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Talk it out [Mission | Alisa | Arisa]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:10 am


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On a cloudy morning, a woman stared at herself in the mirror, from the comfort of her luxurious suite. Her wet hair barely clinging to her smooth skin suggested she'd gotten out of the bath a good few minutes ago, and since then she'd had plenty pf time to get dressed. But she hadn't. Clad in nothing but a set of black, lacy lingerie, she shifted indecisively between the different options for clothing she had avaliable before her. Choosing her outfit actually proved like a genuine challenge this time, between the clothes she's just bought and the outfits she brought to baska, Alisa had simply two many options to choose from. Well, actually just two or three, but when it comes to looking just right, Alisa simply spared no expenses... And no time...

"Well, I guess I'll go with this one.", looking at the time forced her decision, not any overwhelming urge to wear that particular garment. Tight, sheer blouse and vest hugging her upper body, squeezing her full bosom into a comfortable cleavage, and below a set of black tights and pleated white skirt highlighting her legs, hips and rear in all their shapely glory.

She defenitely looked gorgeous, but then, she always managed at least that much with the slightest bit of careful preparation. Yet even then, simply admiring her stunning reflexion didn't put the same wide smile on her face as it usually did. She wanted something different perhaps? Maybe, and in that case she'd probably end up shopping for clothes at the end of the day... Again. As she finished getting dressed, she strapped her katana to her hip and grabbed an umbrella, then finally headed out to meet her friend. Hopefully she hadn't kept Arisa waiting too long, as she walked through the streets with a slightly faster pace than her usual, her faint splashes mixing with clacking heels reaching her ears at every step she took. It had rained rather heavily that night and it might very well rain again soon...

"Good morning Ari~! I trust I didn't keep you waiting too long?", Alisa smiled, waved, and greeted her best friend, bringing her hands together in front of her. Rubbing her wrist in an almost apologetic gesture, she'd tilt her head slightly as she approached the meeting place

They had simple plans for today, not too different from what they'd been doing so far. Baska still had plenty of work left undone - or so they hoped - and by heading out early like this, the two powerful mages fully intended on getting all the first picks, right when they were ripe for... Well, picking.

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on Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:46 pm

What happened yesterday felt like a dream with him being here. Her eyes cornered to see him there, assuming that he stayed of course. Her nose nuzzled against his cheek, while her head tilted towards him. His scent was the same, some mint with his natural musk. It had some describing smell that she couldn't think of right at the moment. Her eyes looked at his sleeping face, so peaceful. With a smile she kissed his forehead and slid out of bed. She made sure she didn't wake him up and with that she went to her closet, opened it slowly and grabbed some clothes. Her long beautiful legs walked towards the bathroom so she could prep-up. Washed her skin with a washcloth and soap smelled like fruit, sprayed her hair with spraying shampoo with a mix of water, brushing it elegantly and padding down some lotion on her face down to her chest. After that Arisa slid on some clothes of her black and white laced bra, stripped panties with thin side-liners and her actual clothes. With that she wore a knitted brown sweater, black pants and ankle-heighted, black, medium-tall wedged boots.

''Alright, now to quietly make breakfast....'' she spoke in a sweet whisper. With that she prepped up breakfast for her lover and added a note for him that she was out questing with her friend and breakfast was all ready for him. She took a deep breather as after yesterday with Maarschalk ... or Noel... What was she to call him now? Her head tilted up to look at the ceiling, but she didn't have a lot of time to waste, no. She grabbed the knob of the door and went out, after closing it behind her. She was re-thinking about yesterday, the one day she wasn't with -- hanging out even with Alisa, it was quite, weird? Like anytime, she walked on a raining day alone as everyone was going inside because of the weather. As good as she was, she checked in on a stranger to see if they were okay to; turn and find out that it was him, the one who was on her mind always. Within seconds of standing there he embraced her with such a lost look and warm arms (obviously cold and wet from the rain). He told her that he loves her, which made her still wonder even after all that was discussed, assuming it was much. Lastly, there was that letter that obviously came from the guild master who was no longer with them. Her eyes lowered and then shook her head, starting to walk to where they were to meet. Finally, she waited for Alisa by what ever they were supposed to meet and took a deep breather to relax. As she was there waiting, she heard Alisa speak, shocking her out of her own thoughts. ''Hh-huh?! Oh, yea.'' she started and looked at Alisa. ''Good morning.~ You didn't make me wait too long. Haha.'' she spoke sweetly as usual.


