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Forbidden Fruit [Alisa]

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on Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:51 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

How long had it been since she was able to enjoy the freedom of being able to leave the hospital without having a worried Gerard or a nurse chasing after her to beckon her back inside? The news that she was officially considered healed was reassuring, to say the least, but the fact that it was not exactly a natural recovery was a less pleasant revelation.

Of course she didn't tell the doctor about it, She wanted to, planned to even but whenever she was on the verge of trying to tell them something stopped her, an insecure feeling overwhelming her as she changed the subject.

Indeed, the girl known as Esperia Von Eisenberg was not an ordinary human being. It were words spoken by another person, of course, she didn't know what the Alpha of that pack meant with those words, at least not till that encounter. She briefly closed her eyes, feeling her mind reaching for something, or rather someone when suddenly she felt as if her reality had slipped into two halves.

At one side she was still standing beneath the shade of a large tree within Baska, but part of her consciousness, of her very soul, had slipped into a different place. A stylish throne-room surrounded her, and on top of the grandiose throne 'she' was seated.

"How unusual~ It's not often that you visit me out of your own initiative~" The mysterious being hummed in amusement, a hand resting on the arm of the throne while the other was rested against her cheek. "What can I do for you today darling~"

For a moment Esperia found her body tensing up, feeling as if the 'danger' level of this lady was at an equal level as a certain busty lady that was her senior at the Blue Pegasus guild, yet the nature of the danger was of an entirely different type.

"I want to know if you spoke the truth last time." Esperia's words coaxed a little chuckle from the lady, adjusting herself so she was now leaning somewhat forward, and for a moment Esperia averted her gaze to avoid noticing the not so subtle bounce of the demon her bust. "About what? I have only spoken of truth and facts since we finally started interacting~"

The words made Esperia shake her head firmly as she focused her gaze on the woman and after taking a deep breath replied in a tone that was oddly serious for her. "About whether you truly are what you claim to be. I don't... I won't permit you to endanger those I hold dear to me."

It appeared those words made a spark of interest stir in the demon as she rose from her seat and stepped forward, descending toward the obsidian-haired girl and inquired with a smirk. "How do you plan to confirm that?"

Of course, she knew just revealing the existence of this being to Fia or Liana would be too dangerous, so instead, she had to approach this with a different plan. "By getting the help of someone who will know how to deal with one like you."

And as if on cue she just saw the aforementioned lady jogging along the path that led to the small park, making Esperia raise a hand toward her with a waving gesture. "Alisa~" Hopefully this would be a good idea...

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on Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:55 am


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A time of the day when the early birds sung louder than the few people up and about, where even a gentle breeze could be heard nigh perfectly. Indeed, the ideal time for a sporty, early riser like Alisa looked pretty much like this, with dewdrops yet dotting leaves and overhangs, despite the thick, dark cloak of clouds blocking what little sun might have been. A dark, damp and somewhat cold autumn morning, so much it might indeed appear odd to see a lone woman jogging around in so reduced an outfit, baring her toned arms, flat midriff, and a good part of her full breasts under a tight sports bra.

Her tight shorts stretched down to about halfway through her calves, and a pair of dark sneakers covered her feet, splashing though the still somewhat wet cobblestones after last night's rain. She'd been jogging for the better part of an hour, enough to already feel a sight burn all over her legs, and faint numbness in her throat for breathing in the chilly air, yet she still had plentiful juice left; after having ran several day long marathons, one hour jogging barely classified as a warmup.

That said, her choice of outfit suggested something else entirely... Between the guarded shins and padded knuckles, the blue sportswear Alisa wore screamed combat gear, and indeed that's exactly how she planned on finishing her training. She'd gone the extra mile and eaten nothing but a glass of orange juice and a banana for breakfast, she could always eat something else when she finishing, regardless of whether or not she found a sparring partner or something to punch.

Almost as important as the exercise though, was clearing her head, setting aside her worries in a way such that her unshakable cool confidence all but demanded. Though not all might classify as worries, Alisa defenitely had plenty on her mind right now, between the stunning Xandra who she just kept getting closer to, and the adorable Liana who had earned the sculptress' affection in a way nobody else had, becoming her first and only student... These feelings screaming loud enough that she didn't even oggle the other passing jogger - at least not as much as she normally might have - simply appraising the woman's figure as she passed her and not really bothering to rear her head back for a better look...

Easily the first person she'd seen on the street today huh... Alisa smiled at this though, exactly the kind of workout she enjoyed, by herself without anybody to bother her. Sure, she enjoyed the company of one or two friends, but for the most part, she'd much rather be left alone. The air felt even damper as she went through the park, the rustling leaves signalling the wind's passages, but otherwise blocking it somewhat. She could feel it, or rather, not feel it brushing her sweat slicked skin; and as much as she tolerated the cold, this weakened breeze felt much more comfortable; just the right amount to keep her fresh, but not enough to leave her chilly.

But soon, she heard someone call out to her... Someone who should be in the hospital. The doctors had good hopes for Esperia's condition, stating it was just a matter of time before she recovered. Yet seeing her here made Alisa happy, but also worried. Either the doctor was incompetent, or something had happened that somebody hadn't told her about:

"Esperia...?", greeted Alisa, her surprise fading into a nonchalant, but delighted smile at the sight of her new guildmate, brushing her sweat drenched hair behind her ear, away from her face so she could better set those cool, wine red eyes on the odd colored eyed girl, "It's very lovely to see you, but... Shouldn't you be resting?"

She'd rub her cheek softly as she approached her, appraising Esperia's form, almost as if to detect any forms of obvious ailment. She didn't, but she sensed a troubled hint on the girl's face, and soon set her gaze on those lovely, exotic eyes she had...

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on Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:00 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Alisa's concern was appreciated, to the point it made the lips of the obsidian-haired girl curve upwards into a little smile, but just as much as those thoughts were appreciated, they were also unneeded, something the girl soon explained with her usual soft and sweet-sounding voice. "Don't worry~ Don't worry~ The doctors discharged me yesterday." The girl explained as she pulled her hands gently behind her back, fingers hooking together as she took a step forward to stop right in front of the sculptress. "But that's part of the reason I came to seek you out." The girl admitted with a hint of hesitation in her voice. She was still uncertain about her plan, and she could feel the demon stirring in amusement within her mind, but right now was not the time for insecurities, she had to do this if she wanted to protect those dear to her.

"Are you busy right now?" The girl inquired with a little smile as she gestured with a swaying motion of her hand toward the nearby path with the intention for them to continue walking so that Alisa could continue her exercising in a way.

"You likely heard it from the doctors or Lia... About the fact that it's unnatural for me to have survived those injuries." She smiled weakly as she took a few steps forwards before continuing. "The injury to my back should have left me paralyzed for the rest of my life, and the Lycan curse should have killed me the moment my body rejected the change into one." It was a harsh truth, but she was clearly aware that her survival had not been a normal something. "Nothing short of a miracle everyone calls it." She smiled briefly, seemingly looking as if she was glad she had indeed survived, but after a moment she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "But it wasn't a miracle that saved me."

Ominous words for sure, but she planned to clarify the meaning of them and so she opened her eyes, gazing straight into Alisa's own as she confessed. "The truth is that someone saved me..." A hand raised to her own chest, her fingers resting at the spot her heart was at when she explained with a tone that clearly betrayed her concern and restlessness. "Someone who is inside me..." The girl whispered softly, recalling the earlier encounter with the demon as she continued.

"She calls herself 'Asmodeus', but I don't think that's her real name. I can't really describe it, but it's as if I know her, but her name slips out of my reach... Like, I never met her before till that dream while I was in a comatose, but yet she feels so familiar, as if I have known her my entire life."

The girl finally stopped, her body trembling lightly as she reached with a hand for Alisa's own, hoping to grasp it gently to find some reassurance when she continued. "But she scares me... I don't know who she is, or what she truly wants. I... I'm scared of what she might do to those I care for."

Her gaze shifted slightly to the side, as if she felt ashamed to admit what she was about to tell. "I'm too terrified of the consequences her existence might cause... Both to Lia and Fia..." The latter was a name likely unfamiliar to Alisa, but Esperia's thoughts were too chaotic right now to realize as she pleaded softly. "Can you please talk to her? Figure out who she is, what she is and what she wants?"

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on Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:41 am


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The girl looked cheery and confident towards her recovery, as she had every right to be considering, well, how quick it had been considering the degree of the injury. Unlike what the doctors thought, Alisa didn't for a moment believe Esperia might be well and truly bedridden for life: In this world filled with magic, she yet had a fighting chance, a fair probability of one day finding a healing magic strong enough to cure her ailment. Alas, such a thing proved either unncessary, or she had external help. And her next words confirmed the latter, with the look on Esperia's face confirming Alisa's earlier worry as well.

She was still in the middle of training, but Esperia's condition was such that Alisa would soon prioritize her well being over a training regimen she could just as easily complete later. Thus, she shook her head, "Not at all...", smiling and waving her hand, then nodding towards the nearest bench and sitting down. The wood still felt wet after tonight's rain, easily chilling her behind enough that an average person might wince as it soaked through her warm, sweaty training gear. Yet Alisa betrayed none of this and simly tilted her head slightly, inviting Esperia to sit with her, "What's on your mind?"

Alisa sat and listened patiently to Esperia's first hand account, as all she knew of the matter were information obtained from the doctors and Liana. Her smile promptly faded at the unpleasant prospect of that injury costing her life, a sight leaving Alisa's lips as she nonetheless acknowedlegd the truth. Nodding in agreement, she reached one hand to her chin, all but squishing that forearm between her bust as she agreed how Esperia's deep seething hatred for Lycans might undoubtedly have caused her body to reject the transformation into one:

"That actually makes perfect sense...", she'd comment, letting the girl carry on with her tale.

Just like how Alisa claimed she'd sooner die than become a dark mage, even if her own darkness had brought her quite close to that label if in all but name only. Her expression wouldn't have shifted at all once the girl mentioned it hadn't been a miracle saving her. Alisa already knew this, not to mention she had a hard time believing in miracles. Yet she couldn't disguise the hint of interest that all but made her lean her head a bit closer, and her eyes finally narrowed when Esperia explained the reason.

