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Theater Antics (solo quest)

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on Sat Dec 16, 2017 3:23 pm

Syliph stepped into the theater, Rebecca Parker, Alice Nightingale's protege had called him to do some dirty work. Per her instructions he walked up and to the far side of the catwalk, the place where he had dropped those guys that one time. Rebecca stood on the far side of the catwalk, her face plastered with an impatient face, she had really been spending too much time with Alice Nightingale. Rebecca sighed when Syliph came into view, "Took you long enough, I don't have a lot of time, I told Alice I was getting her half hour coffee, how that lady hasn't died yet is beyond me. But someone has been spreading rumors about alice, find them and just make them go away, in whatever way possible, when you're done come tell me, I'll take care of any aftershock,
whatever it might be. Now I have to go get her coffee and if I'm not back in 5 minutes she'll lecture me about how the stage waits for no one and I'll never make it anywhere without punctuality,
do you best please, these rumors are making my life become the underworld."
Rebecca turned and waved, waved, leaving as soon as she could to go do her job. Syliph followed her down the stairs about a minute or two later, so no one would notice the fact that they had been talking. Combing his hair into a different style, he coughed a bit and made his voice sound different, he mad it sound a little scratchy like he was recovering from a bad cold. Deciding he was done he walked towards the actor break room. Bursting in he sat down next to a thin tall man who seemed to be more stick than human, stick-man was whispering to a red-haired woman with long braids falling around her shoulders, "I heard that Alice Nightingale was going to get married to lord Syllas, but then he turned her down and she's never gotten over him!" Leaning over Syliph joined in on the conversation, "Really? Who told you?" He asked the stick-man. Stick-man seemed to glow with the idea of adding on to the gossip, "I head it from Marissa May,
probably the second best actor here. Maybe the first if Alice Nightingale leaves."
Syliph smiled at the info he had just recieved, standing up he left to go track down Marissa May, actor extraordinaire.

Marissa May was short, and her brown hair was tied neatly in a braided bun on the back of her head, she was in her changing robes that were meant as a cover up before she changed into her next costume for her next performance, "Can I help you?!" she asked. Apparently all actors are total snobs, SYliph thought "O-oh I'm sorry,
but someone told me to ask you about what you know about Alice Nightingale."
He said, "Go ask Jessica Day in the far room,
she should be the one to know. She's been the one spreading all those rumors, she's gonna end up in a world if trouble if she doesn't stop."
Syliph nodded awkwardly and left, turning the corner into jessica's room.



on Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:46 pm

Syliph knocked on Jessica Day's door, "Come in." Was heard on the other side. Opening it slowly Syliph peeked in, closing the door behind him, "Uhh-Ms.Day, I'm here on the behalf of ALice NIghtingale, if you wouldn't mind stopping the rumors that would be greatly appreciated." Syliph took a breath, he hoped this would work he didn't want to kill anyone today, that wasn't his method, and the only reason he even took this job was because he couldn't do anything good, no one would hire an evil wizard to do their good work, so instead he was stuck helping out a conniving actress who thinks she has a grip on everyone, and her protoege, a younger, more terrifying version of Alice, Jessica turned and spoke, "NO, that little actress has been stealing the spotlight long enough, and I'm done with it, so please leave before i call my personal guard."
Syliph sighed, and grabbed the scissors of the edge of her desk, opening them he placed the blade up against her throat, "Unfortunately I can't let you do that, but I'm not gonna murder you. You can stop, leave town, I'll fake your death, and you can go start a new life in a new town. If you don't leave Alice Nightingale and Rebecca Porter will kill you, so you can either scram and leave town not to ever be seen again, or I can actually kill you, which neither of us want me to do." Syliph stopped, still holding the blade next to her throat. Jessica stammered, "I-I'll leave I'll move to Baska, I'll leave, j-j-just how sure are you that you can trick them, make them think I'm actually dead?" She asked. Syliph waved his hand, "I raided a dark guild recently they had some weird lacrimas, I took some but most turned out to be useless, one though, replicates bodies, only once though, and this is my last one, the replica will dissipate once its in the ground, its basically a fancy life-sized doll it can't do anything special, you leave, you fake your death, we never speak again and you stay quiet for the rest of your life, not even you future children learn about this day, you live the rest of your life, now climb out the window, GO!" Syliph yelled quietly, it was more of a whisper yell really. Jessica Day nodded and climbed out the window, and that'd be the last anyone would hear or see of Jessica Day, she'd move to Orchidia under the name Alica Monnstone, she'd open a bakery, meet her husband, and have a wonderful life, and Alice NIghtingale and Rebbaca porter would be none the wiser.

Syliph cracked the lacrima releasing the powder that clumped together making the clone of Jessica Day. He'd slit the throat with the scissors. Walking out the door he'd brush past Rebecca whispering the fake morbid new in her ear, she'd nod and take care of the fake body, and no one would ever realize that Jessica Day was alive and well. And to believe Syliph got paid to fake a murder.


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