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The Waiting Game [Social: Snowflake]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:00 am


Fiammetta Barone

"Two pints of Bernia Ale for Table 9!

"I'm on it!" A certain hazel-eyed girl barked angrily at her boss as he slid a pair of filled glasses onto the counter. Fiammetta Barone, in attire completely unlike her, stormed over and snatched the Ale, scowling at her boss as she did. Giving a huff, Fia's scanned about the place for the table she'd been designated, the borderline-alcoholic mustering some willpower to not be lulled in by the alluring scent of the ale in her hands.

She looked over the late afternoon crowds, consisting mostly of work groups treating each other to rounds of booze after a tough day. Most of them were merchants, along with spatterings of some working-class guests to the pub. There were even a few guards about, which Fia took a wide berth around.

The Barone, clad in waitress attire, set her gaze on a table of two merchants, each of them laughing heartily as they regaled each other with old stories of glory days. She breathed in, mustered what effort she could to put on her best friendly smile. The result was more of a grimace than anything, causing the merchants to give her a somewhat confused look as she set down their pints.

"Here ya go~" Fia attempted her cutesiest voice, which came out strained with anger and only prompted further confusion from the merchants. Waitresses were supposed to friendly, right? Who was she supposed to appeal to?

The delinquent girl walked away from the table, internally cursing herself for taking up this job. Then again, she hadn't had much choice in the matter, with how few places were hiring part-timers, and how desperate she was to earn some money for her and her girlfriend's endeavors...

Fia sighed as she approached the counter again, getting back to work and praying her shift would fly by, and she could go back to the hospital where Esperia was recovering from a recent coma. Hopefully, the thought of seeing her afterward would get her through the day, and the clientele. Though she wasn't the best when on the drink herself, Fia wasn't terribly interested in dealing with drunkards for much longer. Espescially the ones that got flirty or handsy...

Then again, hopefully, all of them wouldn't be so bad. The bar was anyone looking for a nice drink, after all.


on Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:49 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

For some reason, the white haired maiden found herself wandering towards the Boar Hat Pub once again. It wasn’t often that the woman was craving for whiskey – for someone who doesn’t consume that much alcohol, but perhaps, it was due to the cold season that was beginning to dawn upon the country.

It wasn’t a cold evening; at least to her, nor was it a warm one, but it was quiet and lonely, and there were far more whispering breezes over the roar of crowds. Though she had no watch, Snowflake knew it was well into the eves. Mayhap, she’d gotten used to noticing things better as time escalated their processes into varying degrees, and she was sure that she’d found home in mapping the stars to find a location, but all that was beyond her.

Heels clacked against the cobblestoned ground as she pulled her leather jacket closer to her body. Strands of unkempt, silver hair sashaying behind her, the female entered the bar that was located to her left. The scent of beer and ale blasted into her face the moment she opened the door and as expected, the bar was bizarre as usual – something that she had an aversion to, but since she couldn’t resist her desire for alcohol anymore, here she was, standing in a room filled with men, both young and old and the stench of cigarettes instantly brought a frown upon her face. She meandered over to a vacant spot as quickly as possible and seated herself, her leg crossed on top of each other.

”A bottle of whiskey, please!”

The demon attempted to talk over the noise that filled the area, but to no avail, as her voice was easily overwhelmed by the laughter and simply hoped that at least one of the waiters/waitresses would have heard her order. The beauty released a long sigh; she had been stressed recently, after completing a strain of quests that pushed her being to and from between places.

Settling here brought a relaxed disposition over this person, however, she could have done a better job at finding a different place instead of this rundown bar. She wasn’t even sure why she had chosen this pub; she hated the Boar Hat Pub – even the name sounded ridiculous, but the alcohol at this location was certainly quite the opposite and did the magic for her, at the very least.

The sleeves of her jacket were slightly rolled up, revealing her bare hands and if one had paid enough attention, they would be able to take notice of the Blue Pegasus guild mark imprinted on her left hand.

#3Fiammetta Barone 

on Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:44 pm


Fiammetta Barone

If she was being honest, Fia didn't at all dislike the Boar Hat Pub, though that wasn't to say she had the most particular of tastes. To call the young woman crude would be hitting the nail right on the head. Her low standards aside, Fia had found a lot to love in that pub.

