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Hunting for darkness (Odin)

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on Sat Dec 02, 2017 10:40 am

Syliph wondered through the thick mist of the mysterious forest, what's the best place to look for darkness? A haunted forest known for death!
Syliph scowled, he just needed to find a dark guild, he needed to do this for his people, the Illumin was certainly going to pay. He had warmed up to the idea of joining a dark guild for revenge, he had been playing the memory of that fateful night in Oberon forest over and over again, that memory brought up some more painful wounds, bringing up a darker, more violent side of Syliph.

Mumbling to himself he failed to notice the small hill, covered in mist. With the sudden loss of footing Syliph slid down the side of the hill, So much for stealth, now every Lycan and Vampire in a ten mile radius knows where I am now. Syliph groaned and leaned back against a tree, rubbing his brow, this night might not go exactly as planned.

Last time Syliph had been in Dahlia, he had burned a woman's body, removed a dead body from a dead guy's house and played with children, the only positive thing that came from those nights was Ameliae, who had been a pretty sour companion the first few weeks he knew her.

Beginning to wonder through the forest again, Syliph looked for any possible outline of anything evil looking

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on Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:45 am

A dull thud reverberated through the forest known as the Aldenwald in the outskirts of Dahlia town, something that made Odin smirk. He began walking towards the source of the noise, with a cloak covering the majority of his body, and only his skeletal head being seen, an effervescent green energy surrounding it as he did so. There was no concern or speed in Odin's step as he wandered, and the purpose was more out of amusement than of fear. Whoever had made this noise was likely going to be dying today, as already the dark mage could see shadows moving through the forests towards the location. The vampires and lycans of the forest paid Odin no heed, mostly because they had no need for him, nor any desire to end his life. Odin was a being lacking in both flesh and blood, the two things that were hunted in the Aldenwald. It made his traversal much easier, even when he was detected. For both the lycans and the vampires knew of Odin's existence in the forest, as they all could detect his presence in their own way, but most of them didn't understand what he was, so they kept their distance.

Approaching the centre, Odin saw a young man with green hair, lighter than Odin's had once been, but the closest the Lich had ever seen. At this point, Odin was hidden in the treeline, but he noticed that two lycans were approaching the man from his side. With no reason to save him, Odin decided to simply watch, and see what was about to transpire.

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on Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:14 pm

Brushing himself off he saw to wolffish outlines approaching him, ”I guess I wasn’t wrong about possibly dying tonight.” he groaned. He really didn’t feel like dealing with these Lycans, they looked weaker than the stories he had heard of the other more powerful of their kind. Syliph peered around for some way to incapacitate the two wolves. He wasn’t gonna beat them in strength, they were Lycans and in this form they’d probably be stronger than him, outrunning them was also not an option. Maybe a spell? No, his stronger ones were not as well trained as his weaker ones. Looking for some kind of advantage he noticed a giant dead tree up the side of a cliff, smiling Syliph knew he had just gained the advantage, unfortunately he might have to flee the scene immediately afterwards.

Snapping his fingers, the Scorpio symbol would appear on Syliph’s neck, the sign would allow him to climb up straight surfaces with ease. Running up the side of the cliff he’d run up towards the dead tree on the side of the cliff. once up there he would deactivate the spell only using 25 mana. Pushing the tree with all his might, he’d fell the tree in the direction of the Lycans, the two Lycans would flee as the tree fell...directly towards Odin.

OOC: sorry I was checking grades.

Spell used:
Name: Claws of the Scorpion
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Celestial Zodiac Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Light
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user will snap their fingers and the symbol Of Scorpio will be ingrained on their neck, as long as the tattoo is there, they will be able to walk on walls, every post the tattoo/spell is active it'll cost 25 mana

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on Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:59 pm

"Huh, not a brainless fool after all."

It seemed the man not only had some powers as a mage, but also wasn't an idiot, as the two lycans approached him. He knew that they were too much for him to defeat alone, and so he didn't even try, an interesting concept that many people couldn't grasp. Even Odin himself, up until his fight with Shura, hadn't gained that knowledge. Retreating and knowing when you couldn't win were very different things, and this man was not retreating. He snapped his fingers and ran vertically, using what looked like claws to dig into the cliff face and stop himself from falling towards likely death. He used his height as an advantage to push an old, dead tree trunk. The trunk didn't move at first, but with all the power the man could manage, it budged and, eventually, fell.

The tree trunk's noise and approaching form scared the lycans away, as they were very nearly crushed by the overwhelming weight. Odin, watching the entire scene, had ample time to move out of the way of the trunk, as it landed only a few feet away from him. As it landed, and made more noise that echoed throughout the forest, Odin looked up at the man, not saying anything but making sure the man was aware of the Lich's presence. How he would react, well that was never something Odin was capable of predicting.