#3Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:53 pm


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It didn't escape her notice how Arisa looked, well, positively glowing. She'd been rather gloomy on the past few days, brooding over what happened and didn't happen with the one she loved, thinking about how she'd cope and deal with it as time went on. Yes, she was quite the hopeless romantic, far more so than Alisa to whom that side of her personality was more of a well guarded secret than an outlook on life. For all her stalwart refusal of anything she might precieve as bondage (and not even the pleasant, bedroom kind), she secretly dreamed of the one person who would win over her aloof heart, regardless of what form that relationship might take. Between this and her own strong bond with Arisa, the mere sight of her happy best friend easily widened her usual smile as she approached her, resting one hand on her hip as she stood next to her:

"Wow, you're in a good mood today...", noted the sculptress, raising an eyebrow as her look took a sharp, keenly intuitive look, and easily guessed the reason why, "I take it you've made peace with him? You defenitely look like you had a pleasant surprise~"

Indeed, Alisa knew of only one way of uplifing Alisa's sprit as such, and she also knew she loved only one person and wouldn't show interest towards anybody else. Meaning one didn't even need to be as smart as the tall Pegasus to figure out exactly why might have done such wonders to her mood, making her shine brighter than the sun might have were it not completely shrouded...

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- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:06 pm

Her eyes wandered as she was thinking about yesterday. She hid her blushing well, but somehow she still looked quite predictable. Her long beautiful violet hair was shining into some lilac strands of glimmering silk. Her eyes of golden pleasures were like mirrors that showed all she was seeing in front of her, having a perfect image reflection of Alisa and the settings perfectly. The tip of her toe-wear of her right foot was against the cemented grounds of the earth, twisting her ankle of that foot left and right. Her arms swung to the back of her body, holding her hands together. Her fingers twiddled as she, Alisa, has noticed of some kind of change. It was quite obvious, wasn't it. The fact that she got to see Maar- Noel and they were now together, happy!

While Alisa was speaking, she let her own eyes wander away nervously, bit her right side of her lip with her right sharp canine. She giggled shyly, blushing with a sweet smile -- eyes closed, wide cheesy smile with being nervous and all and then opened her eyes to look at Alisa. Her face, cheeks had a paint of pink with her full glossed lips smiling in some goofy smirk. ''Quite so.~ With much more than that.. hehe.'' she giggled pervertish-like. With that in mind, the shock and thought of what other news Noel brought got her mind made up back to calm and collected. There was no blush any longer and honestly it made her take a deep breather before speaking in her 'normal' calm tone. ''Yes, but aside from making up, I received other news that I'm not quite sure how to put out. I am quite happy though with the things he said... Weirdly, I don't feel as tired anymore neither.'' she nodded with a small smile and then looked up at the sky, thinking deeply.



#5Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:57 am


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It defenitely warmed her heart though, ever since they first met Alisa had felt this unusual connection towards Ari; many times did she try to explain it, yet seemingly fell short every single time. She explained that comforting, trustworthy glow as a result of her divine touch, at some point even Ari's supposed pregnancy, even though that appeared to have been a false positive in the first place. Then she found out about the girl's odd problem with some manner of posessions, and even knowing this Alisa refused to keep her at arm's length, let alone treat her as a foe, and before either of them knew it, they'd become the closest of friends.

"Is that so~?", she crossed her arms, throwing her a teasing, knowing smirk at the almost lustful remark, quite uncharacteristic with Ari's earlier depression, "Well, I'm defenitely glad to hear it...", she winked, "That look suits you best~"

Even with the words that followed, the artists' cool but delighted smile hardly budged an inch... Alisa had yet to learn the gravity of the news themselves, and simply tilted her head softly, fingertips brushing her temple; curious, but far from overwhelmed or anything. After what happened with her own guild master, she'd defenitely sympathise, but, that depended on whether Arisa felt comfortable telling her in the first place:

"Other news...?", inquired the ever curious sculptress, fingers trailing down to her chin, "Nothing bad, i trust...?"

