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Miracle Cure [Mission: Arisa & Alisa]

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on Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:45 am

Eyes closed, time passing so quickly as she was asleep, a deep sleep that she couldn't wake up from. It felt like just yesterday that the creature attacked and all of that was found out, was found out. Not much was found out in her opinion other than there was someone out to get her, catch her and do who knows what to her. She felt grateful that she had two people who care enough about her to protect her; her lover and her best friend that was like a sister to her. Those two will protect her when the time came, right? When the time came... they will be ready, right? What if she turned into the enemy in the end? What if she became the evil-doer by nature since this voice, a voice to be percise was wicked in her own opinions. She had a small smile as she stood in this world of white and black, the area was white; the sky, the ground the walls besides the small designs you could see that were obviously trees and flowers.

She continued walking through this dream for a bit while being able to think to herself with no one to bother her. Out of no where she appeared in some room that looked like a meeting room. Instead of white, this place was dark, torches on the walls, oval table and chairs of eight.
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#2Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:56 pm


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Ari was strong though... Really strong... The powers she'd displayed so far weren't those of the damsel in distress she appeared to be more often than not. In the end, Ali believed she wouldn't always be there for her, and odds were her lover wouldn't either. If the time ever came when those out to get her attacked when Alisa or Maarschalk weren't there for her, Ari would need to have all of that power at her disposal, and more important, she'd need to know how to use it.

Just like Arisa, Alisa too had an almost prophetic dream... Despite her usual cool and naturally peaceful slumber, she tossed and turned under that silky comfort of her bedsheets, and finally woke up with a gasping, startled look, eyes wide, cold sweat running down her back.

"A dream huh...", she sighed, slumping back down into bed, and looked at the budding rays of sunlight peeking through the cracks in the window. Morning already... No point going back to sleep then. Alisa hadn't had a nightmare in years, very few since the time when she joined Blue Pegasus

Black Sun had finally shown itself, and the sculptress was in no shape to return to that cold, aloof avenger with nothing to bind her, devoid of anything to protect. Not only her guildmates in Hargeon, but here, in Baska, she had her best friend who was under attack by a group who would slaugher men, women and children, fighters or not, that simply happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This drive to help the girl she all but looked to as a sister rung loud in her thoughts at all times, as she groomed herself slipped on her underwear, a black set of lingerie together with black, sheer stockings and garter belt...

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on Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:59 pm

The table had cloth of maroon that fitted perfectly over the wooden coating that made it look like glossed expensive wood. She wasn't an expert on the subject anymore than she use to, nature forbid her to love it so. It still made her sad that nature and her was forbidden the love each her, light in this aspect. Light gets hurt from nature as nature wants to embrace light, but ends up hurting it anyways in the end. Will that be her and darkness too? Will she end up hurting Noel even without wanting to, trying and the such? One by one, things, shadowed covered beings appeared in the chairs, besides one. Some were men and some were women. ''Come, sit down.'' a woman spoke in the same dark voice in one of those chairs. Slowly, hesitantly she moved over to the chair, hand gripping it, pulled it out and sat down. She coughed nervously, scooted in her chair and looked at every- 'one'. Her head didn't move, but her eyes did as she tried to study each and everyone of them. She was curious on what or who they might be. She knew she wasn't going to get many answers, but hopefully when they speak, she'll find out or they'll just tell him.

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#4Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:55 am


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The weather looked surprisingly sunny for a late autumn morning like this one, the sun beaming brightly through the windows and prompting the sculptress to forgo anything too warm. Not that she'd have needed to anyways, she had a pretty high tolearance for cold even among northern girls... In the end she went with one of the myriad different outfits she wore in missions, all complying with one similar style: White skirt and officer styled jacket, a choice of wardrobe she believed carried across the purity, dilligence and discipline she strove for when working. True, she didn't always succeed, yet that only meant she had every reason to keep trying.

