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Smell the Roses [Fia]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:39 am

Boar's Hat Pub was what she read on the sign. This was not here last year from what she thought of. It was a silent and quiet day today clear of travelers, merchants, and many other things. A few towns people among the streets that lied in the late afternoon. Abraxas, her Umbreon, stayed on high alert and did not wear her service vest for Lee's PTSD. The medication had been helping her cope with the symptoms of panic and distress. It was now lessened as the time when on. Gently, she turned the doorknob opening to a bustle of people making Lee feel a bit more comfortable with the sense of liveliness. The aura this place gave was nice until she sat down at the counter.

Abraxas sat up on the high stool next to her. Her neko ears could pick upon the slight of sound and make it easier to differentiate who was speaking than a normal human could. It was not as sharp as a dragon slayer's, but it was still a lot better. The bartender noticed her and her pet. He calmly made its way down. "What can I get you tonight" he asked, in a serene manner. Lee held a finger for one drink. "One drink of your hardest alcohols" she replied. LeeAnn was immune to drinking alcohols in terms of getting a buzz due to her illness. She was not sure was it was still, but since her father told her the story of the Fire Gurdian within her family. It had made it more clear of what she really had and was it permanet. It appeared to be so, but she has lived with it long enough.

The neko had a weird appearance of having half of her face with a gray-purple color. Her right eye was that of a ghouls, black with a red ring, and the other eye covered with an eye patch. She was a sight to look at for sure. Not many people knew what to say to her when they first met her, but personally she did not care at all. The bartender did not say anything as he handed her the drink. Lee took it without hesitation and sipped it like it was high quality tea.

Over to her left, was a group of three men who looked buzzed. They looked to be around their twenties to thirties form what she could tell. "Ya heard, Rune Knights are coming to be stationed here. More than ever, I swear they are nothing but trouble" said one. LeeAnn was only a ear shot away. One of the other buzzed men spoke up to reply, raising his mug half full of expensive beer. "Aye, agreed. They are the council's lap dogs. When something goes wrong, they send them to fix it. Council is nothing but a pain in the ass. Rune Knights are better off dead if you ask me" said the other. LeeAnn hated when they talked about Rune Knights. Not all of them were like that. She was a prime example. The council never seemed to really take a liking to the redhead, but since the ties with her parents and Hikaru, she was allowed special and not so special treatment. Either way, she had to work twice as hard with them knowing of her illness. Luckily, her father had some close friends to help her out.

Lee was never one to be the council's personal guard dogs. Did they ever undergo training? Or know what its like to save someone's life? Perhaps not, but Lee did those things. She did things on her own time and ways that most would not do. Technically, the opposite of what is expect of a Knight by council standards. She was more or less a favorite among some of the higher ups since she was reliable, got things done, and cared more about her job. Recent times had called for her to work on herself, she needed to improve her and her skills if she wanted to get to the next level even at being a leader. "They just dont understand how we work, do they girl?" she said, scratching her Umbreon behind the ears. Abraxas loved it when she did that. Her eyes closed as she gave a pleased expression. "As dad would say, to each their own" she smiled.

#2Fiammetta Barone 

on Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:22 pm


Fiammetta Barone

Just a couple more weeks.

And then, finally, Fia could get the hell out of Baska with Esperia by her side. Or at least, that was the plan, anyway. Once her girlfriend was healed up, to leave and chase their goals to whatever was next. While Fia hadn't necessarily disliked her stay in Baska, it had exhausted its use, and she'd exhausted her capacity to tolerate its more unsavory parties. Between Lycans, Phantom Lords, and plain old hoodlums, Fia had had more than her fair share of troublesome encounters. Of course, it wasn't all bad. There were some places she'd found a deal of enjoyment in, one of which was none other than the Boar's Hat Pub.

A smile found itself on Fia's face as she approached the establishment, the raucous noise reaching her ears and the alluring scent of alcohol hitting her nose. Most people wouldn't find the chaos of the bar that soothing, but Fia had come to love it. It signified a chance to take a break from all the work and stress, to let loose and live freely for a few moments. A chance Fia was in desperate need of, given how much she'd been working her ass off recently, at that same bar no less, with most of the funds being sent home for her family.

The fiery girl entered the bar, feeling the aura surround her as she did. With a contented look, she began walking toward the counter, spotting a few of the pub's usual patrons on the way there. Most of them were already half drunk, and Fia was a little disappointed she couldn't join them. She'd been trying to reign in her drinking habits recently after all.

She raised a hand to the bartender as she took a seat on the stool beside some Neko with an eyepatch. "Pint o' Bernia Ale." The girl uttered simply yet commandingly to the bartender, as she glanced about the place. She wasn't really one for socializing, but she had met a few decent people while in this very pub, so figured it wouldn't hurt to find someone to chat to.

Her ears perked up at the mention of Rune Knights from nearby, her teeth already grinding at the topic. Hearing some more would be coming to Baska was, as far she was concerned, just more reason to get out. She'd never gotten along with Rune Knights, and they'd never liked her. The reason simple. They were pricks who acted high and mighty using the law, she was a humble orphan and the daughter of a Phantom Lord.

Though, admittedly, hearing the men claim the Rune Knights were better off dead seemed a bit much to her. Sure, most of the one's she'd met were assholes, but she didn't them dead. She just wanted to prove them wrong. To prove to them that they'd no right judging from their position.

