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Sirius Lee? [Baron/Chi]

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 Sirius Lee? [Baron/Chi] Empty on Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:48 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


With permission of Lord Servas, she found herself wandering the castle once more. She was here much more often than she would ever admit. For her, it was a second home. She had replayed the conversations of Phantom Lord in her own mind. If she was going to be among them, she had to abide by the rules.

There was no time for games. . . well maybe after today.

A handful of guards followed her and the man she brought with her. She had gotten the approval, only as an act of a display of combat. She would face the man, his powers unknown to her, as a way to show the men how to fight. It was just that simple, at least, for her own argument.

If all went well, she would return and train the guards herself. It was all part of her lesson plans.

"So what I'm I allowed to use?" Chi asked, the collection of them all now in the armory, Chi looking over the various armors and weapons. There was swords, shields, spears and even more unique of objects. If she was going to do this properly, she not only had to pick adequate equipment, but things she could use herself.

What would she pick?

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 Sirius Lee? [Baron/Chi] Empty on Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:57 pm

After a night of deliberation he had decided that he would assist the Manji, in whatever it was they were trying to do. He had remembered what Nameless said, about him and her daughter and no matter how much he tried to shake it he was admittedly in love with the one he called Les. He didn’t want to admit it, he despised the word ‘love’ but the more he thought about her the more obvious it seemed and if he could help her family in any way he would despite his objections to her ‘soul’ being… Whatever it was they were going to do.

He had walked with Chi to the castle, something about combat today… He wasn’t that much of a fighter, but alas if this was going to be a test he’d take it and show this raven haired woman that he cared deeply enough about her cousin, sister, or whatever they were so much that he was willing to get stronger for her. Maybe that was what was driving him this entire time, getting stronger for her.

As Chi asked questions Baron readied himself, he had no armor, or helm to shield himself instead he had his gun at his waist and a solemn expression on his face.

“I’m ready whenever you are.” he opened his cloak to display the butt of his gun to her ready for quick draw. He wasn’t much of a fighter, but he could do his best to content with her at the very least depending on what she was going for in this battle. “Alright Chi, I’m going to show you that I can help your little clan with whatever the hell it is you all have planned, and then I’ll show you that I’m fit to marry your sister.”

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 Sirius Lee? [Baron/Chi] Empty on Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:33 am

Chisu Lau Manji


She took up the sword and the armor that lay on display. It looked new, polished, and well cared. Chi knew that it would be different than the katanas of her home, but a sword would cut the same. The difference was how. That would be something she would have to use.

She lifted the metal shoulder pads to herself and tied down the leather strap, fastening them down.

Knight Set Equipped.

"You're going to face a swordsman with a gun?" she would speak, throwing a glance at his weapon as she would make her way back to the door. Whatever he chose, the duel would remain outside. "This would normally put me at a disadvantage, but the second I get close, what will you do then?" she asked, and for good reason.

She would nod her head towards the other weapons. "Take something at least. I'm not saying to not use your gun, what's yours is yours. But you should make the most of this."

Permitting opponent to use a single common melee weapon for the sake of this duel.

She would smile, if he didn't choose anything, she would leave him her sword. She was someone who would fight fairly, even if it meant to handicap herself.

After all, she was seasoned in this kind of manner.

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 Sirius Lee? [Baron/Chi] Empty on Sat Dec 16, 2017 3:33 pm

He put his left hand in his pocket and his right on his gun. He didn’t need armor and didn’t really care for the other weapons, he had a gun for a reason and planned to use it. She had a suit of armor, it didn’t matter much to him. Rolling his shoulders he’d hurry up and wait for her to speak up.

“You’re bringing a sword to a gunfight lady.” he’d cock his gun and turn the safety off. He stood a good twenty meters away from him. He rubbed waited for her to make a move, “Well you’re pretty far so I’m not too worried, just don’t swallow my bullets too much.” he called from across the field. This was going to be interesting, very interesting. She spoke like she knew what she was talking about, very nice but he really didn’t care, he had a plan if she got too close.

“Just be faster than a bullet, because if you aren’t your armor won’t mean much.” he called from across the field yet again, in fact to continue his point he would create even more space from her, stepping back five yards, gun now drawn a good twenty five meters away from her.