And this time, working with Arisa also included nurturing her power, even if she had to leave some extra enemies for her to take care of... Assuming there would even be any enemies this time, which - depending on the mission - there may very well not be anything to beat up.

Only time would tell...

"Maybe the good doctor will have something for us to hunt again?", she thought out loud, not really caring whether this meant humans or animals, but somewhat hoping it would be the former; not for her sake, but Arisa's own. She had a problem hunting animals even though most humans weren't really any different.

Running her hands down her body, smoothing out her clothes, then doing the same to her hair, Alisa finally flashed her own reflection a sufficiently satisfied smile. With that, she slipped her boots on, and walked outside.

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on Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:44 am

A male of short hair with red blazing eyes gazed at her. His hands were twined together with his elbows on the table. ''I see we have /her/ here. Let's begin.'' he spoke and scooted his chair away from him with his calfs as he stood up high. He wasn't super muscular, but he was tall. ''We are apart of your concious that speaks to you through your thoughts, but what are we you ask?'' he started and made some tag engraved into the chair appear. It was over-shadowed? She squiented her eyes towards the chair to read it to see what it truly said, but what did it say? She wasn't really sure, but who can be sure? She should since this was just her dream, right? There were many questions, always questions yet not enough answers to give, not enough time to find all of those answers. Rather or not this here will give her answers to at least some of the questions will have to wait, but for now she was just about to get up. She was woken up by a pierce of light coming through the window and flashing before her eyes as a day she had to get up. She was to go out and mission with her dear friend, Alisa.



#6Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:30 pm


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As Alisa stepped out, under that shimmering morning sun, under whipping, intermittent gales breezing through the ever thinning foliage, she had no way of wondering just what manner of convesation her friend kept having in the seclusion of her hotel room, within the depths of her slumber. She had yet to learn just how many posessing entities her friend had to deal with on a daily basis, or how they affected her mental state... Perhaps soon she'd have a better idea and maybe then she'd be in a better position to help her...

Owing to the troubling events of yesterday's adventure, she agreed to meet Arisa at her own hotel room, early enough that nobody would have been around the streets to begin with. Her heels clacked against the cobblestones with every step, a bit faster than Alisa's usual laid back slowness, hinting to the concern inside her thoughts. Regardless, she'd knock on Ari's door while betraying none of them, taking a deep breath and putting on a smile brighter than any sunlight that might have woken her up:

"Good morning, Ari~", she'd wave cool but warmly when the girl finally opened the door, soon closing the few inches between them and putting her arms around Arisa's shoulders on a soft hug. Alisa might not be one to shy away from physical contact, but not was she one to seek it, not like this, attesting to her almost fraternal proximity to the tall Seraph

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on Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:03 pm

Her eyes cornered yet barely were they open, gazing at the window itself. Her arm slowly moved towards the other side of the bed just to see if 'he' was there. A frown appeared on her lips seconds later as she didn't feel him there. Her head turned, tilted towards the direction he would be if he was indeed here. 'Wonder where he went.' she wondered as she grabbed his pillow, hugged it and sniffed it. 'It still smells like him -- so calming and relaxing.' she thought more. She could stay in bed for hours just to day dream and think of him.

Even though that was true, alas she had to get up. Her eyes widened, noises were heard and quickly she rolled off of bed with her feet flat on the wooden floor. Her feet slipped into slippers and quietly went against the wall to peek to see who it was. So far she saw no one, but she swore she heard the door. Perhaps it was Noel who just left? She frowned once more, thinking on how she didn't get to make him food before he left. She stood up straight, relaxed and clenched her hand into a fist. She motioned her elbow close to her, pointed downward as she did a pumping up and down motion once in determination. ''I'll make it up to him when he comes back!'' she spoke happily and smiled. She turned right out the door to then see Alisa. ''Huh?! Oh hai there Alisa.~'' she spoke, smiled and giggled. ''You haven't happened to have see-, wait.. Is it time for the mission already?'' she questioned and blinked. Arisa was still in her pajama's of a night dress get-up, lilac colored and pink slippers with a single fuzz ball in the middle of each one and her hair was a mess yet still perfectly smooth and beautiful.