Her grip started to strengthen as she leaned against the counter, anger surging with the memories. All that broke her out of it was her pint finally being delivered, prompting her to take a refreshing swig from the glass, setting it down and breathing a sigh of relief as she caught herself. Now wasn't the time for being pissed.

Her eyes glanced to the side, to the woman she'd next to, a rather eccentric-looking lass who'd even brought her own pet into the bar. Figuring she'd overheard the same conversation, Fia made the rare decision to try her hand at starting her own social interaction.

"Ya hear that?" Fia would speak up as she took another swig, hazel eyes gazing lovingly at the beer afterward. "More Rune Knights in Baska, huh? Like this town didn't have enough assholes..." Fia muttered, entirely oblivious to her poor choice of topic.

"Whole damn thing's corrupt anyways..."

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:05 pm

LeeAnn simply did not lie how they were harrassing her fellow comrades. If she gotten angry about it, that whole situation right there was particularly a bad idea itself. She did not want to cause drama and make things worse. Once her father told her, this was common people would put dow the law because they were actually doing their jobs. For those who did not abuse the law, there were those who did. That is understandable otherwise those men would not be hearing this conversation. The Umbreon's hear flatten hearing htis herself. It itched her causing irritation to be created. The Rune Knights had raised her from a pup. They trained her to become the best and serve fellow knights.

LeeAnn placed a hand on her pet's shoulder. It caused the Umbreon to perk up. "It's best if we just leave them alone, girl. We would lower ourselves if we proved them wrong" she said. Taking another drink and remembering attacks that happened to her and others while they were just on patrol. Baska had no true law enforcement. With the rise of dark guilds, it was best to protect this town. People did not realize how good this was. LeeAnn remained silent again. She calmly took a sip of her drink. It was tasteless, how she liked it. Alcohol was disgusting. But it was the only thing her body allowed her to drink without getting her sick.

A girl came in looking to be tired. Abraxas looked over her shoulder watching her come in. The black creature's red eye peered at her with curiosity. LeeAnn let her. There were many people from all over the world that start the most interesting conversations. The girl ordred a drink and must of over heard the loud men bustling about the Knights. Ordeing her drink, LeeAnn could tell the subject ruffled her feathers either in a good way or bad way. She couldn't tell until she opened her mouth to start a conversation with Lee. The redhead heard the exact words. One thing you never say to a Rune Knight is that exact sentence.

She made a poor decision on her part. LeeAnn did not get mad per say, but a little irritated with her judgement. Taking a sip of her drink, she gently set it down then stared at the counter. "If only things look as good they taste, things would be simple" she said, calmly. She was referring to the stereotypes people gave about Rune Knights. If stereotypes fit everyone, people would be more predictable. She would drink the rest of her tastless vodka and set it down. "Personally, I think of it as kind of low to already be judge people based her stereotypes. It's like saying all blondes are dumb or all dark mages are evil and judging them by that" she stating her opinion quite clear. LeeAnn came across as bit cold, but she was honest.

The redhead ordered another drink this time a lot more. The content did not affect her at all, but drinking anything else such as juice or soda will cause to her get sick strangely. Her red and black eye glanced at the other girl next to her only a seat apart from her with Abra in between. "But everyone has a reason for hating on things. Just sayin', sometimes there are reason to give things a second chance" she said.

#4Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:51 am


Fiammetta Barone

It hadn't been the best of decisions, declaring her own rather biased opinions on Rune Knights to one of the very same organization. She could have chosen any other topic of conversation, really, but the mention of the law enforcers had them stuck in her mind, feeding on her anger toward them, leaving her little choice in what she wanted to speak about. Though, perhaps it hadn't been too bad a choice. At least she'd be getting a new perspective on Rune Knights, hopefully anyway.

As soon as the other lass spoke up, Fia felt a little uncomfortable, realizing perhaps there was a difference of opinion here. "Huh? Look as good as they taste? Whatchu on about?" Fia uttered confusedly, the metaphor going right over her head. She wasn't one for complex language. Fortunately, things would become more clear as the young woman made her own stance more than clear, prompting a raised eyebrow from Fia. "Heh, I'd be sayin' the same thing to them Rune Knights. You ask me, they gots a problem with assumptions 'emselves." Fia quipped in response as she took another refreshing sip. "Not that it ain't too bad, usin' stereotypes. Not if it's a group corrupt from the boots up." She'd growl, making her bias even more clear. While it was true that not all the Rune Knights she'd met had treated her and her family poorly, the more respectful ones had been in the minority, and had often been going against orders anyway.

Then again, what was she to expect, being the adoptive daughter of a Phantom Lord member?

Fia furrowed her brow as the woman beside her ordered another drink, just as strong as the lost, in an even greater quantity. She certainly didn't seem to be a lightweight. Like that'd even be strange for her, considering the woman's already unique appearance, especially with that eye of hers.

Though she was unsure whether or not to abandon their little conversation, it seemed the Neko still had more to say, about second chances. "Yeah, maybe..." Fia muttered with an uncharacteristic mellow tone. While she still held her hatred for the Rune Knights, just hearing the words 'second chance' reminded her of a particular shrine visite. She'd begged and begged for a second chance for her father, so was it wrong for her to be unwilling to give one to the knights?