She found its gaudy and whimsical design amusing, its raucous and chaotic crowds endearing. It reminded her of home, of Baldo's awful sense in furnishing and the cacophony of the dinner time rush. When it came down to it, there wasn't a terribly big difference in a crowd of drunkards and a herd of excited children, at least to not to Fia. Even the stench of alcohol and cigarettes had an air of familiarity about, every whiff she took reminding of her own father, of his collection of alcohol and horrendous smoking habits.

There just some sort of odd nostalgia to the chaotic pub, and that sensation helped distract Fia from just how unenjoyable the actual work was, and how unsuited a temperamental girl like her was for dealing with the pub's clientele.

Of course, they weren't all bad, as the steam punk would soon find. While delivering another pint of Bernia Ale, the pub's most popular drink, Fia overheard a much less boisterous voice request some whiskey. Hazel eyes shot toward the source, widening at an unexpected sight. A maiden with hair white as snow, a single spot of elegance among the ruckus. Calling her out of place would've been an understatement.

A quick look at her co-workers told Fia that no one else had heard the beauty's request, and so she gave in to her curiosity and decided it her responsibility. Weaving back toward the bar, she'd begin back toward the white-haired girl with her poison of choice in hand.

Fia stuttered somewhat in her approach, her eyes falling on the imprint on the maiden's hand. She was more curious than ever now, reminded of something Esperia had told her about Blue Pegasus, and how Fia might benefit from the jobs they provided.

Hesitating a few more moments as she made sure her co-workers were preoccupied, the brown haired girl set focused eyes on the white-haired woman's table. Wordlessly, she strode over, placing the whiskey glass down with some force to grab the woman's attention, were it elsewhere.

"You wanted whiskey, right White?" Fia said flatly, concocting the nickname on the spot. The young Barone wasn't the most creative of people. Hazel glanced side to side, making certain that she could afford a few more words with the customer.

"That's uh, a Blue Pegasus mark, right?" She asked more than a little awkwardly, realizing she didn't really have a gameplan here. Leaving a few seconds for awkward silence, Fia suddenly realized her pathway into a proper conversation, desparate though it may have been.

"Know someone in there myself. Esperia, her name is. Short girl, funky-lookin' eyes." The young woman was doing her damndest to play things coolly, but just the mention of her lover had her expression softening. "A-Any chance you know 'er?" Another awkward query in this already odd situation. Fia might have been confident, arrogant even, but social graces had never been and would likely never be her forte.


on Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:58 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Fingers tapped impatiently against the wooden surface of the table as silvery optics idly glossed over the area. The bar was hundreds of conversations told in loud voices, overwhelming the tunes played on the speakers hung above the walls. The crowd consisted of mostly older people, workers and merchants from all over the town, only to unite in one single bar to enjoy a few drinks and share their tales after completing their hard days of work. Laughter erupted from the table to her side and startled her; her brain waves suddenly reacted with a jolt, her head whipping back with force.

The stench of beer and cigarettes filled her nostrils, something she never liked, and it was certain that the scent was going to linger on her expensive clothing once the day was over, much to her distaste. If her lover had discovered that she had visited the bar once again, it surely wouldn’t turn out good – but, he didn’t have to know. The last time Snowflake visited the Boar Hat Pub, one of her most interesting encounters occurred. Not only did she meet a vampire, it turned out to be a close friend of her host body. Complicated, right?

”You wanted whiskey, right White?”

It was then a voice of a young female finally registered into her mind and brought out of her reverie. White – what a lovely name, she thought. Snowflake had attained a couple of nicknames from her peers, but somehow, White was by far her favourite. It was the first time the woman found herself smiling at herself for some silly name, nevertheless, she replied with a simple nod. ”Yes, thank you,” she immediately grasped onto the glass and began sipping the alcohol. Lifting the cup to her lips, she let the amber fluid sit in her mouth a while before swallowing – it burned like no other, but god, it was good. She was starting to get addicted to alcohol and it definitely wasn’t a good sign.  

Snowflake was a woman with very little words, only exchanging a nods and simple greetings with strangers and she could be seen doing the same thing with the other girl. Her eyebrow raised in curiosity when the female mentioned that she knew of someone from the same guild. ”Esperia,” she began, and swirled the whiskey in her glass before taking another large sip. ”I know her. I was able to recruit her into the guild the last time I met her.” She wasn’t sure if that was necessary to inform her about Esperia’s recruitment, but either way, it allowed her to exchange a few words other than just nodding and responding yes or no.