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on Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:11 pm

When the leaves and dust cleared Syliph peered down at where the tree had fallen, only a few feet away stood a claoked figure with a glowing skull for a head. To be honest, Syliph wasn’t fearless, but he sure as hell wasnt scared of that thing down there at the moment. Over the past few months Syliph had been stalked by a magical cat, had one to many lucid dreams, met all twelve zodiac gods, gained a new magic, and was told to go join a dark guild, this was only one weird thing in a line of many.

Not waiting for a response from the silent skull he decided to talk first, ”since you don’t look like your about to kill me, mind if I ask you a question? 1: what on earth are you? And 2: no of any dark guilds in the area?” Syliph was oddly brash at the moment, but he had just pushed a dead tree off a cliff, and probably alerted every hungry night creature in the entire forest, so being patient or quiet wasn’t really an option at the moment.

Syliph would peer down at the lich and cock an eyebrow, waiting for some kind of answer, whether the lich saw it the cocked eyebrow or not, Syliph would never know.

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on Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:58 am

Maybe it was because he managed to scare off two rather weak looking lycans, or perhaps it was because he was currently high up and thought he had some kind of advantage, but this one was bold when he spoke to Odin, stating that it didn't look like the Lich was planning to kill him. He was brash, maybe brave but more likely a fool, assuming that Odin wouldn't kill him because of how he looked. He reminded the Lich of himself, from before the change, back when he was a human. Perhaps it was because of his hair color, maybe it was his resourcefulness, hell maybe it was because he was an arrogant fuck, but there was a lot of the old Odin in him.

But, he had asked a question, and he deserved an answer, as the loud, hollow bass of Odin's voice boomed throughout the forest, sending echoes all the way around, as if he was baiting another attack. "Don't think that, because I'm not trying to kill you this moment, that that won't change depending on how you act." Naturally the boy asked what Odin was, but he had not yet earned the answer from him, so the Lich simply skipped that aspect of the boy's speech and focussed on the second part. He seemed to be in search of a dark guild, which made sense as to why he was in Dahlia, as it was a dark place full of mystery, but there were no guilds to be found in this desolate place, merely a cult hell bent of animating an army of the dead. "If it's a dark guild you seek, head north to Oak town. I hear Phantom Lord are always looking for members." Of course, Odin knew of another dark guild, that being his own, but that was a secret that this man was not welcome to be privy to. He was a potential addition to Grimoire Heart, but he'd have to prove that he had ambition. Otherwise, Phantom Lord could do what they wanted with him.

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on Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:26 am

The voice of the skeleton echoed throughout the forest, greaaat was all that Syliph thought. The skeleton took the liberty of warning him, ”I’ll keep that in mind, but to be honest, you’re just one, on a list of many weird things I’ve seen this month. So, If you wouldn’t mind not trying to kill me while we have this pleasant conversation, that’d be greatly appreciated.” Syliph threw in a friendly smile with the sentence too, he didn’t want to seem like a total idiot.

The skeleton suggested Phantom Lord, a guild Syliph had thought of before, but he had decided it was too flashy, and didn’t have the connections he needed,”If I wanted to join phantom lord we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now because I’d be in oak. But I’m not looking to join phantom lord, I’m looking for a guild more located in the shadows, one with the proper connections I need, and since you obviously know of dark guilds, I’m going to ask you be honest.” Syliph poured as much sincerity and strength into those words as he could, and they came out pretty well. He had no idea what this thing was so he had no idea of its capabilities, better to be a little wary and stay up here and wait for an answer.

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on Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:34 am

The boy was definitely more foolish than brave, and a cocky asshole at the same time. More and more Odin was reminded of himself, and of the influence Lucifer had once held over him. He was now free of that, and had matured after his death and revival, perhaps this kid needed to die too, maybe that would change his outlook on life. Regardless, he shouted back from his vantage point, amusingly stating that Odin wasn't the weirdest thing he'd seen this month. What a month he must've had then, but he sarcastically asked the Lich not to kill him while they were conversing which, if nothing else, just made Odin want to kill him more, but he resisted the temptation, as the man could prove useful. Perhaps.

Apparently Phantom Lord was too flashy for this kid, and he wanted something more subtle, something with connections to the underworld of Fiore. Ironically, Phantom Lord had many connections, and was no doubt full of people that weren't as flashy as they appeared, although Shura, the only Phantom Odin knew, had certainly been a flashy individual, not to mention powerful. But this kid probably had his reasons, and he seemed to be looking for something like Grimoire Heart, at the same time that the guild needed members. But he had to be tested.

"Tell me then, boy, what is it you want in life? What is your ambition?"

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on Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:20 pm

The skeleton seemed to think for a moment, deciding what to think, or maybe what he thought of Syliph. If the need arose, Syliph could snap his fingers and easily escape the clutches of the skeleton. But to Syliph’s surprise the skeleton didn’t try to kill him, instead he asked about his ambitions in life, ”My ambitions? Well for the bigger picture, I’m a stickler for equality, minorities deserve a voice and to be protected. But I wouldn’t mind destroying the illumin holy order while I achieve that goal, I have quite a few things to say to them as I set their churches on fire, a bit of Situational irony In my opinion.” Syliph realized that he was talking about things the skeleton probably had no idea of. ”To make what I want understandable, I grew up in a secret village, my village was murdered by illumin extremists, and now that I’m a mage, I have the ability to do what I want, so technically in the view of my ambitions, I can finally achieve my goal.” Syliph hopes he explained what he wanted relatively well, but he had no idea. Maybe the skeleton wasn’t letting on everything he knew, ”Why are you asking me these questions?” he asked.

