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Forbidden Fruit [Alisa]

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#26Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:14 am


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Esperia rode her bravado for her long as her innocent mind possibly could. Alisa could see it from this close, not only seeing her struggle with being earnest about her lust - not playfully earnest, but honestly earnest - but gauging just for how long she could keep it up. Esperia too might catch a glimpse of these feelings too, if she looked back into her eyes long enough: Not unlike how she did with Lilith, defying at her at every turn, Alisa's challenge to Esperia felt more like a dare, an exercise issued by a teacher to her student. How much more can you handle...? Are these your own feelings, or are you borring them from Asmodeus?

Albeit initially unspoken, Esperia could possibly guess Alisa would soon have these questions... But if she did guess it, she made no mention of it, though simply fretting over her girlfriend might have distracted her until the sculptress actually went and asked about it, prompting about as detailled explanation as the girl could handle; the magic was still too new and unmastered for her to put it to words. To her credit, she did so nicely, with Alisa's nodding and rubbing of her chin confirming she had understood the message:

"I see...", she began, stylishly crossing her legs, highlighting her full, shapely thighs through the tight binding of her training pants, "Then you should remember that feeling, remember what you just did, and put twice as much effort in training your willpower...", concluding her assessment, she'd look back up into Espy's expectant eyes, "You not only have to keep Asmodeus' bindings at bay, but break the very chains that bind you. Your own lust and your love towards Fia, althought related, are completely different things. Finding other people attractive is perfectly natural and understandable.", she'd reassure, in a way sharing some of her own polyamorous views in the process. But she'd only go so far. In the end every piece of advice given to Esperia was tailored to her, inspiring her to find her own path to success instead of relying on Alisa's, or even Lilith's, "Whether you act on that lust for anyone but the girl you love, that depends only on the strength, the nature of your feelings for Fia, and hers towards you."

All she hoped for was that these words could in somewhat help this cute little lewdling who Alisa had been readily growing so fond of. Unlike what she suggested, getting Lilith to come out again was the last thing she wanted at that moment, but once Esperia suggested it, Alisa couldn't help but think back to it, glancing away contemplative as she tucked a raven lock behind her ear, chuckling once she confirmed she indeed wouldn't have minded at all:

"I'll admit, the thought crossed my mind for a moment~", Alisa acknowledged, trailing that finger to her lower lip, tilting her head with a playfully innocent look, before looking sharp and knowingly into Esperia's eyes. A look whose obvious destination, wasn't simply Esperia, but the tenant living inside her body, "...But I can be patient, and this feels like a perfect moment to do so~"

These troubling words did make Alisa's smile fade somewhat, bringing both hands to her knees in that same pondering pose, occasionally glancing down at the gravel, then up at a lone, running jogger, another pretty girl not unlike the one she met when she ran in. Seeing this, she immediately glanced at Esperia, wondering if the girl would have oggled too, and praising her honesty when she inevitably did:

"Honesty feels very liberating, not just for yourself, but just about any person on this planet~", stated the sculptress once again, nodding and petting the girl's head, "You always fooled around with your lust, but you were never truly open about it. Those are very different things; you need not fondle a girl in public to express your attraction to her. Once you're open about them for long enough, Asmodeus' power should in turn feel easier to understand. She's the demon lord of lust, and controlling a power you scarcely understand should feel quite difficult indeed."

Of course, the look in Alisa's face as she spoke all but suggested tolerance - appreciation even - of someone praising her beauty and expression attraction to her, she disliked randoms getting their hands all over her. Suggesting that she indeed considered those two things separate, one worthy of praise and the other not so much...

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on Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:48 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was difficult, to figure out the right way to approach those feelings, how much of them were her own feelings and how many did she borrow from Asmodeus? It was quite understandable that thinking about those feelings left her in a state of confusion as she tried to come to terms and explore the emotions behind her lust.

The way she tried to explain the nature of her magic was fortunately explained in a way that Alisa could understand, and so the stylish sculptress crossed her legs, the words that followed about how she should remember those feelings and put twice as much effort into training her willpower. The fact she didn’t only need to keep Asmodeus’s bindings at bay, but also break the very chains that bound her was something very challenging for sure, and yet when she commented about Esperia’s own lust and her love toward Fia being related, yet entirely different things made the girl tilt her head slightly to the side in confusion. It was true, she simply found certain women much more attractive than others, and while Alisa explained that it was up to Esperia to think about the matter into greater detail and figure out whether she wanted to act upon her lust for anyone but the girl she loved, it all would depend on the strength and the nature of her feelings toward Fia, and hers toward Esperia.

Now she thought about it, there was no doubt Fia wouldn’t mind lending Esperia a hand, especially considering some of the responses she made to the girl’s teasing attempts. Nonetheless, Alisa’s acknowledgment of the idea to let Asmodeus retake control made Esperia snicker briefly, giving her an accusing glance while remarking slyly. “See~ I knew that you were secretly hoping to do things with her! Then again, considering you get along so well with the Demon Lord of lust you must be a pervert also~” A teasing poke of her tongue followed as she soon found her gaze shifting toward the jogger that ran past them, the little bobbing of the girl’s head making it clear she was ogling her also. “Phew, bouncy and jiggly pillows are the best...”

However, the conversation about honesty and the appreciation of it, accompanied with a little petting of her head caused Esperia to smile sheepishly at Alisa. “W-W-Wait it’s not like I fondle everyone I meet!” The girl protested, yet she seemingly recalled something, and her cheeks soon flushed up slightly. "Most of the times I don't..." Gods she really wished she had the chance to fondle Fia’s breasts sometime… The thought alone already coaxed a giggle from the demon inside her, yet after a moment she hummed softly, a sheepish grin on her lips. “I still think Fia’s pillows are going to be softer than yours~ Call it pervert intuition~”

Oh boy, her mind clearly was going sidetracked again as her gaze wandered down to Alisa’s bust before she snickered softly. “Then again, it seems you at least got one fan cheering for your victory in that contest.”

