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Finding Models [Mission/Solo]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:55 pm

Leon woke up at the crack of dawn. His bones ached from the attack with his cousin. Fay was not where near as injured as him or Abraxas, but they were alright. He was very thankful everyone made it out alive. Fay was in the best condition out of all of them. Early yesterday, she had tended ot his wounds. He was not a fan of medical attention, but he rather her do it than an actual doctor. For some strange reason, he did not trust doctors all that much. Silently, he slipped out bed and yawned again. Stretching his sore muscles, he yawn for a third time before getting dressed into his clothes and getting breakfast. Dressing into his everyday attire, Leon brushed his hair and his teeth. Daily hygiene was important.

He went to the mini fridge that was in the small hotel room. There was some leftovers from dinner of the deer cuisine Fay had cooked for him. Lee grabbed the tub of leftovers and a plastic fork from a to go package. He started eating it quietly slowly waking up allowing his body to adjust to actually being in a state of not dreaming. After he was done, he placed the dirty dishes into the sink where he would wash them later. Leon gently nudged Abraxas. She lied curled up in a seat next to the bed. The sudden movement made the Umbreon jump and flinch a little. She must of still been scared from a few days ago. Either way, Leon would motion to her to follow him. "Come on girl, were going to run a few errands" he said. The Umbreon gave a small nod and understood her master's orders. Though, she was a little distressed after what had happened to her. Abra could not forget events that happened to that extreme. Even Leon and Fay though Kon was taing this a bit too far after it all unfolded. Going down the stairs and passing by the old couple that ran the small inn, Lee was now outside. Abraxas surveyed the area with her red eyes. A delivery boy came by wih a letter. "For Leon Nakamura, from Fernando sir" he said. Leon took it and opened the letter. It was a request from his previous client about another job. Quickly, he put the letter back inside the envelope and placed it into his back pocket. "Abra were going on another job from the looks fof it" he said. Abra knew the way and was already a step ahead of him. When they arrived at Fernando's place, Leon would ope the door to see Fernando doing the last finishing touches on a few things. He twirled around to find Leon and his companion. "Ah, at last you two are here. I am glad to annouce that I just finished the autumn collection" he said. Leon saw the finished pieces from the fabrics he bought for him and the fine cuts and pieces put together. Leon could see how hard he worked. "These are amazing! Great job!" he admired the finished works.


#2LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:39 pm

Fernando had a glint in his eye that showed a spark of satisfaction. Lee was never the fashion majored in life. He was the type to just throw on some clothes, brush his hair and groom his tail, and high tail it out of the house. There was never a true real routine with him. "Why thank you, Leon" he smiled. The fashion designer flashed a smile as Lee only nodded. Sometimes in the most exciting light, he could see how some people's minds worked like he was right now. "So what's the case with this job this time" asked Leon, holding the mission or the invitation he was handed. The client stood straight up more formally than he was before. The mood of the situation was still light and cheery. He walked over to his finished outfits that looks just absolutely amazing. Gently, his hand grazed along the fabrics gently. "I finally have these outfits ready for show. Though, I have my hands full and so why not hire someone else to do something. The outfits are ready, but I need models. Models that would look good in them. Can you do that" he asked.

It was simple enough. Try to find someone who was not ugly and would think that would be in Blue Pegasus. Basically, pretty boys and beautiful girls, with him remaining loyal to one woman it would be hard to choose girls that he would find attractive. On well, Fay will understand...in time he hoped. Leon nodded understanding the basics of the job. "Alright, find pretty people. Got it! You can count on me" he smiled. Fernando looked a bit relieved as Leon could tell he was still happy, but a bit stressed with his work. That is understandable since Leon knew what stress felt like. For example, his work finding the missing daughter of Nicolas Nakamura coming to find out that missing daughter was really him. It was still a bit stressful to him as well. For him, it as still quite hard to believe all this time he was LeeAnn. Soon, he and Fay knew the spell Fay had placed on both of them was starting to slow weither away. It was definately showing sign in Leon for his snow white hair was now having crimson red highlights and scars were reappearing. Fay's was more suttle, but still remain quite the same. She felt embaressed since she was slowly turning more masculine as time went on. REason why she was not with him most of the time. "Thank you Leon, I knew I could count on you. Just find five and bring them back here" he finished. Leon nodded bidding his good-bye before taking off. Abraxas followed behind her master as they opend the door hearing the tiny bell ring again. Working for Fernando became more of a favorite thing to do than staying in the damned hotel room for days on end, personally he liked being out.


