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Nakamura family [newer version]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:25 pm


Nakamura Family

General Information

The Nakamura family is a important and rare name within Fiore. They are a proud and humble bunch that take pride in their form of trade and profits. Gaining their fortune through trade of artwork as merchants within the first few generations. As time went on they became weathy enough to stop doing that type of trade. Now they make a majority of their money off of investments and do some trading.

Generations and Generations of famous mages have been produced within recent years. The family became magic rooted. Most of them invest their element as Lightning, but there have been a few strays of fire, sky, and darkness. Even with a rare last name, it became widely known through Fiore. Most of the clan were known and are still known as mostly Rune Knights. A few of the members such as Ryu Nakamura are associated with dark allies and want nothing to do with the family. In recent years, Ryu, the eldest son of Nicolas Nakamura, has been trying to seek into becoming the head of the clan through evil and sneaky schemes. The head of the family goes to Nicolas and LeeAnn Nakamura. It was previously Hikaru, but with his disappearance it has gone to the next responsible one.

Every family has their dark secrets, years ago there lived a kitsune called the Fox King. He married the daughter, Homura, who's father was the head of the family. With the Fox King, came problems. It came with a series of creatures attacking the clan. The Fox King then taight his wife how to use fire magic. It was then in one of their battles to defend the clan, a curse was placed upon the Nakamura family that haunts them to this day. Visits from dark creatures slowly kill off and haunt the family still. Recently it has been, Elizabeth Nakamura.

#2LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:27 am



NAME: Nicolas Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Head of the Clan
BIO: The proud father of three boys and one girl. He stands at the wisest and permanet head of the family until Hikaru returns or LeeAnn claims it.
A former and well respected high classed Rune Knight who retired shortly after Gala and LeeAnn were born.

NAME: Elizabeth Nakamura/Sokolov
ASSOCIATION: Wife of Nicolas
CURRENT STATUS: Last known to be alive, but when missing
BIO: Not much is known to anyone about her past other than she was previous known to the Sokolov family. She was a former Rune Knight that retired shortly after LeeAnn and Gala were born.
Elizabath went missing around the same time as LeeAnn.

NAME: Ryu Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Eldest son of Nicolas Nakamura
BIO: As the eldest son of Nicolas Nakamura,
you would think he would get the title as head of the family. Though, he maybe the oldest he is one of the rare percentages that follows the dark path.
Ryu is associated with dark guilds which is frown upon by the whole family. Currently, he is seeking to claim the title as head of the family, but Nicolas knows his schemes and has given it to LeeAnn for the time being.

NAME: Hikaru Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Second oldest son of Nicolas Nakamura
CURRENT STATUS: Alive, but missing
BIO: The most accomplished and responsible of the brothers. Hikaru is the ideal role model for LeeAnn. She looks up to her Hikaru like a god. Hikaru is associated with the Rune Knights standing at Lutienant. He is a powerfu mage, but sadly busy with a lot of his life. Currently, Hikaru has disappeared out of thin air much like Gala and Elizabeth.

NAME: LeeAnn Alister Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Only daughter of Nicolas and Elizabeth Nakamura, fiance of Hans, Fire Gurdian
BIO: The only daughter out of four children and the favorite since she is the only girl among her father. She has gained special privileges. LeeAnn disappeared around the same time her mother did, but was saved by Hans, the kitsune and her current lover. Since then,she has sought out to her career in an out of the hospital because of her illness called the Parastic Plague. The young redhead joined the Rune Knights and is now a Seated Knight.

LeeAnn is currently traveling the country to become stronger and serve her family as the new Fire Gurdian. She is destined to break the curse and stop he older brother, Ryu from killing her whole family since he already has started his schemes.

NAME: Hans Kitsune/Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Fiance of LeeAnn
BIO: Hans does not remember much past Saving LeeAnn when she was 16. The only things he remembers is following her. Hans is a fun loving kitsune that really takes nothing seriously unless if he comes to LeeAnn. He loves to tinker things and play with reality warping it if he could. Nicolas is still unsure of him, but knows he means well and that he loves his daughter more than anything in the world. For that, its enough for him to become a Nakamura.

Hans is the destined Fox King heard in the legends of the Nakamura family. He and the Wendigos are at centuries long war with each other for power.
The Wendigos had cursed him and the Nakamuras hoping to stop him from protecting the humans.

NAME: Gala Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Third son of Nicolas Nakamura and only son of Elizabeth Nakamura
BIO: Him and LeeAnn were separted at birth by their parents to protect Gala from the family curse. He was given to a well known family that are close friends with the Nakamuras. They happily took them as his father sent them money each month to help with fiances. Gala found out about hte truth and joined the Rune Knights in hopes to find Hikaru or LeeAnn. The twins finding out each other.

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:16 pm


Nakamura Curse

Apart from the wonderful history of this family, there is a dark side to this beautiful painted picture. For decades, dark spirits roamed and loomed around this family. Ever since Homaru, the Fire Guardian, married the Fox King, the family has been haunted since. Fox King and Homaru were destined to protect the family from these creatures called Wendigos.

These creatures have set a curse on those that hold the blood of the Nakamuras. This particular curse is only laid if one turns greedy, cannibalistic, or has a person encounter with another Wendigo. The curse is called Wendigo Physcosis. One of two things would happen to the user. The most known one is taking on mental traits of a Wendigo. This can go either to plan cannibalistic or even go further for the user to go psychotic.

Parastic Plague: The second is a extremely rare case, but has been known to happen. The second one is placed as a physical illness taking on physical traits of a Wendigo. It acts as a parasite feeding off of the host changing the chemical make up of the body. The host's body turns more monster-like with some of the skin color changing into a gray-black color and the eyes either turn silver-white, black with a red ring, or both. The victim will experience extreme pain when they eat certain foods only then limiting them to a already established diet. Most of it would contain human meat or body contents, alcohol, or anything small such as veggies or other types of meats. To trick the body, one would have to either use deer or pig meat to surpass the human cravings. If one does not feed their body the human contents or any meat product, they will experience extreme pain to the point of blacking out.

Note: This is ONLY limited to LeeAnn. Others may NOT use this second option even with permission!

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