”If I’m not wrong, she was searching for her friend. I haven’t seen her in a while, but hopefully, her travels are leading her to where she wants to go.”

Perhaps she said too much. Snowflake never liked saying unnecessary things and was never one who would share more than a few words, but in this case, it was slightly different. She was certainly curious about her fellow guildmate’s well-being and to see if she was fitting in the guild just right. Since this particular dark-haired girl appeared to be close with her, she might just as well ask her a few questions.

#5Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:56 pm


Fiammetta Barone

There was something about 'White', something that had Fia inherently curious about the maiden. It was more than just her apparent status as a Blue Pegasus, or Fiammetta's attraction to elegant women. There was just a kind of nobility to the woman's demeanor, a beauty, and intelligence that seemed out of place in their current environment. It reminded her a bit of the doll-like Esperia, if she was being honest.

As she set down the whiskey glass, Fia noticed the haste with which 'White' consumed the lovely liquor. The hazel-eyed girl suppressed a chuckle, somewhat amused by the apparent taste for alcohol this dainty young woman had. Of course, Fia was a pretty heavy drinker herself, and couldn't deny a bit of envy as she watched the white-haired maiden enjoy the powerful alcohol. Working as a waitress in the pub continued to prove an unwise choice.

Though, on the bright side, it had given her yet another opportunity to meet an acquaintance of Esperia's. The cold maiden apparently did know the raven-haired trickster, and even more than that, had been the one to recruit her to Blue Pegasus in the first place. Fia tried to hide the grin forming on her face, feeling a bit giddy at the possibility of meeting another one of Esperia's friends.

"That so, huh? Wonder how ya convinced 'er to join..." Fia mused out loud after White's reveal, as it occurred to her she'd never really heard Esperia's reasons for joining Blue Pegasus. Only, that they were a useful group for a traveler like her. She'd also heard that they might be useful for someone like Fia, who was so desperately in need of the funds working with a guild could provide.

That, however, wasn't something the dark-haired girl could bring up just yet. Fia still wasn't even sure if she was bothering the maiden, the snow-haired girl's sparing responses giving the impression that she wasn't all that talkative. Though, she did have a few more words to spare on Esperia herself.

The steam-punk felt herself tense up a bit at the other woman's words, knowing fully well that Esperia certainly wasn't where she wanted to be right now. Fia gulped down, checking she wasn't needed elsewhere in the pub before continuing, and telling the truth that this apparent friend of Esperia's ought to know.

"Yeah, she, uh, met that friend of 'er's..." Fia stammered out a little awkwardly, looking away from the girl and scratching the back of her head. "As fer her travels, can't really say she's at where she wants to be right now."

Recalling the events left a bitter, burning taste in Fia's mouth, not unlike White's whiskey, but without the following elation. "Espy's been in the hospital fer the past few days. Recoverin' from injuries." Her fist clenched, anger boiling as she took a breath. The girl's next words were strained with anger. "She... Got attacked by some damn dog fuckers... Er, Lycans, sorry." Catching herself, Fia regained a bit of composure ans straightened up in front of the girl who was still her customer. She couldn't afford her usual lack of niceties.

"She's doin' aight now, though. On the mend and all that. I, uh, 'pologize that ya gotta hear it through me." Fia fiddled uncomfortably a bit, fully aware how she'd damaged the mood of the already awkward conversation.


on Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:37 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

When the girl spoke, Snowflake couldn’t help but notice her accent – it was unusual, and it certainly wasn’t often that she’d meet someone with such a heavy accent, but somehow, she liked hearing it and the accent only made the girl unique from the lot. Her eyes idly glossed over the outfit of the other female; no doubt she was working at this bar as she wondered if she would even be allowed to chat with her customer, seeing how busy the pub was with people flooding into the room each minute.  

”I just simply described the guild as home. It seemed that Esperia yearned for one,” the woman trailed off, her hand moving in a circular motion as she swirled the liquid in the glass, listening to the chinking of the ice cubes, breathing in a fragrance that only years in an oak barrel can achieve. Already the worries of her day were beginning to fade, even before the first taste and watching its gentle vortex was hypnotizing enough. When the liquid settled, she brought it to her rosy lips and swallowed it down her throat, only to finish the entire cup with a single gulp.