She knew a man who shared one such bond with the demon Lucifer, enabling him to use Satan Soul magic, and there was a good chance Esperia would now find herself endowed with a similar ability. Alisa sighed, tilting her head down and looking at the gravel, shifting under her feet. That contemplative look on her face became all the more visible as she stared up into the sky, almost as if she were considering how to answer.

Had Esperia told her this over two years ago, Alisa would have desperately tried to cleanse her of this curse no matter what. Her hatred of demons and dark mages was such at that time, that the only reason why she wouldn't have killed the vessel was her own budding friendship with the girl herself. But now, Alisa had changed as well... She still held no love for demons, but no longer saw them as invariably evil... Those who bore their power even less so. Just like any other power, whether it was good or evil depended solely on its user, and she had a sufficient amount of faith in what Esperia might use it for...

"Power is simply power... Light or darkness, angels and demons... They don't necessarilly equate to notions of good or evil, which aren't too far off from beauty in that sense: All of them exist in the eye of the beholder first and foremost.", she'd look at Esperia and smile reassuringly, a simple look that spoke volumes on its own. She didn't believe Esperia would end up hurting her loved ones, but that didn't mean she could get careless. Thankfully, those same friends she worried about hurting would be with her every step of the way, ready to guide her, " Stay true to your path, and keep your friends close so they may prevent you from straying away."

She didn't know if her message would get through to the frightened Esperia who had to deal with this entity in her body, a feeling Alisa didn't understand, nor could she in any way. She didn't know who Fia was, but she could always ask her about it later. She scooted a bit closer to the odd eyed girl, enough to rest a hand on her shoulder and look her in the eyes:

"Indeed, this power has a different nature: it's simply rent paid by th tenant who now resides inside your body. I'll wager your ability to make her strength your own, to bend it to your will, shall require some manner of mutual understanding with the demon itself.", but her next words would gain a sterner, graver hint, frowning as she gripped Esperia's shoulder a bit tighter, "But you should never fear it... If you do, you're letting it have power over you. Do you understand?", she'd wait for a nod, any sign of acknowledgement on Esperia's part, then and only then would a confident smirk return to her face, "Now, use your abilities, and I'll have a little chat with it. If it's living inside your body, you should be able to take it over at will."

This should be all the agreement the now Take Over mage could ever need, assuming it was indeed a Demon Lord Takeover like the one Lucifer used. On her end, Alisa prepared to come face to face with yet another of these demons, whose name and abilities she studied earlier in her quest, however she could.

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on Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:07 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Alisa's explanation made a lot of sense, in the end even her sister who had been a Holy Knight believed that it was not the origins of a power, but its wielder that decided the true nature of the ability at their disposal. "Stay true to my path..." The words brought a little smile to her lips as she continued with a cheerful tone. "Of course I want to continue being with Lia and Fia no matter what happens!" It was obvious what type of path the girl would travel, a path surrounded by love and friendship, in the end, despite her past and perverted nature there was no denying that Esperia was a gentle soul at heart and possessed a strong moral compass.

However, Alisa's comment stirred something else inside the girl, about how she would not need to fear this power, that she should never let it have power over her. Determination emerged within her heart while she nodded her head firmly in response. "I understand, I'll try to call her out."

Esperia whispered with a nervous smile on her lips as she rose from the bench and took a few steps forwards, taking a little spinning turn at the spot so that she now faced her senior. For a moment the girl tilted her head slightly to the side, a hand resting against her cheek as she pondered about something. Taking a deep breath the girl suddenly shifted her pose lightly, a swaying motion with her hand following as she spoke just loud enough for the two to hear her. "Come Forth: Asmodeus!"


But nothing happened? Blinking in confusion the girl's cheeks flushed up into a crimson hue as she fidgeted slightly on the spot. "I-I-I don't know how to do this!" She briefly looked at Alisa with a pleading look that would have reminded one of a puppy when suddenly she heard something in her mind. A familiar voice whispering a long-forgotten word, and almost as if she was trapped within a daze her eyes softened their gaze, a hand resting on top of her chest as she whispered softly, her voice turning as sweet as honey as one word left her lips. "Luxuria"

It seemed this had been the keyphrase the duo had been looking for, because all of a sudden a cocoon of obsidian light started to coil around her, an intense magical energy pulsing from within and yet after a moment the cocoon seemed to implode inwards, the energy molding around a humanoid figure that finally revealed itself, or rather herself.

A tall obsidian-haired female revealed itself, yet to call it a mere human would have been the greatest understatement of the century. Her tall and slender frame, pure almost silken-like skin that was free from scars or blemishes, the yellow irises that gazed at Alisa with a mixture of excitement and curiosity, the ample well-developed bust that was nicely contained within a long white dress and the exotic almost intoxicating scent of the stranger were already enough to describe her looks as otherworldly alluring, and the pair of horns that rested on top of her head confirmed it was clearly not a human. Yet, her first choice of words likely would have stirred a hint of curiosity within the Femme Fatale.

The stranger's gaze focused on Alisa, a hand cupping her cheek in the similar gesture Esperia did earlier when she was thinking when the female spoke. "Hmm, so that's her plan? It's a logical decision to make. After all, out of everyone we know you're the one who knows how to handle me the best... isn't that right, A~Li~Sa?" Slowly stepping forward the demon smiled playfully at her, each fragment of her senior's name causing a slight sway of the temptress her body till she stopped right before Alisa.

"Still, it's been quite a while since I took this form... Hmm yes, I think it's likely been... nineteen years?" Hands playfully folded behind her back as she leaned toward Alisa and hummed softly. "But you're unlikely here to compliment me on the fact I retained my charming looks, right?"

A little mischievous giggle escaped her lips as her eyes softened their gaze and she whispered temptingly. "But I'm feeling like a nice girl lately, so I'll play along with the 'Questions' Game~ I'll even throw in a little bonus: The name people gave me is 'Asmodeus', but... I'm not exactly... the same Asmodeus from your stories~ At least, not anymore~" The demon hummed with a smile.

Yep, it seemed Alisa would have her hands full with this 'Asmodeus'!

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on Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:06 am


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Esperia conjured her resolve and nodded almost endearingly, but still commanding enough respect for Alisa to let her proceed. Take Over magic could pose serious danger to those ignorant of its functioning, and this really seemed like one of those cases. That reason alone would have prompted Alisa to be careful, leaving her on standby, ready to cast spells should the need arise. She carefully followed Esperia's every motion as she stood up and prepared her transformation, but then, nothing happened...

Nothing happened, right...? Because it defenitely looked like it...

Alisa rubbed behind her neck, scratching it softly, not really knowing what to say. She couldn't exactly say, 'You're doing it wrong, that's not how you summon a demon into posessing you'. Thus, her expression would be almost excusing as she rubbed that damp spot atop her nape, right beneath her hairline: "The one I met who used such a magic, used some manner of code word. I'd wager yours is something related to..."

Lust. That's exactly what she said, and the following result all but confirmed Alisa's suspicion: Esperia had indeed come across a similar magic to Lucifer's even if she hadn't yet reached the point where she'd introduce herself with the demon's own name, Asmodeus.

Once that black light surrounded Esperia, she knew the spell had worked. It looked similar enough to Lucifer's usage of the magic, and even if it hadn't, it's not as if it would leave any doubts in its wake. Thus, while Alisa's brow raised at the initial display, it calmed soon after into a calm, focused look, as she was now dealing with an entity not to be trifled with. The light would contract and hug itself around a rather feminine, voluptuous shape, fitting of the deadly sin it embodied, almost as fitting as her coice of words:

"'The one to handle you best'...", mulled a pondering Alisa, cocking her head, tapping her cheek, narrowing her eyes as a hearty, elegant laughter left her lips... Soon followed by a delighted, somewhat confident smirk as she concluded, "So that's her opinion of me huh?", Alisa crossed her legs in a slow, elegant fashion, casually resting one hand on one knee, which the other soon joined after flipping her long hair, "I'm unsure whether to feel flattered or insulted~"

Or so she said, yet Alisa's confidence, vanity, and thorough awareness of her beauty easily made her a natural temptress, one of the few capable of rivalling even a demon such as this. Further aided by a fairly decent closeness towards Esperia... Thus even this faint crossing of her legs took an almost seductive hint without her even knowing this, her slow, graceful movements assisted by the flattering tightness of her sporting pants; highlighting the shapeliness of her legs which Alisa herself often deemed one of her best assets.

"I'd say you look ravishing for your age, but then again, doesn't seem like you need to hear it from me, now, do you~?", she pointed out somewhat teasingly, that self assured smirk widening with a keen eyed glint of awareness. She wasn't shy about indulging though, appraising the demonic woman's appealing hourglass shape with a slow, casual but intriged scan down her height, than back up to those mysterious amber eyes as an approving hum left her plush lips. As somewho who thrived in vanity, she could recognize it in others as easily as breathing. Everything about this demon - Asmodeus - seemed planned and pondered to arouse and titilate: So much that even though Alisa found her predictably attractive, very much so, she understood when she was playing right into another's hand.

And she hated being played or controlled, so much she didn't pay her sensual body any further attention beyond that initial inspection. Her face looked rather pleasant as well either way... But then, she knew of only one absolute truth when talking to demons: Demons lie. She'd keep her eyes peeled those of her friend's posessed form, that scrutinizing gaze capable of peering the truth from even the least willing of targets.

"Let me guess... Lilith?", spoke Alisa as sharply as ever. After so long of studying demons, she knew quite a fair bit about them, and this comment alone might hint at how much. Yet she had no interest in prying into Asmodeus' past as that of no consequence to her. Resting one arm behind the bench, she turned to face the voluptuous in full, a serious look in her eyes as she revealed what she really cared about, "But, let's start with something simple... What do you want with her?"

Nodding towards the woman herself made her question quite clear, what were her plans for the innocent girl she now wore as a meatsuit?

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on Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:16 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A hearty chuckle escaped the demon her lips, clearly amused at Alisa's words, and with a spark of mischief in her eyes she replied in a playful melodious tone. "My dear Alisa~ We both already know well enough that out of all people Esperia knows you're the one who is most talented at dealing with perverts and playing the teasing game, and I can assure you that both those talents are highly in demand when dealing with me."

A playful hum followed as she clapped her hands together in a joyeous gesture, a sheepish grin on her lips. "Mai~ Mai~ You do know how to flatter my dear, then again I'd say you're quite stunning yourself."