She shook the thought from her head. "Then again, why the hell should I, if they ain't givin' out second chances 'emselves." Fia said, still a bit more softly to avoid angering her conversation partner further. She let out a sigh, realizing she was getting too worked up for a girl supposed to be relaxing.

"Listen, I dunno what yer own experiences are, but I ain't got he best history with Rune Knights, aight?" Fia said in an explanatory and apologetic tone, as if to show she regretted her previous anger. "Ain't ever met one that didn't treat me and my siblings like monsters... So I hear that more are comin', I ain't exactly thrilled."

Hazel eyes gazed forward as she sipped down the remainder of her beer, bad memories of abuse and discrimination surfacing from the mention. She was already tired, this wasn't making things much better, but it did feel pretty good to let some of it off her chest.

#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:14 am

The girl next to her seemed to not be the most brightest in the language department. LeeAnn did get a extreme good quality of education since she came from a rich family. Unlike most people in her high class society, she did not go flashing about. Her parents taught her better that not all money grows on trees. Lee was an independent woman, but perhaps too independent. The redhead remained calm as this girl declared her hatred for the Rune Knights. The assumptions on stereotypes. Lee did not only mean on Rune Knights, but everyone in this society was already painted a label. It was not fair to assume someone just by a sterotype. Lee followed her own logic on knowing of a person before judging. Though, the stereotypical assumptions do help with playing procautions. Not all were made out to be bad, but could be to some degree.

LeeAnn just listen remaining a calm and cool face. It was clear this girl went head on with the world with nothing but anger. LeeAnn observed even more. "I never mentioned anything about the Rune Knights. I only stated about sterotypes. This goes out to all people. Not everyone is going to be nice in this world and I think both, you and I, know that clearly" she said. LeeAnn took another sip. Then she continued on with her little speech. "Though, if you run into the right person, they will give you a second chance. There are people in this world who dont spit on dark mages or Rune Knights" she finished.

LeeAnn only remained the rest of her tiny shepeel on why should second chances be given to the Rune Knights. The redhead sat back giving a raised eyebrow seeing if she was done. Slowly, she scratched the back of her companion's ears. Lee could see herself in this girl. Was she like this when she was younger? No wonder Lee was a problem years ago."Do you always aim the world with anger? Mad at everything? It's clear something must of happened" she mentioned.

LeeAnn would add that to finishing to her greeting or whatever you call it. "I will finish myself off with this. I am a Rune Knight, LeeAnn Nakamura of Seated Knight class" she finished.

#6Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:12 pm


Fiammetta Barone

It was a very odd thing, how this stranger kept Fia engaged in their conversation. She was a normally argumentative person, and it was clear there was a difference of opinion between her and the eyepatch-wearing Neko, yet Fia didn't feel any desire to get angry with her. Sure, she was angry for plenty of other reasons, but the redhead's calm demeanor prevented Fia from bringing up any conflict with her. Which was fortunate, given how well such an encounter would end...

Though, Fia wasn't terribly certain on the other girl's little spiel about stereotypes. Like the Neko said, they both knew not everyone in the world was nice - far from it. So as far as Fia was concerned, using her past experiences to play it safe and deem the Rune Knight's as particularly 'not nice' was the smart play. A thought she was about to verbalize, until the other girl spoke up again. The mention of the 'right person' giving her a second chance brought up memories of a certain obsidian-haired trickster who changed her views on more than a few things... A noble who made her realize they weren't all utter pricks...

Fia groaned again, mentally scolding herself for doubting herself so quickly. "Yeah, well, I ain't sayin' their ain't good people out there, in the Rune Knights or dark guilds or whatever." The hazel-eyed girl responded a little half-heartedly. "I just... Dunno if it's worth lookin' for 'em. Not when they're stuck with folks or dumbass laws that stop 'em from bein' good. I get yer stereotypes or whatever ain't good, but they stop ya from gettin' hurt." A weak and clearly self-motivated defense of her biased viewpoint, but if Fia was anything it was stubborn.

A fact that would soon be made even more clear as their conversation continued, with the Neko once again proving pretty damn effective in her choice of words. Her casual question about Fia's own anger had the brown haired girl looking more than a little confronted. To say that it hit close to home would be a drastic understatement. Fia didn't say anything a few moments, as she - rather ironically - felt herself get angrier at the Neko's query, feeling confronted and looked down on by her.

And yet, once again, her words were cut off by the other girl's as she gave another casual statement. Apparently, she was a Rune Knight. Fia just froze for a few moments, staring at her conversation partner with wide eyes and a slack jaw as pieces fell into place. It was no wonder she'd been defending the Rune Knights so readily...

Fia groaned, signalling to the bartender that she wanted, or rather needed, another pint. "Just my fuckin' luck..." She growled as she rested her arms heavily on the counter. "Alright, Eyepatch. Yer right. I'm angry, I'm mad, whatever."

Another pint of the ale was passed to her, and she took a hearty swig. So much for reigning in those drinking habits. "I'm pissed off. Cause people like you think ya know me, think I'm just some punk in need of fixing. How it's always been. They never cared about why, only gave a shit about what I was."

She was ranting at this point, perhaps thanks to the alcohol, but she didn't care. For once, a Rune Knight was listening to her, so damned if she wasn't gonna tell them what she'd been wanting to tell the Rune Knights for a long time now.