#28Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:51 am


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It obviously took her a while to process all this information. Seeing that confused look on Esperia's face, Alisa simply smiled, and raised her forearm enough to rest her head on her palm. As she followed every change in the transforming mage's face with dedicated intent, she could all but spot every moment she gradually started making sense of this or that detail. She didn't expect her to figure everything out in just one afternoon, let alone a couple of minutes. If it felt like Esperia had done so, then Alisa would have a reason to feel genuinely worried: she'd have undoubtedly missed this or misunderstood that, and finally concluded something that might put her in danger if she relied on it...

Between one girl's thinking and the other's watching her think, a couple of minutes went by in complete silence before either of them said a thing. A stronger breeze whispered between the trees every now and then, forming a pleasant song alongside the morning birds and their soothing melody. One Esperia finally broke with a rather playful tease, as if sensing a weakness and pointing out Alisa's perversion.

Yet the woman didn't look flustered at all, and took it in stride: Alisa laughed playfully, as if Esperia had said something genuinely amusing rather than an embarassing poke at her well tamed lust.

True, Asmodeus was the kind of ravishing beauty she admired. But unlike what Esperia suggested, simply that would never earn any perverted reaction from the cool sculptress or anything of the sort. She admired something palpable about their budding acquaintance, the sexual confidence with which they accept each other's constant teasing, and the defiance with which they dealt with them and countered back. True, without her beauty Alisa would never engage in such a game with Asmodeus, and her opponent being the demon lord of lust didn't frighten or deter her at all... Quite the contrary:

"Not quite, but don't worry, you'll understand when you're more experienced~", though genuine, her answer ultimately came as a comeback of sorts, and Alisa understood this well enough to pet the shorter cutie a bit more, chuckling as she felt her head bob up and down with the jogger's bounciness. She wasn't shy about praising the sight before her either, "I see you're taking that honesty to heart.", she'd tease, even though her tone made it clear she felt Espy was making progress.

Truly, she didn't need Lilith's lust, when she could just accept and feel at ease with her own. Of course, being open about lust present also meant she'd end up being honest about lust past, and Alisa laughed heartily at her admissing to fondling random girls 'sometimes'

"Is that so~? If that's your way of asking me to let you feel my breasts, I should warn you it won't work.", she giggled at the admission, crossing one arm under her bust, hefting it slightly, but not really upset by Esperia ranking Fia higher than her. Considering she was her girlfriend, Alisa might be disappointed to hear otherwise from Esperia's lips. Though it appeared a third party also took an interest in such bouts, making the sculptress raise an eyebrow, then let out a chuckle, "...And you have Asmodeus participating as well~? Do tell me that wasn't her idea..."

It defenitely felt like the kind of thing Esperia would do though, so Alisa didn't really mind, though she couldn't help feel curious as to who might have suggested it first.

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on Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:54 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The way Alisa deflected her comment with a playful remark at how she’d understand when Esperia became more experienced made the girl pout playfully, yet the little pet on her head and the comment about taking her honesty to heart made her grin sheepishly at the taller beauty. However, hearing Alisa comment with a mischievous giggle Esperia quickly retaliated with a playful pout. “I wasn’t even considering such an idea!” Yet with her eyes wandering to Alisa’s bust the girl had to admit she had some second thoughts. However, when asked about whose idea it was Esperia confidently patted her own chest and stated with a grin. “I mentioned the idea, but Asmodeus praised it~ Albeit, she is saying that it might lead to your first loss if she participates also~”

Oh boy, now that was tempting, wasn’t it? To compete in a busty contest between Alisa and Asmodeus? However, it was after a moment of consideration that an idea arose in Esperia’s mind, causing the girl to turn toward the sculptress with a smile lingering on her lips. “But perhaps there might be a way for me to train with your help~ If I want to control this power I need to become stronger both in willpower and martial arts, and Asmodeus says you would be an excellent choice for a sparring partner~”

The girl commented, seemingly a bit excited at the idea of training with Alisa on a matter like this. It was not exactly a bad idea, in the end she needed to grow more endurable if she wanted to last in a fight, and that endurance could also strengthen her ability to last longer against such skillful teasing like Alisa’s! But she also couldn’t help but wonder what type of power Alisa possessed. She clearly was experienced in more than just teasing! In the end the presence of the sculptress radiated with confidence and strength, to the point she felt like a femme fatale! Nonetheless, her excitement clearly was stirred as the girl rose from the bench and took a few steps away from it before turning back at Alisa with a grin.

“So~ Want to train? You’re already suitably dressed for it anyway.” A playful wink followed at her remark as she made a few playful mocking punches in the air. “But don’t go One-Punch Woman on me please, I don’t want to go back to the hospital so soon~” A sheepish grin lingered on her lips while she waited to see what Alisa would do.

#30Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:58 am


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That adorable bundle of perverted cuteness named Esperia really responded well to petting, the most delightful giggles escaping her lips every time Alisa indulged in high affection headpats like this. That combination of sheepish innocence and constantly needing fresh reminders of where

Alisa's eyes actually were seemed like something very exclusive to this girl, something the suclptress had yet to see in others, at least, not to this extent. Marina too had her fair share of innocence, but she'd been pretty much raised like a boy, among boys, so said innocence resulted solely from her inexperience. Liana was the opposite of this, pure at heart, only with lingering, budding feelings of lust that yet remained beyond her comprehension

"Riiight, im sure you weren't~", Alisa giggled but then narrowed her eyes, still enjoying feeling challenged as much as she did before, though she was obviously not the type let anybody fondle her breasts over just a measly contest whose result she wasn't really that interested in, "Hmmm, she's rather full of herself, is she not~? Tell her she also has to try harder than that."

In the end, Alisa believed herself lesser to nobody, and how well other people ranked among each other interested her very little. That said, she also acknowledged how easily she could tease both Esperia and now Lilith with the prospect of such a contest, and how participating in such shenanigans might ultimately further Espy's mastery of her own lust, and Asmodeus' power as a consequence. Alas, she couldn't really accept training her in such a way, and naturally took an interest in an alternate training idea, raising an eyebrow when Esperia started talking about it:

"Hmmm, surely if Asmodeus suggested it she might have some indecent ideas as to what kind of training I could give you...", Alisa chuckled softly, shooting that smirk at Esperia for a moment before her look softened once more, "But the idea itself isn't bad. Until you've grown stronger, you need a different means of defending yourself."