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:17 pm

The constant thought of what all happened last night was quite the show in her head. She couldn't just stop thinking about it and truly what he said was romantic -- to her at most. She twirled and sprawled out her arms after jumped almost like a ballerina to the side with her toes. I almost feel quite better after that night as if some heavy 'thing' was dragging me down. she spoke so freely and womanly as her full glossed lips widened in a smirk/smile in relief. She then looked down after that small second of a twirl towards Alisa. She was starting to think that maybe it was time for them to go as they needed to move on to do... something? Grrrr~ Her stomach was hungry once again, but that was because she made Noel food yet not herself. 'Forgot to make myself something...' she thought and then looked around. Let's go somewhere before doing some serious stuff. I'm quite hungry. she reported and wrapped her arms around the back of her back, hands against her backbone.

Simply she yawned and giggled as she spoke once more. So tired due to not getting enough sleep from last night. she spoke. There was a joke with that, but knowing Alisa she would catch on. A small blush appeared on her cheek as she was then wondering something herself. Something is catching my curiosity though.... about myself that is. she started and then cornered her eyes to look at her dear friend of beauty. I've noticed that uncontrollably my actions, expressions and the such are random like a roll of a dice. I feel happy, shy at one moment and then blunt and calm another moment and so on. she explained thee best she could in a simple manner. She had yet to answer on what news she brought.. other than the news of her lover. Her eyes lowered in a sorrow manner. She has heard news of how her guild master died as hers did, but she wasn't a guild master now, was she? She didn't get dropped the title by the master himself, right? Her eyes looked back at her lovely friend. So my guild master died recently... she softly said, and... she left off and looked away towards the distance in which she then wondered herself if she was truly ready. Would she be the guild master that the guild master himself wanted her to be? What was his goal or intention?



#7Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:16 pm


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Alisa wound up cocking her head slightly, met with naught but silence after asking that last question... A single glance could tell this was obviously something that weighed heavily on Arisa's heart; had she perhaps been wrong to inquire such? Maybe... But with her concern for this woman, she couldn't exactly ignore such signs without at least attempting to prompt her about them, fully aware that, at least in some cases, simply expressing this modicum of concern would help ease some of her troubles. And then she knew why. When that loud growl reached her lips, Alisa chuckled in amusement, nodding away towards the direction of the nearest café:

"Good idea, you can tell me about it over breakfast... Let's go", she'd smile, hooking a finger at the Seraph and guiding her to a better place for food than... Well, the middle of the street

With this her previously crossed arms would dangle freely as she lead her starving friend somewhere they could eat breakfast. Indeed she might not have showed it, but Alisa might be almost as hungry as Arisa too. After all, she had yet to eat breakfast as well. The comment about lack of sleep had the sculptress raise a hand to her mouth as if she'd just heard something indecent, as a way of teasing her overjoyed friend:

"Oh my... I trust that would be his fault~?", she inquired almost wittily, letting out a little giggle of her own. Her following comment, althought initially met with curiosity from the sculptress' part, eventually received no surprise whatsoever, as the crystal user would simply nod in agreement, as if this were something she'd already noticed a good long time ago... Which indeed it was, "So you finally noticed... Though I'll wager good moments with your boyfriend should make you feel happy on a regular basis."

Before long, they'd arrived at a cafe/pâtisserie just as they were opening for the day, with Alisa pulling out a chair under the awning and sitting outside, motioning Ari to take the other chair. She lean over teh table slightly, elbows resting on it, gently squeezing her bust between the confines of her forearms. Once she finally mentioned what the real problem was, the sculptress' perpetual smile faded for the first time that day:

"You too huh...", her brow furred with a saddend thoroughly understanding look, "I'm sorry for your loss... I felt so lost when Master Lance was killed too... And even then I can only imagine how it must feel for you."