"Got my own reveal for ya, Eyepatch. You wanna know why I'm mad? Simple. My old man was a Phantom Lord, and people made assumptions. About me and 'im. So I reckon I'll stop thinkin' Rune Knights are all pricks when they stop callin' me a monster. Til' then, I'll keep this anger." A pretty bare bones explanation, but one filled with Fia's clear anger, anger without direction or purpose. There was discord and strife within her, and yet, part of her wondered if this LeeAnn might be yet another person who changed her view...

#7LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:19 pm

LeeAnn gotten the reaction out of her as she had anticipated. This girl was predictable. The redhead just stared at her. If there was anything she could say, it was that she was just ranting. Revealing that she was the daughter of Phantom Lord mage, Lee just shrugged. The Rune Knights dont have time to literally care about that in her opinion. There were far greater threats than an angry daughter of a dark mage. The terriosts attacks on the light guilds, the possiblity that her brother was going to kill her and her father, and a possible war that was going to unfold. The redhead turned looking this girl straight in the eye with a cold gaze.

"The Council has not time for people like you. If our country is about to be turned over with thousands of innocent people dying and terrorist attacks like the one that happened in Hargeon, we have greater threats on our hands.
If any Rune Knight spent time to call you that,
then they are nothing but worthless"
she said, in the most cold tone. Cold enough to leave someone with chills down the spine. LeeAnn stood up. She only just continued to stare at the girl. "But, you are worth MY time. You are predictable. You are an open book anyone can read. I used to be just like you. You are me! Reason why I take such an interest into you. Do I care what you think of me? No. Do I care if you hate the Rune Knights? Not really. Its your opinion. But if you take such as rash thought of the world, you will never enjoy the little things" she said. LeeAnn gulped the rest of her drink and place the cup on the table. She stretched then sat back down.

She hoped her words could get through the girl. LeeAnn just simply stared at the girl. Her eyes turned more warmer and a smile grew. One of compassion. "I want to help. Perhaps, give life a chance and let go of your past pain. That's what I am trying to do myself. People placed me as an outcast because of my looks. I lost my mother thanks to dark cults and their damn religion. I dont like religion or Holy Knights. But I dont hate them, just what the remind me of. You can hate the Rune Knights and what they represent, but dont hate the actual people until you know them" she said

#8Fiammetta Barone 

on Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:50 am


Fiammetta Barone

There was a chilling sensation behind the Neko's stare, a coldness Fia hadn't seen in many people in her life. Almost paradoxically, that same coldness caused the flame of anger to burn hotter within Fia, grinding her teeth as she felt she was being looked down on, regardless of whether or not that was actually the case. All she really did know was that this woman was reading her, trying to figure her out, and she hated that.

Fia only got angrier as the woman seemed to dismiss her gripes with the Rune Knights. It was that same indifference towards the smaller, regular people that had made her hate them so much, after all. It was what had made so many think they had the right to harass and discriminate against her and her siblings. But it soon became clear Fia was misinterpreting the woman's words, with her last line indicating she wasn't belittling Fia for being annoyed by the discrimination, but rather, she was scolding the Rune Knights who'd bothered to put such focus on her. "Huh. No disagreements there, I guess. Worthless is one way o' callin' 'em." Fia groaned in hesitant agreement.

What the woman said next, Fia was less content with. The way the woman read her pissed the hazel-eyed girl off, it made her feel belittled once again, in spite of the accuracy of the woman's words. And being told that this Rune Knight 'understood' her? Being compared to them? Well, it'd make her even angrier, if it didn't also make her incredibly curious and confused. As did the bewildering statement that this woman was trying to help her, was trying to solve her problems. And for a stubborn girl like Fia, that just wasn't going to be allowed.

She took another swig from her beer, before hitting it back onto the table with force that betrayed how worked up she was getting. "Don't act like you read me. Don' you dare think that you know shit about me." Fia growled angrily, turning to the woman and returning her compassionate look with one that showed, not quite anger, but frustration.

"I ain't in need o' fixin', like you think, 'aight? I get what yer sayin', that I oughta not hate people for where the come from. Hell, I'm preachin' the same thing." Fia couldn't quite understand it, but despite her own anger, she felt that flame fade a little as she spoke. There wasn't rage in her intent... It seemed like she genuinely wanted to understand.

"But I do it anyway, fer the people I care about, aight? All my siblin's got the same treatment from Knights too." She explained bitterly, perhaps ranting a bit more, but there was something about the other girl's that made Fia a bit more ready to lay her problems out. "Hate, anger, sound like some bad shit. You seem to think the same thing, that's why ya let go of 'em. But Eyepatch... I need that anger, y'know?"

She clenched her fists into knuckles, her gaze focused and remorseful. "I hate and get pissed because it lets me protect the people I care about. Anger's energy, hate's motivation. So what hell point is there in lettin' go of that, in trustin' people from the group that's hurt me an' my family in the past?"

It occurred to Fia as she spoke, that maybe LeeAnn was right about one thing. Anger did make things less enjoyable on occasion, it stopped her from relaxing, it kept her from finding any kind of peace... But as far she was concerned, that was OK. She looked back to Lee, her expression a little softer than it had been before.

"If it's fer my family, fer my friends, fer my girlfriend... If it's to protect all 'em, it can't be wrong, right? Wouldn't you use that anger too, if dark cults or whatever came fer yer friends an' shit?"

