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Catch up [Kon]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:22 pm

Leon walked with his faithful companion, Abraxas, and loving fiance, Fay. They all just arrived to the small town of Baska. It was requested by Nicolas Nakamura, his now known father, to recover his memory when he was still known as LeeAnn or will be. Fay had placed a spell of both of them to swap bodies to go into hiding from the family enemies for their safety. Though, that only brought more trouble than it was worth. Now knowning his true purpose, he must now serve as the family Fire guardian, protecting from evil cannibalist spirits called Wendigos. Leon had a mix of crimson and white hair with white neko ears and tail. It was clear he would stand out along with a white 9 tailed kitsune and Umbreon. They all stood out like a sore thumb.

"Remember anything yet, Leon" asked the white kitsune. She held his hand as he looked around with his one showing eye. The other was covered with an eyepatch. There lied little shops and food carts. It was now that time of year everyone was shopping. Leon just wore a his cloak and basic outfit. "Not since we've arrived, no. I remember a bit more on the way here than I do in the actual town. I remember being here, Rowan, the fight with him, seeing my Hikaru, and my cousin Kon" he said. Fay remembered Kon and made her sigh a little realizing he still held a grudge against her probably. Though, she did not remember exactly what she had said to set him off. So much as happened in that time span.

"Wonder if we would run into anyone here. I hope Rowan or Hikaru, that would spark up some memories. Knowing from what your father had said, Kon is our more....reasonable choice" she said. She seemed a little on edge. Leon noticed htis and made him give her a glance. "The way you say his name makes it sound like he's bad. Fay, he's family like how Hikaru, any of my brothers or you are. He's my only source of family I've got besides you, Abra,
and my father. If anyone is going to help me, its him! As long as I am honest, nothing can go wrong"
he said. Fay sighed and rolled her eyes. She was getting tired of all of his positivity and stuff. "I miss it when you were Hans, when we change I hope your return to your old self" he said. He did start remembering how Fay used to be when shew as known as Hans. They walked down the sidewalk with Abraxas leading as usual. Her ears straight up and alert. Eyes aware of every movement that was in her line of vision. Though, she stopped immdiately causing Leon to not notice and trip over her. He landed on his ass in the frost lined grass. Her eyes and scent had caught something. "What exactly do you see, Abra" he asked.

#2Konstantin Sokolov 

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:20 am

Steam rose from simmering hot coffee pitch as black in a white ceramic cup placed atop a saucer separating it from the wooden table below. Matching with the steam a lazy plume of smoke emitted from a cigarette clutched gingerly by the drinker of the coffee in between their index and middle finger. Unconcerned about the surroundings, he lounged on the cushioned chair whilst flicking through a local newspaper read: “Brutal clash leaves town favourite broken.” The article below the flamboyant title described how the upcoming mercenary from a distance land had fought against and lost to an outsider wielding a bandaged weapon equalling if not exceeding the man’s height. The author choose to highlight and make wild claims about all that had transpired in the event, The man drinking the coffee scoffed at the bold claims that had been made in the paper even claiming that the mercenary had taken a dive given her winning streak in the hopes to get a cut of the bets against her.

Having read enough, he folded it neatly in half placed the paper onto the table and then finished the remainder of his coffee. Making his way to leave, he rose from his seat, pulled out a wad of jewels flicked out a couple onto the table and walking off into the street after of course slinging the very same weapon spoke of earlier in the paper onto his back, which formerly was leant against the table. His cigarette now nearly finished he casually dropped it to the ground before stamping on it with little concern to the concrete that he walked on. Pulling out another from his jacket, he stuck it into his mouth, before noticing something or more appropriately someone. Looking at the person in question or well persons, he scratched his chin, itchy from hair growth. “Who are you?” He thought to himself staring slightly longer then what would have been considered polite, he turned away and began to walk in the opposite direction throwing the hood of his cloak over his head as he did so.

