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Afternoon Adventures Again! [Hyõen & Alice]

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#1Alice Baskerville 

on Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:09 am

Baska brought back some sort of nostalgia that Alice couldn't put her finger on. The last time she was here, she was a very different version of herself, you could call her the 'Lacie' version of herself but obviously Lacie would never agree to that. She had less things to worry about back than, even though she left Phantom Lord because a) she didn't want to be in a Dark guild and b) because she wanted more freedom. Very funny, considering she was now a Rune Knight, a lieutenant for that matter and had a lot of things to take care off for her job. Apart from that her private life had a drastic change as she was getting married within four months, had to reconsider if she wanted another job, she had to find her father as well because the nightmare, though not as bad, was still hunting her and apart from that she had to find a solution for her problem with her sister.

She didn't know how but she was apparently no longer in Era, someone had helped her escaped, had bailed her out but the knights had not wanted to tell her within the letter and it annoyed her. She stared at the letter in her hand and crumbled it by gripping it too harshly. Lacie was a threat to her and someone, because Lacie wouldn't be able to escape, had released her. She wasn't even sure what Lacie was capable of doing and apart from that, Alice had other things to worry about. That other thing was luckily still easily hidden by wearing a bit of baggy clothing. It was a miracle that she still fitted in her jeans but a dark green sweater did miracles, besides she was good with the cold and had just for extra care a leather jacket.

Today was a windy day and very gray, she wouldn't be surprised if she would see snow for the first time this year but she rather had not snow today, for she wanted to take a walk. According to the doctors it would be good for her and besides Hecate and Jupiter needed their daily activity. She wanted to be somewhere else instead in the places where she had been before and remember her melodramatic past, and thus she walked with interest to the tear ducts as she had never been near the ruins before.


on Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:12 am

Yet another day of grey weather which annoyed the Fire Mage as he looked out from the window of his humble, little room. Coda was flapping her wings in excitement given that the gusts could lift her around and minimalize the amount of energy needed to keep herself over the surface, but Hyōen would keep it down with the flying himself now that it costed more for him than for Coda. Flying… he remembered Alisa’s words all of a sudden, back at Giant’s Tear Ducts. After their little training, he never got the chance to enter the very ruins and take a look inside - and thus, the objective for today’s journey was to go to Giant’s Tear Ducts and dare himself into the caves…

It really was windy today, and his hair kept bristling to the left and to the right as the winds changed direction. Many people found it pleasant after a long, warm summer, and some found it a bit worrying given its increasing magnitude. Maybe he should, in addition, seek shelter in the cave that he was heading at, but the Fire Mage suddenly noticed the lack of many tourists around… except one. Was it really that windy? It didn’t feel forceful enough to be considered bad weather for him, but people had their tastes. He decided to approach this stranger that was wearing quite the layers of clothing, but Coda got launched to his face all of a sudden. An instant increase in the wind’s acceleration intervened with the raptor’s flying, and he fell straight to the ground with feathers covering his view.


#3Alice Baskerville 

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:12 am

There had been quite a gush of wind going past her and she was glad that she had been able to braid her hair or else that would already be some drama that she wasn't ready for. Jupiter and Hecate digged their claws into the soft ground to stay upright but it was apparently quite annoying, with the wind swooping past her, she missed the sound of someone yelling a name but her face was towards him, only eyes closed. The light layer of sand that was on top of the rocks had swept up and drifted along on the wind and she didn't want to catch that in her eyes.

When the gust was gone she opened her eyes and noticed someone on the ground and with that a companion that she had seen before, it was in Magnolia if she recalled, the boy who had ordered a ton of candy and the clerk had reacted so strangely that Alice had stepped into the shop, after that there had been a burglery and she had captured the culprit together with; "Hyõen, Coda? Is that you guys?" small world if you bumped into people that you meet towns away but now again here close to the ruins of Baska.