#8Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:43 am


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It too her a decent bit to finally open the door, but Alisa was a patient woman anyways, not like her ever present smile might actually fade in the time it took between ringing the doorbell and Arisa opening. Plus, when the girl did finally open the door, presenting herself in her pajamas, looking like she'd just gotten out of bed. She did seem to be in a good mood despite what they'd been through yesterday, perhaps she had her lover's presence to thank for that? Alisa looked around and didn't find him anywhere though...

"Did I wake you up? My apologies.", the sculptress cocked her head slightly, still resting her hand on Ari's shoulder even after she pulled away from the hug. She'd scratch her head, behind her hear with an almost apologetic look, admitting her ignorance on the matter, "In all honesty, I haven't really went over to look for it... But with some luck, either the doctor or the designer might have something for us. They'll probably send a courier chasing after us or something of the sort... Fufufu~"

She chuckled at this last bit, remembering how just about every mission they'd done so far involved the client sending for the two of them specifically. It looked like they were getting popular if nothing else, and besides, doing these little missions helped take their minds off their respective troubles. Alisa, for all her hatred, wanted not to be consumed by it. She'd act like a patient huntress, waiting until her informant gave her the information she needed. Until then, she'd bide her time, and spend it with Arisa instead.

"For the time being...", she'd cross her arms and look around, wondering if Ari might have any plans to eat in her room or go elsewhere instead.

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on Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:15 pm

Arisa looked at Alisa and smiled cheerfully -- with it being morning and all it was quite rare. She wasn't really a morning person, but it was truthfully thanks to Noel being here. Ever since they made up and he stayed with her, she's been feeling more secure and safe. It was comforting, his words. He spoke about watching her through the shadows, watching out for her. Oh' so it was romantic that it made her blush just thinking about it. Was this some fairy tale shit going on to where she didn't realize it or was it that she didn't want to realize that this was too good to be true, for her at least. Her family line didn't have the best luck with love nor genetics in general, but here she was in a happy relationship with her lover, Noel.

She snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Alisa, ''Oh! Urm, we can go out to eat instead. Not like we can't afford it...'' she spoke and bit her lip, looked away with her eyes and pouted. ''He left without me making breakfast anyways.'' she spoke and then looked at her. ''I'm going to go get changed. Sorry about you having to wait.~'' she giggled and bolted to her room, closing her door. She looked about and into her wardrobe. There was this, that and whatever the hell this was. She picked up a lilac cross-shirt that had cuttings out into an X. It revealed her belly button, her waist and the top of her cleavage. A U shape tied around her neck to hold it all up because of her chest being rather huge. The back of the shirt had cuts of straight lines till it hit the tail bone. For her pants, they were normal black colored, leather belt that was dark brown with a hibiscus red flower as the buckle.

Next after that she grabbed for her brush, the handle, the main part was made out of ivory, mirror in the back with little gems surrounding the circle mirror. The bristles were horse hair like the best of the brushes, but was a little apart from each one. Her eyes of golden honey gazed at the mirror in front of her that was square, connected to the dresser she stood in front of. The dresser was made out of rich wood, she didn't know the exact name, but she knew that it was made from some famous carver. Twas true that she didn't seem like she didn't know contacts, but she did know a handful of people who will do all they could to satisfy Mrs. Yue. Humming softly, she brushed her elegant silk violet hair till it no longer had 'ratts' in her beautiful mane.