#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:05 pm

Abra and Leon started their journery to find five amazingly attractive people who would be willing to model clothing for Fernando. It was an easy...well semmi-easy task for the guy. There was a new setting of difficulty in this job since he was not a man with a good fashion sense or even when he was a girl, he had no idea. The basic life was just throw on clothes and boom your done. There was no color sense or his inner artist coming out. Scanning outside already, there were not that many people out today. What was a good place to meet people? There was the market, a great place to haggle for prices? Nah. The clothings stores that lied along side the little streets of this small town. Perhaps, that was an option. Though after contimplating on where to start, Abraxas barked. She tugged on his pant leg and then pointed to a small coffee shop where there were tables. There were no umbrellas due to the cold weather slowly creeping in. It was still a good thing that Abraxas was always more aware than he ever was these days.

"Umbre" she barked. Leon smiled. "Alright let's start there" he smiled. Leon followed his Umbreon who was a bit more ahead than he was. As they walked in, there was a small line leading to one cashier. Leon did not want any coffee. So he just looked at the menu. "What should I get" he mumbled. Abraxas stood by his side extremely alert. He lead down closer to the pet. "Look cute and adorable" he said. The Umbreon tilted her head looking confused and surprised by the order she was given. "You know" he said, showing cute things to do. The Umbreon sighed, not wanting to do this. Though, she did it anyways. Slowly, she did some cute motions catching the attention to two girls. They did the typical "awww" and "She is so cute". Immediately, she was a magnet for anyone who loved cuteness and animals. Leon slowly picked out a girl and a guy.

They both actually walked up to him with a smile. Abraxas was liking all the attention, but she was a little shy. "Is that your Umbreon" one of htem asked. Leon nodded. "Yeah, she's mine" he replied. The girl smiled. "She is ssooo cute" she replied. Then it lead to Leon conversing to them about the job Fernando needed done. He mentioned about he was ins derperate need of models and Lee thought they would be fit for the job. Of course, they seemed interested of how Leon described it. Abraxas made her way over not too happy with Leon using her as a pawn. He felt bad, but his plan worked afterall. "That sounds good I'm in" replied the guy. The girl thought about it and shrugged. "It will be fun and something new to do. You can count me in" she said with thumbs up.


#4LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:25 am

So now he gotten two people on board. Great! Leon told them to follow him so they could find a three more people. This was going to be a piece of cake for him. Using Abraxas as a method to attract people. Good looking people loved cute animals, right? He hoped this would work. It did in the coffee shop. The walked out with the two volunteers and Abraxas, in a foul mood, dragging along behind him. She was still not too happy with Leon and his little schemes. The knight looked around for another place. Where were his options earlier? The park. The market? The market was a good place continue their search. Leon looked back at his companion. "Abra, lead to the market" he commanded.

The Umbreon lowered hers and grumbled with her head lowered. She did as he said, but still in a bad mood. They eventually gotten to the market. There were many people as the two volunteers followed. Slowly, he kept his pace at a moderate speed careful to not loose anyone. In a large thick crowd like this one, it was very easy to get lost among the clusters of shoppers and merchants. From the corner of his eye, he spotted a beautiful blonde haired girl looking at some hair pins at the next booth over. Leon cleared his throat as he looked at Abraxas. Who only glared not wanting to do this, but she did anyways. "Dont worry I will serve you your favorite meal after this. I promise and you know I NEVER break my promises" he said. Slowly, Abraxas looked cute and happy putting on a good show. The girl looked down as the Umbreon barked happily wanting attention. "Aw look at you. You're so cute" she admired. She lowered herself to pet the Umbreon. The creature hated to admit it she was loving the attention. Leon could clearly seeing thin her. "She's pretty cute huh?" he said. The girl looked up. "Is she yours?" the girl asked. Leon nodded. He mentioned about the modeling job and she seemed interested. Three down four more to go. Leon found two more through the same method. One more male and another female. Using animals to attract people really does work to get hte job done. Afterall, Abraxas loved the attention, but she hated Leon for making her do it. Honestly, it did not make much sense, but hey it worked. "We'll go back to Fernando's boutique and he will take over from there" he mentioned. The five volunteers nodded understanding what he was saying. They arrived at the boutique where the client was doing late minute touches on the outfits and adjust them to the correct contour. He looked up and smiled with glee. "They are perfect! Thank you Leon, the show must go on! Come, come follow me" he said. The five model followed Fernando as he looked back tossing the reward to Leon giving him a thumbs up.



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