soon found out why his subconscious had decided to play this particular memory, as this meal wasn't just a normal meal.

It wasn't about the fact that Houren was eating, the important thing was the person who Houren was eating with today, or well, the day in the memory. The Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail was in a well known dinner in Magnolia, one that couldn't compare to the 8-restuarant in Hargeon in terms of fame and prestige, but according to the Fairy Tail mage who also happened to be a Fire Dragon Slayer, this little eater in Magnolia was just as good as that restaurant in Hargeon when it came to the quality of food. The stall seemed to kind of put people off though because of its appearance, but the food really was good, but at the same time, it made the Fire Dragon Slayer somewhat happy that he was one of the special few who was able to enjoy these special dishes.

Sitting opposite him was the man who had made this possible, well, the guy who had introduced him to this little restaurant somewhere in a little dingy alleyway in central Magnolia. It was, of course, the man who considered himself to be Houren's mentor, and oh hell, the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail considered this man to be his mentor as well, of course, he was speaking about the seasoned veteran who had brought him to the guild all those years ago. The man had just arrived in the eater in the memory, took his seat and picked up the menu before shooting a look towards the young Fire Dragon Slayer.

"Order anything you'd like, lad. It's all on me today," he began to look through the menu at his leisure.


#21Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 12:59 pm

"You're serious, then? I don't remember you ever being that nice to me before in your life," the younger Fire Dragon Slayer that was being portrayed in the memory laughed heartily at his mentor's sudden, and uncharacteristic generosity. Of course, since this seasoned veteran was not only the most seasoned of veterans, but also the most playful of veterans, the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail kept hsi guard up because he knew that there was a chance that something might be up. He might offer to pay for Houren's meal, enticing the Fire Dragon Slayer to order very extravagant and expensive food items, only for the seasoned veteran to say that he needed to go to the toilet and voila; he would head into the men's room, only to disappear through the window or something and after a long while, when the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail would wonder whether or not there was something wrong and inspect the toilet, he would come to realize that he had just been ditched.

At this stage though, it would already be too late. The seasoned veteran knew Houren's character just as well as Houren knew his own character, and of course, that means that he certainly knew the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail better than anyone else in Fairy Tail. He knew that Houren wasn't the sort of person to ditch, or to run away when there was money, pride or honor at stake; the seasoned veteran would run away, not only leaving the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail alone in the restaurant, but also leaving him alone with the full bill. The Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail, believing he would be treated to a free meal and who would have ordered a lot of food, would also need to pay much more than he normally would for a meal. It seemed like an elaborate prank, but it was one that this seasoned veteran was totally capable of. His heart was black like that.

It was certainly a strange and complicated thing to think; after all, was it really strange for an older mentor like person to treat the person he considered to be his student or disciple? If it had been any other man then perhaps the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail would be able to just agree to it, but because it was this guy, that simply wasn't going to be possible and he had every reason to doubt the man's sincerity. It was such a strange thing to think, but it was worth noting that this kind of thing really did cross the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail's mind when he was having lunch with the seasoned veteran maybe two or so years ago, just a little bit before he went away on his long, long quest.

The seasoned veteran chuckled lightly. ''It's not your place to doubt your teacher's sincerity, boy," he spoke, once again, it was in a tone uncharacteristic of the mentor that Houren knew; but it looked like he was trying to stifle a giggle as he spoke.


#22Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:18 pm

The Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail didn't look too sure, but he decided to trust his mentor's words for once. After all, what was the point of having a teacher or mentor if you couldn't earnestly believe in his sincerity and in the words that he said? The Fairy Tail mage perused the menu at his own leisure and eventually came to the appropriate conclusion. He wanted to eat a lot of things on this menu, and most of them were expensive meat dishes that required the finest and moistest of cuts from the most expensive parts of the animal's body. Since the seasoned veteran, who was Houren's mentor, claimed he would be paying, that meant the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail was free to order as much as he felt he could eat, and it was worth noting that if there was anything that the Fairy Tail mage who also happened to be a Fire Dragon Slayer could do well then it was eat, and eat he did.