Slowly Arisa put up her hair in a pony-tail, looped it through the ribbon a few times and pulled it out a little so it looked like a waterfall design. After that was done, she put on white socks with frills, ankle boots of black that had a zipper. The zipper itself always got stuck mid-way at the first go on the right side. She always felt like it was going to break, but it never did. Finally, she left her room all ready. With that she walked out the door after nodding her head to signal Alisa that she was ready to go. Turning a little, she locked the door after Alisa left and went on their way to wherever. ''So which place shall we try next? We should at least try every place before we leave to the next area, yea?'' she chuckled and gaze-cornered towards Alisa's eyes with her own sun-lit eyes.



#10Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:45 am


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Indeed, Alisa didn't know whether Arisa was a morning person or not. What she did know revolved around the girl's mood souring whenever she lacked her lover's presence to rely on, regardless of it being morning, afternoon, or evening... And especially when you considered yesterday's events, her looking this chippery all but guarenteed she'd seen him recently. But though Alisa liked seeing her happy, she still worried for her sake. After all, a girl like Ari put all her chips in one basket, gambled everything on a love life that may or may not pan out. And Alisa for one, struggled with believing in that ideal love to last a life time; every relationship fell apart in time. She wanted to believe in it, and on some level dreamed of it too, but until now, nobody had proved those feelings to be any more than just a feeble dream...

Only time would tell if Ari's story might indeed be different, and Alisa planned on keeping a close eye on her for more reasons than one, for better or worse...

"Mmmm~ That works for me.", Alisa answered, a little chuckle leaving her lips when she thought about her bank account. Yup, she'd reached a point where she could eat, drink, and sleep at all the finest places in Fiore, and she wagered Arisa was no different. But it didn't take a genuious to realize she couldn't really go anywhere looking like that, not without causing a scene, "I figured as much~", she giggled, "Take your time, I'll find something to do around here."

And find it she did, thought not without going around looking for things first things first... Folded neatly atop one piece of furniture stood a a white heap of paper with black hints, clearly marked with yesterday's date.

A newspaper huh... Was this something Arisa bought for herself? ...Not likely. Maybe something her boyfriend had bought...? Not as unlikely, but she still had no certainty whether he'd actually even been around here - save for Arisa's sunny mood. Perhaps something the hotel staff left for the guests? That actually felt plausible, more so than any of her earlier ideas. Who had brought it in aside, that newspaper now presented the best option for Alisa to keep herself entertained while waiting for her friend. Sitting at a nearby chair, crossing her legs, and resting back, she flipped open the large bundle of paper, flipping through the first pages and looking around for possibly important news.

Nothing worth noting, she found... Unlike that time when Grimoire Heart raided this and that, nothing troubling had been happening for the world at wide. Alisa should probably find it reassuring, but she didn't... With Black Sun suddenly appearing, she had every reason to believe these people were simply being discreet rather than inactive. They most defenitely weren't busy preparing christmas, unless their idea of christmas involved pain and bloodshed...

Once Ari appeared though, Alisa lost focus in the newspaper and simply stood up, folding the daily piece back over the table and smoothing out the kinks in her outfit:

"Hmmm, good question...", she rubbed her chin softly, tilting her head, "But in a big city like Baska, surely we won't struggle too much finding a new place to eat..."

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on Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:58 pm

Sure enough it was time to go as Alisa came with. She wondered about how Alisa felt about her boyfriend and if she even believed her in the first place that they were lovers and he was living with her. Perhaps she was more ill in the head than she could even think, but she found him stalking in the shadows romantic! Most people may find that weird, but it made her blush because it just his way of showing his love/care for her. Her arms dangled against her side as she cat-walked towards the inner town for some food, with her dear friend.

''Alisa, do... do you even believe me?'' she questioned calmly with a small happy smile, looking towards her as she cocked her head that direction. The wind felt good as it was calming, cool and made her hair wave behind her. It was dramatic in a way, but it was fitting for her beauty. Beauty... that's what some people called her, but her securities made her believe in naught when it came to her own appearance. Her large hips swayed left and right as she walked in a fashionable way. Her chest bounced every-so-often due to gravity, her walking-typing and the size of them things. She could question and feel insecure about her chest, but Alisa was no different in that so nothing must be bad about having a large chest, right?