She rubbed her chin once more, clearly pondering that option, and visibly finding it better and better as time went on. Eventually she nodded, all but mumbling to herself:

"Yes, that could defenitely work...", before turning to Esperia once more when the girl formally asked for her help. Yes, she had guessed correctly, Alisa's choice of outfit did indeed suggest she planned on getting a little sparring done... But her look, although cool and caring, also revealed an almost fiery glint in those ruby red eyes - the mark of someone who genuinely enjoyed fighting, and whose curiosity drove her to witness what kind of power Esperia posessed - and immediately nodded in acceptance, "Very well, I'll give you a hand."

Which she did, standing up and wiping butt clean of leaves and other bits of dirt from the bench that could have clung to the wet fabric, and the finally offered the smaller girl a helping hand to help her stand up.

"Come on, let's have a look around~", she nodded away, to one of the wide spaces of park surrounding them, "Surely we can find an appropriate training ground here somewhere."

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- Alisa Vollan

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on Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:00 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Hearing Alisa’s playful taunt to Asmodeus made the obsidian-haired lass tilt her head sideways in confusion, idly musing whether the sculptress would had been fine with being fondled if there had been a more serious challenge involved. However, the moment she realized the thoughts that drifted through her mind, led to Esperia to idly wonder whether it were truly her own thoughts, or the idle musings of Asmodeus...

“That’s a dangerous thing to suggest Alisa~ That’s almost implying that if she was to put in more effort she might get what she wants.” A mischievous giggle escaped her lips at the remark, yet at the same time she felt somewhat fascinated by the idea of Alisa having a ‘teasing contest’ with Asmodeus, albeit she’d dreaded both the fact the results might had been more intense than expected, and that it was her body being used as a catalyst… Did that mean she was indirectly doing lewd things to Alisa if that happened?

“Pillows are a powerful motivation, you know?” Esperia mused softly as she raised a hand to her chin, seemingly adopting a more thoughtful look while she continued her explanation. “Like, imagine fighting for a reward, or just to get the opportunity to snuggle into those pillows! I feel like my power would rise tenfold just from that alone already!"

Nonetheless, Alisa was clearly interested in her idea, and when she accepted the offer Esperia couldn’t help but clap her hands together with a smile. “Mhmm! Let’s find a nice private spot for us to spar at~” Esperia declared with a bit of glee in her voice as she prepared to follow Alisa along on their little search for the area they could practice at!

#32Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:03 am


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It was all a matter of mood for Alisa. She allowed Asmodeus to fondle her as she'd been the first to cross that threshold, and partly to prove nothing the demon lord did to an average human could even remotely bend the sculptress' will of diamond:

"Here's a little secret to seduction.", Alisa smiled knowingly, resting a hand on Esperia's shoulder and petting in that same seductive fashion she'd just professed. She'd lean in softly, certain the girl would use that chance to peek into her cleavage and surely grabbing her attention without much effort. Her gaze narrowed as she'd rest mere inches above from Esperia's eyes, upon which she'd finally stop and yield the secret she promised, "You have to make them think they'll get what they want eventually... If you don't, anyone who isn't desperate will lose interest in time."

Yes, it really wasn't like Alisa to share these little secrets with everyone she met. But Esperia was different. Someone who had just bonded with a demon of lust was bound to find herself in the recieving end of these attentions in time. If she didn't learn to recognize them, learn to resist them, then Asmodeus would eat for breakfast, and have the little Eisenberg dancing on the palm of her hand. And she was growing rather fond of her; the pervert too in a way, but mostly the innocent, inexperienced girl that hid behind all that bundle of lust and lewdness. A fitting best friend to Liana the equally innocent, but closeted pervert:

"Keep that in mind when you're training then.", her smirk widened confidently a hint of her ferocious fighting spirit, "You'll defenitely need the motivation."

Alisa was as fierce a fighter as she was a lover, yet in combat her cool and collected demeanor took on a wily ruthlessness, fueled by pride and resolve to never yield a loss to anyone. For all her maturity, that didn't extend to winning or losing. Vain and prideful, Alisa detested losing, and wouldn't give quarter to anyone. The only measure of care and affection she'd show those few people she liked in battle... Merely limited itself to offering them a chance to surrender, a split second before delivering a finishing blow.

Soon, they'd arrive at a wide clearing, roughly twenty meters wide in all directions, a flat grassland with trees at the edge. Despite the rain, the dirt had soaked up the water enough to provide a steady footing. All in all, the perfect training ground.

"Will this do...?", she'd ask, crackling both sets of knuckles, then raising both hands in front of her chest, clealy aligned with her centerline, a rather visible martial arts stance, based off Wing chun.

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:11 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Poor Esperia, she really was quite predictable, the soft lean into her direction as the obsidian-haired trickster gulped lightly, trying her utmost to steel her resolve and avert her gaze, but the flustered reaction and the blushing cheeks made it evident that even without her lingering gaze, her thoughts were quite elsewhere.

"Of course! If they don't eventually get what they want, then that's worse than teasing!" Esperia proclaimed with a hint of annoyance yet quickly recovered from her outburst as she mumbled softly. "Not that I'm trying to aim for your pillows, totally not." Then again, it was likely quite easy for Alisa to see through that lie or to keep drawing the girl's attention.
"Hmm, I'll keep it in mind." She nodded in agreement as Alisa's smirk at the idea of them sparring. Of course, Esperia wasn't sure what to expect, in the end, while she received some basic training from her family, she was far from the same type of skill level as her elder sister.

When they arrived at the wide clearing Esperia gazed quietly around the grassland, before she heard Alisa call out to her, seemingly adopting a martial arts stance. It was a sign that their training would soon begin, so in the end, the Eisenberg decided to try her hand at the martial arts.

Taking a deep breath the girl recalled the teachings of her family, recalling how they told her the best offensive was a solid defense and in a way, Alisa's stance seemed to represent that cleanly. Unfortunately for Esperia, the Eisenberg's way of fighting was primarily through magic and ranged combat, albeit they did wield a unique counter-hitting style based upon a rather famous martial art: Judo.