Yet as their conversation continued the demon was asked about her name, causing the woman to puff out her cheeks in a playful pout. "Bingo~ Still, didn't take you long to figure out~" Yet what followed was something curious, a question that went straight to the point, making her smile fade away for a moment as she pondered with a more serious expression upon her face. "What I want with Esperia hmm?" It was an understandable question to ask, and after a moment the demon's eyes softened a little as she hummed softly. "I guess the closest answer I can give to you that isn't a sugar-coated lie would be: To ensure the little girl's survival~"

Yet after a moment, her lips curved up into a little grin as she asked with a clear hint of amusement in her tone. "But I bet you're not satisfied with an answer as vague as that. In the end, it would be akin to teasing that leaves you all high and dry."

She smiled warmly while stretching her arms upwards into the air, the motion pushing her bust slightly forwards as she continued as if she was having a casual conversation with a friend.

"The Eisenberg family has played my jailer for generations, silly little church thought that sealing me inside a human being and keeping them within their grasp was just the solution they needed. Clearly, they are a bit overconfident if they think restraining me is that simple~"

A soft chuckle followed at those words, and judging from their tone it was clear she was mocking them, even if somewhat playfully. "It became a recurring thing really, the Eisenberg were given a special magical ritual that led to their offspring to always be girls, one each generation being chosen as my vessel. For generations, it's been like this, but then something happened even I couldn't expect."

She wrapped her arms lightly around herself, her cheeks flushing up lightly as she spoke, her tone softening and just from the way she was speaking it clearly was evident the emotions she felt right now were much more intense than before.

"A host appeared whose compatibility with me was off the charts~ She's such a precious cupcake. Surely you must have noticed Alisa~ The fact that little Espy is overflowing with lust." A playful giggle escaped her lips as she continued. "Lust and love are so close to one another, and it's when both cross the boundaries that they become the most delicious."

She licked her lips like a hungry predator while she explained a bit further. "Isn't it curious how someone with no experience has such a desire for romance, such a lust for it even, to the point it is akin to an obsession. That night at the Halloween party was when I understood her compatibility."

She grinned while stepping backward, a little spin of her body briefly causing her to face Alisa with her back as she hummed softly. "Oh how much she desires and loves her at the same time, but her adoration for her best friend restrain her."

She turned to Alisa, slowly stepping toward her till she attempted to quite sensually straddle down onto the Femme Fatale. "But the stronger those feelings became, the stronger my presence stirred. But then a little problematic thing happened: She nearly got herself killed~"

She shook her head lightly, an unusual look of regret on her face, but something seemed a bit off about the sorrowful expression. "As a result I had to step in and lend a hand by properly coming out of hiding from the deepest reaches of her soul~ Why exactly did I do this? In the end, if Esperia dies without a offspring I'd be free once more..."

And then it happened, her lips curving into a mischievous grin of enjoyment as she revealed her reason why. "It's because my greatest desire is the very girl whose body I possess. I want to see where her journey takes her, the consequences of her desires, her answers to them... but above all, the lust she feels is of such a pure quality it makes even me get wet~"

Yet considering the first question to be properly answered she inquired with a grin. "Now it's my turn to ask a question~ Say Alisa, do you know what would happen to Esperia if she was unwilling or unable to act upon her lustful feelings?"

Slowly she leaned forward, pressing her bosom against the Blue Pegasus senior while she whispered temptingly, not without trying to take a little nip at the lady's ear at the end of her sentence. "She'd get herself killed."

Finally, she pulled back and looked to see the reaction of the crystal sculptress. "And this I can assure you is no lie: The source of my power, is lust~ As a result those emotions are very powerful, to the point that if they are left unsatisfied it will start to harm Esperia, to the point that a long-term resistance would kill her without failure, even I can't aid her then."

She gently raised her hands in an effort to press them on Alisa's shoulders while whispering softly. "So what's your next question my dear~"

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on Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:07 am


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"Heh... Guess I'll give you points for honestly...", snickered the sculptress, unsurprised at hearing a lust demon introducing herself as a pervert.

She'd shift herself further upon the bench, bending one leg atop it to properly face the not so mysterious demoness, raising an eyebrow wondering whether how much her flattered demeanor was the real thing or just a play. She'd end up wondering this thoroughtout most of this exchange, yet the woman's eager praise had the crystal user tugging down her top, vainly adjusting her outfit despite looking all sweaty like this:

"Why thank you~", a bit of genuine appreciation peered through as the woman's casual, melodic toned trailed off into a charming giggle, reaching that hand over her mouth, "Oh the woes of being famous..."

For Esperia to be alive huh... As much as she didn't trust this demon, she had no doubt of the honesty behind these words. Lacking a host meant severely limiting Asmodeus' influence in this world, even if every book she read suggested this particular demon Lord detested being bound, no doubt as much as Lucifer.

"Indeed, was it that obvious?", she'd ask cool and somewhat rethorically, as clearly both of them knew fully well that information meant very little. She'd raise the forearm resting upon the back of the bench, leaning her head on that hand as she calmly hung on the demon's every word, ready to sift truth from lies and half truths

The real story began after this point, with Asmodeus/Lilith promptly explaining how Esperia's family had been groomed for the purpose of guarding this demon's soul for generations, how the girl's lustful nature had been a selected trait throught all that time, for hopes of breeding compatible vessels. Alisa had to wonder how counterproductive this might be, as these hosts would ultimately grow more susceptible to the demon's own influence.

But then, her tone shifted...

Unlike the poorly concealed scorn towards the Eisenberg family, her love towards the one member she now inhabited palpable, more than enough to touch Alisa's empathy had her glacial guard been down. As she went on about the extent of her appreciation for her vessel, Asmodeus sought ever closer physical contact with the tall fighter, who wouldn't flinch at all. She'd allow her to straddle her lap without any sign of resistance, unabashed at the sudden closeness, or the increasingly salacious words from her lips, simply turning forward for properly stretch her legs.

Hell, even her hands readily reached for the demoness' lustruous obsidian hair, idly twirling it, delighting at how soft it felt, at how everything about her provided the ultimate feast for the senses...

On the other hand, the sculptress' mind wouldn't yield at all: Alisa's willpower, her discipline... It came somewhat as a side effect of trying to rein in the unyielding force of her hatred, of her hunger for vengeance...

But after quelling the force of her wrath, her lust, althought no less impressive, was easily dealt with in turn. Her pride however, posed a different problem altogether, as it grew exponentially with every such achievement, fanned by this ever growing vanity... But then, this really wasn't a demon of Pride now, was it?

Unlike Alisa, Esperia apparently no longer had the luxury of reining in this side of herself, thus, Senpai would have to do it for her. Someone whose very existence revolved around indulgence might have truly found their match in someone like Alisa, who combined a seductive appeal with the willpower to endure it when turned on her.

"Nothing good I imagine...", she answered, calm and to the point, fully aware how wielding a demon's power came at a hefty price. The explanation she gave, topped off by that lustful nibble, was enough to finally get a proper reaction from Alisa. Her other hand reached for the woman's bare shoulder, gripping it as that touch brought a pleasant shiver down her spine, catching that sinfully silky feel of her skin, and revealed her own wasn't too far off from that same softness either

Hearing this veiled threat brought with it a renewed sense of clarily on the sculptress's part, enough for her gaze to turn into a slight glare, meeting the temptress' own resulutely once she backed off enough to see it. Despite the obviously menacing hint, the sensual sculptress fearlessly baring a different sort of vibe, one a demon of lust should immediately recognize as the same vice she preached.

A less than elegant side of herself, one only her lovers ever got to see, and one she expressed simply by thinking about the unholy beauty before her: All the things she'd do to her if the whim struck her, leaving only a crumpled, exhausted mess sprawled out on her silken bedsheets.

More importantly, they'd keep the woman close, unconcerned with how only the sheer size of both their breasts kept them from reaching any closer, "If anything does happen to her...", she'd glance down, appraising the Demon Lord's form from up close, shifting her torso to send a pleasurable sensation to the libidinous, hypersexual demon's soft bosom, watching their shape change at the slightest motion. Then and only then would she look and shoot right back into the woman's amber eyes, "I'll hold you responsible.", twirling her hair, casually tracing shapes over that patch of exposed skin, even grazing it with her nails, "Make of that what you will."

Unlike the demon herself, the sculptress saw no need to outwardly issue a threat, something which she thoroughly detested finding herself on either end of. Her words weren't a threat, or a warning even, but simply a statement. Alisa's faint smile didn't fade at all, which most people usually regarded as he most menacing feature when her gaze took a turn for the serious.

"Otherwise, you can rest assured... I've no interest in pitting a girl against her own nature.", that look in Alisa's eyes faded as quickly as it appeared, as she asked the next question, "How long have you been with her?"

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:30 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A little giggle escaped the demon her lips as the sculptress mentioned giving her points for honesty, clearly amused at their little exchange as she listened to Alisa’s melodic voice trailing off into a charming giggle, the words that followed coaxing a little grin from her lips as fingertips trailed tenderly to the crystal user’s cheek, whispering temptingly. “I can imagine one as famous as you would desire to unwind without caring about the consequences~ I wonder how much stress there might be hidden within that pretty form of yours~”

Yet as their conversation resumed onto the subject of Esperia and her story the demon her story revealed some grim truths, and yet one couldn’t help but wonder why there was an evident lack of scorn whenever she spoke about the girl. Instead when the subject of the Eisenberg changed to Esperia specifically the scorn melted for affection, albeit a somewhat twisted sort. It was true, while she detested being bound, there was also a silver lining to this situation, if she was unleashed upon the realm the Holy Knights would stir into motion for sure, and as much as she liked to dance and corrupt some noble heroes, she doubted she had the means to best them in combat without the unlikely alliance of the other demon lords. The hands that reached for her lustrous obsidian hair, idly twirling along it, yet the demon’s lips remained curved into a smile as if she was figuring something out.

With Alisa’s fingers gripping her shoulder lightly after the pleasant lusty nibble she gave her Lilith finally got a reaction, and one she briefly reveled in it. The shifting of Alisa’s body soon provoked an entirely different sensation, the pleasurable feeling as their bosoms pushed against each other, almost as if every breath and even the slightest of motions caused their bodies to touch in a way that would send an excitable sensation through their bodies, and she was confident that even with her arsenal of experience it should have coaxed a response from the sculptress, especially when Lilith hear the statement, causing her to lean in, just barely an inch away from their lips touching while she whispered softly. “Then we just got to make sure we’ll keep her safe to~ge~ther.” How long could Alisa resist? With the demon willing to release the full power of her presence and vice one might have thought she was rather eager to find out the things Alisa might have done to her given the opportunity. Yet it was only after Alisa had either acted or asked the question that Lilith’s hands moved, trailing lightly from the sculptress’s hips up along her arms and to her shoulders as she hummed softly.