'You're a fool; you wish to love the darkness and someone like that?' was questioned in her mind by the darker voice that etched into her mind. Quite worrisome it was as she still didn't know what that voice was, who it was and so forth. Her head looked straight in the small time her head was in the direction of Alisa, now looking at the road they were walking on. Where to go, where should they eat at? Her head turned left and right as she bright a hand up to cover her mouth, yawning. With that she stopped, put both hands on her hips and looked about with the turning of her head towards wherever she was gazing upon. ''Alright... so we have a few options. Sushi and dumpling shop, Pasta place or ramen place with whatever else they have.'' she spoke. She wasn't going to choose; nope!



#12Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:33 pm


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Arisa's question felt pretty unusual for her... Usually, she didn't really care about what others thought about her, more importantly, she didn't really care how they felt about her amorous relationships. But here she was, asking such a question that almost made the sculptress' eyes widen momentarily:

"About your love for him? Well, he looked like a distant fellow honestly; But then, what do I know? I didn't spend more than five minutes with him... And some thing pretending to be him.", she shrugged and shook her head, "But I do know I don't believe in eternal love."

But she wanted to, she really did...

"...That torrid flame you call passion burns off in time, and usually one person loses it first. Once that happens, both will end up hurt and resentful no matter what happens. One's heart makes room for two people far more easily than the same person forever...", as she went on, she'd finish off with a smile, almost apologetic even, for she really wished not to sully the preciousness of Ari's good mood, "Well, but I'll anxiously await the day you'll prove me wrong."

There was indeed something she couldn't quite shake, something that just didn't feel right. Arisa professed a mutual, undying love towards this man, and for all the time they spent together, the sculptress had never seen him with her. Considering what Arisa had told her so far, she had no doubt that this was the same man she met and they were indeed in a relationship, but she didn't know how much the angel's beliefs measured up to the man's ideas of their affair.

She had no way of protecting her other than somehow manipulating the man's feelings; which she'd never do even assuming such a thing were even possible.

The girl predictably looked to be deep in thought; Alisa was too, she just had a different way of showing it. As most of those thoughts involved Arisa in some way, she predictably looked at her more often than not, only scarecely noting her surroundings just in case someone might have it in them to ambush them in broad daylight, just as this myriad of people only started to go about their business. She only scarcely looked at her friend's well endowed bosom, bouncingng freely under the liberating grasp of her flimsy top. For all their perk and density, Alisa's barely jiggled at all under the confining tightness of her jacket, obviously designed for ease of movement; while the sex appeal just came naturally as a result of heightening her natural hourglass. The sway of her hips was equally less pronounced, resulting in a more subtle movement without detracting from her elegance in the slightest.

"Hmmm...", she rubbed her chin again, eyes drifting down for a brief moment and then back up to one of the shops, "Dumpling place sounds nice, lets see what they have there~", or so they would, but just as they approached it, the familiar figure of the courier approached them, "And speak of the devil.."

Thus, Alisa would wait the few seconds it took the courier to reach them, so she could look over the letter during breakfast.

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on Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:02 pm

She listened to Alisa talk about what she thought on the subject, but when she talked about passion -- ...it felt all wrong. She looked up at the sky by tilting her pretty head aback as she created a small smile, her golden mirror eyes reflecting that very sky. Having no pupils created the very perfect mirroring. Her nose sniffed the air as she could smell the aroma of the good smelling food. She imagined the bread, bacon and so much more when it came to food. Her stomach growled as she listened to Alisa speak. Something just switched/flipped a switch within her when Alisa spoke of 'passion'. Her eyes coldly gazed at her eyes and rolled them. ''Pft, passion is what people feel about hobbies...not people. It's not a word to throw around towards something as dangerous as love. Love...'' she started and darted her eyes towards the distance. ''Love is an obsession or even an addiction towards another, rather or not it's to a high degree or vice versa. Simply, you could say it's a warm feeling that gives you adrenaline towards specific things because of that feeling you have towards someone. It's quite... scientific and psychological.'' she spoke towards Alisa in a rather accent that was calm and cold.