The whiskey was strong and bitter; something she used to prefer less compared to other alcoholic drinks, albeit, in her most recent days, Snowflake always selected the strongest drinks mostly to wash down her fears. Things had been complicated for the ivory haired female, when she decided to tell her lover about the demon within her and as she had originally expected, it didn’t turn out well and thus, their relationship was quite unstable for the moment.

”Do you mind getting me another one, please?”

Whenever Snowflake visited the pub, she made sure to drink until she was slightly more than tipsy, but not until she couldn’t walk, for if Chelvaric saw her in that state, she would most definitely receive a scolding from the man. ”Oh, that’s good,” she’d say, nodding, when the girl stated that Esperia did actually meet the person that she was searching for. What was brought up next almost came to her as a surprise: Esperia at the hospital, and she couldn’t believe what she had just heard. It hadn’t been long since they parted ways and now, she was already harmed?


Snowflake was confused to where this whole conversation was going until the other girl mentioned that Esperia was attacked by lycans. ”…I don’t know what to say. That is very unfortunate.” She clasped her hands together, wondering how all of this actually happened. ”I’m glad you told me. Thank you.” If it wasn’t for this girl, Snowflake would have never known what actually happened to Esperia. She was the member of the guild; part of her family, and it was no doubt that she was worried about one of her own.

”Do you know where I can visit her?”

#7Fiammetta Barone 

on Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:26 am


Fiammetta Barone

"A home? Yeah, guess I can see why she'd be lookin' fer one." Fia remarked, raising a curious eyebrow at the white-haired girl's answer. Given what she herself knew about Esperia's family, and how she'd lost them, it wasn't at all surprising to hear the girl was in search of a 'home'. It even occurred to here that, in spite of Esperia's outgoing demeanor, there was bound to be some deeper loneliness in her, with what she'd been through. The fiery lass could only hope she was able to rectify that.

With her eyes still on her customer, Fia was beginning to notice the apparent taste the noble maiden had for alcohol. It had eyebrows raised once again, that such a dainty figure was so readily gulping down the amber fluid. Her lips opened a moment as 'White' finished her cup, about to inquire if she was alright. However, she decided against it before any words actually came out. Something about this girl's frosty aura had Fia thinking it was better to leave such a subject untouched.

Seemingly in an effort to surprise Fia even further, the girl asked for another whiskey, prompting an impressed look from the hazel-eyed lass. "Comin' right up, White." Fia remarked amusedly, briefly wandering off to retrieve another whiskey. She didn't think she'd seen anyone so enamored by the drink. Well, aside from her father. The old man used to say it was medicinal, a mental painkiller of sorts. Fia wondered if that was the snowy-haired maiden's prescription too.

After returning with some more amber intoxicant, Fia continued to hold a reserved yet steady conversation with the other girl, despite the serious subject matter. It wasn't easy, telling her about Esperia, partially because Fia didn't feel like she was supposed to be the one delivering the news. Despite reassurance from her girlfriend, Fia still wasn't quite sure she could be in the same social standing as the obsidian haired trickster...

Such worries were somewhat dulled by the gratitude of the other girl, who seemed just as concerned about Esperia as Fia herself. It wasn't too surprising to her, she was certain Esperia had a fair few friends that were worried about her. The young delinquent smiled as 'White' asked how to visit her, glad there would be more than just her and Liana to keep the recovering girl company.

"She's at the hospital, the one run by Doc Gerard, if ya know 'im." Fia explained simply, her face scrunching up a little as a thought came to her head. "Actually, my shift's almost over, so I can take ya right over there, if ya want." The brunette offered with a casual tone, just as she noticed some of her co-workers give the loitering waitress a bit of side-eye.

"I, uh, I was gonna head over after anyway, sure Princess won't mind the extra company." Fia reassured a little awkwardly, still not entirely comfortable with the social interaction. So uncomfortable, in fact, that she didn't even realize she'd let slip her affectionate nickname for the girl.


on Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:05 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

The snowy sculptress managed a small smile as the other female returned, only to deliver a brand new glass of whiskey. ”Thanks,” the woman expressed her gratitude and did not hesitate a moment to take a sip from her glass. With a few drinks in for the night, Snowflake was already finding herself getting tipsy and decided that this should be her last glass before she ended up passed out on a bench somewhere, which was very unlikely to happen, nevertheless, it wouldn’t harm anyone to be extra careful. She would have hated herself it that ever happened, knowing that people might have seen her in a drunken state and her reputation mattered a lot to her.

