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when history brings nightmares

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when history brings nightmares Empty on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:57 pm

Sora Mamoru
it was dark outside and a bit rainy although there was one person that couldn't even hear the rain let stand see the moonshine. He was hidden deep inside one of the many dungeons of the Sin. He hustled the wrong person and ended up in prison as a new bargain for getting their fighter back. The man sat in the corner of his cell. He didn't look older than seventeen and wasn't wearing much besides the shackles that were on his wrist and ankles and the prison pants he was wearing. He didn't wear a top or any shoes. His black hair fell in front of his left eye. He heard the guards talk in the distance about what they did in their free time while he was calmly sitting there. He looked up when he saw one of the guards to check on him. He looked straight towards the guard with his jewel quarts grey eyes. There was only an evil smile coming from his lips while the guard hit the bars with his sword. "What are you smiling at brat?" The man didn't say anything though he just chuckled and shook his head.

The guard left getting out of the man's sight. That was the moment the man grabbed the chain between ankles with both hands. It didn't take long before the metal turned bright red slowly fading into white and before the count of ten the chain was pulled apart without a single sound. The man looked up for a second checking if no one really heard it before he did the exact same with the chain of shackled around his wrists. He stood up calmly to his 5'10" height he had. he walked calmly towards the bars taking two bars calmly into his hand before they also turned bright right and white. He bent to bars just wide enough so he could pass before bending them back like nothing happened.

The man calmly walked through the long hallway having the pipes of his prison pants drag along the ground together with the broken chain that was still attached to the shackles around his ankles. The guard that was in front of his cage turned around seeing the man slowly walking towards him. "Hey Stop right there" The guard yelled while he drew his sword. The man just laughed though in the same way as before when he was locked up. The guard ran towards the man trying to catch him again. The man just kept calmly standing and ducked and ducked down at the last second. His arm stretched forwards quickly and palm strike was performed right into the guts of the guard. Nothing was seen on the guard on the sound of a hard hit was echoing throughout the hallway. The man kept walking further while the guard collapsed a few seconds later behind him.

A door got slammed open knocking over the guard that was standing in front having the door fall right on top of the guard before the man runs through the opening. He lands on the door hard ones making sure the guard was knocked out. The man saw 3 guards drawing their swords and running towards him. The man chuckled before he ran straight towards the guards. The air in the room became hotter and hotter with every step the man-made until it became as hot as the desert in the room. The man wasn't affected by it but the guard got trouble breathing and became nauseous. The man kept running towards the guards and dodged a swing from a sword sliding on his knees under the sword. He stood up right before he got to the guy in the middle. The man ran up the last guard with 2 steps. With the last step, the man's kicked up kicking the guard right onto the chin while the man backflipped further. In the middle of the backflip, the man wrapped his arm around the middle guard's its neck. He stretched himself out drop kicking the first guard in the face from the side before the planted the middle guard face into the ground. IT didn't take longer than 2 seconds for him to take out 3 guards with ease. The man started running again making his way through the hallways knocking out guards. He made sure he didn't kill them though although it was easier to kill them then to knock them out.

The man opened the last door and ended up standing ontop of a terrace then had a view over a cliff. Some guards came through the door right after the man "Stop him." Some guards yelled. The man didn't listen though and ran straight towards the fence of the terrace. He jumped up and put on foot on the fence before leaping right off the edge into the cliff. He turned in mid-air though to look at the guards and give them a 2 finger salute before heading face first down into the cliff. Out of sight, the air beneath the man became hot making him able to glide through the sky like he was wearing a wingsuit. While one guard went to their boss and kneeled down in front of the big man. "Emperor. Sora escaped" The guard said towards the boss.

Sora's shot open suddenly and he looked around himself. He was sweating a bit and breathing heavily. He saw himself sitting at a table inside the Lamia Scale guild. He looked down towards his left arm seeing the guild mark finely placed on his lower arm. He took a deep sigh before saying to himself "Thank god it was just a dream."

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