Houren Vanadis bit his lip, upturned his eyes so that he could catch the seasoned veteran who was also his mentor's gaze, but found that the old man was busy looking at the menu and seeing what he wanted to order; because of this, their gaze did not meet but there was an awkward moment in there when the Fire Dragon Slayer was just staring at the seasoned veteran while he was trying to decide what it was that he would like to eat today. The waiter came over, and the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail tried to make it look as though he had never attempted to look at the seasoned veteran who was his mentor; instead, he merely told the waiter what it was that he wanted to eat.

"Give me the roast duck, beef, pork and chicken," the Fairy Tail mage who also happened to be a Fire Dragon Slayer asked. The waiter mistakenly asked Houren whether he wanted all four meats to be on a single platter with only one serving of salad, fries and the works, but Houren merely scoffed at this and turned his attention towards the seasoned veteran. "My teacher says he will treat me today, so there is no need for only one plate with all four meats. Give me a full seat of four. And an iced tea as well," the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail said, but the seasoned veteran didn't even bat an eyelid as he made his own order, a simple order of the soup of the day, some garlic bread and a nice hearty salad for a main dish. An affordable meal, but knowing the seasoned veteran's personality, he was probably going to start taking Houren's food in the middle of the meal, but that was fine too. The Fire Dragon Slayer was ordering a lot after all.

"I think that will be all, waiter," the seasoned veteran said, as he the waiter collected both menus from the table and walked away to the kitchen.


#23Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:43 pm

The food arrived in no time at all, but the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail did not initially begin eating, partly because it was only the proper thing to do to let the elder take the first bite but also because the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail was still being cautious around the presence of the seasoned veteran who also happened to be a mentor of sorts to him. When the seasoned veteran asked the Fire Dragon Slayer why he wasn't eating, this is exactly what the Fairy Tail mage relayed to him, which caused the seasoned veteran to burst out in unexpected laughter. He merely nodded, and took the first bite, which allowed the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail to begin digging into his gigantic portions. "Even you can be somewhat proper at times like these huh, boy?' the seasoned veteran crunched on his salad like they were the only ones in the entire establishment - this was not true at all, there were at least six other people in the restaurant, one couple and a family of four. It was a somewhat slow time of year, but as mentioned, this was not a place that was very well known although the food was very good.

"Yes. I was raised properly after all, didn't you know? I was taught how to read, write and count and everything," it was a cheap dig on the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail's part, since he was pretty much making fun of the fact that the seasoned veteran who also happened to be a sort of mentor to him was pretty much, for the most part, illiterate. There was a pretty easy comeback that the seasoned veteran could have used, and the slight crinkle in his face suggested to the Fire Dragon Slayer that he was genuinely considering it while he crunched his salad like a madman. Eventually, he decided against it and just shrugged - he was doing the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail a favor since he could easily mentioned the fact that Houren had more or less killed his own father in first blood.

How's that for manners, eh?

"Are you going to eat? Yes? No? I'll take a bit for myself anyways, you've ordered quite a bit there," the seasoned veteran prepared both knife and fork and cut himself a generous piece of the Fire Dragon Slayer's chicken before bringing it to his place, cutting it up into smaller pieces again and dipping it into his soup and eating it as though it were the nicest thing in the world. There was no doubt in the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail's mind that he would be able to eat all of this food himself (although he would have trouble standing up later on), but decided that he was OK with sharing with the seasoned veteran. He was paying today, after all, and at this point, the present day Fire Dragon Slayer remembered why this memory was more important than all the other memories that involved meals - the seasoned veteran had something to tell him.