Syliph still stood at his vantage point, and he probably wouldn’t be leaving any time soon.

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on Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:00 am

A simple man of simple pleasures. Destroying the church of Illumin, again something that Odin had once desired above all else, due to something they had done in the past. In other words, he was a man seeking revenge, but revenge for his own method of justice: justice for his village that was destroyed. he now had the power to do what he wanted, and he already knew what it was. That explained his need for contacts, as he no doubt wanted to find the extremists, and also who he could take out at his current level to make an impact. Killing a few priests meant nothing, but murdering someone higher would definitely have an impact.

The man then, still standing higher up, asked Odin why he had decided to ask those questions, and by then Odin decided the time for secrecy was probably over. It seemed like the man was not only someone who's goals would fit in nicely with Odin's own guild, but he reminded the Lich of himself too damn much that he was now curious as to how far this kid would go. He wasn't all that strong currently, but there was room for improvement, if he was willing.

"It appears we were destined to meet, you and I. I represent an organisation like the one you seek, and your ambitions would likewise represent the organisation's own ambitions quite well. Are you interested?"

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on Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:12 pm

As soon as Syliph finished talking about what he wanted, the skeleton’s attitude changed entirely. In fact he asked Syliph to join the orginazation he represented. Thouroughly surprised, Syliph took a few moments to gain his composure, ”of course, I’d be totally willing to join your orginazation, but since I’m joining I might as well know it’s name.” Syliph said.

He was surprised his mission to find a dark guild succeeded so suddenly, to be honest, he expected to be here a few days, not just a night. Finally deciding it was safe, he half climbed, half jumped down the cliff, making sure not to fully let go he’d drop from hand hold to hand hold until he made it to the bottom safely. With a few quick strides he stood in front of the skeleton, still ready to move at a moments notice if it was a trap, ”is there some kind of induction ritual I have to go through? I’m kind in a hurry to return back to Marigold.” He said. And he really was, he didn’t want Kerii to put things together and pry into why he was gone, her finding out he was a part of a dark guild probably wasn’t good for their relationship.

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on Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:07 am

The man seemed willing, eager even, to join Grimoire Heart, but he enquired as to what the name of the organisation was, something that Odin had kept silent about until he knew the man was willing to join. With all the news currently about a dark guild attacking Blue Pegasus, as well as the raid on Era many months ago, Grimoire Heart's name was starting to bubble to the surface. People knew it wasn't Phantom Lord that were carrying out the attacks, and that left one option, the only other known guild, despite not being incredibly well known. The members of Blue Pegasus had started to catch on, and the two that Odin had already met knew of his involvement by now. Although, with his new face, they would have no idea who he was if they walked past him in the street.

The man seemed in a hurry to leave Dahlia, having only come here to find a new guild, and it seemed Marigold was his destination, quite the opposite of Odin's, who was heading to Oak soon, to revisit his pub. The man wished to know of any induction rituals, or anything of the sort to officiate his entrance, which allowed Odin the chance to reply.

"The organisation's name is Grimoire Heart, and it is a guild that lives in the shadows. As such, we do not use our true names, instead we operate under pseudonyms, which reflect your magical abilities. A man named Icarus will find you and brand you, so you do not need to concern yourself with that. Other than that, if you speak of the guild, your codename, or any operation that you have undergone while part of the guild, you will be hunted down and executed without warning. Make no mistake, you get one chance."

With the man now a member of the guild, and not in fact being eaten, Odin had no reason to stay in the forest. Turning around to face away from the man, the Lich began to make the journey back to Dahlia's main town, have a rest, and then begin making his way to Oak the next morning.


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on Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:02 pm

Syliph watched cautiously as the skeleton left, he never actually knew his name, but Syliph was now a part of the Dark guild Grimoire Heart, mission accomplished, he hoped. Wrapping his hands together awkwardly he left the forest, it was time to return back to Marigold, obviously Kerii would learn of none of this, she was his first real friend, as lame as that sounded. But even though it sounded lame, he was going to make sure she never heard of it, no matter how long he stayed in the guild, even if he stayed in it forever he'd probably never tell her in fear of being shunned.

As he left the forest he turned south west, towards Marigold, he didn't want to leave Kerii high and dry, that'd be mean. This trip was something that bery little people would remember in the long run, only him, the skeleton, and that dud Icarus would probably ever knew they met, and what really went down, a few people would probably learn, but obviously not that many.

Syliph took in a breath of no foggy air as he left Dahlia, it felt really nice to be out of their soggy air.


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