She took a deep breather and there she was, back to her normal self. She coughed softly and looked towards her dear friend with a smile. ''Dumplings you say? Sounds good.'' she spoke happily and skipped ahead towards the food place with amazing dumplings -- or so she heard. They finally got to the door and through the hanging sheets that acted as a door. Swiftly she turned around to look at Alisa. ''So what does it say? Or should we get food before reading?'' she wondered and then started to look at the menu. Arisa spoke of what she wanted after Alisa read it if Alisa chose to read it before ordering. ''I'll have a family trio combo with two sugar donuts sticks. For a drink, I'll have a fizz-pop, large.'' she was done and honestly, she felt really hungry. The family trio combo was a rather huge dumpling with chicken, shrimp, crab meat and beef all in one with some rice inside of the dumpling itself. It was quite a treat and the spices they added to it was enough so the mixing of all the meat wasn't nauseating.



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#14Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:47 am


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There it was again. It looked as if one Arisa's many sides included a rather cynical, nihilistic personna, far more so than Alisa could ever be. Perhaps even matching the kind of person she once was, before joining Blue Pegasus...

But not anymore.

She shook her head, noting how this was yet another point when she disagreed. For an artist who thrived on both giving and recieving inspiration, her most fulfilling relationships naturally depended on that passion. Yet that made them short and fleeting; burning hot, but dying young. For someone like Ari - or rather, that side of Ari's - the sculptress' idea of romance must feel wholly alien

"Indeed, love is selfish.", Alisa added, nodding, "It makes you claim people like they were things, when you should simply be giving yourself. If they return your feelings then they'll surely do the same, without a though for how long it may last. That's what true love is, for me anyway."

Yet that look disappeared as soon as it arrived, around the time the courier caught up with them just as they entered their chosen food place. She gave the courier a few seconds of her attention, just enough get the pleasantries out of the way and recieve the letter assigned to them. She'd spare it a simple glance, smile at Arisa, than glance at the letter again, this time repeating out loud what she'd read mere moments ago, "So it appears we need to help the good doctor create a cure for this disease, something he can spread through the air in the event of an infection."

Alisa looked up into Ari's eyes, wondering what she had to say on the matter. More importantly, concerning where they'd be headed to next. According to what the letter said, they pretty much had ever bit of information they needed and thus had no reason to go meet the doctor face to face. Not until they collected all the components already described.

"I'd say get our food to go, and eat along the way as we look around for all the items.", and As Arisa ordered her breakfast, she'd read the letter more carefully and look over the specified ingredients, she smiled at the cashier, "Guess I'll join you for some of those then... I'll have the same, but with a coffee instead.", before turning her gaze back to Ari, "First one is a magical crystal huh...", her smile widened, "Interesting. Shall we get going then...?"

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on Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:38 am

She waited in silence, thinking on what Alisa said. Was it that she was no longer human and that was why she felt so indifferent when it came to love? A part of her felt disgusted about love, but the other part of her felt so flown and high when it came to it. O'Noel, if she was still apart of nature like she was, birds, the trees and plants would sing in thy name and wander about... to watch him of course. She remembered his words though of him watching her instead. Her heart was beating a lot as her face lifted up towards the sky, carrying her food and drink. Her left cheek puffed out due to the donuts on a stick in her mouth. She nommed them slowly with her tongue wrapping around the stick. Her soft strong hands held the stick from the lower tip, inserting the donuts and stick in her mouth even further. Her tongue wanted to savor all the sugar on this morning dessert as it tasted delicious.

Once it was done she pulled out the stick and flicked it to the nearest trash can. Her head turned to look at alisa. ''Wonder where we'll find a crystal.'' she spoke and then started on her dumpling, damn was it good.