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:00 pm

She looked back in time of when they first met, her and Alisa. They were just two people who were working together in some mission, decorating in fact. She was reminded of some lanterns that turned out to be lanterns of Sin. They were red, golden lines of designs with a single symbol that was designated to describe one thing. She imagined the huge mountain of paths that lead to a house to another one, a never ending trip of getting lost. She wondered what it was going to be like to travel back there and if she was going to come back here if she did go back, unwillingly.

She remembered that Noel said he was going to protect her, no matter what and through the shadows. The thought was well, warming and made her feel safe, but the small doubt and insecurity yielded that warming safe feeling. A small smile appeared on her lips when she thought of the imaginative of never having children since she was somewhat dead, right? Or did that not fit in the same subject as an undead living being, like vampires and the such. Was it bad that she wanted to have children? Be married and the such? She could be a guild master while also being a wife, right? She licked her lips as she moisturized her dry lips to gloss-en them. While on the walk and while looking at the menu before sitting down, she listened to all what Alisa had to say.

She was slow at paying attention to Alisa's actions though, so as she was about to walk into the store, she saw Alisa actually pulling out chairs on the outside of the store. ''Outside eating huh?~'' she questioned and giggled with such a warm motherly attitude. Her voice was more womanly than normal yet still soothing for the soul to sooth. Never was she paying attention to her own tone as she then sat down across from Alisa herself. Her body leaned against the table, her large chest against the top of the table itself. Her arms crossed then and slid under her own chest to lean over, looked at Alisa and her ruby eyes. ''I guess so... I didn't know my guild master much though... just the members -- most of them at least in the sense of seeing them.'' she spoke. She could break the fourth wall and explain otherwise, but she had no such power. The waiter appeared with a menu and bowed his head. ''Mi'ladies, I am your server. Tell me what you will have when you're both ready.'' he spoke. He had white hair with golden eyes, but he had short hair. He looked familiar from one of her quests to where it made her squint, think and wonder. Shaking her head she looked at the menu with her dear friend.



#9Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:00 pm


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Arisa seemed to be deep in though, so much Alisa didn't even feel like bothering her... Instead, she glanced over at the mostly darkened skies, she herself thinking about how the guild had fared since the Master's passing. They had a new master now.

"Indeed, feels like the best idea on such a lovely morning~", indeed the morning didn't look quite lovely (though not bad either considering the heavy rain they'd been getting lately), yet with Arisa all but glowing in the sun's place, one might easily think it might so. Plus, with her lovey dovey mood she herself might be liable to think so. Soon enough, the waiter appeared to take their orders, to which Alisa simply answered, "Hmmm... I'll have a croissant and a latte."

And soon the man had left them to themselves, with nothing but the dew drops and the early birds to keep them company. Alisa for one scarcely paid those notice, her eyes focused squarely on the golden eyed, violet hair beauty before her. She listened attentively at how she admitted not to have known the master that well, somewhat which by all accounts ALisa felt as well, and reluctantly admitted:

"Neither did I... But what little I did know all but changed my life.", she acknowledged, nodding at Lance's encouraging words, teaching her to always seek to see whatever beauty she could find in the world, even when everything with her seemed bleak. Especially when she felt nothing else but darkness remained.

She hoped to elaborate this further, perhaps detail what master Lance had told her for her to revere him such, but it appeared fate would have other ideas. Even before the waiter had a chance to bring them their breakfast, a courier appeared to greet them, flashing that charming, thoroughly professional smile:

"Good morning, are you two Ari..."

They'd heard this speech before. It wasn't even the same courier, but in this town, only two people went to the trouble of sending them letters, at least, letters addressed to the two of them. And between the Fashion designer with the fabulous handwriting and the good Doctor with the illegible one, a mere glance at the envelope gave a good idea as to whom it might be from.