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:00 pm

"Abra? You okay girl" he asked. Abraxas gave a large sniff into the air before bursting into a sprint. Now, the Umbreon had a habit of running off, but it was usually for a good reason. She was an extremely well trained companion, raised as a service companion for Leon's PTSD. The black creature stood there for a few brief moments. Leon carefully stepped towards his furry friend. An alarm set off in a direction towards the scent. The red eyes locked on her target. Leon sighed. This happened before. Him and Fay chased after her on a wild goose chase. She was easy to spot out for his trained eyes. Fay smiled. "She definately gives you your daily workout" she teased. He huffed.

"I agree" he breathed. Finally, they stopped seeing she was slowly down to a hooded man heading away from them. The gentle creature trotted silently to his side and sat down. Her red gentle eyes were curious as this new stranger. Leon facepalmed. She gave Leon and look them back at the stranger indicating to follow her. "I swear. Abraxas, you little...why do you run off like that? Oh" he said. Leon had notice the man in the cloak with a hood over his head. Noticeably, he could see strands of blond hair, but could not tell if it was the man they were looking for. Abraxas tilted her head a bit. "I apologize about her. Abraxas usually only does this when she finds something important. Come girl" he said. He tugged on her service vest, but she would not move. Leon tried again. She would not budge.

"Abra, come on lets get going" he demanded.

#4Konstantin Sokolov 

on Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:34 am

A male voice caught the attention of the knight with it causing him to pause mid-step and twist around to see the person owning the voice. It was the very same person that he had spotted only just moments prior, they initially directed their attention downwards to their side leaving him to change his view to their view noticing a beast by his side. The individual then focused towards himself apologising for their companion’s odd behaviour. “That’s okay, I understand, I too used to have a companion though not as stubborn.” Both the man and his entourage were peculiar, to say the least even more so than himself capable of concealing himself in public far more with their cat-like features making them distinct. He had both been a Neko and meet a few before in the past but they were seemingly rarer than many other races, because of this he had a few questions for them but would, of course, have to get the niceties out of the way first. Crossing his arms, he scratched chin using his right hand and began to speak once more in a relaxed tone. “Tell me what are your names?, It’s not every day that you see a Neko, I was one briefly for about three or so months.”

#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:09 am

Abra sat down and stared at the man before her She did this on occasion if anyone caught her eye. Other than that, she was a very well trained companion provided service for Leon's PTSD. Of course, when she was interested into something Abraxas refused to move. At least he understood how they could be sometimes. Leon forgotten that something he was a neko and they were a rare fragment in Fiore. When the man asked for their names. Leon paused and gave a small smile. "Leon. Leon Nakamura, this is my fiance, Fay, and this Umbreon is Abraxas. Though, you may call me Lee if you want. Pleased to meet your presence, we came to Baska to recover my memory" he mentioned.

Fay stood behind him playin with her long white hair. She wore a nice red and white dress with a headband holding a cute tophat accessory. The Kitsune hid her tails and ears from sight appearing as a normal human. "I forgot how rare nekos are in Fiore. Half of the time, I forget I am one. You used to be one? Did you just turn back into human or something" he asked. It seemed new to him that you could just change back into human. He kinda liked being a neko.

#6Konstantin Sokolov 

on Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:33 am

The name given to him range out in his mind, Leon Nakamura with a nickname of Lee, “Strange, I wonder if he is related to LeeAnn Nakamura they seem remarkably similar.” He thought to himself as he grew a slight frown towards the couple. Questioning them would likely be in vain however with them being in Baska town to recover their memories likely to include things like their family lineage. Nonetheless he would pressure them for more information suspecting there was something not quite right about them. Placing little trust towards them he revealed his own identity. “Leon, Fay, Abraxas, it’s nice to meet you, my name is Sergei Popov, my friends call me Poppy, Are you by any chance related to LeeAnn and Hikaru Nakamura?, I only mention it because I know both of them personally.” His former status as a Neko drew the man’s attention with them, wanting to reaffirm him being a human he told them the tale of how he painstakingly removed everything that made him a Neko. “Yes, I tore off my own ears and tail before surgically taking out each of my claws with the aid of some outsider help.” His reasoning behind telling them was to show what he was capable of doing even to himself without hesitation.