#9LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:03 am

LeeAnn carefully listened to the girl's intent. Humans were rather simple yet complex creatures at the same time. It was like a knot, it looks hard, but once you untie it. The whole thing untwines and becomes clear. That was this situation. LeeAnn was picking the knot of this girl's problems adn slowly figuring it out. Bad experiences with things such as Rune Knight or in Lee's case, Holy Knights or anything religion, brought hatred. Though, Lee would normally get angry. In time, she had learned her past pain needed to be let go and she could be happy. Hans, her lover, had taught her that through the amnesia. She was rebirthed as another person.

Lee's temper was never rash like this girl's, but at a point it was when she first joined the knights. Redheads having tempers, she felt within that category. Her father put her through intense training teach her to put that energy to use. The girl said that she wanted to protect her siblings. That hit home. Her mother was still out there. Brothers risking their lives for their country and a father at home waiting their arrival. A sinking feeling of protecting them, her friends, and most of all her family. That was always number one prioirty. "We all do. Why do you think I became a Rune Knight, to find my mother. To heal my family, to be with my brothers. I miss them.I want my big brother and my twin here now, but sadly I dont. I am out on my own with nothing but my fiancee and my companion. I know. Don't you think all of us in this world protect something that means more than any gem or priceless artifact?The Rune Knights threatened that" she said. LeeAnn taken another drink, she looked at hte girl. "The Rune Knights threatened your parent and family. They could take it all away within an instant. Don't you thinks that's how I feel about dark guilds such as Phantom Lord? They could murder my father and brothers if they wanted to infact anyone could" she added.

LeeAnn let her finish saying that she needed that anger in order to protect those she loved. This gave her red flags at the mention of hate as a motovation giving her even more of a reason to try to save this girl or at least help her. With the wrong set off, this girl could easily fall into a dark path no doubt. Almost happened to Lee if her fiancee did not save her in time. "Anger is one short letter of danger. That right there is enoug evidence for anyone as a sign of help. Hate only leads to a darker path. A quick temper will make you a fool soon enough or it probably has. Just look at yourself for a good minute" she said. LeeAnn laid back in her chair with her arms raised behind her head.

Personally, she was having a little bit of morbid fun with a free entertainment. Though in all, her intentions were correct in tied with her words of wanting to help. If life gives you lemons would she make lemonade or orange juice? That's the question she was asking herself. "You're a fool for letting this anger dwell and eat you alive for past pain. It's probably getting so bad or going to enough where you cannot enjoy your girlfriend's presence or even life.
You might end up alone because who would want to be around an angry person or you're so hard to be around nad too stubborn to get help people just gave up on you. That's the road I see your going down. Now, I am tired of beating around the bush here. I see someone in pain, my intentions are to help. Not as a Rune Knight, but as a human being or Neko. Will you take my fucking help or not,
kid? Seriously, lighten up. You look like a nice girl,
let that show every once in a while"
she said. It was a little irritating with how stubborn she was being in accepting help. Clearly, they both had pride in the abilities. LeeAnn was not short on that. Millions of times, her fiancee, family, and even her friends have forced her to get help. She was a hypocrite on this, but she would rather give advice that is needed and knows is true than to never help.

#10Fiammetta Barone 

on Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:50 pm


Fiammetta Barone

She was persistent, that much was certain. This LeeAnn was not only tolerating Fia's stubborn and abrasive nature, she also seemed to be pushing back and trying to get her points across with even greater force. Not many were willing to confront the hazel-eyed girl in such a head-on manner, many deeming her not worth the trouble. So Fia was rather confused and slightly annoyed by the Neko's adamant attempts to break down the barriers she was putting up, the walls of pride and stubbornness she'd erected long ago.

And yet, little by little, Fia felt like she was gradually warming up to the other girl. Or, rather, coming to be curious of what this Neko actually had to teach. This intrigue had developed further as LeeAnn responded with agreement and sympathy towards Fia's claims that her anger and hatred was for the sake of her family. The girl even raised an eyebrow at the unique sensation of empathy she felt in meeting someone with the same family-centric mindset as her. It only seemed to further stress the fact that there may just be a possibility that Rune Knights weren't all bad after all...

"I... Didn't realize yer family was so important to ya. But... That's exactly it, ain't it? Family's all I got, all we got, so what does it matter if we gotta use anger to protect 'em?" Fia would utter, seemingly in agreement with the girl as her tone was just a bit softer than normal. The topic of family, and LeeAnn's acknowledgment that there wear still groups that posed threat to them, had made Fia feel slightly more of a connection with the eyepatch-wearing girl.

Her question would receive a somewhat vague answer at first, as LeeAnn insisted that anger lead to some 'dark path', telling Fia to look at herself as though that'd give her the answers. The hazel-eyed girl's face twisted into a kind of snarl at the suggestion, and the Neko's next words only intensified that loathsome feeling that she was being judged, looked down on even.

It was actually rather impressive, LeeAnn's willingness to approach Fia's stubborn attitude with further force. An unorthodox approach, compared to how other people had dealt with her in the past. And at first, it didn't work too much. Suggesting Fia would be alone, that her anger would interfere with her relationship with Esperia, that she was stubborn and foolish... All those things made Fia consider the possibility of throwing her drink at the Neko. It wasn't until the other girl stopped beating around the bush that her words actually got through.