Undoubtedly, alcohol was considered a medicine to most people, to wash their sorrows away, and perhaps, it was the same reason for her. Yet, Snowflake decided to enjoy the evening with a new company that she had obtained for the moment.

”Ah, yes. Doctor Gerard.”

It hasn’t been long since she last met him, and the man has hired the Blue Pegasus mages to provide a helping hand in creating a cure for the disease that had recently been infecting the civilians. Gerard had been sending them letters frequently throughout the week, pushing her being to and from between places to search for the products that he needed and in a way, alcohol was that sort of pleasure that her body came to crave somehow to relieve herself.

”I would love that.”

The demon figured that paying a visit to her fellow comrade would be the best idea, just to simply check on Esperia’s well being and perhaps, listen to the story behind her injuries – that is, if she was willing to inform her. Hopefully, Esperia wouldn’t mind her presence in the hospital. The woman gave a gentle tug on her jacket and edged her hand into the pocket to retrieve a couple of jewels and rolled them across the table, far more than to pay for her drinks, with a little extra tip for the waitress who sacrificed her time to have a small chat with the snow haired female.

”I’ve yet to ask your name. I’m Snow. Snowflake.”

A very late introduction, it was. Snowflake finally stood up from her seat and took one last final sip of whiskey, leaving the glass with at least the remaining quarter of the liquid untouched. Once the dark haired girl was ready to depart, she would follow her lead to finally see Esperia.

#9Fiammetta Barone 

on Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:38 pm


Fiammetta Barone

Fia felt like she was starting to get the hang of the whole 'having a regular conversation' thing. Sure, she was still stumbling along the social interaction, but fortunately, the other girl was more than accommodating. It certainly helped that they'd a mutual interest in Esperia, whom they both clearly cared about to some degree. Though Fia had yet to elucidate the full extent of her own connection.

Nevertheless, she was glad to have this patron along with her, who herself seemed to be quite keen on the idea of visiting Esperia. It wasn't at all surprising. The raven-haired girl seemed to have quite a knack for making friends and allies, so Fia had already expected to have more than a few in her own guild.

"A-Alright then. I'll come get ya once my shift is over." Fia responded with a poorly hidden grin. She watched as the fair-haired maiden retrieved some jewels, eyes wide as the woman paid for her drink and then some. Fia was about to open her mouth and point out the overestimation of price, before realizing she'd actually received a tip. Certainly a rare occasion for the usually unfriendly and reserved waitress.

Fia gave a nod of thanks, as the other woman finally revealed her actual name. A stifled chuckle escaped Fia's lips before she spoke up again. "Hold up, yer tellin me I've been callin' a girl named Snow... 'White'..." Immature as she was, it was highly amusing to her, and she chuckled a few more beats before actually returning the introduction. "Oh, uh, right. The name's Fia. Nice an' simple, so don't forget it."

With their late introductions finished, Fia gestured for Snow to wait a moment before making a few last rounds before her shift finally ended. After getting changed out of her uniform, she'd return to her newfound companion wearing her usual deep-purple loose pants and long jacket, along with sarashi on her top. Her attire was cheap, but it got the job done.

"Aight, oughta' get goin' now. Doc ain't happy when I stay past visitin' hours." Fia would explain to Snow as she walked back, gesturing for the other girl to begin following her. With hands deep in her pockets, the hazel-eyed girl would lead her out into the cold outside air.

"So, uh, what's Blue Pegasus doin' in Baska anyways? Come across a lot of yous recently." Fia would inquire as the traversed the busy streets of the merchant town, in an attempt to fill the time with some idle small talk. Throughout the walk, Fia didn't stop once to check directions or doubt her route, a clear indication this wasn't her first time making that exact journey.

Soon enough, they were at the hospital, luckily still within the usual visiting hours. Fia was still taking the lead, and after a brief talk to the hospital's receptionist, the dark-haired girl signaled for Snowflake to follow her once again, until they were by Esperia's own room. Should Snow look to Fia, she might already see the soft smile forming on her expression.

At the door to Esperia's room, Fia wordlessly knocked before entering, her grin huge as she announced her presence and lead Snow into the room.

"Hey there Princess. Brought some company."

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