“Theoretically Esperia has been my host since her birth. However, she has only become aware of my existence after the Lycan attack.” Fingers playfully trailed down to the sculptress her bust, a gentle push being made in an attempt to lower her back onto the bench while she looked at her with a tempting smile. “Now it’s my turn: We spoke about Esperia’s desires~ My desires, but what about yours… What could it be that such a beautiful yet dangerous lady like yourself desires?”

It appeared Lilith’s interest was noticeable stirred, well it wasn’t exactly difficult to doubt that considering how she was acting right now, but then again for a demon of lust it was understandable, being one that embodied the vice of lust and intense longing it was understandable that she would seek out those that interested her “What about your nature~ I have to admit that you’re one of the more fascinating mortals I had the pleasure of encountering...”

#10Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:42 am


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The demon's question earned a amused laughter of pure delight, soon followed by an equally delighted hum at the tender touch, "Hmmm, my stress appreciates your concern...", she answered with a witty smile, "But you needn't concern yourself with it, I assure you~"

To an onlooker (assuming any could actually show up this early on such a discreet corner of the park), the two of them might look no different from a lesbian couple getting a little friskier than than they should. Once more, appearances decieved as this sight held a wholly different truth, as this proximity could be more aptly described as a showdown between temptresses.

So here sat Alisa, with the demon lord of lust straddling her like the most natural thing in the world, yet her expression never changed unless she wanted it to. She didn't so much surrender to her own lust, as she willingly flaunted it to match her opponent's as the need arouse, revealing she was perfectly capable of speaking in a language Asmodeus might understand best.

This stunning presence, full figure and delightful scent, although strong enough to arouse and titilate, wasn't nearly so powerful as to leave the sculptress puddling with a desperate need to throw herself in her arms like she so clearly wanted. As the two teased each other, her skin steadily grew hotter, not too much, but more than enough for her cheeks to acquire that crimson hue. Yes, the demoness was quite the stunner, and her body boasted the softness to match.

How long could Alisa resist...?

The demoness would soon find she could resist quite a great deal, and turn even her to putty in her grasp before that happened, "Is that your way of asking for my help, I wonder~?", she teased, narrowing her eyes as she put a bit more pressure on her chest, then removed it, over and over at a seductive pace, enjoying the sensation it brought her and would no doubt bring the other woman.

Yet this game they played presented the most stimulating experience for the sculptress to enjoy, for she seldom met anyone capable to rivalling her sex appeal. Perhaps needing the demon lord of Lust for that might count as something she could feel proud of, but for Alisa, second best wasn't enough.

Up close and personal they pressed up to each other, the Demoness would inevitably feel this herself, giving her a little clue to the sheer force that was the Pegasus' willpower, and how Esperia's own limits meant she was completely outmatched. If she didn't realize it, Alisa would soon tilt her head, resting both hands on Lilith's shoulders with a knowing smile:

"You know... This might be more effective if your host were stronger... But until you train her properly.", it was her turn to lean in this time, all but teasing the demoness with the last plunge she so wanted... She'd turn her head at the last moment, however, merely slipping past her head, close enough for their warm cheeks to brush against each other, "You're no match for me~"

She'd flash another hint of lust with this words, digging her nails into her shoulders, holding her to her voluptuous body, even nibbling her neck before pulling away, slowly, ensuring Asmodeus knew what Alisa had, and more importantly, that the sculptress herself knew what she had, and wouldn't give away without a fight.

For now, simply a display, a signature even: Posessive... Domineering... Passionate...

Yet more defiant than overbearing, making it rather clear she preferred a partner who rose up to her challenge. As a lover, Alisa thrived in a power struggle more than anything, expressing her desire on the other's body as if it were the most natural of art forms, emotion in its purest form. Yet the more one wanted her, the more she'd feel like teasing them until they were fit to burst, sometimes for days on end. Sometimes permanently if she had no interest at all...

"That's a good question actually, I often wonder that myself...", tilting her head enough for her hair to drape down her shoulder, Alisa would glance upwards almost absently. Yet where she normally rubbed her chin, she'd find herself rubbing the demoness' back - dragging her fingertips up and down her spine - her teasing all the more noticeable thanks to Alisa herself failing to notice it, "Beauty... Power... Perfection. If you're asking for what I want, I'd say it includes all of that."

Her next words would get another laughter from Alisa's plush, glossy lips, as she raised a curious eyebrow, letting her finger trail a but further down on the other woman's spine, a tickling path with the tip of her nail just so she had no chance of missing it:

"Not the most fascinating~? Not to worry, I'll rectify that in time."

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:14 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Lilith couldn’t help but smile at the amused laugh of Alisa, the way how she easily avoided the trap the demon had set before her, the bait that she had dangled before the young woman’s eyes, and yet she nimbly removed the lure from the bait and claimed it as her price.

There were not many who could boast about the fact the demon lord of lust had straddled them, in the end, most lacked the willpower to even last long enough to get to that point. Indeed, to the eyes of an onlooker the two might have been a lesbian couple getting a little too friskier and passionate than normally, yet in truth, the scene they saw was an entirely different spectacle, for it was a clash between two temptresses that was waiting to reach its climax.

Still, the pleasant expression of the sculptress didn’t change at all, something that only served to arouse Lilith further, the back and forth teasing causing her skin to feel warmer, that familiar pleasant crimson hue emerging on her cheeks from the temptation.

Yet Lilith was a demon lord of lust renown for her intense longing and lustful obsessions, and once she was interested in someone, she couldn’t help but pursue them. And Alisa’s defiance only served to stimulate her further. The teasing remark about Alisa getting asked to help her coaxed a smirk to emerge on the obsidian-haired demoness her lips, the back and forth as they applied more and less pressure on their chests only stirred jolts of pleasurable sensations through their body, especially considering how soft and well-developed their busts were.

“Perhaps it was indeed that~ Or maybe...”
She paused as she applied a bit more pressure once more, hands trailing to the back of Alisa’s neck as she looked at her with quite a sultry look upon her face. “I was trying to tempt you for a more personal reason~”

The sheer willpower of Alisa was truly praiseworthy at this point, her ability to resist the temptations all the more making her desired by Lilith as she felt those song hands rest on her shoulder and some clever words being returned. It was true, despite all her power and experience Lilith was bound to the young and inexperienced Esperia, and as a result, her host caused the demon to be unable to draw forth her full potential… One could say that against an opponent like Alisa she was clearly… outmatched

The brushing against their cheeks came as a surprise, almost having expected something else, but yet the teasing comment of the sculptress as she made it clear that in her current state Lilith was no match for her caused the demon lord of lust to squirm lightly in excitement, the nails digging lightly into her shoulders, the rubbing of their bodies against one another,  the playful nibble on her neck… One could have expected what would happen next.

The moment Alisa leaned backward the demon moved forwards to intercept, an attempt to claim what she wanted in the form of seeking out Alisa’s lips, whether they made contact or not Lilith would lean back away and whisper temptingly. “Be careful my dear Alisa~ Esperia might have forced me to lie beneath you, squirming in delight but always remember...”

Her lips curved into a mischievous smirk as she continued. “My bed is a constant struggle, drop your guard for a moment and I’ll topple you onto your back~ And she is growing… growing at a much faster pace than either of us could imagine~ perhaps in due time… the power struggle will turn into my favor and makes you be the one to seek me out as a passionate lover hmm?”

The teasing gesture of the fingertips trailing up and down her spine coaxed a little soft from the demon, unmistakably a moan as she hummed with a smile. “I’d say that the first thing you already possess, the second is already quite close within your reach… but the third?”

Her smile widened a little as she continued. “There is no such thing as perfection, everything has its flaws, small or large, noticeable or hidden, it’s part of what makes mortals into mortals I guess~ However, I’d say that when it comes to techniques in bed I might be the closest to perfection that you might get.”

The demon coed with a little giggle yet the light tickling path along her spine and Alisa’s words coaxed a little grin from the demon. “You’ll have plenty to work toward then~ Not that I’d mind giving you all the time you desire for it~”

A mischievous smile lingered on her lips as she waited to see the end result to their little match. However, the demon still had a final trick in store~

#12Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:21 pm


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Of course, she found no lack of receptiveness in Asmodeus, not when she was practically dripping with it, eagerly flaunting and spreading it to others as eagerly as possible... That in itself made for a crucial part of this demonic allure, yet Alisa had no doubt these tempting acts turned her on just as easily: More than a simple demon of lust, she was the Demon Lord of the whole thing...

Predicatably enough, her suspicions quickly proved true at the slightest bit of teasing on Alisa's part, a telling redness in her cheeks, a suspicious widening of her cat like pupils. The air between them grew hotter, filled with the ocasional hum and giggle, and the far more frequent words from one, playfully tugging at the other's desire's like the strings on a guitar, in the hands of an experienced virtuoso. Soon, the occasional sweaty rivulets once more flowed down the artistic woman's skin...

Thanks to the posessive grasp on the dark woman, she felt that tangible squirm on her part with almost intimate delight; how many people could claim to have gotten a leg up on the Demon Lord of Lust, in the proverbial sense of all things. Making her admit to wanted a more personal assistance from the sculptress however, was hardly surprising:

"How flattering...", Alisa trailed her finger from the woman's back and around to the front, her lips turning into a soft, almost mock pout, even as she arched her back just enough to push back with her own bosom, appreciating this game more than she'd care to admit, "Then again, I'm sure you say that to all the girls~"

Indeed, Alisa had a pretty good idea how a libidinous would react to her teasing, but she needn't have antecipated the reaction. With the firm contact between them and a hand moving towards the front, Alisa found it easy to feel the dark haired demoness, lowering in after her, putting plenty of pleasurable pressure on her pliable pillows, readily telegraphing her intentions.