Claiming that Fia was in pain, insisting she wanted to help with a tone so sincere, and saying Fia looked like a nice girl, it all felt... Odd, at first. But then Fia realized. It all reminded her of an encounter with a certain dark-haired trickster.

Maybe this Neko might have something usefu to say, she thought... Maybe, like that night, it was worth letting someone in. Just to see what happened.

"Nice girl, huh? No idea where the hell ya got that from." Fia groaned, her hand unconsciously moving to scar tissue on her other knuckles. A self-inflicted wound from a fateful night. "I already said it, I don' need fixin'. Sure, I got anger-management issues, whatever. But hey, if ya wanna try and play psychiatrist and help..."

Fia took another swig from her almost finished glass, before speaking again in a tone that seemed more grumpy than it did angry. "Be my fuckin' guest. I'll accept yer help or whatever, just gots a few words of my own to say first." Some deep part of her was willing, even desiring, to hear the advice this girl might have, in the off chance her anger did prove harmful... But Fia herself wasn't about to admit that, of course.

"First off, don' mention my girl. Things're... Different... With 'er. She... Keeps me calm." She'd say softly, once again rubbing her knuckles unconsciousy. Mostly, she just didn't want LeeAnn to mention the possibility of her anger driving her and Esperia a part. The very thought made Fia's heart sink.

"Second, it's more 'an forgettin' the past... Rune Knights still got my old man locked up right now for a dumbass reason, probably treatin' him like shit. And I still wanna get him the hell out... All that's the present, Eyepatch." She groaned her second set of words, her tone once again soft as she revealed one of her major goals at that moment. It felt a little easier, talking about to Lee, considering their mutual beliefs in family values.

"And lastly, before ya' gimme whatever advice it is ya wanna say, I gots a condition..." Fia would say with a sly grin forming on her lips. She tipped up her glass, finishing another beer and setting the empty glass down with a refreshed sigh, her cheeks starting to become rosy from the beginnings of intoxication. "Yer gonna buy the next round o' drinks, aight?" She'd request with a smug and cheeky look.

#11LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:42 am

Deep down, all humans were the same no matter what size or matter. LeeAnn knew that by heart. Depsite how stubborn the redhead could be, she still knew it. Studying how humans acted and becoming extremely observant of their behavior, its easy to break them down much like a wall of straw. Being a Rune Knight was spark because of her older brother and to find her mother since she was a high ranking knight. Family was a the core social group for any human nad creature, blood or not. The redhead looked at the drink of a dark red distorted reflection of herself. A dark yet depressed and calming look came into her eyes remembering the day she lost her mother. After she was tortured and saved by her fiance, she was filled with nothing but anger.

She put tons of Rune Knights in hospitals and nearly killed her father and evil half brother because of it. Infact, the anger still haunted her only now its was managed better. Lee knew how to contian it and use it in a healthy way. "Anger is never enough to save those you love. I lost my mother that way. My brothers have disappeared. My familie's whereabouts are unknown other than my father.
He and I are all we have left. My brothers I am not as concenred as my mother...its the reason why I became a Rune Knight. Its was my fault that we were kidnapped"
she said. Not wanting to go into much detail about her personal life. She turned the subject back to protecting family. "Instead of being angry at the world, I used it as a method to train. Anytime I get angry after loosing my mother to those fiends.I train. Its a method I use. With that, I excelled in becoming a high ranking Rune Knight in a matter of years. Most people takes years to get to my rank a fraction of the army is in the higher ranks. You need to have skill, wisdom and experience to protect your family. Its only common knowledge, if you listen well enough" she said.

The remark she made to the black haired girl made her face twist and turn, like she smelled something rotten. It was of disgust and anger much like a angry honey badger. Lee remained a cold yet emotionless face. Fia had stated that she did not need fixing and how she wondered where Lee got the idea she was nice. The Neko grew a side smirk knowing her skills in reading people. "There is more that meets the eye with anyone. I am the most prime example" she smiled. LeeAnn believed anyone should be given a second chance. The Neko leaned back thinking. Perhaps with the connections she had, Lee could do something to bribe the girl to give the Rune Knights a chance. Though, she would put the table as an offer. LeeAnn did her ends of the bargain.

"Fine, I dont mind buying the rest of the drinks. Money is never an issue for me" she said. LeeAnn was the head of the Nakamura family for now and the Fire Gurdian for the family. She held a lot of pride and honor for that. The drinks came as LeeAnn took a sip. "Perhaps with the strong connections I have, I can free your old man on certain conditions such as he's under my father's watch and quites his dark guild days. He will be free and given a second chance. There is a catch. You have to let me help you in your skills as a mage and get you on the right path" she said, she was completely serious. Her tone was less cold and more sincere towards her. The voice was compassionate yet serious not playing around. Making pure eye contact with her. It was a method of placing a steak in front of the dog give them motovation to do something.

#12Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:01 am


Fiammetta Barone

It was almost frustrating for the stubborn Fiammetta, how inexplicably determined the Neko was on helping her. From the start, she'd never been the kind to accept help from others. She was a proud and fierce struggler, the type who felt almost insulted by the implication she couldn't handle something herself, in spite of how true that was. There were few moments where she'd confided in or sought assistance from others outside her family, and they were all during her weakest or most desperate times. Perhaps right then, with all the stress of the oncoming future, was one of those moments.