"Oh look... Another letter.", she chuckled at Ari before returning the courier's bright smile and gracefully extending a hand, "Yes we are~"

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- Alisa Vollan

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on Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:48 am

She looked at the menu and what it all had. There was plenty to order for sure, but what was she going to order? She leaned back against her chair and crossed her arms against herself while the menu itself was standing up tall in front of her, on top of the table. The wind was breezing towards her face as she lifted her chin to enjoy it so. Her hair was beautiful, soft and glowing like an angels as it flowed, waving from behind in the direction the wind was carrying. Slowly her arm was released from the crossing and brought up to move a hair piece away gently and put behind her ear. 'The weather is quite lovely, but like everything I'm sure it will go away.' she listened to a voice speak. The voices in her head always spoke so randomly and differently were their tones depending on whatever it/they were/is. Arisa wished she could figure out that mystery about herself, the voices, her past even, but for now she was happy to have a friend, a lover and a sister. The thought of it just made her want to cry yet she yielded her own feelings for the moment.

Her head tilted back downward to look at Alisa as she was speaking about how she too barely knew her guild master, but it still was getting to her. She somewhat understood and with that she would then look over the menu as Alisa ordered so little. 'How can she eat so small of an amount?' she wondered and looked up and then down from Alisa to the menu once again. There were so many choices. Grrrr ~

Her stomach was every-so-growling as she was looking over the menu. ''Alright, I'll have a spicy chicken sandwich, croissant for breading, jalapenos and mayo. I'll also have a salad with those little bread pieces, some cube ham in it and regular ranch. Next I'll have a plate of hash browns and a glass of orange - mango. Make sure it's cold. Thank you.'' she was finally done giving her order. That was her regular amount of eating for her breakfast, yep. She ate a lot and she didn't know why, but she enjoyed food like no other. She could eat a lot if she felt up to it -- mostly now that everything with her love, her desire was satisfied and this was going to be the cool-whip of that pie. While they waited for their food, they saw a messanger boy who gave them a letter. ''Great... Another.'' she spoke softly and chuckled in a womanly way. She had more news, but that would have to wait now.



#11Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:04 pm


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"So, is that a breakfast or a brunch~?", asked the crystal user playfully, resting one arm on the table, fingers idly tracing circles over a dewdrop halfway between the two of them. She already knew of Ari's appetite, and was glad to see it returned in full, but that big a meal for this early in the morning obviously got her attention.

Their breakfast arrived before long however, even before they had enough time to read the first words on their letter. Understandably so as, after all, they didn't exactly need to cook anything for them, merely pour the coffee and collect the food. The pleasant smell of coffee and freshly baked croissant tickled the hungry sculptress' nostrils however, and before long a low, scarcely audible growl made itself heard. The softnest hint of red took over her cheeks yet at the same time, she pretended like it had nothing to do with her at all.

"Thank you~", Alisa smiled and thanked the courteous waiter as he set their breakfast down before them, bowed his head, and walked back inside, leaving the two women to their meal. And the not so mysterious letter, its contents to be unveiled soon enough... Slow and calmly, the sculptress took a bite of her croissant, then a long sip of her coffee, her smile widening at that pleasant, waking bitterness, cleaning every last sliver of sleep at the first few gulps. She wiped her mouth and hands afterwards, opening the letter, and reading it with surpring swifness...

Well, more like skimming than reading really, as doing so more than sufficied for her to learn anything she needed about whatever job they might have waiting for them once they'd finally finished breakfast:

"So it appears those delinquents from last time are up to no good once again.", noted Alisa, still finishing the letter as she started speaking, her eyes then trailing up to meet Arisa's as she handed the letter to her, which left her hands free to resume eating, "I wonder what they've done this time around..."

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- Alisa Vollan

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on Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:58 am

She made a small smile towards Alisa's remark of the amount of food she ordered. Honestly, she didn't care as she shrugged it off. They waited patiently for their food to arrive and by god it was silent till then and during the eating. She kept it that way, accepted it as she was just going to not say anymore about her guild unless asked. With the aroma came on by, she took a deep breather and sniffed the smell of the food. 'Wonderful...yet not as great.' she thought as they sat down the plates of their order/or bowl. She blushed as she thought of how 'he' would think if he saw her eat like this. Was he the type to really judge a woman and her appetite? She gulped and lowered her gaze towards the food itself. Her soft fingers gripped onto the fork to eat her salad.