And so instead of Alisa's lips, she'd find the woman's index finger between them, blocking her way, yet devoid of any motion to pull back. Their faces thus remained less than an inch away, so close they'd feel each other's breath on their face, their chests heaving in near unison.
This wouldn't stop the finger on Lilith's back from trailing down her spine, her sensitive touch admiring the countours of her back without ever seeing them. She'd move slower the lower she reached:

"Now where are you going with those lips, hmm?", she teased once again with an accusing tone, basking in this closeness in one who's body was a true work of art. At the same time, she dragged fingertip along the bottom lip, feeling the shimmering film of moisure coating them: Full warm, juicy, even a slight touch revealed how pleasant it would feel to kiss them, as delicious as their desperate owner. Yet Alisa had a goal left to to achieve here, and she'd steadily work towards it by building the woman's frustration, leaving no clue of ever giving what she really wanted. And just when she might think Alisa would simply tease and not give, the sculptress would remove her finger and claim the demoness' lips of her own voilition, on her own terms. Just enough to give her a little taste before pulling back, "Esperia needs you to be a good girl... That means I need you to be a good girl. If she stays true to herself and grows stronger throughout, maybe I'll return the favor."

A next question earned a hearty laughter, that of someone who simply knew that would never happen:

"Is that so? Then you should bring your A-game, or you can rest assured I'll just slip right between your fingers.", she'd narrow her eyes and respond with that cool, defiant smirk, a look of doubt, challenge to her abilities, "And no amount of technique will help you then~"

Alisa didn't chase. She all but settled this rule in stone, and only made exceptions for the shy and innocent, or those to whom romance was as alien as modesty was to Asmodeus... People like Xandra for instance... She sounded pretty confident about it, but then why wouldn't she? Demon Lord of Lust and all that... But Alisa planned on giving her a run for her money, using what she wanted most to prevent her from tricking and corrupting her Junior.

"Correct on all three.", answered, raising one finger as her tone resembled what a contest announcer might sound like, before returning that finger to Lilith's soft skin, exploring the boundaries of her white gown, appreciating how that silken skin of hers grew ever softer the further down she trailed from her shoulder, "If you believe yourself perfect, just where might you evolve towards next?"

This question hardly have an answer, but she asked it anyways, if only just to gaze on the beautiful demoness' eyes as she spoke, delighting in  this beauty she seldom had a chance to grasp...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:26 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Indeed, being the Demon Lord of lust meant she was, in essence, the embodiment of that what mortals perceived as one of the Seven Deathly Sins, but where one might see danger she only saw untapped potential, for lust by itself was both an incredible source of energy, but it was also a reason for motivation, both for demons and mortals alike. So it was to be expected that just as much as much as she tended to spread the essence of lust, so was she also the embodiment of it, literally dripping and overflowing with the feeling.

And for someone like Alisa that was clearly one of the sculptress her favorite ways of entertainment. The red coloring in her cheeks, the widening of her cat-like pupils, the warmth of their breaths and the occasional hum and mischievous giggle made it clear that the demon was enjoying herself, especially when she made that tangible squirm.

However, the finger that came to the front, almost like an obstacle made Lilith’s gaze settle into Alisa’s own, the expression of how she was flattered by the words and the arching of her back to press those pliable pillows a bit further against her was enough to coax a hearty laugh from the demon lord who let out a little hum in amusement. “Really? I wouldn’t be that sure of it~ To take one for a night is one matter… but for one like me to desire one for much longer is… a much rarer occasion. After all, the Demon Lord of lust is usually quite whimsical with her interests~”

The slow descent of the finger trailing down her spine, going lower and slower by the second as their faces were less than an inch apart stirred another squirm out of the demon. The accusing tone making her pout playfully while she felt the fingertip trail along her bottom lip, the moment she thought Alisa might have merely been teasing she felt the finger and she felt Alisa’s lips meet her own, causing the demon to smirk after sampling a taste of them, her tongue trailing against her upper-lip as if she was savoring their taste. “Mhmm~ You’re driving a good bargain here Alisa~"

She remarked in return to Alisa commenting about Lilith having to be a good girl, causing the demon to tilt her head slightly to the side in confusion. “Hmm~ A tempting proposal, and perhaps a favor I will seek out in due time once I kept my side of the deal.”

Yet the defiant smirk made her eyes narrow slightly, like a cat waiting on pounce while her lips curved up into a pleasant smile. “I wouldn’t worry about that, I’m quite persistent in my chase.” The demon lord hummed with a smile, yet the question that was asked afterward made her ponder for a moment. “Who knows~ When does one reach perfection and cease to evolve? Perhaps the perfection I seek is different. Hmm?”

She raised her head slightly toward the air, as if something caught her interest before she whispered softly. “Interesting… So I’m not the only one~” Yet as soon as the mysterious words came Lilith turned her focus back on Alisa, her hands slowly trailing from Alisa’s shoulders to her bust, trying to give them a mischievous squeeze while she added with a smile. “Perhaps the perfection I seek is how far ‘she’ can evolve… Whether she is suited for my greatest desire. Maybe I merely want my ‘Asmodeus’" Lilith whispered temptingly as she leaned in, ensuring that her hands would be sandwiched between their pillows, yet she stopped an inch from Alisa’s face, whispering mischievously. “Here is my last ‘move’ for our little game my dear~ Consider it a parting gift...”

And as If on cue a sudden black light emitted from the demon lord, causing Lilith’s body to shatter like a crystallized cocoon, revealing a very familiar face beneath it. Esperia’s eyes opened, noticing how close she was to Alisa, on top of where her fingers were and with a flailing of panic she tried to push herself backward, unaware of how she had been seated on the bench. “UWAWAWAWA!” the girl yelled in a panic as she almost fell off the bench, likely saved narrowly by Alisa unless she regained her balance in time, but at least the hands had slipped behind Esperia’s back while her cheeks had flushed a scarlet color. “W-W-What in the world were you doing to be so close to her! I-I mean not that I mind being this close b-b-b-but--- No! I can’t do that, not now I got a girlfriend!”

Poor Esperia, it seemed her mind was turning fluffy at the current situation, and if it was possible she likely would have had smoke rising from her ears! “I-I-I...” The girl’s eyes stared straight at Alisa, cheeks flushed red of embarrassment “Don’t laugh Asmodeus!” It appeared that she could still communicate with the demon in her current form? Interesting...


#14Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:30 pm


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If there were ever times when she thanked whatever gods may be for her willful restraint, now would be one of those times. A lesser mortal would have been dancing on Asmodeus' palm a long time ago, probably before she even sat on their lap. They might have reaped the pleasures her alluring form had to offer, but doing so they'd miss a whole other kind of excitement, that rush of persistently warming the other's body to accept them without either side giving an inch. Seduction, teasing... All of those could make sex far more pleasurable if they ever, finally crossed that threshold, and both knew it well enough to stimulate a potential lover's lust until it was fit to burst.

A giggle filled with humorous left her moist lips at the Demoness' words, once more leaving Alisa wondering whether Lilith was tailoring her speech just to suit her. The sulptress herself was quite whimsical herself, and obeyed little else when deciding to take another as a lover.

"Good... I expect you to hold up your end so long as you're keeping her company, however...", the hand on her back reached a bit further down, grazing the full curve of her rear as it turned a bit further to the side, instead tracing the sinuous line of her hip, then the outside of her thigh. She let it linger there, appreciating that womanly fullness as she spoke her next words, her smile turning almost coy as she cocked her head, "...With a little bit a motivation, surely it would rather easy for you?"

After she nodded in agreement, their gaze broke for the first time in a good while: The straddling woman looked away almost absently, as if thinking of something or somebody else... In the meantime, she simply entertained herself tracing shapes on Lilith's body, feeling the twin spots of her dimples of venus down below, and around the curve of her breast above, looking curiously at her face. And when she looked back down, she wasted no time upping the ante, swiftly reaching her hands for Alisa's bust, then pressing further to squish them under a delectable softness. As she'd been the one to cross that threshold first, she'd allow it more easily than the earlier boldness, though that's not to say she wouldn't respond

Even if soft tremble and deeper reddening in her cheeks suggested a greater appreciation of this particular touch, her poker face held firm: The sculptress merely frowned, retaliating with a smack to that amazing ass: "How naughty~ Just where do you think you're touching?"

The answer to this question came in the form of Undone transformation. Her eyes widened slightly, but for the most part Asmodeus' ominous words suggested such a prank on her part. For this reason, her faint smile yet remained even as the demoness shrank both in height and curves, leaving on a flustered, embarassed, yet thoroughly embarassed girl in her stead.

Alisa merely giggled at the sight, wondering how it was indeed a lovely gift on the temptress' part, and her hands naturally left their former resting places. One went in front of her mouth as she laughed, and the other behind the girl's back, ensuring she wouldn't fall back:

"Then good thing you removed your hands sweetie... You know... Before Fia came along~", the sculptress teased right back, yet the narrowing of her eyes suggested Fia would have been the least of her worries. Esperia might estimate she would have had no more than three seconds to remove her hands from Alisa's breasts before the woman believed she was taking advantage of the situation... And punished her appropriately, "But then..."

Alisa didn't push her off or anything, Esperia already knew her so there was no need to go that far. She'd undoubtedly dismount on her own, but for the time being, the sculptress didn't let her. The hand on her back remained in place as she leaned in, close to the girl's ear. The revelation she could communicate with the demoness came as a welcome revelation, prompting ALisa's mischievous smirk to return as she whispered her last words to the Lustful Lady:

"Araaaa, was I too much for you already Lilith~? Fufufu, how very disappointing~", she teased, all but wishing she could yet nibble the woman's ear to state her point. Alisa had no qualms leaving the demoness stewing in her lust... Or quenching it with frustratingly unsatisfying lovers...

Only then would she get her hand up from Esperia's back up onto her head, petting her long dark hair affectionately. A silent signal that she could (and maybe should) get off the sculptress' lap and find a more appropriate seat to continue their conversation, now devoid of sexual undertones...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:45 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

There was no doubt that seduction and teasing could make the intimate encounter all the more juicy, a fact that both of them knew all too well, especially with how they been trying to stimulate each other’s lust, and yet despite her reaction one couldn’t help but wonder if Lilith had been ready to burst, or if she had merely been playing along. No, it was quite difficult to get a grasp on the demon her thoughts or intentions, and it remained a question whether the things she did and said were genuine, or all parts of a little play she was putting on. In the end, the stories often said that Asmodeus was quite clever, deceptive and manipulative yet one couldn’t help but wonder if those stories were fact or just superstition.