And although LeeAnn was perhaps not quite as warm in her approach compared Esperia or Liana, Fia couldn't deny that she felt nonetheless slightly intrigued by what the Neko had to say. She was still too stubborn to admit that LeeAnn might've been correct in what she was saying, but Fia was nonetheless intent on investigating it further. The possibility that her anger would come to hurt her... That it wasn't the best way to protect the ones she loved... If there was even a chance it was true, Fia had to know for sure.

The young delinquent found some bond with the Neko over their mutual family values, and inquired if that was enough to justify anger, only to receive a very clear negatory response, and some more information on the eyepatch-wearing Neko. Apparently, anger was not enough to save the people she cared about, and that sentiment sent made Fia tense up immediately. "It wasn't enough, huh..." Was all Fia could groan out, not feeling nearly comfortable enough to say anything more on the Neko's past.

It wasn't all bad, however, as LeeAnn did have some positive things to say about anger. Namely, its usefulness in training. "So yer high-ranked or some shit? Don't that mean ya got better things to do than bother some punk in a bar?" Fia would quip as she took another sip, an attempt at bit of levity before her serious reponse. "But nah, usin' anger to train... That shit I get. My old man always said anger was energy. So if ya reckon is aight to use it to train, I agree with ya there, Eyepatch... Just dunno how to use it like that..." Fia admitted begrudgingly. When her own anger reached its breaking point, training hadn't really worked for her, not with the wild swings it resulted in.

The odd pair continued to talk, with Fia becoming uncertain of how she felt about LeeAnn. Neither of them were terribly friendly, and yet... Some kind of mutual agreement on certain values had developed between them. LeeAnn even insisted Fia was a 'nice girl', and more than she seems, though her comment only recieved a stubborn grunt from the steam punk. She was usually just as unlikely to accept compliments as she was help.

It seemed the only thing Fia was completely willing to accept help with was paying for the drinks, as the final part of her deal with the Neko. A smug look set itself on Fia's face as the next round was delivered, glad she could at least say she got some free booze out of their encounter. She grasped her next beer, and was bringing to her lips when LeeAnn spoke up again.

Fia's hand froze immediately, eye's widening at the Neko's words, and staying transfixed like that until she was done speaking. Fia set her glass down, and pushed at aside. She needed to know she was mostly sober before even considering what she'd just been told.

"Yer fuckin' kidding me." Fia uttered confusedly. Her father could just be freed, just like that? All the times she'd considered legal avenues or just breaking him out, and yet her problem could be solved by a simple wave of the hand by this Neko? It seemed incredulous. And that wasn't even talking about the 'catch' LeeAnn had.

Fia took a deep breath in and out, leaning back in her chair and putting a hand to her head. "Shit..." She uttered softly, looking to LeeAnn. "Yer not jokin', right? Ya can really... Get him out?" She'd question, her typical anger absent from her voice. "I mean, you ain't gotta worry 'bout that dark guild crap... He got kicked out a while ago..." Fia leaned forward, looking to LeeAnn seriously. She wasn't lying, that much was clear.

"Shit, ya ain't kidding are ya? Like, he can come back? Back to the orphanage an' everythin'?" Fia was just repeating herself at this point, too confused to think about what she was saying. "And all I gots to do is, what, train with ya for a bit?"

Fia let out a small scoff. Though she'd been hesitant accepting help til that point, this was different. Letting her father free wasn't just for her sake, it was for all her siblings. She wouldn't let her stubbornness get in the way of that.

"Fuckin' hell... If ya ain't kidding.. Shit, this round's on me..."

#13LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:43 am

LeeAnn could say the same for this firey spirit. She was and still is the type to refuse help thanks to her stubbornness and pride. Hating to be saved everytime by Hans, her kitsune fiance, she wanted to work hard for things herself. The thoughts and willpower were more complex than what she made it to be. Picture a lone wolf versus a pack of multiple wolves. Which one will survive longer. The more there are of one, the more likeliness to survive. It was just nature. Though, there were creatures such as the tiger and the snake that lived on their own. It depends on the animal species.

Though, humans were never meant to be alone and in solitude. This was a lesson LeeAnn knew all too well. She hated to be alone in a room. It made her uneasy. The noise of people, rowdiness of drunkers singing, and the mess of loud metal music made her feel safe and told her shew as alive. It was a strange way of thinking to some, but noise was a need for her survival. Her black and red eye glanced at her newly founded apprentice. "If I was not serious, I would of mentioned it by now. I am completely serious on y offer. The road will not be a hard one, but it will be a rewarding it. Besides it will help me teach myself a few things about being a role model itself" she said. Lee did not mentioned taht she had to become a Rune Knight, but it would help the young girl understand how he world worked.

The Umbreon gave a glance to her master to see what she was thinking right now. The red eyes peirced right to her then at Fia. "About your father, he will be forced to move to Hargeon or Era, where my father is located. There he will be forced to join a light guild and given a new life. He will have strict and I mean stright limitations, but if he is willing enough.
He can start over a new life. You are lucky we see a second chance. In your condition, he was doing any father would do for their children. I think my father would done the same for me and my brothers.
He truly loves you...we are fortunate to have people who care"
she said. Trying to be wise and all. Fia was too exicted to probably care what she was saying due to the newly founded excitement. LeeAnn smiled letting her have a celebration. "Cheers to a new life" she said.

