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Potion Prepper [Quest: Phoebe]

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Everything was a bit strange again, there was this talking second voice in her head which more gave options which she wouldn’t normally consider for many reasons. She might be chaotic in her life but she didn’t intend harm, stealing wasn’t considering harm. Or well she didn’t think further than knocking out the security and with some bruises and small cuts they would definitely survive the rest of it, so that was no problem right? She stared at the stacks of clothing and shoes that she had finished up and put on the bed. She stood in front of it, dressed in her running gear which included the right shirt, tracker trousers and running shoes. Her long raven black hair in a ponytail; Phoebe Rainsworth planned to go home. But this voice in her head told her that she shouldn’t give up because she didn’t use to do that and it was cowardly and she didn’t like to be a coward. That’s when she realized what she thought of herself if she ran home, she would be like her mother. But instead of being home in her home with Phoebe, she went to the second family that her mother secretly had. The one she had seen in a vision in Orchidia, by some water spirit. Maybe that should be her reason to go home and find that spirit again and demanded for the spirit to explain what it meant and what that vision was, it could even be fake, but we are not even sure if it fake. Yeah she simply had to find her mother but that goal had been going on the end of her list as she was rather making friends, or connections. As she liked to call it, she would get something out of that in that way. But she was bored of staying in Magnolia all the time. Especially because it tend to be lonely from time to time, most of her friends weren’t even here and the whole winter period seemed to be a bit lonely. She decided to get outside and leave these neat stacks of clothing behind. She would go for a run in the park and through the woods to find Regis again or at least try.

She started with standing outside her hotel room and stretch, moving one leg more forward and pulling the muscles of her calves to warm up. When she finally was, she hurried over the clean cobblestones towards the park and simply stay on the roads but keeping her lilac eyes wide open to find any sign of a rustic armour that would give her a hint of Regis, but she wasn’t very lucky. She should try the woods, but when she went through the street, she was stopped by Khalash Saton, whose shop was two houses away. She had done a couple of more jobs for him, together with King most of the time. ”I need you for a job.” Or well, ”I was on my way to the woods,”, ”Perfect.” Oh well, why not combine.


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Phoebe Rainsworth
She wasn’t a big fan of Khalash so that was also a point but getting paid was maybe a good thing. She stopped moving completely, as she had tried to jog around this guy, ”Tell me what you want.” She tried to sound friendly but was definitely not in the mood to do whatever Khalash needed at his own whims, it was when she would want to do a job that she would take one. But fine, she would be able to get some more money. He headed back inside for a few seconds and came back out with three pages of herbs, ”I need these.” she took the papers and looked at the drawings and nodded, ”Fine. See you in a bit.” She said as she took the basket out of his hands, she had no idea if it was meant for the herbs or not, but she didn’t plan to ruin her manicure anyway. Besides she had to keep in mind that she was going to the woods anyway, last time she had been there was with Sekiya and she had no idea if the girl was still in town. It sure would be more interesting. She ran over the pathway, her hair swinging from one side to the other by the rhythm of her footsteps, there was no sign of someone being here and she spotted the fern she had seen on the picture and took as much as was written on the page. That’s when she checked the other two again to make sure she would know what they looked like as she made her way further into the woods. She read that one was found on only rotten wood, she would find that a little later as she went further into the soggy and rotten part of the forest, it was basically because of the autumn and winter season. But she found the blue lichen not much later and even though it was gross, she put enough in the basket and check the last page. It was said to be found deep in the forest, well that’s where she basically was so she walked around instead of run and went to try to find it. It must be close to trees since it was a vine. Finally after wandering about for a bit she found some and put it in the basket as well. As she had gone far into the woods and had no sign of Regis, she gave up and decided to return to the town.

She would slowly run back, not motivated to go as quickly as she had gone towards the woods. When she arrived, Khalash thanked her and offered her a chair which she gladly took and she watched him make a potion or so. He offered her a vial and she stared at him because she didn’t trust him but once he said she would feel better, she tried a sip and finished it in the end. Which made him nod satisfied and he handed her the jewels.  


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