Perhaps it was for that reason that Esperia's stance initially showed hints of this nature, yet she suddenly lunged forwards, a hand reaching for Alisa's chest, almost as if she was about to try to grope one of her pillows, but at the last moment she attempted to latch her hand around the wrist of Alisa's hand, hoping to pull her forwards and off-balance while a leg swept toward her lower-body, a simple attempt to break her guard, but in the worst case if it did nothing, she still had her other arm to shield herself from a potential blow!

#34Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:24 am


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"Of course you aren't~", Alisa giggled for the last time, fully aware how perverts like her wanted one thing and one thing only. But that was about all the joy and cheer she'd get for the next few moments, for even if Alisa's smile didn't fade, her kindess certainly did.

Alisa examined her opponent's stance, eyes cool and focused, without missing a heartbeat. The slightest movement Esperia made would be captured and analyzed in a split second, and the sculptress needed not a single conscious thought to achieve this. She'd honed all of these actions and reactions through hours of stenuous training, allowing her body to flow from one movement to the next.

This low stance of hers, however... Her footing wide and spaced suggested a preference for infighting, reaching behind an opponent's guard. So either punching or grappling, some form of wrestling or Jiu-jitsu... The fighter turned artist for one, had developed her own style centered around Tae Kwon Do and various forms of Kung fu, meaning she ideally preferring keeping opponent's at arms length, literally...

But then, Esperia charged forwards, and didn't stop at kicking, or punching distance...

Yup, infighting. Alisa could try to punish her bold advance with a quick low kick, snap forward with her leading right hand, intercepting her advance... But she did none of those things. The girl appeared to be trying to grope her bust, but if she did try, a single step forward on Alisa's part would lead her fist right towards the pervert's temple. Instead, she went for a left handed grapple towards the sculptress' rear left hand.

This meant Esperia's attempt would likely turn her sideways, before her kick attempt could turn her back forwards.

Once the girl made contact and began her pull, however, Alisa burst forward, grabbing Esperia's own wrist in return. She was nowhere near her full speed, nor did she need to, not when the Takeover mage's pull helped accelerate her. She'd kick off with her rear left foot after lifting its lead sibling just enough not to trip.

The dash itself covered no further than half a meter - exploiting Esperia's sideways turn and moving towards her back - while Alisa's own arms moved independently throughout. As she moved forward, she stretched her grappled left arm towards the opposite direction of the dash, landing right next to Esperia's rooted left leg.

This effectively prevented the girl's kick from reaching anywhere, but in the grand scheme of things, that mattered little: Owing to how close they were and the suddenness of Alisa's bursting charge, she'd have a very limited time to react...

But even if she hadn't, the pervert would immediately feel the sculptress' soft bust pressing against her back, pliably molding to her shape, no doubt distracting her for yet another moment.

And that moment was all it took for Alisa to seek the finish blow. Like a serpent coiling around a hapless prey: Her idle, forward right arm bent inwards and coiled around Esperia's neck, hand hooking firmly around the bottom left side of her jaw.

With one hand pulling Esperia to the left and the other turning her neck in the other direction, the victor was clear.

"It's over.", she'd say in a calm, oddly soft tone. In her mind, Alisa had won the first bout, and any further resistance would prompt her to deliver that finishing blow, snapping the girl's neck, "You should be more careful."

She'd rather not have to do so, even if she could control herself not to kill or do permanent damage, Esperia was still a friend who had only just come out of the hospital... Alisa would prefer not to send her back there again.

If the girl surrendered, Alisa would release her grip and let her go, putting the same three meter distance between them for the next match:

"Try not to expose yourself so much before an opponent at full strength. Fight as if you mean to kill me", she'd advise, eyes growing colder once more before she issued her challenge, retaking her stance, "Shall we continue?"

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"Shall we dance?"
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on Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:25 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Perhaps it was the fact that this was a sparring match rather than an actual duel, that Esperia's motions seemed to lack the determination that came with a killing intent, perhaps it was that lack that made her so easy to overcome and get distracted, the feeling of Alisa deftly escaping from her attempt to trip her, and before she was even able to properly retaliate she felt the soft bust of the sculptress press against her back, the sensation making her body jolt lightly similar to a paralysis while her cheeks flushed a red color, the distraction more than enough for Alisa to succeed in carrying out her grapple.

The soft voice that stated their battle was over made Esperia pout in annoyance, a part of her wanting to protest that using those breasts of her was cheating! But then again, that would had been childish, especially since she did enjoy the feeling... But nonetheless, it made it evident that there was such a powerful gap between the two of them.

Alisa's advice as she returned into her stance made Esperia think back about her earlier actions... It was true, she had exposed herself when she went in for a frontal charge, and yet the comment about fighting as if she intended to kill Alisa was... difficult for her to accept. To harm Alisa was already a thought that troubled her, but to actually try to kill her? It felt impossible...

Then again, perhaps that was a wrong way of looking at it? Lilith seemed to agree with the fact it might have been the wrong way to approach things, so instead, she whispered softly into the girl's thoughts. "If you fail, you might never become able to snuggle those pillows... They might remain out of your reach... forever."

It must had been ironic, that where one would get power through killing intend, Esperia's determination was fueled by her perverted thoughts and her intense desires and lust, to the point that she sharpened her eyes into a glare of determination, pulling her footing closer while she lifted both arms slightly upwards, a stance taken similar to traditional boxing when the girl slowly encroached upon Alisa, one step after the other till she would hopefully get within range, making the obsidian-haired trickster attempt to fling her right fist in a swift punching gesture toward the right side of Alisa's chest, closer to the shoulder area, uppon which she would have tired to proceed with her actual intention: pulling back her fist at the last moment to launch a knee-strike with her left leg in the hope of striking a less-guarded lower-body of the sculptress, in particular her stomach!

#36Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:21 am


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Alisa didn't actually believe Esperia would actually, really find a powerful motivator in lascivous thoughts, but even if she did, the thought wouldn't really surprise her, considering she was dealing with, well, none other than the vessel to the demon lord of Lust. Still, the sculptress could tell her young student was now growing to muster her resolve, and for good reason: If she found herself wholly unable to do so even against Alisa, however might she do so in a split second, in a do or die situation?

In a world where nothing is what it seems, where enemies could even take the form of her loved ones?

