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Hargeon to Baska [Foot travel: Lacie & Judina]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

on Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:58 pm

Lacie had now settled on leaving, she had taken her bag, she had left the hotel room again.. for good this time, the last room had been a disaster but the job had asked for it. She had needed to stay another night. Now she had her trolley bumping on the little stones, trailing behind her and her purse on her right elbow swinging from left to right by every step she took because it bumped against her right hip and a letter in that same right hand with the name Judina fancy written on it. She was on her way to the Rune Knight station, for that's the last place that she had seen her friend, to either give her the letter and invite her to come along on the trip to Baska or to simply give her the letter and go to Baska alone. The invitation would obviously come first, there was no need to read the letter if Judina was prepared to come along.

Would she be able to simply leave, how did that work with knights? Oh well Alice was there, why not assume to follow the annoying lieutenant. She stepped into the building and looked around for her blue haired friend, perhaps if she wouldn't spot her soon, she would ask another one of the knights, pages and so on around here if they had seen her. She could wait obviously, she didn't want to leave without a word, perhaps she could even pick up a chai tea while waiting or well if Judina showed up soon, she could do that before leaving Hargeon, it felt like she was trying to stretch it out every other second. Yet there was no reason, literally none at all, to stay any longer in Hargeon. It was over.



on Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:39 am

It seemed she would be getting up early for her start of her day, Well she made sure she was up early she wanted to be sure whatever she all wanted to do as part of what she did daily was going to happen before heading off on her trip to were she assumed would be Marigold.

She had gotten up that morning did not have tea, did not have anything to. But stretching out to start with, with the dawn just out upon the window of her room it was the peaceful site to joyful and helped making the whole point of it work even better to settle the mind, or so she was told in train.

The stretching took a fair bit of time, But Judina seemed to no longer hear her bones crack anymore. Getting up she would pack her bags which would not take her so long to do all of her packing just some clothing for what she would wear under the robe mostly. As well as looking over her robe to make sure it was clean and neat.

With all of that out of the way she then quietly moved over to meditation for a bit, Listening to the wind blow slightly while the dawn continued to the point of sunrise, she would not move even an inch until she heard the bird starting to chirp and sing, That was normally her sign to start moving again and start whatever she needed to today.

Opening one of her eyes and standing up, Having moments of thought to herself. the change around of things in her life, for all it seemed positive what else could be hear way? there was one thing with herself that should be other goals as well but in the end maybe it was just other needs or thought she has yet to figure out.

But getting her robe on and putting a backpack on her back she would go out to meet up Lacie walking out not very long after Lacie had been out search for her and just waited by her door.

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#3Lacie Eventide 

on Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:34 pm

Lacie didn't have to search long for her friend, she quickly noticed the blue haired knight at her own door where Lacie had expected to meet up with Judina. Thank god the weather was dry and according to the lacrima that she had checked in the hotel, it would stay dry on her trip for the rest of the week. Perhaps it would snow later in around Oak and Baska but she wasn't entirely sure and not very willingly to find out but she would see. She had plans after all, well a lot of them. She smiled when she noticed Judina and quickly covered the distance between them.

"Goodmorning Judina, I'm glad to see you. I know we planned to travel to Marigold but I finally heard news from Alice. She is alive and in Baska and well.. I think you would understand but I need to see her. Selena and I thought her dead after the Hargeon accident and I need, or well I believe that I really need to see her. I met up with Selena here and the both of them want to have a family reunion, Alice and I use to fight all the time and I need to talk to her." Okay she was making this extra bad and she felt bad for the first time in a long time for lying towards Judina, "Would you mind to come along? I would still love to go to Marigold but.. I do understand if you don't. I wrote everything in a letter towards you but yeah here I am to talk to you in person, which I like at best." The thing was that she felt again like she was talking too much about herself and she wanted to ask about Waylon and so on but well she could ask that later if Judina would come along of course.

if Judina would agree, Lacie would only wait for a little bit longer because the both of them seemed to be ready to travel and as soon as they would leave Hargeon she would actually ask; "Have you found Waylon? How is he?" If she had not Lacie would feel guilty for taking her friend away from the town were her family was, no matter if Judina herself picked to leave as well.
The trip was quite long towards Baska, it would take her eleven days and nights to walk towards the other side of the country, which was of course very interesting but Lacie didn't know if she would manage. She didn't want Judina that her pain had started again, she didn't want to worry her friend about anything. She was going to find medicine in Baska as well as anything else. Answers, revenge and vengance at the most but there was also her friend. "We could try to do some jobs in Baska, I bet they need people as well." She wasn't sure if there were any jobs that they would be able to take together, she had done a couple alone in Hargeon as well but most she wouldn't talk about.