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 Sirius Lee? [Baron/Chi] Empty on Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:51 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


Sometimes it was the simplest of things that was needed.

"Bangpae Geom" she thought to herself. She would call upon great and ancient spirits for this, but if they were anything like the Nameless God, they too, were once mortal.

"You don't need their power. You only need mine." she would reply, and if she had been seen, a sinister smile would hang on her pale and lifeless face.

With her right, her sword was drawn from its scabbard. With her left, fingers reached out to hold the air.

"Lesson 1, A Sword's Reach" she repeated to herself. by the time he took his steps backwards, Chi had called upon the powers of her spirits, and a second sword would appear, only for a third to hover in front of her.

 Sirius Lee? [Baron/Chi] 11m8dxl

The swords in her hands were both common broadswords. If one didn't know better, you could think that they were made in reflection of each other. However this third blade, stood wide and just as tall as the other blades. It would remain a comfortable three meters from Chi, her eyes peering over the hilt of the downward facing blade.

Chi would begin to make her way towards the man in a simple straight line. There was no room to waste in a useless zig zag. No, she would head straight towards him to make her point. The sword in front of her would act as her own shield, all the while her actual shield remained on her back, protecting the relic that gave her the insight she needed.

There was no more to plan for her attack, for all she would have to do was react and cut down her target.

She would go in for the kill. If he was weak enough to allow his death, then it would end here, but if the mouse could so much as fight the cat, even for a second, then perhaps he would serve his use.
Name: Caelum Bloodline Sword
Rank: D-S
Mana Cost: 25-400
Requirements: Caelum Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: ??
Cooldown: None
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user summons a set amount of swords depending on how powerful they are which also affects the range of the swords. The swords that are not wielded can be manipulated freely to block, stab, and so on within the given range. The swords move at spell speed. Each sword deals B-rank damage and has a durability of B-rank damage as well. The user may not freely choose between the amount of swords they wish to summon.

C-rank User: [2x Sword Summoning: 50 Mana, 50 Mana Sustain]: The user can summon two swords now. The second sword may be wielded or used magically. The sword can be magically manipulated to move around within a 4 meter radius.

Mana: 550/600 (-50)

Knight Set Bonus : +20 STR

Knight Sword HP: 8/8
Caelum Longsword HP: 4/4
Caelum Broadsword HP: 4/4
Knight Shield (Backmounted) HP: 8/8
Knight Helmet HP : 8/8
Knight Armor HP : 8/8

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 Sirius Lee? [Baron/Chi] Empty on Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:05 pm

This was odd, Chi didn’t seem to have much in the way time, in fact she seemed to be merely standing there for a moment. Baron aimed at her with subtle calm washing over him, he noticed she’d take a step back, but that would be her one fatal flaw, as she commited one after another. Not wanting to back off, or show any weakness he wouldn’t wait for her forever thus he took a clean shot at her in the straight line she proceeded in. He still had plenty of distance and waited for her to make her move. There was only silence as he waited to see the white of her eyes. When her saunter came near closing only five of the twenty five meters between them putting her only at twenty.

“Swallow.” His finger pulled the trigger, bullet exploding out of the chamber with the utmost in prejudice as it would zip through the air and likely hit his target on the mark, smackdab in her face. Baron didn’t pull punches when it came to fights and he wanted to take her arrogance out for a test ride, ultimately unless she could outspeed a bullet she was done for, as she did not have her shield properly drawn and it seemed she left herself open to a fair amount of damage from the strongest attack the gun had engraved on it. The bullet while traveling at full speed manifested in the form of pure light, and on impact would explode in a blast 20x20 in diameter.

On a whim Baron retracted his gun and the bullet would seemingly explode between them in a flash of white light at the ten meter mark before hitting the woman. The owner of the weapon would seemingly turn his back and feign a back injury. "Hey, sorry, back issue." he shrugged as he walked off of the battle field. Maybe one day he'd fighter but today was not that day.


Spell used:
Name: Saintly Silver Explosion Shot
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 400
Requirements: Vash's White Revolver
Type: Offensive
Element: Light
Range: 50 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user aims the White Revolver by holding it steadily with one hand. The user then shoots a 1 by 1 diameter orb Light-type bullet that is formed from the users own mana at the aimed target. Upon impact, the attack turns into a 20 by 20 diameter Light-type explosion.

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