Jupiter turned immediately around and even though she had just tried to guess if it were the companion duo that she knew, he seemed to be trying to protect her. Jupiter and Hecate had not met them because she still had Ophelia back than, soon after their encounter she had lost her companion in a fight against an unknown crazy mage.


on Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:05 am

He slowly pulled up Coda from his face as the feathers were covering his view, and the wind was settling a little, which made it easier for him to get back up on his feet. His hair stopped bristling for a while now, so his eyes quickly turned over to the strange person who was wearing all the clothes in order to protect herself from the cold winds. Coda quickly lifted up her wings in a ‘stranger-danger’ stature, but that was soon to turn out unnecessary. A voice soon revealed said person’s identity, and surprisingly, he had met her before… and he knew her pretty well…

“Alice?” he spoke back in shock, quickly wiping dust off his clothes, “Hey, what’s with the get-up? It’s not that cold…” Truth be told, yes, he did feel a cold himself, but what she wore looked more like winter or snow clothing than windy. Coda was bristling her feathers a little against the two companions of hers as she appeared to have gotten two new partners; one of them was yellow and spiky, while the other was light-blue and almost crystal-like in its features. “Woahh… you met some fine lynxes, I’d say,” he complimented in awe.

#5Alice Baskerville 

on Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:26 am

After that one gust of wind it would quickly calm down again and she could see Hyõen and Coda getting up. While Jupiter was standing in front of her, protectively, she took a few steps forward and stood next to both her companions as Hecate quickly joined her side. "Hi," she said when Hyõen mentioned her name and she could see that Jupiter at least calmed down a little, which was fine. He never seemed to like strangers and he was still working on the process of tolerating her fiance, which was really a must considering. Her golden hazel eyes turned back to her friend when she heard him about her get-up and with a smile on her face, she shook her head, "I won't call it warm either. The jacket is a bit too much I admit." but preventions were nice. She didn't plan to tell Hyõen and Coda that but she would see how it goes, because she was considering leaving the Rune Knights, she felt a bit more sure.

The compliment did work greatly on Jupiter, which was surprising as he had gotten a compliment from Kon when they first met, "Ah yeah, Hyõen, Coda please meet Jupiter and Hecate. They basically found me and decided to stay with me." Hecate slowly walked towards Hyõen with an interesting glistering in her eyes while Jupiter gave a distant look towards Coda, he had never seen a companion like that before.


on Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:01 am

It really was her… he seriously couldn’t recognize the Rune Knight in all that clothing, to be quite honest. One of her companions had gotten quite instinctively protective and stood between them, sending intimidating looks at the Fire Mage. Hyōen had half a mind to send an even intimidation back for giggles, but he refrained from doing so as Alice explained. Overclothing, or whatever they used to call it, didn’t suit her like that as far as he felt it. Maybe… hmh, it could be any reason in the world, and even he had considered taking a jacket with him. It really got cold now in the late autumn.

“Jupiter and Hecate… funny names,” he chuckled, looking at both lynx’ eyes. Hecate’s eyes were glistering like the tips of her icy-blue ears, while Jupiter’s were more distant and deep. Coda flapped her wings in a greeting towards the curious companion, not knowing what kind of greeting that she would get back. The winds had died down, but the sky was still grey as concrete. “Hey… I heard that there are a lot of requests from clients here in Baska. Is that why you’re here as well..?” he then asked the covered Rune Knight in curiosity, “I mean, this town has a lot to offer a tourist… for instance, that cave over there…”

#7Alice Baskerville 

on Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:49 pm

Hecate lowered herself a bit when Coda greeted her by clapping the wings and she wasn't entirely sure how to react herself but with one reassuring look back at Alice and the nod from the orange haired woman, she jumped up again and walked around Coda, she didn't tick or hit the companion but Hecate was very curious about it.

Hyõen asked her why she was here and she gave a short chuckle, "It sure helps me to stay active but I'm here because of my fiance, he had some business to take care off and I just took a break from work. Work obviously doesn't agree as I had some jobs here and there but apart from that I just take a break." While saying that she had to resist the urge to not hold on to her little baby bump as she was trying to hide it very carefully, "But I came here indeed to see the ruins, are you here for that as well?" Which was also a good reason to wear a jacket for, the further you would go into caves like that the sooner it would probably get colder because there was no sunlight at all and mostly only a cold wind, she was sure Hecate would love it.