#7LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:10 am

Clearly, Abraxas could also tell something was not right. Her ears twitched and studied this figure carefully. The red eyes looked up at Leon. "Umbre" she barked quietly. Leon nodded seeing her worry. If he had anything to hide, it was that he was LeeAnn. This man's name was Poppy. It was an odd name, but who was he to judge. poppy mentioned if he knew or was related to Hikaru or LeeAnn Nakamura. It seemed to him that he knew of them or them personally. That was laer confirmed that he knew them. It was added that he personally cut off all of his Neko parts from the tail and ears to the claws.

Leon knew he was establishing that he was not a force to reckon with. Clearly, Leon did not want to start trouble. Might as well come clean, which he always does. "Actually, I am LeeAnn. I went into hiding completely changing my whole apperance and wiping my memory clean from everything but my brother Hikaru. Hans did as well. Though, it was all Han's or should say Fay's idea. We're trying to find a man named Konstantin,
my cousin, to help me revive some of my memories. My father sent me on this mission"
he said. Leon looked at this 'Poppy' guy straight into the eye. Showing he was telling the truth, he pulled off his eye patch showing his silver almost white eye.

#8Konstantin Sokolov 

on Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:06 am

Alarm bells rang within Kon's head with the man claiming to be LeeAnn using the cover of changing from a woman to a man with the woman claiming to be hans doing the opposite. His frown grew ever stronger with him separating his formerly crossed arms drawing back his right hand behind his back running it from the top of his head to bringing it to the handle of his blade as he replied to his great speech. "Interesting so you have no memories yet you know who you are?, curious..., As for this Konstantin individual the name is familiar common amongst my people I'm more than willing to help you find him." His action and choice of words were done with great care as it could easily be possible that they were little more than imposters that were hunting LeeAnn and Hans rather than being them.

He was outnumbered at least for now a clear challenge for the summoner and with the beast remaining by his side, he would be in a rough spot at least for the time being just as he was in sore luck with the couple being exceedingly close to him, enough to have a conversation without raising their voice. Without the slightest of hesitation with his left hand, he rose it up casting a spell aimed directly at Abraxas which to the untrained would merely be that of him raising his hand to scratch his right elbow and without any hostile intention being shown from either party be unexpected by both Abraxas and their masters.

Abraxas would be sent 5 meters to his right while the couple would be sent 5 meters away from him. The blast would strike the beast in just 25 ms twenty times faster than an average person can blink with it taking a mere 200 ms to push it the total distance as the sudden change in direction without warning would disturb anyone even briefly. The sudden use of magic particularly that was used to assault someone drew the attention of the citizens around them with some fleeing from the area while others merely watched in a mix of awe forming a circle between the two opposing sides that had formed with the sudden action.

No time would be wasted with him casting further spells in quick succession all done by merely raising his hand slightly higher and higher each time. Mere two seconds after the blow struck at Abraxas the sky above the beast as well as behind and to the left and right of the couple opened to the heavens with a light like no other. Breaking out into the human realm a glowing sword directed at the beast swiftly drove itself deep into it right between the gaps in the companions spinal cord all being done in just half a second made possible thank to the break being just one meter above it. The wielder of the weapon was that of his weakest Angel, Cassiel whose entire appearance become apparent as the break continued to bring his form into reality.

The Angel's largest counterpart was forced into this realm with the greatest of his summons, Seraphiel appearing behind the couple rising up its staff ominous while it was being formed. A magic circle forming with the couple as the focal point, Seraphiel meanwhile was 1.6 meters away from them just outside of the safe zone. Another two summons formed alongside the angel; one, a giant rat greater in size than the now downed Abraxas, being to the right of the couple jumping the one to the directly next to it, while the other, a wolf, sleek in appeared on the left attacking the other. Both attacked the each of the couple without regard to their own well-being only seeking to force them to remain within the magic circle for the three seconds needed to cause the spell associated with the magic circle to activate sending down a bright, blinding light causing devasting damage to all within it even the very ground itself below it.