It was quite fortunate that Alisa had decided to keep a hand behind Esperia’s back, the grasp of the girl being just enough for Esperia to not fall down and slowly calm down as she listened to Alisa’s teasing remark. The narrowing of her eyes, the gaze that lingered on her suggested the girl would have had other things to worry about, but instead the flustered lass merely smiled sheepishly and nodded in agreement to Alisa’s words. “Mhmm~ Fia would likely had gone full steamy mode if she saw that...” A weak chuckle escaped her lips yet before she was even able to dismount her Alisa leaned in to whisper some words that made Esperia’s cheeks turn scarlet, no doubt the result of the close contact to Alisa’s body and the breath that tickled her ear.

However, the girl didn’t convey any response from the demon, instead letting out an almost childish “hehe~” at being petted as she took a more appropriate seat on the bench beside Alisa, taking a deep breath as she continued “To be honest, I don’t really know what happened when she took over. It’s like suddenly entering a room and being locked from the outside world. According to her it’s because my powers are still underdeveloped… but who is this Lilith you spoke of?”

The girl gently tilted her head to the side in confusion, yet after a moment the girl resumed speaking. “She says that the only reason she can communicate like this is because of my strong compatibility with her…” A little pout lingered on her cheeks, not entirely sure how much she enjoyed being told that she was compatible with the Demon Lord of lust.

However, a few moments passed as Esperia seemingly thought about something and looked at Alisa, her lips forming back into that trademark cheerful smile of hers. “She also says you should look forward to a second round--- wait a minute, a second round?”

Her cheeks flushed up into a crimson hue as she looked at Alisa and spoke once more in a flustered tone. “Please don’t tell me that this ‘round’ she speaks of is the same type of thing I’m thinking about...”

Poor Esperia, seems she had been oblivious to all the fun that had happened till now!

#16Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:35 am


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How much of what was said there was God's honest truth? If Alisa had to guess, she'd pick Lilith's lust, and her feelings for Esperia. But while she clearly admired her vessel enough, Alisa recognized a fait chance of the demon warping Esperia to its own idealized version of her, instead of the real Eisenberg girl as she was now, or as who she might become given a few years.

And that's where Alisa had to step in. If necessary she'd willingly use her own charms, her own body, to distract the demoness with something else, and that way buy Esperia the time she needed to master this power, before Asmodeus sweet talked her into becoming something she hated.

Cute, adorable Esperia. For all her perversion, she was still quite innocent, and the mere sight of her yelping and blushing over Alisa's message to Asmodeus earned an endearing, almost excited giggle as she remembered how easy it was to tease this girl, and how rewarding it felt with her rather open perversion. She even confirmed Fia to be her girlfriend, even though Alisa had mostly figured that out already, it helped to now hear it from her own lips:

"Steamy huh...?", she pointed out, once more resting her arm behind the bench to better face the Satan Soul user. It was an interesting choice of words, to say 'steamy mode' instead of 'fuming with jealousy' as some people might have. Alisa already knew Espy had some cute quirks like this, yet this wording appeared to have a purpose behind it, "Now however might she do such a thing~?"

Her next question made Alisa cross her legs and lean back, all but sighing as she ran a hand over her head, grooming her sweat slicked hair. She put on her kindest smile despite the negative response, as mastering Asmodeus' power would inevitably require the two to get along:

"That's a question for her, not me.", she said, rubbing the back of her head excusingly, only for that apologetic look to fade into amusement once more at the girl's pouting, visibly unhappy with feeling compatible with the Demon Lord of Lust, "Now imagine how I felt when you said I was... How did you put it...", Alisa raised a finger and glanced up, a quizzical smile to her lips as she recalled Esperia's previous description word for word, "'The ideal person to deal with her'... Right?"

She'd look back at the pervy girl once the last of these words left her lips, her look turning playful, but no less accusatory. While Alisa clearly didn't care so much about this - and even heard a rather valid explanation from Lilith - she obviously enjoyed pretending she did just to get under people's skin. Especially when Esperia wasn't nearly as eloquent as the demon within her, and wound undoubtedly feel flustered at this, maybe even more that she did upon hearing about that 'round two'; Lilith's next challenge from one temptress to another.

As much as the thought left her tingling with excitement, not unlike how she'd feel when entering a fight, she betrayed none of that and instead entertained herself with Esperia, her eyes narrowing and her voice turning husky:

"Oh we've done things you couldn't even dream of.", she'd state, her smile widening into a seductive smirk as she leaned further towards Esperia, just a little bit, but enough to bring her face a good bit closer, holding her gaze throughout, "You might just pass out at the mere thought~"

And indeed she might, though not for the reasons she thought... Not that Alisa wouldn't enjoy watching her imagine them...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:50 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was true, despite Lilith’s lust and her feelings of affection and adoration for the girl whose body she inhabited there was a high probability that the demon would try to warp Esperia into her idealized version, after all she was a Demon Lord of lust, corruption and manipulation were part of the game she played. However, so far it seemed Alisa’s decision to step in was quite effective, for at first sight, it appeared the demon was quite… interested in the temptations the sculptress could provide.

Yet one couldn’t help but wonder what the end result of this peculiar symbiotic relationship could be. Yet instead their conversation briefly drifted toward the conversation of Esperia’s girlfriend, the endearing giggle from Alisa and the inquiry about what exactly she meant with her choice of wording made the girl smile sheepishly as she explained in a cheerful tone. “When Fia gets really angry she starts to release steam~ like wooosh~” The girl exclaimed before she continued with a playful little hum. “But it also happens when she gets flustered~ Like there was this one time she sounded like a boiling kettle!” Snickering mischievously the girl exclaimed with a smile. “That’s why I love teasing her so much!”

However, the back and forth soon turned toward the subject of the meeting between Lilith and Alisa, yet the words that followed made Esperia’s cheeks flush up into a crimson hue as she recalled the thoughts she had on the matter of who was best to deal with a dangerous temptress like Asmodeus. Perhaps it was for that reason that she quickly waved her hands before Alisa, desperately trying to explain the situation. “I-I-I didn’t mean anything negative with that! It’s just that I thought if anyone was a match for a dangerous temptress like her it would have been you...”

And she didn’t just mean that Alisa would be a match in terms of bust size! Even if that thought briefly lingered in her mind. However, it was what followed what coaxed an even more dramatic response from the girl. The husky tone, the tempting statement as she leaned closer, that entrancing gaze… “things I couldn’t even dream of...” For a moment her vivid imagination took the better of her, imagining the two temptresses doing a different type of ‘fight’ that involved lewd wrestling and a lack of clothing, yet before things could get juicy the girl’s face turns crimson red as she closed her eyes and covered her ears, stating in a flustered reaction. “I think I don’t wanna find out!” The girl flailed while secretly she felt her legs squirm lightly, a familiar warmth coursing through her body as she totally did want to discover more about what had actually happened back then. Only after a moment the girl finally recovered from her flustered state, letting out a little sigh as she leaned sideways, trying to rest her head gently against Alisa’s shoulder.

“Thank you for being willing to talk to her… So much happened in such a short period that I can barely keep myself from being swept up by those events.” The girl confessed with a little smile as she looked up at Alisa and whispered softly. “Someday I hope to wield this power to protect all that is dear to me… Of course, that includes you also! Then again, I doubt you'd need any protecting~ so maybe helping you would be a better idea then.”

The girl stated with an innocent smile upon her lips. To wield the power of a demon lord to protect those she cared for? An interesting goal for sure...

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on Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:02 am


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Alisa showed genuine interest in hearing about Esperia's girlfriend, wondering just what kind of girl made up her type. Between Liana and this girl named Fia who she had yet to meet, the artist some pretty good clues to get started with, vivid hints to paint a clear picture for no reason other than indulding her insatiable curiosity. No doubt, this desire might very well exceed her lust, which, as Queen Succubus just saw, was nothing to scoff at either. Then again, a more philosophically minded invidual might theorize she lusted for knowledge: A natural result of her lust for power and keen understanding of how the former equated to the latter.

"Like literal steam...? As in steam magic?", inquired the sculptress once again, smiling almost doubtfully, just to make sure Esperia wasn't simply using that cute colorful speech of hers. That didn't stop her hand reaching over her mouth, or a playful giggle leaving it. Just like Alisa painted a picture of Esperia's tastes, the girl herself also painted a very vivid one of her girlfriend, "She does sound adorable~ I wonder how much easier teasing her might be... Compared to you at least."

She'd wink at this last part, wondering how the girl sitting next to her was not only incredibly easy to tease, but also highly fulfilling thanks to her natural perversion. And now, it appeard, she had such an obvious knack for doing it to more bashful girls, it only made the sculptress believe she actually deserved having someone who could do it to her. For Karma's sake if nothing else...

"It's fine, it's fine~", reassured Alisa, after having a laugh at the girl's embarassed state, "I'm not really angry at it or anything.", Yet the laughter would only continue as the Take Over user's embarassment swelled to epic proportions, a clear display of the innocence behind all the perversion. Even though her thoughs were filled with lust, she wasn't so accustomed to it as to shamelessly bask in them, not in public anyways, flailing and hiding her face as her overactive imagination got the better of her, "My, my, you really are too cute~ Among all the perverts I've ever met, you and Lia might be the cutest."

Unlike Esperia though, both Asmodeus and Alisa alike thought exactly the same. The only difference between the younger girl and the older two's lust - even if Alisa's age was far closer to Esperia's than the demoness' - laid in the latter two's ability to function normally even when those thoughts got pushed onto their heads. Lilith simply thrived in them like the Demon Lord she was, while Alisa relied on her prodigious willpower to keep up, and possibly even overcome her. Every so often, her thoughts also wandered back to her showdown with Asmodeus, yet her faint smile hinted at none of this as Esperia rested her head on her Alisa's shoulder:

"It's alright to be confused... You've been in a coma for all these days too.", with a comforting petting of her head, Alisa calmly welcomed the shorter girl to rest on her should, her look warming away from the playful tease and simply washing away what remained of her worries. Her following words wouldn't recieve any sign of amusement, but simply a calm hum, and understanding nod, "I appreciate the thought regardless~ It's a good drive to have; Love is a stronger motivator than rage or hatred..."