Thus, despite betraying none of those thoughts and looking as passive, frigid as ever, the sculptress felt genuinely pleased with the girl's first movement. She'd closed her guard, and if she kept that up Alisa would soon feel the need to close hers as well. Not yet though... She still had her weight pretty much evenly distributed between both legs, a steady, even stance; palms opened and aligned with her center.
"Oho...?", she mumbled out to herself, the only hint of approval at the transforming mage's approach

Unlike her haphazard first strike, Esperia's second advance felt far more pondered, calculated. Alisa's eyes followed her the whole way as she approached, her arms shifting regularly, cleverly concealing which arm would move first. Once Esperia did strike with a leading right jab, her eyes all but widened slightly. A drastic improvement indeed, as for all her speed, Alisa still felt the limits of what her eyes could see and react too.

Alisa still had one or two ways she could effectively finish this with the first strike, yet instead, her flowing reactions lead her into a different string of movements altogether: Leaning her body back and to the rightslightly was about the only she could do. Esperia would have defenitely hit her if she punched straight forward, and she she might have hit her if she kept up with the diagonal punch. But she did neither of these things, revealing how she did indeed still require a lot of training.

It still took all of Alisa's reflexes to react in time, not only turning her body in the opposite direction to her  punch, but simultaneously moving her left hand towards Esperia's. This allowed her to intercept the smaller girl's wrist as it retreated, something she'd have probably not managed had the punch gone straight forward.

Carrying the momentum from her turn, she'd quickly pivot her body towards her own right side and lift her left leg slightly, just long enough to bend and snap down into a thrusting, stomping low kick aimed at Esperia's right knee, just as the girl's left leg would have raised for the knee to Alisa's gut.

The sculptress let go of Esperia's wrist at that moment, just so she'd be unable to use the sculptress herself for support, and that way have no choice but abort her knee attack lest she fall down.

As the girl had her weight on that leg, she'd be unlikely to avoid this counter attack, but Alisa didn't kick hard enough to break her knee. It would still defenitely hurt and stagger her, in which case the sculptress flew right into the next move. After the stomp, it came down next to Esperia's left side, while Alisa's rear foot pushed forward in that direction. That way, she'd quickly chain a straight right punch to the girl's ribcage, and a snapping, soccerball-like sweep to the same right leg, likely sending her down to the ground.

"Keep yourself flexible, fluid... Flow around your opponent's strikes, move with them, and use their movements against them." , she taught, before finally declaring, just in case her student might have fallen and considered that a defeat, "Get up."

At all times Alisa would keep her now idle left arm in front of her face and chest, ready to defend herself

She could likely feel how all of these attacks could grievously incapacitate an opponent, which was yet another lesson Alisa wanted to teach. But this particular match was not yet over. Alisa hadn't yet struck with power or moved with speed much greater than what Esperia possessed, and made a serious effort to hold back the instant before her strikes connected...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:41 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Even without Alisa going at full power, the sculptress was clearly way too experienced for her to provide a proper challenge. Even her attempt to make a more calculated attack had failed when she felt her fist pull back, but not before Alisa had taken the opportunity to intercept by grabbing a hold of her wrist.

The quick pivot made by Alisa didn't help either as the girl quickly found herself driven into a defensive, the thrusting stomp that was aimed at her right knee, the moment she was released Esperia found herself in quite a pinch! The leg that was aimed at for the counter-attack carried her weight, and with Alisa letting go of her Esperia found herself without a means of support, quite literally driven into a corner! She had no choice but to take the hit head on, the pain making her stagger slightly, yet at the same time as Alisa's foot pushed forwards in a sweep toward her right leg! Of course, the leg connected cleanly in its sweep, making it look like she was falling onto her back while the punch started to head toward her rib-cage, but it was in that moment she acted!

Rapidly pushing both her hands onto the ground beneath her, Esperia forced her body to a halt while she spun her body sideways, the right leg that had just been swept over by Alisa's sweeping kick planting itself firmly onto the ground to give her additional support to provide her with the strength to carry out her improvised counter-attack, a sweeping kick with her left leg that was aimed straight at the side of Alisa's head, hoping that the fact she was still launching a punch, one that Esperia tried to avoid by spinning her body to the left, would have left the sculptress able to be taken by surprise!

Whether she succeeded or not, she would have tried to take the opportunity to give a playful verbal jab to Alisa in return for her teachings. "Flexible~ Right? I kind of prefer to use my flexibility for other things, but I can see the use of being fluid~"

Of course, the only reason she had likely been able to even try to launch a counter-attack was that Alisa was acting with neither her full speed or full power, or else she might have been in a world of pain right about now!

Now hopefully this would work! Although her body might have become more endurable and she felt a bit stronger ever since she felt Asmodeus' power, it didn't change the fact that she was somewhat inexperienced in proper combat, something that had been evident in her actions up till now! Nonetheless, she felt kind of proud that she had at least attempted to launch a proper counter-attack on someone as powerful as Alisa! But it was clear that if she wanted to obtain the power she needed to protect her loved ones, she would need to practice a lot more!

#38Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:58 pm


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As the first of her strikes connected and her opponent staggered, Alisa left little chance for avoidance as her foe couldn't drop down to the ground fast enough inbetween the time it took the sculptress to deliver the straight punch to her torso, and the sweep immediately after.

Indeed, Alisa was holding back, enough not to grievously injure the girl whose power she now tried to groom... But not enough to allow her a window for a hasty counter. As the transforming mage fell down hands first, into a counter clockwise pivot, she'd swing her left leg out in an arc straight towards Alisa's head: She took the long path to reach her target - a circle as opposed to straight forward - which altough might help her generate power, it also made the attack slower to reach her, giving Alisa plenty of time to react.

She could have intercepted the girl with a much faster strike to her head using her now free right hand, and likely ending the battle. But she wouldn't do so, not when there was a much bigger lesson Esperia had to learn. Her high risk, high reward counter became far less fruitful while up close and personal against an opponent still fully capable of responding.

She held her ground, letting her foe believe she'd caught her off guard... Thus, Alisa let her commit to it, let her build momentum on that outstretched leg until it was next to impossible to change courses.