Unprotected by both armour or defensive spells the couple and the rats would receive cuts all throughout their bodies as deep as 8 cms tearing into not just skin but into muscle and even bone itself rendering them paralysed to them receiving cuts not just on their skulls into their brain itself but too into the nape of their neck as well as many other vulnerable locations such as the fingers being completely torn to shreds and the muscles revealed to the world would break open revealing the crimson liquid that remained in their bodies. The view was sickening with the reactions of the townspeople turning from awe to disgust and true fear fleeing for their lives. Kon himself questioned his own choices with bring out such a monstrosity into a simple town such as still but he was never one for half measures.

Rolling his eyes, he removed his grip from his sword to remove a cigarette from his pocket, Composing himself with it, he spoke once more. "I'm sure you can understand why I can't trust someone such as yourself so quickly without asking a few questions sure I know you are telling in part the truth but...better safe than sorry." Watching a pool of blood increases in size around the couple he continued. "Let's get this over with before you both bleed out..." Started to think about what he needed to ask, no potential counter-attack seeing to be possible he finally revealed his identity. "My name isn't Sergei Popov, I am none other than Konstantin Sokolov, cousin of LeeAnn Nakamura, Fiance of Alice Sokolov, this show of power was done to illustrate a mere taste of my abilities."

Items wielded: Samehada, Illumin's call ring
Spells cast: Repel, Black wolf, Giant Rat, Cassiel, Cassiel's sword, Adriel, Seraphiel and Seraphiel's Lightbringer.
Base mana cost: 725
Mana cost after reduction 508
Mana: 1992/2500

#9LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:50 am

Everything happened so fast, Leon was out of practice when it came to fighting. Abraxas already was on the case about this guy. Standing in a protective position in front of her masters, Abraxas just gave a glare. Though within a blink they all were sent flying. Abraxas to the right of him while him and Fay were sent backwards. Leon held Fay tightly taking the majority of the damage. Abra wailed and cried as the neko gave a quick glance at his beloved creature. The sight was horrible. Blasts came from the sky rumbling the ground beneath them. All Leon could do was close his eyes and holding Fay close to him. Hoping this nightmare was over with, the pain just kept coming.

"Please stop" he cried. Though, the call and wish was not made. More beings came from the sky and all around him. Clearly, they were out numbered. It would be foolish to do anything. Then more pain came. Lee and Fay felt cuts hit them all over his body slicing their clothing and ripping through the fabric. His ears were folded flat as his left ears were slightly spliced. Why was it always this way when he told people who he really was? God, telling the truth does not pay off in the end. Leon heard 'Poppy' say he was really Konstantin. All Leon could do was hold Fay and glare up at him. "I can't believe I am related to a monster like you.
Clearly, I can see I am not like a Sokolov, thank the gods. Just leave..."
he said. Leon then blacked out from the pain knowing now what had hit him.


#10Konstantin Sokolov 

on Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:58 am

“Disappointing.” He thought to himself looking down upon couple bleeding quickly from the wounds inflicted by him. “”I was expecting so much more out of you to be honest, after all this time…” It was true he knew that Leon was telling the truth however that didn’t matter for him, he purely strived to further understand what they could do. From what was demonstrated here today it was clear that the Rune Knights had fallen into dire times since his departure with rumors of Hikaru’s absence also playing a significant part on the power of the organisation. His own distaste towards Kon was clear with him too harbouring newfound resentment towards the neko with a show of disrespect he merely watched onward as the shared blood of the couple spilling out into the street. Taking another cigarette out he took a puff before casting away all of his summons. “I guess I’ll be seeing you around in the future…” As he started to walking away as he spoke to the already past out Leon revealing plans of another encounter. “Yes we’ll be meeting very soon…, I hope you’ll be able to put up more of a fight next time oh well only time can tell...”


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