Even using a demon's power recieved no objection on Alisa's part, as she'd already expressed her views on the nature of power itself. The sculptress too planned on protecting her the whole step of the way, shielding her from Lilith's corruptive influence as much as possible. She'd have to step up her game to still stay on top, once Esperia's growth allowed her to channel a greater portion of her Demon Lord's lust addling powers. But with her confidence, Alisa not for a moment doubted her ability to achieve this if she put her mind to it.

The ball would stay in Esperia's side of the field most of the time though, and soon enough Alisa would ask her about it:

"That's quite nice to say indeed, but, have you any clue how to go about it?", she'd inquire, her tone one of helpful curiosity. Clearly she wanted Esperia to think about her question for herself rather than just for her sake...

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It seemed Esperia was quite excited to change the subject toward the existence of her girlfriend. She went into detail describing how Doctor Gerard had set the two of them up for a date and the events that unfolded that day. Of course, she did refrain from telling Alisa about the more… intimate moment in the pizzeria, her cheeks flushing up into a crimson color as she recalled those wandering hands and the taste of Fia’s lips. “Yes~ I think she actually uses a sort of steam magic to empower her body.” However, when Alisa said that she sounded adorable Esperia couldn’t help but giggle happily at those words. “Hmm~ I’m not sure what would happen if someone else tried to tease her...”

Pondering for a moment Esperia couldn’t help but feel that the result would likely be disastrous. It was clear to her that Fia had a really soft spot for her, in the end, how else would have all those teasing shenanigans and flirting advances have been accepted? However, as they continued their conversation Esperia’s chipper mood didn’t seem to fade away at all.

When Alisa commented about her being one of the cutest perverts she had ever met Esperia playfully puffed up her cheeks into a pout and stated with a grin “Uwaah~ Saying it like that doesn’t sound like a compliment at all~” Not to mention, Liana’s perverted side was kind of cute also, especially when she hid it so strongly inside the closet!

Yet lust, despite being a powerful weapon was also an emotion that could influence people quite strongly, that was evident in many cases, yet Esperia couldn’t help but ponder about how she would overcome such a powerful sensation, to wield it as a weapon rather than an emotion that controlled her? For a moment she thought about the two individuals she knew who wielded it so strongly. Alisa, whose strong will could help her dominate her own lust, and then there was the Demon Lord who eagerly thrived in them, feeding upon them to empower herself. However, could she have the potential to use such a method?

“Mhmm~ It felt like I was trapped inside a dream...” The girl admitted with a weak smile, recalling her memories of that peculiar dream she had experienced that day. However, when she heard Alisa agree with her idea and appreciate the thought of Esperia using her powers for the sake of those she cared for, the words that followed made Esperia smile and nod her head in agreement. Love was a stronger motivator than rage or hatred? The girl had to admit she enjoyed the sound of that, but after a moment of thinking their conversation turned back to the subject of how she would wield Lilith’s powers as her own.

“Hmm~” The girl sat upright once more, a hand tapping toward her cheek as she rested it lightly against the side of her face, pondering about the question. “To wield her power I need to learn to overcome those feelings. Like… Lust is the source of her power, right?” The girl paused for a moment before she continued. “Right now I still get too flustered whenever I get too excited, so that means I need to either learn to strengthen my will to a point I can endure this lust or learn to thrive in it.”

She seemed to be considering the subject quite carefully, yet for a moment she pondered a bit further. “Then again, I’m sure there are plenty of ways for me to practice!” It seemed there would be quite an interesting time ahead for the young Eisenberg.

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A set up date huh...? A slight widening of her eyes betrayed Alisa's surprise and ensuing interest; she'd never tried anything of the sort, and didn't figure Esperia to be the type who would need it too. In the end all of her perversion came with a certain boon, in the form of a rather useful boldness. Plus, her small size and all in all pleasant features made the spunky girl quite the cutie for anybody whose type she somewhat fitted in. Her reddening blush did suggest there to be somewhat juicier details she wasn't really telling, but then again the sculptress wasn't one to pry into those either. Not with a girl she'd only met twice anyway...

"I could find out if you'd like~", she threw her junior a teasing, giggling wink; she had no intention to flirt with Espy's girlfriend, yet that didn't really mean she couldn't use that as ammunition to tug at that adorable bashfulness. She'd go as far as reach her unused hand for her face and brush some of that hair away from her eyes, ensuring she'd never miss a beat of those reactions.

It appeared Alisa might be growing rather font of that red hue on the little pervert's cheeks, and even something as simple words of praise got that reaction out of her. Despite the pouty puffing of her cheeks, that grin spoke for itself. But wait... Didn't Alisa just flat out call her a pervert? She looked pretty happy to hear it though, hinting at some of that shamelessness Asmodeus undoubtedly found endearing. Then again, Alisa couldn't quite blame her now could she?

Soon, she'd have lazily laid back on the bench, allowing herself a more comfortable, lazy pose while letting Esperia keep using her shoulder as a headrest. It'd hopefully help her feel just as comfortable as she went on about her experience, stuck in a coma like she was. Alisa felt bad not having been there to protect her, and even now she couldn't help ball her fist when she thought about the girl's attack. How she wished she'd been there when it happened, used her power to protect her new guildmate... But she couldn't... That was her failure, just like she'd failed to support Master Lance when he needed her most. True, perhaps neither her nor any of her stronger guildmates would have made a difference, yet that wouldn't have stopped them from trying.

Looking at Espy now, lively and awake, brought a soft smile to her face, knowing she'd have to work even harder not to let such a thing happen again...

And fully understood how any efforts towards that would necessarily involve grooming Esperia's own power as much as she could. Not just Esperia's, but Liana's too. Which led them to their current topic, the now Take Over mage's plans for mastering this power she now posessed, hopefully before Asmodeus had a chance to master her. With a more serious tone, Esperia finally rose back upright and Alisa's hands left her tiny frame, coming to rest on the back of the bench once again:

"To that end, you need to train your mental fortitude. Accept your lust as a part of you, but don't let it control you either. Asmodeus is Asmodeus, you're you. Still human.", she advised, fingers reaching for her chin with a pondering look on her face, her forearm digging inbetween her bust, gently straining it against the tighteness of her sports bra, "I can control myself pretty well, but my power doesn't rely on acting lustful either. I'd suggest aiming for a middle ground between both of those."

Alisa nodded at this, making it rather clear she was mostly thinking about this advice as she voiced it, based on whatever assumptions and ideas she had so far. As she looked at Esperia, she paid close attention to the girl's reaction, wondering how she'd feel about her words, how she'd interpret them:

"I can imagine the kind of practice you might be thinking about~", Alisa threw in another playful tease, an amused laughter following her earlier council

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Thinking back about the date had left some rather pleasant feelings within Esperia’s heart. Not only did she get the opportunity to meet Fia thanks to Doctor Gerard’s meddling, but she also was able to get closer to the girl and experiment with those newfound feelings. A momentary pause lingered in the conversation as Esperia’s reddening cheeks were accompanied with a girlish giggle as she recalled something rather fond, her fingers raising to her lips as she recalled the flavor of the kiss they had shared back then. However, it was at that moment that Alisa said something that caused the blush on her cheeks to brighten. “It won’t be that easy! Fia won’t be charmed by your pillow size alone!” Esperia exclaimed confidently, yet at the same time she had to admit she was both curious and a little bit excited to find out if Fia would resist such dangerous temptations. However, the hand that reached for her face and brushed aside some of her longer bangs that covered her eyes made the look in the girl’s eyes clearly betray a certain liveliness that she had been lacking in their previous meeting, as if there was a strength in them that had previously been absent.

“Hehe~” A little grin lingered on her lips at being called a pervert, because deep inside she knew it was the truth, but at least she was an extremely adorable and endearing pervert! She doubted anyone in the whole of Fiore could match her when it came to blending adorableness and perversion into an endearing blend! Nonetheless, the memories of the coma had left her briefly silent, thinking back about the memory and the peculiar dreams she had experienced during that time. Even now it felt like her body had yet to catch up entirely with the time she had lost back then.

Nonetheless, their conversation soon turned back toward the subject of this mysterious power she possessed and make it her own. Of course mastering such a power would prove to be a difficult feat. “To train my mental fortitude… accepting my lust as a part of myself, yet to never let it control me either.”

However, it were the words that followed that made the girl tilt her head slightly sideways in confusion. “What do you mean Asmodeus: I’m no longer human?” The girl’s expression turned into a frown as she sighed softly. “No answer… But a middle ground… To let lust strengthen me, but use my willpower to control it.” A difficult task for sure, but what followed afterwards from a playful tease made her cheeks redden again instantaneously. “I TOTALLY WASN’T THINKING ABOUT WHAT WAS BENEATH THAT SPORT BRA AND HOW LONG I COULD RESIST SUCH A TEMPTATION!”

The girl exclaimed out loud before realizing how quickly the words had left her lips, causing Esperia to raise a hand to her mouth as if to restrain herself from saying anything more, instead muttering softly. “See, you really are the most suited to deal with her… I can’t think of anyone else who could match a perverted temptress like her!” The poor girl tried to exclaim in an attempt to counter the teasing, pouting softly.

Still, despite the teasing, it was clear that Esperia’s mood had been lifted, for when she removed her hand from her mouth she was smiling cheerfully once more. Yet one question lingered in the back of her mind: What did Asmodeus mean when she denied Alisa’s statement about her being just a human? It was a question that kept on lingering in the back of her mind as she waited to see Alisa’s reaction.

#22Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:43 am


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In the artistic Alisa's eyes, this was easily the brightest, most beautiful look she'd ever seen in Esperia's. So full of hope, despite the adversity she'd just endured. It had defenitely made her stronger. That hopeless look after what happened at the party with Liana - she didn't see it but had a pretty good idea nonetheless - had all but vanished now, even the troubles resulting from her bond with Asmodeus. Between Alisa's assistance and discussing her girlfriend (but mostly the latter), no trace of that darkness yet remained. It probably wasn't gone, one's inner darkness doesn't so easily vanished: Where there is light, there must be darkness as well, you cannot have one without the other.

"Is that so~? It appears I really have to meet her.", despite the teasing tone, Alisa's heartfelt laughter left little doubt as to her real emotions, as it now appeared Esperia's cheeriness had thoroughly infected her. She even revelled in her title of pervert; even if one might be liable to think she was merely growing accustomed to her role as the vessel of Asmodeus, Alisa knew better.