#16Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:23 am


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Between donuts and dumplings, they had enough food to feed four people. It's alright though, they were both healthy, sporty women - and strong fighters to boot - and naturally metabolisms like theirs need hefty meals on a daily basis. Alisa normally ate far less than Arisa at any time that not the meal right after an intense training session, but today she all but expected to have one. Not like she'd be running another day long marathon, but with the request issued by this mission, Alisa was pretty sure they'd need a good long hike before they found each and every element requested.

"I don't know either, but I can't wait to find it~", answered Alisa rather merrily, her smile a good bit brighter than usual, her hands brought together in front of her, swaying side to side ever so gently. Still grasping the letter, she soon unfolded it, but her eyes narrowed once she carefully read the fine print "Hmmm, it says here a nearby shop should have it... Oh..."

...And indeed it did. Alisa wouldn't really mention her suspicions, unless Arisa actively asked her about them. Between the name of the shop obviously specializing in curio items, and the name of the crystal itself, Alisa knew exactly what kind of gemstone it was. If Arisa did ask her, she'd explain how this gemstone was not only beautiful but rare, not to mention how, according to the doctor, its magical effects were widely famous. And thus once Alisa got there, however, she confirmed her suspicions the moment they asked for it:

"Oh this? You can have this dazzling gemstone for the modest price of ten million jewels!", bragged the shopkeeper, as if her were pitching the sale of a lifetime. And considering the stone's carats, it was actually quite the bargain. But even for both of them, such a price was far beyond what they could afford.

Sure, they could probably haggle... But they'd never get it for less than five million jewels... Thus, Alisa simply grabbed the stone and replaced it on the shelf where she found it:

"I see, and I'll defenitely keep that in mind. Thank you for your time.", she'd say, replacing the stone exactly where she found it, well within sight of the shopkeeper.

What he didn't see - nor had any way of knowing - was how Alisa had passed the real crystal to her friend, right behind her back, and simply replaced a duplicate she had crafted with her magic, out of the shopkeeper's sight... With Alisa's skilled craftsmanship, it would take him years to figure out the deception on his own...

"Well, guess that takes care of one item~", she said, oggling the crystal as it now laid in Arisa's hands, gently running her hand across its surprisingly smooth, uncut edges.

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on Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:35 pm

Her eyes looked at Alisa as she was wondering on what could be on the girl's mind. Sighing softly, Arisa found the nearest trashcan and threw away what she didn't eat all the way, obviously being the stick. Next she chugged down the soda and continued on her little walk towards wherever they had to go, not sure on where. She didn't read dthe letter that the client wrote for them, she left that for Alisa. Arisa on the other hand was the follower most of the time as she was too lazy for that kind of work, the leader. If it had to be done though, she obviously would take charge - not really caring on the matter otherwise.

The fizz pop went down well, throwing away the can and finally, they went inside the store. Her body stayed close to Alisa as they were non- separable, unless they had their own thing to do of course. Arisa respected Alisa with her choices, where she wished to go alone as she became trusting enough for Arisa to not freak out on the matter. This place had different wares; Jewels, tools, objects and all. Some could say this stuff was stolen, but it really didn't matter to her in the end since she didn't even know the people that got their stuff stolen. Alisa questioned about a specific jewel, a jewel that looked rare, pretty, but nothing to her fancy. Was it for the mission? Of course. She sighed softly and looked the other way as she felt a nudge of her hand against her own, feeling the stone. 'Stealing? Uh, alright.' she thought and stuck it through and into her sleeve. Her sleeve hid it well and her eyes saw Alisa put back a decoy of course. Soon they left and she chuckled. ''Well, that was quite easy I suppose.'' was all Arisa said towards what just happened. They next went to wherever Alisa was taking her next to and the next after that as finally, they handed the stuff in and got rewarded.




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