#24Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:17 pm

There was a certain crunchiness in roast meat that made it loud when someone bit into it, and the seasoned veteran took full advantage of that as he took the roasted chicken off one of Houren's many plates and placed it on his own, eating as though he had never been fed before in his life. It also made the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail kind of embarrassed to be sitting at the same table as him, but the staff working at the restaurant didn't bat an eyelid nor did the couple that were also eating at the restaurant or the family of four that was also eating at the restaurant. Since this seasoned veteran that also happened to be a mentor figure to Houren was a regular at this restaurant, the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail assumed that everyone here already knew his quirks, and that eating loudly was just the kind of thing he did and they learned to accept that here. The couple on the other hand was an attractive young man and an attractive young woman and from the way they were talking, it seemed like they were just starting out this relationship and were super into each other; the seasoned veteran who was also the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail's mentor was making a lot of noise, but none of that seemed to penetrate their circle of love.

The family of four on the other hand were the perfect nuclear family, but they were also a good example of why nuclear families should never go outside to eat, especially with such young children. The seasoned veteran who was also Houren's mentor was making a lot of noise by slurping when he drank his soup, or crunching his salad or roast chicken with so much force that you'd think he was purposely trying to create the crunching noise, but the children in that family of four were much worse. There were two boys, and the parents; the eldest son who was around eight was moody for some reason (early puberty perhaps?), and merely picked at his food with his fork which earned the chagrin of his mother who did not hesitate to scold him loudly. The younger son was picky and refused to eat what was on his plate, which prompted his mother to scold him as well, although the youngest son complained very loudly as well. As expected, the father did not get involved, merely sipping his coffee with a look on his face that suggested he would rather be anywhere but here.

When you considered things in that kind of perspective, then i was obvious why they weren't getting glares from other people or anything like that - the place wasn't really all that well known either, so there weren't many people present, and even when considering the ones that actually were present, they had they their own problems to deal with. The Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail sighed, as he waited for the seasoned veteran to say what it was that he had to say.


#25Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:36 pm

"What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?" the Fairy Tail mage who was also a Fire Dragon Slayer decided to come right out with it.

The way he suddenly said it and came out with it seemed to catch the seasoned veteran by surprise, since for a second there, it almost seemed like he was going to choke on his own salad, but thankfully, such a thing didn't happen and he was able to swallow normally, albeit with an even louder crunch that the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail was comfortable with. He merely ignored that though, and rested both his elbows on the table, joining his fingers and looking solemn in his features; he hoped that if the seasoned veteran who was also his mentor saw this kind of solemn expression and this solemn gesture, he would be able to tell that the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail was serious, or at least that is what the present day Houren Vanadis who was looking into this memory thought. He honestly couldn't remember what was going through his mind when he spoke to the seasoned veteran that day.

The seasoned veteran who was also his mentor began to chew slower, before swallowing the food; his hands moved again, fork and knife still there and for a second there, it almost looked like he was going to cut himself another piece of chicken, but eventually he decided against this. He seemed really tempted to eat another piece, and it looked like there was some sort of internal struggle going on here although the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail had absolutely no idea what to make of this. He wanted to tell the seasoned veteran that it was OK if he wanted to eat another bite, but at the same time, he felt like if he said something, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself in the eyes of the man he called his mentor.

After what seemed like hours, but in reality, must have been much shorter, the seasoned veteran who had a mentor relationship with the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail put down both his knife and fork utensils and let out a deep sigh. His eyes was fixated on the chop on his plate and with great reluctance, he resisted against his own desire to raise his head so that his eyes would come into contact with Houren's own. "The food here is good, right? I suppose you'll start coming here often, eh? Without me, I mean," the seasoned veteran tried to avert his gaze, but the Fairy Tail mage, the one among the two that was a Fire Dragon Slayer, wouldn't let him change the subject as easily as that.

"The food at this restaurant that you introduced me to is quite good," the Fire Dragon Slayer started to speak in an overly casual tone. "It's a good place to eat out. I might come here a few times without you, but what of it?" he cocked his head to one side and inquired as to what the seasoned veteran's problem was.


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