Her experience and ease of moving at a much faster speed had greatly honed Alisa's reflexes, and allowed her to make full use of them as she timed the last possible moment to unleash her counter: Then and only then, she bent her knees and lowered her stance slightly, then rose her defensively raised left arm in front of her head. While the former provided stability to better absorb the oncoming impact and prevent her from toppling over, the latter bent slightly with the elbow sticking out, ready to meet the oncoming kick with a much harder point of her body, which would quickly return all the power Esperia put in her strike right back to her leg.

Defense and offense, in a single motion of her elbow. A huffing grunt left her lips and her feet moved back slightly; alongside sharp pain in her elbow at the moment of impact, yet her foe would have undoubtedly been hurt more, even without taking the sculptress' endurance into consideration.

This wasn't enough though: With her coordination, Alisa further rolled and angle her right arm, just enough that she could correctly strike Esperia's head a snapping backfist aimed at her temple, taking advantage of the girl's lowered stance to make this attack much faster.

This bursting technique - the art of combining defense and counter attack in a single motion - was perhaps the most important lesson she could teach her. Both left and right arms moved in near unison, and the counter attack to Esperia's temple would strike no later than a tenth of a second after her kick hit Alisa's elbow

But unlike the elbow to the leg which relied solely on Esperia's own power to deal damage, the backfist would stop a mere inch before reaching its target, as Alisa would have gotten her point across. A punch like that to the temple could easily knock most people out cold...

"That's enough for now. I have a good idea of your level.", Alisa answered, softening and smiling genuinely once more. She'd offer the girl a hand if she had trouble standing, before chuckling at the comment, "I don't think you'll struggle with that particular flexibility~ Nor am I the one you should be asking anyway.", she'd pet the girl's head, only then telling her what she could teach, "I can teach you a thing or two about how to apply what you already know... Yet I feel you lack experience more than technique."

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on Sat Dec 23, 2017 5:37 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Mhmm~ I'm sure Fia will have no reason to complain!"

Esperia giggled sheepishly at Alisa's remark about her having no issues with 'that' type of flexibility, but then again... she was glad that her senior had decided it was enough practice for now. Although she might had recovered enough to be discharged from the hospital, that type of exercising left her somewhat sore and tired, understandable considering she had little actual combat experience. In fact, while she nodded in agreement to Alisa's remark about her lacking actual experience rather than technique the girl couldn't help but agree on the matter. Till she sparred against Alisa she had never fought before! Well, there was that time during Halloween, but she was aided by Agni at that time... so it didn't really count as her fighting by herself...

A soft tilt of her head followed as she stretched her arms slightly, hoping to get rid of the sore feeling, luckily the boon of a certain demon lord ensured she was bouncing around with energy but mere moments after the exhausting training ceased to be! Still, she wasn't sure what to think or expect next, so, for the time being, she looked at Alisa, seemingly expecting further guidance on the sculptress her decision on how to proceed further.

#40Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Dec 24, 2017 6:00 am


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"You still must get stronger though; there may come a time when you alone will have to protect her.", Alisa warned calm but sternly, knowing how there were many people stronger than herself, and some of them may one day become Esperia's enemies, "To not lose anyone, you have to become the strongest. Yet the path to get there is yours and yours alone."

Indeed, Esperia didn't really need Alisa to teach her technique. Even if she did, this rather noticeble difference in body type pretty much demanded the younger girl seek and master her own style instead of relying on Alisa's. But she still had something she could learn from a more experienced fighter: The universal principles and applications behind one of the styles Alisa employed.

"If you'd like, I can teach you the basics of a specific Sinese martial art.", she'd rub her chin softly and hook the other arm under her breasts, eyeing Esperia and gauging her interest in this offer.

Though Alisa expected her to master this style if she said yes, she didn't want her to blindly apply everything Alisa taught her. From this, she could hopefully pass on the philosophy of learning a new style while selectively adopting what she needed, and discarding everything else. If cute Takeover mage wasn't too sore and looked ready for a more theoretical, but still practical exercise, Alisa would begin.

"First off, assume this stance.", Alisa took the stance she first did when they fough, distributing her weight evenly between both legs, and aligning both hands with her centerline. She'd keep her her right hand further forward, and the left hand further back, both palms outstretched, "Then, throw a left vertical punch straight towards me, and try to match my movement."

Regardless of what speed Esperia threw the punch with, Alisa would deflect it down and away from her with a cicular motion of her right arm, pressing the back of her hand against the inside of Esperia's wrist. At this point, she'd throw a similar punch with her left arm, slow enough that the smaller girl could react and copy her motion, establishing contact and deflecting Alisa's arm down.

While she did so, the sculptress' right arm would circle back upwards, beginning a cycle where both of the girls' arms moved in the same direction - first clockwise, then counter clockwise - one upwards, and the other downwards.

"Next, you'll try to antecipate my movements. Don't focus on your eyes, but simply feel the pressure in my arms.", she'd continue explaining, her voice and soft and relaxed as her body, so much she could even close her eyes, "They call this exercise the 'sticky hands'"

This exercise would train Esperia's sensitivity, instincts and reflexes, teaching her to stick to her opponent, a lesson she could use when fighting at this range. Sometimes, Alisa would shift the pace of their movement, faster or slower, more or less pressure, sometimes threatening to sneak in a weak punch and seeing whether Esperia could keep deflecting.

She'd avoid any further techniques for now, and simply wait patiently until Esperia could properly stick to her...

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on Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:36 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

More training?! While the girl initially wanted to protest about the idea of yet another training session, Alisa's words did hold a lot of merit. There might have been a day in the future where she couldn't rely on her allies, where the only strength she could depend on was her own, and it was for that reason she needed to become stronger: so that she could protect those dear to her! Following Alisa's instructions, she distributed her weight evenly across both legs and aligned her hands at her centerline. Her right hand had been kept further forward, while her left was somewhat further back, her palms outstretched as she was clearly trying to copy the stance and memorize it to heart. It was at that point, in that moment that when she was instructed to throw her punch, that the Eisenberg launched a vertical punch straight at Alisa, seemingly a bit surprised at the skillful deflection, the circular motion of her right arm, the pressing of the back of her hand against Esperia's wrist had seemingly worked to deter the trajectory of her attack!

