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Junichi Nakamura

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#1Jun Nakamura 

on Sat Dec 16, 2017 8:07 pm


† †

† †

† †

† †

† †Name: Junichi Nakamura (Jun)

† †Age: 17

† †Gender: Male

† †Sexuality: Straight

† †Class: Sorceror

† †Rank: D-rank

† †Guild: Guildless

† †Tattoo: Red, Centre of his back

† †Face: Simon the Digger (Gurren Lagaan)

† †

† †

† †Height: 5ft 9in

† †Weight: 186lbs

† †Hair: Midnight Blue

† †Eyes: Brown (neon green when using magic)

† †Overall:Jun is an average looking teenager, nothing of his appearance is really of any note. He has fairly dark blue hair and a small frame, one would be forgiven for thinking he didnít eat enough when looking at him. He has soft features that often make him appear younger than he really is, which,can often cause him much frustration.

In response to his child like appearance he has attempted to dress himself in a manner that would make him look older. Over a plain white collared shirt, he wears an oversized, blue military jacket passe don to him from his father. The coat has gold trimming and reaches down to Jun's knee and is often his coat of choice. †Against his better judgement he often find himself wearing white slacks with a red sash belt around his waist, these often get dirty and require constant maintenance. he also has a pair of calf high brown boots for walking.

The only other item Jun wears, he wears at all times, even when sleeping. This item is a pedant gifted to him by his mother at a young age said to have been handed down through generations. it is simply a golden cone.
† †Extra:

† †

Personality .

† †Personality: Jun is a very unassuming individual both in his features and personality. He is a simple boy that enjoys watching the world go by and the only reason he became a wizard was to put his families nagging to rest. You see, Jun comes from a family possessing no magic and a large ego, so he has often been pushed into things he has not wanted to do. Not least of all magic. other young wizards would note Jun was a very quiet and reserved individual. And this would be true due to his shyness and reluctance to speak out due to his family history. He has a keen mind but is often reluctant to show it because even though he has started on the path to become a wizard, it is not what he wants for himself, so he tries to keep under the radar by doing the bare minimum to appease his family.

Despite his shy and reserved personality Jun makes a fierce friend. Those that take the time to get to know him will gain his loyalty for life despite the conflict it may raise within his family. He will try his best to show affection and care for his friends despite his struggles to open up. Around his closest friends, Jun becomes much more personable and is much more relaxed and feels at ease voicing his concerns, of which he has many.

As a child of a house that is seen as lesser than in the magical community, Jun often fears that he is carrying a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, this gives him a great burden and a lot of stress he feels ill-equipped to deal with which often leads to feelings of self-doubt despite his potential.

Like most teenagers, Jun is going through a lot and is a crossroads in his life where he needs to decide if being a wizard can truly make him happy of if he needs to stand up to his parents and let them know that he needs to forge his own path†

† †Likes:
† †

    † †
  • Reading: Jun is a avid reader and spends much of his time tucked away within his personal library. it presents the illusion of study to the around him and keeps his parents appeased.
    † †
  • Travel: Despite being from a lesser family, Jun grew up well connected and this meant he got to see much of the world and he feels that travel is one of the main redeeming features of being a wizard.
    † †

† †Dislikes:
† †

    † †
  • Public Speaking: As Jun can often be considered quite shy individual he often finds it difficult to speak in front of large groups of people, it is in these situations that his insecurities come to light.
    † †
  • Bullies: Growing up Jun has faced a lot of ridicule, both from children his own age and from adults when discussing his heritage and family. This bullying has lead Jun to having a no nonsense approach to bullying, if he sees it he will shut it down despite his shy nature.
    † †

† †Motivations:
† †

    † †
  • Restoring Family Honour: The name Nakamura is known far and wide however Jun is from a small off shoot of the family, none of which (save for a a hero many years ago) posses any magical ability. this and their large ego have made the family a laughing stock and as Jun has developed magical abilities he has been pushed into life as a wizard to restore his family's name and honor

  • To Find Purpose: Having been pushed into his current role Jun is searching for his own purpose and passion in life whether that be as a wizard or otherwise.
    † †