It was a horrible long walk, and she felt the pain and the coughing blood started again, but she tried to hide it as well as possible. She had told Judina that she was recovered, but that had been another lie and she started to feel bad about lying again. But she needed to keep up these lies for the whole set and the whole act, perhaps one day when everything was over she could explain it. She had no idea how long that would take but there would be another day where she would get the opportunity.

Finally after walking on and on and on, with Lacie having no more ideas what to talk about but trying to think about oppertunities to either help Judina about the curse of Regis, her older brother, or anything else, she had no idea what much more to tell and she didn't even tell because she had no ideas a tall. She had simply read things because of the curse she put on her father but no solution and that's why she had liked it but for Regis, she absolutely didn't. But that was because of Judina, for Richard or Alice or any of her other living relatives she couldn't care less.

But after walking for that many days, Baska would come into sight, this was the furthest she had gone towards the west, towards any other town further than Orchidia, this was by far walking as far as she could. She had always stopped before that and she would have rather gone elsewere if the answers and the ideals to her plans weren't placed here. When they reached the edge of the hills that seperated them from her goal she stared at the city, there was much to see to a town she had never been before, "Quite exciting to be here, as I have never been in a town like this, it has a lot of new things." There seemed to be magic fights at something that looked quite close to them, a big rock where people seemed to be standing on but that didn't interest her for now, "I need to rest, would it be alright if we meet up tomorrow or the day after?" With that she waved Judina goodbye to find an hotel that was fancy enough to stay.

Exit to Baska


on Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:36 pm

It seemed as the situation had changed slight but nonetheless Judina looked over for a moment, Listening to the situation at hand, It seemed the situation had changed vastly in an manner she could not figure out and think about how it would all end, With it being sudden was more likely part something that she needed to most likely give a hand in."I will need a it more clothing then."Judina did not sound like she was worried about it at all, For the moment anyway. "Maybe a few other things for the longer trip." Which would not be a lot.

Or so she thought, if anything Judina had a much better backpack a bit larger in size as well but one more ready for the trip. Coming out of her room and quietly locking her door she mentioned. "I only know Selena by name, For the record I do not know of her. I am also putting side work of not only being a rune knight but my goal of solving something." Judina was treating this more of a second personal mission that she needed to do for the moment, putting aside various other things she felt she needed to do.

"Let us be off, Anything we need I have picked up for any weather." This seemed like a more here to work Judina then a friendly one for the moment."I will put off what I would like or feel my need to do for one last time." It seemed Judina realized she had been putting it off for a while now and had looked forward for that small break but had something important to speak too other family member about what was going on and how she would going to try and solve it as well.

"I would be also doing some personal work in Marigold as well so putting it off just..." Judina seemed to almost not mention it for a moment like since she was fully unsure about actually having to talk to her mother and father about it over all and just chose to mention it in the end."More in the end putting off telling my mother one of kids is something she could only have nightmares." she mentioned after locking her door and started leaving with Lacie, It seemed to not matter she was putting off putting her own mother in some kind of pain and suffering.

"I did not see Waylon, He must of went on his way quickly." Judina mentioned while they started leaving the building together."Knowing him that isn't anything new." Judina just let out a sigh about it but knew it was something more important now."I will catch up to him later, I am sure of it." Having her attempt at an assuring smile, Judina would try to relax and her mind because it was a long trip on foot to do Judina would be fine traveling on foot might be different for Lacie.

The travel was quiet for the most part for their long trip, Not that Judina minded but she seemed more worried about, Reaching there goal did not seem that long it was just having to just go no matter what in and keep going it seems."Well here we are." she mentioned stopping for a moment to look at what was going on in the area, it would all be looked at by her tommorow or something time soon."I am sure we both have something to learn while we are here since i am now here too." Judina mentioned.

But when rest was mentioned, Judina realize they both could use it in the end. "It might be better for the both of us." Judina said while she realized she could use some rest and sleep too, only worried of the marks she had seen around in the ground and area but would have to worry about it later.

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