If Hyõen would say that he intended to go and see inside the ruines, she would ask if she could join his adventure, "I mean if you don't mind, it sounds like fun." She gave a short chuckle as Hecate was now looking at Hyõen and walking a round around him. Jupiter still stood in front of her, not getting closer or further away from Alice yet eyeing everything.


on Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:48 am

Coda couldn’t but have her eyes locked on Hecate as the griffin-looking creature circulated around her, which made her a little nervous in honesty. The bird would keep herself company with the canine or feline creature that she was looking at, while Hyōen listened to Alice’s explanation. She had a fiancé, a term used to describe those whom the person was going to marry very soon. Did that mean that her wedding was coming up soon as well?

“Fiancé? Well, congratulations!” he congratulated her in excitement, “I didn’t know that you were going to be married..!” It was truly a surprise for the young Fire Mage to hear this, but marriage was such a wonderful thing… or, well, he sure hoped so. Apparently, that was the reason that she had taken a break here, on top of watching the ruins too. That large monument which lead into some kind of burial of sorts had wondered Hyōen for a long time, ever since Coda had left him on top of one of the walls and lead him to Alisa. He never got to check the inside of the area.

“Yeah, me too. I’ve heard rumors about this entrance…” he replied calmly to the Rune Knight, then looking back at the entrance. She was quickly interested in joining his little adventure, and he smiled joyfully back to her suggestion. “I don’t mind at all, except… you got to remove those jackets. It gets pretty hot the further down you get in a cave,” he explained. Caves worked like natural shelters for mankind, and the best about them was the fact that when you got to a certain depth, it became warm. Combined with the extra layers of clothing, and Alice would most likely sweat her skin off down there…

#9Alice Baskerville 

on Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:30 pm

Hecate stopped circling around Coda once she had done it twice and slowly walked closer to make more of an acquintances with the companion, this all while Jupiter looked at the two of them and shook his head. He also kept a close eye on Hyõen all the time but was a bit relaxter, Alice didn't fully understand why but she let it be for now. Perhaps some day he would be able to talk to her and she would be able to understand what he meant.

More used to the word Fiancé now she had said it again and she blushed a little, "Thank you." she said when he congratulated her about it. She felt a bit embarrassed for the word felt like a lot of pressure but if she thought about Kon for a second after that it would slip away again. She could only smile about it in the end. "Last time we met I didn't know either. He, Kon, asked me to marry him in Hargeon about two months ago." she didn't know why she said his name, she doubt to be honest if he would meet a lot of people but than again he had surprised her in the meeting with Lycoris so it would always be a possibility. Was it already two months ago? She had just said it quickly but now that she thought about it, perhaps it was already like that, would it be weird to stay that time would go way too fast? She was almost 5 months further in growing this baby bump, so indeed time went fast.

She asked him if she could join him on the adventure into the caves and she could only join on the condition that she would remove her leather jacket and she stared at it, he was right but still what if.. oh screw the what if, "I will leave it at the entrance, with my eh colleagues." she said because she wouldn't want to walk back to the hotel all the way, she could always confide in Hyõen later and take off her sweater as well as she was still wearing a top underneath. But she would perhaps tell that later when there were no Rune Knights close.

When she motioned to go towards the entrace, Jupiter immediately followed and she whistled to get Hecate her attention who looked at Coda one more time before hurrying off to follow but Coda would come along anyway because they decided to go with the five of them, she greated her colleagues who would just stay around and make sure there were no harm done to the ancient ruins but also to be able to protect the entrance at night when no one was allowed to enter. She shrugged off the jacket, feeling super exposed without it but the sweater must be fine. She only need to be out of this entrance way to get to be able to tell Hyõen if he had any questions. "Are you ready?" she asked with a brisk step walking towards the beginning of the entrance.


on Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:45 am

Coda was having quite an enjoyable observation of Hecate all the while. The bird was more eager to get to know people more than Hyōen was, and that sure was reasonable when he thought about it. However, he too was getting a lot more to know about Alice; for instance, she truly was engaged with someone. It was shown in her sweet reply to his congratulation earlier, but who wouldn’t react this way if their heart was soft? The Fire Boy could imagine situations where he would faint on the spot, yes, someone like him… ah, it was joyful.