LeeAnn was drinking and smiling thinking about this new addition to her life. Newly founded friend and saving another soul from the road of pain and sorrow like how she almost did. It was then a dark thought came into of fire...not just any fire....blue fire. A fiend standing over her family's body with a deer skull and unearthly skinny frail body. The vision made her slam her drink and grip her head. A demonic voice only she could hear rang. "Warning to your Fire Gurdian, we are never far behind and neither is split of blood...Nakamura blood" said a voice. The heard a loud ringing as she fell to the ground. Immedately, blacking out. Abraxas leaped and automatically pulled out a small vial containing a smelling sauce. She held it to Fia to open put it under her nose. On the small vial, held the word "Smelling sauce".

#14Fiammetta Barone 

on Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:59 pm


Fiammetta Barone

It was almost dizzying, the revelation. Fiammetta had to pinch herself just to be absolutely certain this was actually happening. Sure, it didn't really solve all her problems, hell, it didn't even come close. The orphanage was still struggling, and still would be even if Baldo was back. But just having him there, having him free... It would bring something just as important to Fia and all her "siblings". Hope. And that was what she wanted more than anything at that point. Even if she had to pry that hope from a Rune Knight, a faction she still wasn't too keen on.

She steeled herself, ready for whatever downside there was to this offer. The girl's grin widened massively, however, as LeeAnn assured her she was serious. Perhaps it was a biased mindset, but Fia was already beginning to recover her from confusion, slipping into near-delirium as she was fully ready to believe there was no hidden condition to LeeAnn's offer, in spite of the Neko's assurance that it would be a difficult journey.

"Y'know Eyepatch, I couldn't care less 'bout how difficult it is. Shit, it's just trainin' and shit, right? How fuckin' hard can that be! And fer my old man's release? A goddamn bargain." Fiammetta would state heartily, clearly quite overjoyed at the possibilities. Of course, that joy would likely be greatly diminished if she knew the full extent of the 'catch' to LeeAnn's proposition. Either way, she'd have to find out soon regardless.

As she began to settle a little, Fia was still giddy at the prospect of her father's release, though LeeAnn's further explanation of the restrictions did bring her back down to earth a bit. She sighed as she heard the words, but realized she should've expected it from the start. But, as LeeAnn stated, it was still overall an excellent second chance. After all, it meant Baldo could hopefully still visit the orphanage often enough, or at the very least write to them. And that was remarkable on its own. Hell, Fia was beginning to wonder if her prayer had been answered.

The girl smiled as her newfound mentor spoke positively of Baldo Barone, even raising a glass in celebration. "Cheers. To a half-decent Rune Knight." Fia would say, though her tone made it clear she was only teasing. Truthfully, her opinion on the woman had changed rather drastically from the beginnings of their conversation, and while they weren't always likely to get along, Fia was honestly glad to have made what might even be another friend. And even more, one that might even change a long-held viewpoint of hers.

With a satisfied yet conflicted look, Fia sipped her beer alongside her newfound ally. She was a still shocked, really, and knew things wouldn't be that smooth, really. Fia already knew not everyone in the orphanage would accept her making a deal with the Rune Knights, hell, she didn't even know how she'd feel about it after thinking more on it. But it was her choice, that she made, and she could regret it later if she wanted to. For now, she'd just drink.

As did LeeAnn, who seemed to be quite enjoying her beverage, by how hard she'd slammed it onto the table. "Woah, you aight there, Eyepatch?" Fia would query amusedly, only to notice from the look on LeeAnn's face that she was very much not alright. Not a moment later, the Neko fell off her stool and too the floor, prompting Fia to quickly stand up in surprise.

"Holy shit!" She exclaimed in confusion. Had the girl had too much to drink? No, surely not. Must've been a medical thing, and unfortunately, Fia was anything but a medic! She glanced around rapidly, only to see other patrons brushing off the fall or not bothering to help. The only one who did seem to give assistance was the Rune Knight's Umbreon who was holding a vial toward Fia.

"Huh? The fuck am I supposed to do with that!?" Fia barked at the Umbreon, as she knelt down to get a better look. Fortunately, she quickly found what the fuck to do with it, thanks to a simple label on the side.

"Ahh, I gotcha, on it!" The steam punk assured Abraxas, as the quickly snatched the vial und popped it open. She moved down to hold it under LeeAnn's nose, lightly tapping the girl's cheek with her other hand - a common method for blackouts.

"C'mon Eyepatch, wakey wakey..."

A slight stirring from the Neko, a fluttering of eyelids and barely audible inhalation that seemed to indicate 'Eyepatch' was awakening thanks to the handy tool provided by the woman's pet. Breathing a sigh of relief, Fia hoisted the Rune Knight up, an arm around her shoulder for support. Fia didn't quite know what ailed the poor Neko, but knew there was one man that could fix it: Doctor Gerard himself.

And so it was, that Fia set off with her new mentor toward the doctor's. A mentor that had, as she knew, made her a Rune Knight by having Fia become her 'apprentice', even if it hadn't been yet revealed by the neko. Though Fia wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, she wasn't quite that easily tricked, but didn't particularly care either. If she was to become a Rune Knight apprentice to free her father, so be it. The love she had for him was worth a helluva lot more than the hate she held for the nights. Besides, the idea of fixing them up from the inside, showing the bastards how its done... Didn't sound too bad at all.


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