The salad had lettuce that seemed fresh enough, rinsed well and shredded just right. She wondered if it came from the farmer at Marigold, but probably not. That man had a weird addiction to his cabbages like the cabbage man himself. The croutons were dry little pieces of bread, thankfully these were small pieces as there are bigger pieces as well. Each crunch with the salad itself was a delight that she could enjoy anywhere, even in snow -- it would just be cold then. Then there was the ham that complimented the salad, each bite had the moisture from the ham that was cut in dice pieces, small enough to get a couple on each fork-sized bite. On top of it all was shredded cheese, that cheddar longhorn type of cheese that really gets her taste buds going. She loved cheese and great cheese was a divine treat to her. Last, but not least, there was the ranch that she has yet to know what it was made out of. Perhaps, it was just milk and some other extra ingredients or maybe the recipe is disturbing and she really wouldn't want to know.

Once she was done with the salad, she went for her sandwich that was spicy chicken, bread obviously, jalapenos and mayo. The chicken obviously came from a farm after it was abused, force fed and then beheaded by the farmer themselves. If that wasn't bad enough, it was sent alive, abused further with no space as it's space is filled with other abused fat chickens that cluck and crap themselves everywhere. After that they by a stranger it was beheaded. Chickens don't have an easy life as their soul purpose was to live, be fed and eaten by many beings including other animals. Next, after the whole killing part, they were to be plucked, carved and/or skinned to then be shredded it's body parts from thigh, breast, wing and so on. Sometimes if not that then they shred the meat itself to compact it into patties in which are then stored and shipped to stores, markets and the such. Sometimes other businesses bread the chicken in different types of breading that appeal to the buyers; in this case it was indeed spicy breading and it was good. Arisa didn't feel much sorry since she wasn't really the one who abused the chicken she was eating, but it was still sad. Before she could think of more on the thing, on what she was eating she heard Alisa talk about the letter and shrugged. ''Alright, let's go.'' she spoke, giggled and then got up. Finally, she finished her drink, took her sandwich with her and followed Alisa when she was ready.



#13Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:09 pm


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True, Alisa rather enjoyed watching Arisa eat, but then, simply watching her eat would just be rude, right? Thus, Alisa made sure to eat her own food somewhat slowly, enought that the normal, yet comparatively small amount she ate would allow Ari enough time to finish her own meal in peace. They'd eat mostly in silence, not just because speaking with your mouth full was hardly elegant, but also neither of them were excessively chatty, "Let's see what awaits us.", the sculptress smiled, nodded, and left some jewels on teh table, before heading out to meet the ever busy doctor

It appeared they had a truly grave matter on their hands... Right... After all, gangsters getting their hands on Biological weapons, and then using them to contaminate the water supplies, were all perfectly natural and understandable occurences. Alisa had a fair amount of respect for this man's competence as a doctor, but not so much for his competence at preventing outbreaks. Of course, it's not as if she could lay the fault on him... No, the blame laid squarely with the dangerous criminals who set this whole thing in motion in the first place.

"...Well then... Guess it's up to us to clean out those thugs.", assessed Alisa as they stepped back outside under those cloudy, yet not really unpleasant skies, running her hands down her torso, then adjusting the loose coat draped around her shoulders. After having been there once, Alisa knew they wouldn't really have any problem finding the gangsters and their not so hidden hideout.

The beaten path soon led them to a large, wide open area that almost resembled an Arena, where a single, importantly looking man boasted boisterously:

"Hah!! Are they desperate enough to send two girls alone?! That's right, they better be afraid!!"