The guy’s name was Kon. It didn’t ring any bells in the young man’s head, so perhaps he hadn’t met this person before. Although, if someone like him will marry Alice - a rather good friend of his among the Rune Knights - then it just made him more eager to meet him in person. Oh well, whilst he thought about that, she had taken up on his advice and removed her jacket to save her body from the sweaty temperatures. The dark wizard motioned closer to the cave and took a look inside, trying to assume how hot that it would get. Then again, he didn’t want to leave his jacket here… but that would be double-standard bull, wouldn’t it?

After having said ‘goodbye for now’ to his dear jacket, Alice walked over to him with Hecate, Jupiter and a flying Coda who found her place on Hyōen’s shoulder. The group was now ready to enter the ancient ruins, so he nodded in reply to the Rune Knight and began walking in. The sun had already reached the west side of the sky and had begun to emit orange waves of light, but that was due to the winter times that had come. However, it caused the cave to have a very eerie atmosphere with little to no lighting at all, especially when one moved deeper and deeper.

“Huh… this’ll be a pain without light,” he stated, quickly trying to look around the entrance for anything that could help them to guide their way with a source of light…

#11Alice Baskerville 

on Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:18 am

She was fidgeting with her sweater the moment she had handed off her jacket, there was nothing.. nothing going on. She told herself and she must try to do whatever she could to make it more obvious as she was already doing. But she simply lifted up her head a little, pocketed her hands in the jeans and headed towards the entrance of the cave. Hecate had gone off to walk closer to Hyõen because of Coda and her curiousity, so she did like to inspect in her own feline like way, the Lamia mage as well. Jupiter however didn't seem to like that and shook his head while standing next to Alice all the time. It was a bit extreme but she let it be. She was far too curious anyway to stay outside and not enter the ruins.

They should be careful though and with the sun already setting, it was far too difficult to see much of the entrance of the cave, except for what the fires were lighting up, they were for the knights that were staying here near. They didn't seem to like it that their lieutenant would be entering now, especially not considering the entrance would be close soon.

She heard Hyõen quickly mention it would be a pain without light. Now that she no longer was a neko, it was very annoying to see in the dark, she had liked her night vision but she also liked to be human again, "Wait, I will ask for a torch." she headed the little distance back to the Rune Knights and got a torch for each of them, which she easily lit with the fire next to the entrance and she headed back towards Hyõen and gave him one, "I thought it was smart to hold one both." She wondered shortly after if she could have used her magic for it.


on Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:03 am

Darn, he couldn’t see much more than a few meters ahead of himself. Coda had a similar problem due that she was much more of a day animal than anything else. It also made him a tad shocked when he noticed the shadow of Hecate who was approaching the two of them, seemingly eager to follow its new, birdy friend. ”Hmhh…” Hyōen hummed in deep thought by the appearance of Hecate, “… You remind me of a certain serpent…” Flashbacks of a large, finned sea monster erupting from the waves at Hargeon Beach critically hit his head after the statement. Could this companion, by any chance, be a distant relative? It sounded a bit absurd, though, because it didn’t have the fangs and intimidating aura; however, distant relatives never look alike, do they..?

Alice had quickly gotten back to the Rune Knights who were guarding the entrance to the cave, and when she was heading back down to him, two sources of light shone their way to his gloomy eyes. They took in the radiation and closed in as he blinked a little by the sudden heat that came from the fires. “Splendid!” he spoke up and grabbed one torch, “Alright, let’s take it slow so that we won’t trip or anything… I don’t want to burn my face.”

He turned his heel and walked further into the cave after having said that, using the torch effectively to mark darkened places on the walls that his eyes couldn’t see. The cave was leading diagonally downwards, but only a few dozens of meters until that a wall would stop them. From there, not many signs of advancing would be shown other than a hole in the ground.