Of course, the exercise wasn't over just yet! the moment the left arm came punching inward Esperia moved her right arm into a circular deflection, trying to press the back of her hand against the inside of Alisa's wrist and push the arm downwards! It was a confusing exercise, but as the pattern repeated itself the obsidian-haired trickster understood sort of the reason behind it. Feeling the pressure of Alisa's muscles as she moved her arms for an attack and defending motion she was just in time to hear the name of the exercise. "Sticky hands? Why they call it that... it sounds almost like something Asmodeus would use for a technique name..."

Nonetheless, as the exercise continued her reflexes seemed to start honing in on the exercise, her motions becoming more fluid and flexible as she was clearly learning quick enough. She might have lacked experience and actual strength right now, but she was a quick and diligent student!

#42Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:12 am


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Esperia got the hang of it quickly enough... Though one might argue the pressure of a real fight made application of any and all techniques a difficult exercise - requiring long hours of disciplined training to get right - if one couldn't even pull them off in training, then they'd never be able to do so in practive. But Esperia clearly wouldn't face that problem at any point.

"I had a hunch you'd say that~", teased the sculptress, shifting the direction of rotation for both their arms, slipping in another right punch which Esperia smoothly parried, "With the demon lord of lust being your roomate and all~"

But as these words left her lips, Alisa understood it was finally time to up the difficulty and teach Esperia another little exercise. She'd exemplify it first, her loose, relaxed body showing no hints of an incoming attack. That movement, however, happened when her right hand stood at its highest point during the counter clockwise spin, right before the movement reversed directions.

Right at the moment when they started moving again, Alisa suddenly rolled both elbows in a bursting, exploding movement. Her right hand, which had been resting against Esperia's left wrist, rolled down and grabbed the girl's right wrist instead. At the same time, her left arm rolled upwards, crossed against esperia's left forearm as it stretched forward and extended, in a vertical punch towards the shorter girl's chest:

"Now, try attacking me, faster before i have a chance to defend.", she'd explain, stopping her punch mere inches from its mark, then returning her hands to that perpetual back and forth circling they were doing first, "Speed, swiftness, agility... When you move, you must leave no openings for your opponent to react; offense and defense must be one fluid motion."

Indeed to pull this off, Esperia needed to strike as fast as possible, conbining all of these movements into one single, fluid motion of both arms. If she set up before landing the attack, then Alisa could easily deflect whatever punch she threw. This would teach her to initiate any motion with an attack.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:22 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The motion had come rather suddenly, and with the lack of a sign to warn her of it, there was little chance for the untrained lass to be able to counter such an attack. It was difficult for her to grasp such a concept, to fight without showing any signs of a potential attack, to make each motion be able to turn into an attack within the blink of an eye. Perhaps it was due to inexperience that she didn't entirely grasp the concept, but Alisa was a good tutor, to say the least. And so she tried her best, repeating the same motion, although unlike Alisa the trained sculptress would no doubt notice the slight tensing in Esperia's arm the moment she turned the harmless motion into a straight punch toward her chest!

It was only after that attack was made that Esperia finally dropped her arms to her side and sighed softly. "Uguu~ pillows aren't made for punching, they are made for squeezing..." Clearly, she was displeased with the type of training, and who could blame her? She could think of at least one thousand and one reasons that there were better things to do to Alisa's pillows than trying to punch them!

"I mean--- let's do something else~ something that doesn't involve martial arts! I think I got my daily dose of that already." A sheepish giggle escaped her lips while she looked at Alisa, idly wondering if she had any thoughts or ideas of her own.

#44Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:21 pm


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That attack would feel more like a love tap than anything else as indeed, Alisa took no pleasure in beating up a cute girl, not to mention they weren't even fighting anymore. The training wasn't as fruitless as Esperia herself seemed to find it, as her reflexes were getting faster with each punch, and she seemed to have no issues parrying Alisa while concentrated talking to her... Or rather, making perverted jokes as was her habit:

"Well, there's a time and place for everything~", she teased, letting out a giggle as she nonetheless pulled her hands back soon after. She couldn't really turn Esperia into a master fighter in a single day, nor would she try to lest she give the wrong idea. She'd gotten the girl on the right path though, whether she'd keep following it was completely up to her, "Very well. Come on then, I'll buy you something to eat."

After that fight, both of them could use the little treat. Esperia might have struggled harder, yet Alisa had been training for a good couple of hours before running into her in the first place. Thus, nodding towards the edge of the park, Alisa rested her hand on the shorter girl's shoulder and started heading off in that direction. Despite the veil of clouds in the sky, occasional beams of sunlight pierced their way through. Those early hours of the morning had finally passed, and surely enough they soon started seeing more people up and about.

"So, where would you like to go?", asked the sculptress, tilting her head slightly, tucking a lock of black hair behind her ear. Though populated, the street they'd soon arrive at was far from crowded, with plenty of cafe's and bakeries they could choose from...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:24 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Indeed, there was a time and place for everything, and when Alisa seemingly decided that training was over the girl could barely contain her excitement, happily clapping her hands together and nodding her head a few times in approval. "Now that is more like it!" In the end, everyone knew that eating delicious snacks and drinking yummy beverages was unlikely to involve punching or kicking stuff in the process! With the two of them wandering along the street as dawn turned into morning the question about where she would want to go next was eagerly met with a pointing gesture at a nearby bakery that was selling some cute-looking snacks and pastries!

"That bakery has some really cute designs~ I hear they wake up super early in the morning to finish the preparations themselves... now that is dedication!"
And it was worth it, just looking at the various bread, pies, cakes and other sweet delicacies they had on display made it clear that their effort was accompanied by clear skill and expertise!

This time it seemed the obsidian-haired trickster was the one taking the lead, her hand attempting to gently latch onto Alisa's own to guide her into the bakery as she hummed softly. "So many choices~" However, she had already decided the moment she set her gaze upon one particular delicacy: a large puffy melon bread. She might not have been a certain midget who would scream shut-up! three times in a row, but she certainly could admire the taste of a good melon bread!

#46Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:43 am


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Esperia looked excited to finish her training... Too excited in Alisa's opinion. The sculptress herself had realized the importance of these skills far too late in her life to do anything to change the worst parts of it. It left her obsessed with the power she lacked at a time when she needed it most, as if becoming the strongest now could perhaps change her past weakness. No matter... She'd keep on doing her best training Esperia as much as she could - perhaps her more motivated sister could help get the point across.