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:10 pm

Arisa walked with Alisa towards the location of where they were going. She didn't know the true details of this mission, but it was quite obvious that it had to do with either destroying or catching. They were having a nice conversation and food -- someone just had to ruin it. Her hands went to the back of her head, fingers twining with strands of her violet silk hair as they moved forward. ''Cleaning?'' she questioned calmly and cornered her eyes towards Alisa. Her head tilted to get a better look at her friend while the questioning was happening. It was only such a small amount of time before they were at sight towards what seemed to be their targets. The man, whoever he was, was yelling out as if having two girls means he was a big tough guy. ''What a waste of time.'' she spoke softly and annoyed. ''Just get back Alisa. I got this one. '' she spoke quietly as her eyes of golden mirrors glared at him as if it was some sort of showdown. As soon as Alisa moved back about several meters with a dash or something, she was ready. Her finger from behind her head quickly pointed directly towards the man who was quite the meters away yet close enough to obviously be a target. ''Sickness must be purged.'' she whispered hatefully. A lazor of white, thin as paper beamed at him, using him as a center piece. It exploded in a rather sixteen meter diameter radius of blazing white light. She too was at the edge or about there, being caught in it too with all of the man's men - not really counting. Gladly she was immune to her own holy light making her turn around and walk towards Alisa. ''There done. Let's do what we must.'' she spoke coldly and looked forward, waiting for her to go. As soon as Alisa finished what had to be done if there was more, they went to get their reward.



Name: Sickness must be purged
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Light Magic
Type: OFF
Element: Light
Range: 20 meters
Cooldown: 4
Duration: Sustain
Effect: By a point or the whispers of those words (the name), she creates a huge explosion that is sun-like that is eight Meters diameter (AoE). Arisa can point and look at where the center may be. Anyone that is hit within the aoe will take A damage and bludgeoning damage.

#15Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:30 am


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The two guards at the door might have disarmed Alisa, but beyond her katana they had little else to take away before she could step into the colosseum like opening. Her hair fluttered head of her, commanded by a gentle tailwind coming from the path they'd just crossed. She flipped it back it behind her almost immediately, keeping her eyes firmly locked onto the gang leader above:

"I don't know what you're hoping to achieve here... But killing a whole city with a disease outbreak seems a bit much, does it not?", despite

the ever present smile on her face, the serious narrowing in her eyes made it quite clear she wasn't happy at all, merely composed. Then again,

who the hell would be happy in a situation like this? She kept one hand on her hip, near where the grip of her sword might be if she yet had it.

But no manner of words got through to the man named Mattoro, and he sculptress took a deep breath; she felt like she was talking to a brick all, merely wasting whatever calm words she spoke to the gang boss. Him and his thugs appeared adamant in their plan to poison the city, and this left only one path to take: Kill them all. But at times like these, the resemblance between Alisa and Arisa stood out the most, as the tall angel had exactly the same idea: "Fine, he's all yours Ari.", Alisa smiled and took a step back.

She'd try to take the head of the snake in one go, but seeing this, the leader promptly made his escape, and instead she'd be dealing with four charging gangsters who promptly covered their leader's escape. As Arisa did this, Alisa watched her back, and promptly witnessed two of them sneaking in, no doubt trying to stab them in the back when they weren't looking. That in itself might be a laughable attempt, yet seeing one of them had taken to doing so with her own sword made Alisa's brow twitch...

"Hmmm? It appears you missed two of them.", glaring at them, she opened her palm and unleased her own spell.


Name: Floatstone
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Crystal Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A (Crystal)
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Alisa opens her palm and produces an crystalline explosion from a focal point within twenty meters, shooting sharp adamantine fragments in every direction up to an eight meter radius, knocking people back one meter with concussive force. Upon reaching max distance, the crystals float harmlessly before fading away the next turn. She can't target an area she herself is inside of, attempting to do so will make the spell come out from her body. The sharp fragments shred through anything in their path, dealing A-rank cutting damage.

From a point behind the sneaking gangsters, slightly over four meters away from Alisa, she'd trigger a devastating explosion of crystal shrapnel, shredding flesh and internal organs of every living creature in their way, and propelling them forward. The gangsters would have died immediately, their bodies being flung forward alongside the path of their run. She turned her body aside, letting the lifeless body fly by past her, merely grabbing the sword in her open palm, sheathing it, and strapping it back to her hip:

"How nice of you to bring this back~", with one final taunt, she'd return to Arisa, "Indeed. We need to tell the doctor about this. He'd better start working on vaccine."


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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