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Watching the Wind blow [Kerii]

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on Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:19 am

Climbing up the ladder to the top of the windmill Syliph felt the wind get slightly stronger. The blades spun slowly circle as they turned whatever was going on in the inside, he was pretty sure it was grain or water, he’d find out when he got to the top. The real reason he came was to get a good vantage point for a secret building, the ties of grimoire heart had already payed off, he had heard of a hidden house in the woods of the village where some lacrima dealers did some shady business, and he had heard that the people in there knew things that they shouldn’t. Climbing up he looked over the place and took in the view, a little surprised he sat down and just watched the view, the windmill was situated perfectly on a hill to get more wind. Sitting down he looked over the farmland and just waited, he saw some of the farm workers tilling the field and he saw Farmer Jim on a tractor, sighing Syliph realized he couldn’t work for him anymore. Taking a breath he sat up and looked around, then out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw something whirling around he was wrong, sighing he turned around.


on Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:41 am

Kerii needed to clear her head. She tried to follow the silver haired elf she saw earlier, but he vanished just as soon as she saw him. Ever since, she started getting notes written in elvish... even in the dialect she was most comfortable speaking in. How he knew what language she spoke best, she had no idea. Maybe it was just coincidental, who knew? But the information he wrote on the notes made her think otherwise...

Kerii decided that she would visit the windmill. During her previous stay in Marigold, it was one of the few places she hadn’t been to. She had seen it from afar, but had never really been up close to it. The rhythmic circling of the windmill’s blades were just what she needed to calm her mind and clear out all the frightening and cluttering thoughts.

It seemed that it wasn’t just her who wanted to go to the windmill. There was a man with blonde hair. A man she hadn’t seen before. She was actually kind of surprised that she hadn’t seen him around Marigold until now. After all, it was a relatively small town. Perhaps he just got there... Either way, Kerii climbed to the top of the same windmill the blonde haired guy sat on and sat there herself.


on Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:05 am

Syliph stretched his arms and looked around noticing a female figure walking up towards the windmill, pink hair falling around her head, and if he looked closer he could make out pointed ears, it was Kerii, "KERII! KERII!" Syliph stopped suddenly, he realized that he looked totally different. Walking down the ladder he ran closer, he'd walk up and stop a little closer, "Hey Kerii, wow this must be really awkward, but its me, Syliph, a lot has changed,
the cat is gone, but that's a long story for another time, but, wow this weird, but how are you?"
Syliph stopped talking and waited awkwardly for her response it was kinda weird. Looking back at the windmill he waited patiently, what was probably seconds felt like minutes and hours. Sweat prickled the back of his neck and his eyes twitched nervously, in the back of his head he knew Kerii wouldn't see any of these, the silence lasted all of a few seconds, and he waited patiently.

It had been awhile since he had seen kerii, probably a few weeks, maybe only a few days but he really didn't care.


on Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:15 am

Kerii was taken by complete surprise when the blonde haired man started calling her name. “How did you-“ she stammered before she heard the blonde haired man explained that he was actually Syliph. Evidently, a lot had happened since last they saw each other, and the cat that used to follow Syliph wasn’t following him anymore. Even with all the changes, Syliph didn’t seem to want to talk about them. Not then at least. Instead, he asked Kerii how she was doing.

“Um, good, I guess... But okay, I get that you don’t want to talk about whatever happened between last time I saw you and now, but can you at least explain why you look so different?” It wasn’t just his hair and eye color. His complete physical appearance changed. It was a bit hard to wrap her mind around. She didn’t think he was using some sort of transformation magic, so how else could he look so different? Did he take some sort of weird potion? Did he have a spell or curse cast on him? Did it have to do with the cat? Actually, she didn’t even know a whole lot about the cat. She just knew that it used to stalk Syliph and it could talk.


on Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:51 am

Kerii stammered at first to his awkward new form, then asked for a somewhat detailed explanation for what happened, "A simple explanation, magic, a more detailed version, well...
Basically I drank the blood of my long dead Ancestor Alem, who was married to Ameliae, who was the daughter of capricorn and the guardian of the zodiac,
she also turned out to be the cat. But she was the guardian of the zodiac after the gods returned to the astral plane, and now im the guardian of the zodiac,
so its a lot of responsibility on my hands."
Syliph clenched his hand, it had been so long he forgot he had told Kerii the somewhat truth of what his backstory was, and now he had just opened up a world of questions that probably didn't correlate with what he had told her weeks ago, "But as a perk of being a guardian I get this," Snapping his finger light twirled around him like a glowing crystal. He'd snap again and it leave, the magic wasn't as satisfying as it had been when he started, but that was nothing, he just hadn't learned everything yet. He waited to see


on Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:16 pm

He had wanted to stay longer and chat but he had run out of time, he had seen what he needed j. The distance, towards the farmland that was, it looked like the small roof of the building, the j go je had gotten said that they only stayed in spot for so long so he’d have to leave quickly to get to them before they begin to transport things, “ I I I’m sorry, but I have to go Kerii.” Sylioh said. He honestly did but this was crazy important for him to find, he took off at a sprint down the hill, leaving Kerii awkwardly stranded up there was something he was gonna have to repay later on, he hoped they could still be friends afterwards, but he also needed to learn to make more than one friend, it was unhealthy being this antisocial. When he was a kid, he had few friends because the village was just si small, it couldn’t support an entire social structure, it was only about 10 families, which if you think about it, isn’t really that much when you compare it to other small towns. Taking a breath he pushed into the run.



on Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:58 pm

Kerii listened to what Syliph had to say about... whatever happened to him. Evidently, his ancestor was the guardian of the zodiac, whatever that meant. From what she gathered, drinking the blood of his ancestor caused his appearance to change. She wasn't sure why he did that in the first place. Perhaps it was some sort of tradition or ritual. Perhaps it was a "coming of age" thing. Maybe it even had to do with his religion. After all, he and his family, along with some other people that were slaughtered in his town, had ties to the zodiacs. Clearly, there was something magical that connected Syliph to the zodiacs.

The cat that followed Syliph happened to be his ancestor, Ameliae. Now, Syliph was the guardian of the zodiacs, not her. He seemed to acquire a new ability or a new magic due to being the guardian. As a demonstration, he snapped his fingers and light began to swirl around his fingers. "That's..." Kerii didn't quite know how to respond. Everything Syliph said, it just seemed so weird. So unique. Kerii couldn't begin to relate. "Just, wow. I mean, the guardian of the zodiacs? That's amazing!" Even if the whole guardian thing just pertained to his religion or his family, which she suspected it did, it still seemed like quite an accomplishment. However, their interaction was short lived, for Syliph had to go. "Oh... bye!" she said to him as he began to sprint down the hills. It was almost time for her to leave too.


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