Perhaps Snowflake would have better luck finding a training method for Esperia like Alisa did for Liana...

She could think about that later though; as the moment fighting left Alisa's mind and her heartrate dropped to resting pace, she started feeling an aching emptiness in her middle, soon followed by a scarcely audible growl.

"Mmm, I can defenitely agree with that~", Alisa nodded, smiling as she thought about all those times she'd woken up before daybreak just to get some training done. Plus, as the two girls approached it, that delicious smell of freshly baked pastries assaulted their nostrils with a vengeance, tempting them over before they had any choice in the matter, "Smells delicious too~", she'd comment, closing her eyes and sniffing the air with graceful delight.

They soon stepped inside their chosen bakery, and while Alisa quickly picked herself a nice looking croissant, Esperia had her eyes on something else entirely, something so fitting to make her lips widen into a smirk and tease the girl some more:

"Melon bread huh~?", she teased, sounding like that was exactly the kind of thing someone like Esperia might choose. She had a giggle at her expense, but finally turned to the waitress and ordered her meal, "I'll have a warm croissant and a latte."

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:06 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Mhmmm~ soft and fluffy and delicious!" Esperia exclaimed with a bright grin as the waitress nodded lightly at the order the two of them made before returning back to work. After the training just now Esperia had to admit she was rather hungry, almost starving even so to say that she could eat a whole bakery's supply of melon breads would not been an understatement! Nonetheless, she couldn't help but ponder about something as they were waiting on their meals.

Although Asmodeus was a Demon Lord, she kind of doubted that she would rely on martial arts for her choice of combat, no... Asmodeus seemed much more magical inclined from what she heard from stories and folklore, so after a moment she looked up at Alisa and inquired with a hint of curiosity in her voice.  "I wonder what type of magic Asmodeus uses. Do you know anything about her capacities or abilities and such?"

Since Alisa had such an 'interesting' encounter with the Demon Lord she couldn't help but hope if she had learned anything valuable during their interactions. Fortunately for them the waitress soon arrived with their orders a moment afterwards, giving Alisa a chance to momentarily distract Esperia from the subject, or rather it seemed the sight of the melon bread did, for the obsidian-haired trickster's eyes were sparkling with a familiar glint of innocent excitement as she happily held one in her hands.

"Hehe~ Croissants, that certainly is an elegant choice of a snack~"

#48Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:08 pm


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She too awaited calmly as the waitress brought her favorite breakfast meal, coolly concealing her eagerness far better than Esperia ever could... Then again, her inner demon was all about flaunting one's indulgent wishes; in a way there was far more to indulgence than simple sex. Plus, those melon breads she chose looked rather delicious to begin with.

"Is that so~? Well, I guess I'll try a bit if you wouldn't mind.", she chuckled slightly, the likely euphemism not lost on her yet the sweet taste of the treat enticing her nonetheless. Soon, both of them sat down and Alisa crossed her legs gracefully, raising an eyebrow at the girl's question... Unfortunately, her knowledge didn't stretch that far... She knew of the demon lords and the vices associated with them, she also knew how some mages successfully summoned them as Take Over entities... But not much more. She scratched her head softly, an almost apologetic look appearing on her face for the briefest moment, "I'm sorry, but I do not... The only one I do know is Lucifer, who wields fire. Frost seems unlikely however, as does Earth."

The best Alisa could do was rule out elements... As that finger moved to her chin, she soon lost herself in her train of thought, only to pay attention to her surroundings once more once the waitress brought her coffee. With an appreciating nod, she poured some sugar into the cup and stirred it:

"Indeed~", Alisa confirmed with a nod, and an almost philosophical observation, "Yet for some reason, the most elegant pastries also happen to be the finest tasting?"

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:27 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A slight tilt of her head followed in response to Alisa's explanation about the demon lords... it appeared they were associated with the various elemental powers that one possessed. However, she couldn't help but wonder what type of element that Asmodeus had in her possession. Nonetheless, the subject quickly changed into something different when the pastries arrived, the sight of the melon bread clearly invigorating her excitement and when Alisa commented about having a taste she girl's body jolted lightly, making her quickly remark with a grin. "Umm, umm~ Only if you offer something equally nice!"

In the end the melon bread looked very delicious, so it was understandable that she wanted something nice in return for something delicious like this! And maybe she was being a bit silly also, for she lightly extended the melon bread into the direction of Alisa.

"I don't know, sometimes they are too elegant and eating them might be sinful!"

A sheepish grin lingered on her lips as she took another bite from the melon bread. A short pause followed while she seemingly had gone lost in thoughts once more. She couldn't help but wonder about everything that had happened recently... It was all quite a lot for her to take in, and yet she couldn't help but feel both nervous and excited about this all.

"Say Alisa~ How many people are there in Blue Pegasus?"

#50Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:18 am


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"I can just buy you another one~", Alisa winked, knowing this offer would surely tempt her smaller companion.

Who said temptation always had to come down to sex? Though knowing Esperia, the thought might very well have ocurred to her at some point.

"No such thing, I'm afraid~", explained the ever artistic sculptress, wriggling a finger. As an artist herself, she obviously knew what she was talking about, the principle she was about to say, "Some forms of art stay beautiful forever, to be admired by countless onlookers... Others remain such for only a fleeting moment, but will instead live on potentially for ever in the minds of the few who experienced them. Surely you can already guess which one this is~"

And Alisa definitely believed she knew what she was talking about, hardly acknowledging how some artists might feel differently. But she had no doubt master patissiers fell into the latter category, and no doubt Esperia would see that as well. With this delectable introduction, Alisa no longer had it in her to simply look at her croissant and took a dainty, experimental bite:

"This one defenitely lives up to the expectations~", she'd say after humming in approval, hand raised over her mouth as she ate. Though the next question made Alisa tense for a brief moment, scratching her forehead and looking away. She had absolutely no clue, and didn't really feel like admitting it... But she did so anyways, only as stylishly as ever, "More than I can count really~"

A loner like her truly didn't know, as she'd never met plenty of the memebers, especially some of the newer ones...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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