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Substitude Teacher [Quest: Phoebe]

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Substitude Teacher [Quest: Phoebe] Empty on Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:47 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
She had been feeling restless, on one hand she wanted to stay here, there was enough to do. But it felt not so energetic and happy anymore as the first time she arrived here, which had been a couple of months. Still she was happy here, she shook her head while messing up her hair because of the pillows. There was a smile on her lips but most of her friends apparently werenít here and the feeling, the lingering feeling in her chest, told her to go home. To see her father, her sister and remember why she was going on this trip. She actually left home to find her mother, well of all the things she found it wasnít her mother. Which was a bit of a disappointment as well, it was definitely not how she had planned for everything to go. Some things had gone far more positive than others and well not finding any clues about her mother had been worse. She had tried to track her down as a writer back in Era or Crocus but apparently she had not been working for the magazine for years now and her only clue was gone. If only there was a register of every fire mage and their specific fire it would have been far easier but there wasnít and if there was, it wouldnít be a simple location for her to find and she bet there was no simple access to it.

With a deep breath in and one out, Phoebe pulled herself upright in the queen size bed that she was using in this room. The curtains werenít closed well but it didnít matter for the morning was still dark at this hour, the sun was starting to make its climb around the world again but it was still dark in Phoebe her room. She should find a job again, she had not been lazing around but there were still more tasks to do and it might get her distracted from wanting to go home. After all King was here, which brought a smile to her face but there were other things to think about. She stood up from the bed and placed her bare feet in the flats that were standing next to her bed. She grabbed her purse and counted the money inside, she actually had enough to go home. Was it even possible, would she be able to face her father without being able to tell anything? Could she face Mary? She would definitely face Mary about needing new clothing because of what happened thanks to Bella but thatís not what she wanted to do in the future. She shook her head and dropped her purse on the table in the room and went on to refresh herself and dress. She needed to buy a couple of things for breakfast and could check out for a job, normally she would start on a morning run but with this cold she preferred to do it later at the day or find something else to do.


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Substitude Teacher [Quest: Phoebe] Empty on Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:53 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
While she was walking down the street, back towards the town centre of Magnolia to find a quest, she found someone looking at her with a questionable look. Phoebe could only stop walking and look at the person and quickly recognized her as teacher Sandine from the school nearby. Of course Sandine didnít recognize Phoebe immediately, so Phoebe walked over towards her to introduce her or well greet Sandine again, to which the teacher immediately smiled to her and said she was even glad to see her. So they made a small talk, which actually surprised Phoebe considering the time it was and she perhaps had to go to school. She had no idea that the teacher had something else in mind and that this was some sort of set up plan, originally she was on her way to place a quest on the board but now she could ask Phoebe immediately for help. The black haired fire mage couldnít say no, so she had a job to do, something she wasnít entirely satisfied about but she simply took the papers that Sandine had, wished her good luck about her mother. She quickly finished a little bit of the breakfast that she had just bought and headed to school.

It wasnít so difficult, she just needed to teach simple things about maths, she could definitely do that, it wouldnít be that difficult, since she would simply start with additions, that was the easiest. Some kids didnít understand until she visualized it, so she used the things in her purse, or pencils. Giving someone two and another two, asking how much the child had now, and finally everyone understood that. It wasnít that difficult, subtractions worked the same way. She used the pencils and clips she had in her purse and made the children understand, it was actually very fun to do so because the children didnít mind to be picked to be used as an example. When she was done a bell rang, indicating it was lunch and recess, which meant that Phoebe didnít had to pay attention to the kids as there were others with duty to keep an eye on the kids and she could eat a bit more. This was the best idea for now but when the kids came back, she checked if they still understood additions and subtraction so she could continue with multiplying and division, which was a bit difficult with pencils and the like but she tired and in the end it worked. She on purpose started with multiplication so the division would be much easier.

Once every child understood, she was able to make sure by walking past everyone their table to see if they got it. Not much later the class was over and the kids had to change classrooms and another teacher came to hand her the jewels that Sandine promised and she said her goodbye and headed out to perhaps start packing her suitcase. Perhaps it was indeed time to go home, she wasnít so sure still but she rather be prepared.


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