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Sirius Lee? [Baron/Chi]

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#1Chi Lau Manji 

on Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:48 pm



With permission of Lord Servas, she found herself wandering the castle once more. She was here much more often than she would ever admit. For her, it was a second home. She had replayed the conversations of Phantom Lord in her own mind. If she was going to be among them, she had to abide by the rules.

There was no time for games. . . well maybe after today.

A handful of guards followed her and the man she brought with her. She had gotten the approval, only as an act of a display of combat. She would face the man, his powers unknown to her, as a way to show the men how to fight. It was just that simple, at least, for her own argument.

If all went well, she would return and train the guards herself. It was all part of her lesson plans.

"So what I'm I allowed to use?" Chi asked, the collection of them all now in the armory, Chi looking over the various armors and weapons. There was swords, shields, spears and even more unique of objects. If she was going to do this properly, she not only had to pick adequate equipment, but things she could use herself.

What would she pick?


Yesterday at 10:57 pm

After a night of deliberation he had decided that he would assist the Manji, in whatever it was they were trying to do. He had remembered what Nameless said, about him and her daughter and no matter how much he tried to shake it he was admittedly in love with the one he called Les. He didn’t want to admit it, he despised the word ‘love’ but the more he thought about her the more obvious it seemed and if he could help her family in any way he would despite his objections to her ‘soul’ being… Whatever it was they were going to do.

He had walked with Chi to the castle, something about combat today… He wasn’t that much of a fighter, but alas if this was going to be a test he’d take it and show this raven haired woman that he cared deeply enough about her cousin, sister, or whatever they were so much that he was willing to get stronger for her. Maybe that was what was driving him this entire time, getting stronger for her.

As Chi asked questions Baron readied himself, he had no armor, or helm to shield himself instead he had his gun at his waist and a solemn expression on his face.

“I’m ready whenever you are.” he opened his cloak to display the butt of his gun to her ready for quick draw. He wasn’t much of a fighter, but he could do his best to content with her at the very least depending on what she was going for in this battle. “Alright Chi, I’m going to show you that I can help your little clan with whatever the hell it is you all have planned, and then I’ll show you that I’m fit to marry your sister.”

#3Chi Lau Manji 

Today at 1:33 am



She took up the sword and the armor that lay on display. It looked new, polished, and well cared. Chi knew that it would be different than the katanas of her home, but a sword would cut the same. The difference was how. That would be something she would have to use.

She lifted the metal shoulder pads to herself and tied down the leather strap, fastening them down.

Knight Set Equipped.

"You're going to face a swordsman with a gun?" she would speak, throwing a glance at his weapon as she would make her way back to the door. Whatever he chose, the duel would remain outside. "This would normally put me at a disadvantage, but the second I get close, what will you do then?" she asked, and for good reason.

She would nod her head towards the other weapons. "Take something at least. I'm not saying to not use your gun, what's yours is yours. But you should make the most of this."

Permitting opponent to use a single common melee weapon for the sake of this duel.

She would smile, if he didn't choose anything, she would leave him her sword. She was someone who would fight fairly, even if it meant to handicap herself.

After all, she was seasoned in this kind of manner.

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