#13Alice Baskerville 

on Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:02 pm

Hecate who had followed Coda noticed that someone was looking at her and turned her face towards Hyõen and tilted her head to the right as he spoke to her. She had no idea what he meant, looking like a serpent? She felt offended and turned around and jumped back towards Jupiter and waited at the entrance for Alice again because she didn't like to be related to a serpent when she was a pretty feline.

Alice had gotten to get two torches so they would be able to walk around and see actually where they were walking, yet Hyõen suggested to take it easy and be careful not to trip. Tripping for her could even be more disasterous than someone would know, "Good idea," she answered and followed quickly after with Jupiter and Hecate close next to her, "Didn't you control fire magic?" she asked, because well she wasn't sure perhaps she had made that up and confused it with someone else, but she was using some form of fire magic. She was carefully looking where she was walking after they moved on.

She noticed the hole as well and looked down at it, was there a ladder that she didn't see immediately, "As much as I'm curious, is it even smart to go down?"


on Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:07 am

Sadly, Hecate appeared to have taken his words a bit too off as she left him near the hole in the ground. Hyōen could clearly see the feline creature remember this for later or something, but he was being honest? The fins on her collar resembled the serpent’s fins so much… those majestic fins appeared like a halo for sea animals. And now, Hecate might have misunderstood his statement, or maybe he didn’t formulate his words clearly enough, in which a sad atmosphere would cover his face for that instance…

“… That’s right, yeah,” he replied to Alice’s question. He was still a basic, everyday Fire Wizard, and he could utilize his fire for heat and source of light in caves like this one. However, he remembered back when Alisa advised him to be careful with his mana, in which he instinctively chose not to use his own fire for light, but to rely on something else.

After Alice had doubted the good in jumping down a random hole in a cave, the Fire Mage was already taking a look down there; this called for something else that he could only use his magic to solve, the ability to fly. It worked smoothly as his fiery wings just grasped the walls around the other side of the narrow hole. There was a good 20 meters depth before he reached a surface again, in which he took a look around. “Maybe someone’s already found this place!” he called up to Alice if she was still to be found near the hole, and as he had begun lighting the place around him by using the torch, a rope was found.

"Hey, do you need a rope, or shall I come up and lift you all down..?"

Name: Fugere Wingspan
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Firebird Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Fire
Range: About 2 meters long wing on each side
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user bows his torso down closer to the surface as if he is readying a very long leap. Two wings of golden flames with max a size of 2 meters in length and 1 meter in width erupt from Daiko’s shoulder blades, resembling some kind of harmless firestorm when active. These two wings will allow Daiko to fly for as long as it is sustained, but only at a max height of 5 meters into the sky. He will only be able to fly at the movement speed that his statistics allow him.

#15Alice Baskerville 

Yesterday at 2:01 am

The idea had popped in her mind that Hyõen was a fire mage and apparently it was right. She still wasn't sure if she had seen him use magic or if she simply had made the wrong guess, that turned out to be right. She turned her golden eyes at her friend again and nodded when he said that it was right. Which meant that he would perhaps be able to give her some tips on using the fire part of her own magic, "I lost my magic while I was in Hargeon. I still don't know really why." there was a pretty guess and she wouldn't want to point that out, for she didn't plan to tell a lot of people the issues at hand. Thank god her clothing hid enough of that issue.

Not much later they arrived at a hole in the ground and she simply looked in it but there was nothing to be seen. No idea how far down it would go and neither would she want to throw her torch down in case the fire would die out. She wouldn't mind go down there but she would rather keep her torch. Hecate and Jupiter didn't seem to be all to eager but she was sure they would be more excited once they would find a way down there. She looked up when she heard the noise that fire made and she stared at the wings of Hyõen, now that was an interesting thing. She didn't say anything but let her eyes follow him for as far as she could spot him going down into the cave second entrance, "Perhaps they did," she called back when she heard Hyõen softly saying that someone might have been here before.

She could hear him vaguely and she wasn't even sure if she heard him right, "Eh I can use the rope. Would you be able to bring my companions down?" She yelled back because she didn't want to be a heavy cargo idea. All she needed to figure out was how to hold on to the torch.

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