The girl had been like this before, and had always been like this according to Liana too. Sure, her bloodline might have had some influence, but Esperia was her own girl first and foremost, regardless of whatever she inherited... And not that it had prompted the Demon Lord to take an interest in her, this same lust could now be harnessed as the key to her now power, to wield it as her own. Alisa didn't give her a clear answer, for she wanted Esperia to reach it herself: She had to master her own lust instead of relying on Asmodeus', yet preserving her own individuality in that endless mass of it was akin to a drop of water falling into the ocean.

To remain herself, she'd need willpower first and foremost. And thus, Alisa nodded as she repeated those words: "...Once you pull that off, you'll have made the Demon Lord's power your own."

And in a way, she was already getting there. That hyperactive imagination of hers obviously did her power justice, and with every laughter Alisa's graceful poise steadily gave way to a teasing giddiness. Just how in the world was a sexually confident, somewhat playful woman like her expected to stop herself? The answer was, she just couldn't.

"Oh really~?", narrowing her eyes insistently, the sculptress interlocked her fingers and stretching her arms up, then to either side. And both of them knew exactly what this would do. The upward motion of her arms stretching that blue Sports bra up, causing a thoroughly flattering push up effect on her flushed, sweat slicked cleavage, all but shimmering as a noticeable bead of sweat traced it's curve, before vanishing into the plunging valley inbetween, "Then, by all means... Tell me more about what you were really thinking about~"

Yup, she clearly loved the magnetic effect her bust had on the lustful girl's red and golden eyes, her own ruby gaze not missing a beat as she finally let her arms slump down, liberating some of that tension with a hefty, hypnotic jiggle.

"That's pretty much the gist of our arrangement~", Alisa nodded, flashing Espy a soothing, reassuring smile, "She lets you grow and develop at your own pace, and I'll see to keeping her...", a single finger moved to her bottom lip as she glanced up, as if she were thinking of the ideal word, winking knowingly as she recalled it, "Agreeable~"

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on Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:59 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was true, Esperia clearly had changed since the recent days, and while the darkness might had disappeared, vanishing without a trace it was quite likely that the recent relationship with Fia and the events afterwards had been a light so bright to banish the darkness, to make it be forced to retreat far beyond the eye of most people. Nonetheless the perverted girl was all too eager to think about more joyous matters, but little had her prepared for what was about to follow next.

The way Alisa went into what Esperia referred to as ‘The Pillow Demon’ had made the girl gulp for a moment as the sculptress her eyes narrowed, the stretching of her arms, the push of her bra that helped deliver such a tempting effect, and that noticeable bead of sweat that traced along its curve before vanishing into that plugging valley in between her breasts. Of course, it was too much for a girl like her to resist.

Yet, perhaps this was a form of training in its own way, an opportunity for her to grow stronger! Inwardly ignoring the giggle of the demon lord of lust at her thoughts Esperia steeled herself for what was about to come. “Alisa~” A soft whisper came from the girl as Esperia turned to properly face Alisa, shuffling closer to their bodies were pressing against each other, and while one hand trailed toward the taller sculptress her waist, the other raised for her cheek, brushing her fingertips against it lightly. “If you keep tempting me like that...” Slowly she leaned upwards, her lips curving into a mischievous smile while her voice came with a more husky and honey-laced quantity that no doubt would stir a familiar sensation in the temptress.

“I might show you just how intense my imagination can be~” With each word she whispered her fingers trailed closer toward Alisa’s bust and her face encroached upon Alisa’s own, and for a moment there would have been no doubt that the familiar tone belonged to a temptress she was very familiar with. To the point, one might have vividly imagined that rather than talking to Esperia, she was talking to an unusual mixture of both the girl and the demon lord within her. However, just as sudden as the feeling had arisen, it faded when a moment before reaching her lips the girl’s cheeks flushed up into the brightest blush she ever had and rapidly backed away to the opposite side of the bench, her breathing faster than usual.

“I-I-I CAN’T DO THIS!” The girl flailed her hands before her as she continued exclaiming in a flustered response. “I’m a good girl! I don’t cheat on Fia! N-N-Not even on someone with amazing pillows like you Ali!” The girl stated with an endearing nickname to add as a free bonus. Yet her gaze clearly drifted back to the bust, her head lifting and lowering lightly with the little jiggle they made. “I see… so Ali’s pillows are dangerous enough to even lure in a demon lord...”

There was no doubt about it, Alisa was a dangerous lady to make a foe off, good thing that she considered the sculptress to be on her friend list! Nonetheless, she had to admit she was still extremely curious about what exactly had unfolded between Alisa and Asmodeus, to think the demon lord of lust was willing to form an agreement with Alisa… It just showed how strong of a temptress the woman truly was! Yet it was at the same time, despite the fact that Alisa was clearly talking to a flustered Esperia that the ‘feeling’ of the demon lord’s presence somewhat still lingered, even if it was fading by the moment.

#24Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:05 am


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Of course, her teasing was successful... Like always with Esperia really... But when someone like Alisa tempted others so blatantly, almost shamelessly even, at every waking moment she fully understood how she could never be sure when or what switch she might flip inside the other girl, or even what change would said switch trigger within her. Of course, this keen understanding hardly deterred her in the slightest, quite the opposite: Alisa thrived in the thrill it brought her, and she especially enjoyed it when people reacted in unpredictable ways.

Reactions like the one Esperia just gave her...

It took quite a bit of effort on Alisa's part to take that reaction in stride, her impish smirk holding firm and steady even at the absence of that vivid, endearing red on the shorter girl's cheeks, or how the surprisingly lustful tone she uttered her name with all but sent a pleasant shiver down her spine.

Yes, it clearly appeared Esperia was through taking the tall woman's sensual teasing lying down, and had now steeled herself into biting back. Her lips widened, approving of the girl's efforts but mostly thrilled at this new challenge. She wasn't sure what to think of Esperia giving off the same vibe as the demon within her: Was she channeling Asmodeus' own lust, or using the demon's abilities to empower her own? She could figure it out as she peered into the Satan Soul user's eyes, paying close attention to her every word:

"Hmmmm, almost reminds you of someone we know, does it not~?", she responded in that sensual, smoky tone, meeting the little pervert's gaze without flinching, and reminding her of what they just did with Espy's transformed self. If that weren't enough, one hand reached for Esperia's own then slowly dragged up her arm, tickling the smooth skin with the hard tips of her fingernails - a gentle yet insisting sensation capable of bringing goosebumps to her skin, "...Do tell me; what exactly would you do, I wonder~?"

Alisa leaned forward the whole way, letting the girl before her reach the proximity she wished far more easily: Whether she'd feel a need to punish Esperia later remained to be seen, yet for now, Alisa understood the need of helping the girl feel at ease with her own lust, and she'd meet no resistance when her hand reached for the sculptress' toned but pliable body. Her cheeks recovered some of the warm redness once feeling Asmodeus' aura against her skin once more, however, this closeness also meant her warm breath tickled Esperia's cheeks just as easily, undoubtedly getting a similar reaction from her before long.

Then again, Alisa didn't expect a reaction of that magnitude either. She could probabaly get this Fia girl too help Esperia master her new powers. If only they were as effective as her cute nicknaming skills:

"I was wondering whether that was your own lust or Asmodeus'... Guess that answers my question~", Alisa chuckled, easing off of that seductive mood with one last wink at Esperia, resting back against the bench and running a hand up her yet sweaty hair, shooting that comment right back, "...That or your breast fetish is strong enough to infect a demon lord~", with that last comment keeping her entertained, the sculptress' lazy, laid back pose returned as she inquired on a a pressing subject, "On that matter, what did you just do right now? Just then, it felt almost exactly like when I talked to her."

She kept her eyes locked on Esperia, yet she had her fair share of doubts that the girl even knew what she'd just done... If she simply channeled the demon's power into herself and retained her will, then this was something she should train and repeat. But if she was letting Lilith infect her mind, then couldn't do it again until she grew stronger. Whichever course of action Alisa encourage depended on this answer that the short girl might not even have...

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Poor Esperia, if only she had known that teasing Alisa was a futile effort, for the sculptress clearly enjoyed every moment of it. However, she had been confident she could steel herself and get her revenge if she could properly wield this power! The idea had been simple really: use the Demon Lord within her to empower her own lust, in the end, if Asmodeus thrived in lust, then surely she wouldn’t mind lending a hand with something like this, right? Peering into the girl’s eyes would have confirmed already that the spark of mischief in those mismatched eyes still contained an innocent liveliness to them that was undeniably Esperia’s. The lack of flinching and Alisa’s sensual response made Esperia believe a more firm teasing was in order… but to no avail.

The hand that reached up along her arm, tickling the smooth skin with her fingernails send a little shiver across her spine, yet as Esperia retreated and hearing Alisa’s mischievous chuckle while inquiring about whether it was her own lust or Asmodeus’ the girl shook her head lightly, yet the words that followed about her breast fetish easily made her cheeks regain their crimson hue. “I umm..” She raised a hand to the back of her head, seemingly trying to figure out the best way to explain it a little bit further. “Like those feelings of longing and desire, those lustful emotions that course through me… I tried to basically pull out all of them while at the same time retaining enough control over them to not let myself slip beyond my control. Albeit I could only apply a bit of Asmodeus’ power to amplify my own lust, anything more and I would likely be ensnared by her power."

A little tilt to the side followed as Esperia tried to think a bit further on the matter but soon she smiled weakly at Alisa. “But I couldn’t keep a grip on it long enough because my thoughts slipped back toward Fia...” The girl confessed softly, yet after a moment she tried to give a final teasing jab at Alisa, humming softly. “Why~ Were you hoping I’d turn into Asmodeus and gave you another round of shenanigans that are so lewd I might faint just thinking about them?”

A playful little wink followed by the girl at the remark, but she soon turned her focus toward their ongoing conversation. “It’s tough… her power is overwhelming, to the point I can only control a tiny fragment before I’d get ensnared by her.” She pondered for a moment before whispering softly. “Then again, it does feel very pleasant to act upon those feelings, like it’s somewhat liberating like a heavy weight is lifted off my shoulders, or invisible chains that are latching onto me are suddenly loosening.”

It was indeed quite pleasant for Esperia to be able to act upon her lust, but perhaps it was part of the cryptic warning that Lilith gave Alisa? About the consequences of the girl not acting upon her feelings?

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