† †Fears:
† †

    † †
  • Letting his Family Down: Despite being pushed into his role as a wizard Jun has a deep love for his family and to let them down, especially his mother, would crush him. if this were to happen he couldn't bear to face them again.
    † †
  • Fire: Jun has a long standing fear of fire after burning his hand as a child when camping. He enjoys the warm glow of campfire form a distance but will struggle to light one himself. or concentrate if battling a foe who possesses fire magic.
    † †

† †

† †

† †Magic Name: Nebulus Magic

† †Magic Element: Light

† †Magic Description: Nebulus Magic is the ability to create and control light constructs made from the stardust that makes up anything and everything. He pulls this matter from the ether to create objects or attacks to aid him in battle and what he can create is only limited by his mana and his imagination. As a light element magic Nebulus Magic is naturally weak to Nature magics but strong against the element of darkness.

As a sorceror, Jun uses Nebulus magic for Offensive spells, defensive spells and supplementary spells. Though he can occasionally use the magic to buff his own strength.

† †

† †

† †History: Junichi Nakamura was born to the Nakamura family, a famous family within Fiore, however it is also a large family and his section or branch are somewhat the black sheep of the Nakamura clan. They are people with big heads and big aspirations claiming to be one of the oldest and most powerful families in the country, yet possess little to no influence and little to no magical ability as such they often come across as a laughing stock much to Jun and his mother's dismay. The family's reputation is not helped by the patriarch, Jun's father being a loudmouth often boasting aboutpast accomplishments of the house and his own time in the military. Junichiís mother married into the family upon seeing his fatherís lust for life and his aspirations, but ultimately has realized that her husband is not the great man she once thought he was. When Junichi was born his mother was brought great happiness once more, and his father was brought another chance for success.

Junichiís early years were split between his loving mother and his pushy father, his father constantly wanting him to be like the great progenitor of the Nakamura clan. A legendary and likely fake Hero. This desire for his son to be a Wizard would see success when it came to pass that Junichi possessed a talent for magic, an ability thought lost within his family. It was at this moment Junís father pushed him down the route of wizardry. This was something Jun was set against until he learned how happy it made his mother. Although she thought it selfish, she told Jun that seeing her son be successful and getting away from his poor name would make her very happy. This is what originally spurred Jun to continue his training.

His time learning was most unremarkable, he did the bare minimum so that his father did not brand him a failure but he could keep the attention away from himself. Truthfully he had a keen mind but was often reluctant to show it. But when his magic truly manifested itself there was no avoiding attention.

When Jun was roughly 10 years old his father took him traveling to visit his cousins, talented magic users in their own right. Jun;s father thought his son could use the help to manifest his own skills. As time went by the family were struck by tragedy when a dark wizard attacked the home. it was at this moment, in an effort to protect his uncle that Jun's powers manifested in a giant drill that looked to be made from stars themselves. He managed to drive off the dark wizard but from this moment on Jun's father pushed him harder than ever and made sure his magic became stronger and stronger.

Knowing his own limitations however, he knew he could only help so much, as a result of this He found himself sending Jun of to study with another cousin, the rune knight LeeAnn Nakamura. Jun was excited to get away from his father's pressures and see the world but he was dreading what challenges awaited him. †

† †Reference: I'm a former member (Pegrandir Diamondback, Asura Augus)

† †

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on Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:44 pm

Hi Junichi. I'll be overseeing your character application.

Tattoo: Please state a color that you want your tattoo to be as well, in case you do get one in the future.

Class: For class, choose something that compliments your character from the choices here. Once you have chosen a class, you cannot switch until a potion is purchased at a hefty price, so choose wisely.

Magic: According to our elemental rules, Light is strong against Darkness but weak to Nature. Please change that and add it in. Additionally and hopefully, you've picked out a class by this point. If so, please add in which form of spells your class permits. Note that you cannot use a type of spell if your class doesn't allow it. For example, if I chose to be a Cleric, I could not utilize any Defense or Offense spells.

When everything has been edited, just bump the application. Welcome back to FTRP!

#3Jun Nakamura 

on Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:23 am

Bump. All changes made.


on Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:00 am

Magic: Please state what kind of spells you can use. As a Sorcerer, they would be Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, and Self-Buff Strength spells.

Bump once you're done.

#5Jun Nakamura 

on Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:37 pm

Bumping thread. Hopefully all changes are fine now.


on Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:45 pm

This character application has been approved.

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