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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya]

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:14 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Things did change alot around Magnolia if only people had the time to wait for it and to see. Phoebe had been in Magnolia since the beginning of Summer and it was so close to the winter that it was far more interesting than she had expected. She had come here on a recommendation from Alice and she had stayed here ever since. Obviously it still wasn't as good as Orchidia but nothing would be able to change her love for her hometown. Perhaps there was one thing but she didn't dare to think about that as she grinned at herself, setting her high heel booth in the middle of a puddle mud. The consequences of much rain in the autumn and the forest. She looked at the brown little mud spots on the black booth and sighed, oh well.

Many people would look at Phoebe, which was why she ran to the forest, this was because Phoebe wasn't wearing a coat and simple red t-shirt in this cold weather. The raven haired girl was a fire mage and thus the cold didn't bother her and normally she would dress proper so people wouldn't stare but a couple of weeks ago she had given up on that idea and wanted to be more herself, in a way that she could do whatever she want. She was an young adult that left her home for adventures and to find her mother, something she half had given up after that vision from the river spirit.

With a loud noise she pulled her foot away from the mud and walked on until she found a fallen tree that looked quite new to this part of the forest and thus strong enough to carry her and thus to sit on it and rethink what she was doing. She could feel that it was getting colder, it just didn't bother her and she noticed something on this open spot in the forest; snow drops.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:32 am



The cold.

Her mother was born within ice. Her father born from the kills of a windy village. Wind, snow, ice, all were natural to her, but still, she wasn't immune to the elements.

She walked between trees weaving in and out between branches and brush wondering where she was to go from here.

Her white gloves ran up all the way to her biceps. Her ivory shirt ran down to her forarms. Her bone colored pants were as long as her legs. Her dark ebony shoes the only contrast to her clothing along with her deep violet hair.

She sighed, still lost to this land and country. She was tasked with finding shrines and repairing where needed be. Her travels would end her pilgrimage to Dahlia, to where, she was promised answers to all of her questions. Her magic, would grow in power and her understanding of others would grow.

Power was all she sought, and soon she would obtain it.

She continued to walk, watching the heat of breath fill the air as both birds and other creatures were living in these trees.

What would she find here?

Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Fjktq1

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:57 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe sat down and all she longed for was a good cup of tea and something tasty to eat. She was tired of pretending, giving up and just chasing after dreams that were not real. She liked the silence, she liked looking at the snow something she missed from Orchidia was the green trees and plants that surrounded the whole village, which was probably a reason why she always felt homesick in and around the forest. She simply looked around until she heard something, it was not exactly footsteps but that was obvious with the leaves on the ground but there was still a lot of noise if you considered people walking on it, tree branches would make a cracking sound, the leaves on the ground could still make sound while someone stood on it.

Phoebe wasn't the right person to consider what or who might be walking there, perhaps it was a beast, perhaps it was human and she simply stood up, she wasn't planning to immediately use her magic but she was prepared, maybe it was wounded, maybe someone was lost in the Eastern forest. "Anyone there?" She said with a bit of a doubt in her voice, if only she had a less destructive magic than her fire magic it would be nice but obviously that wasn't the case and she simply looked left and right, not entirely sure what to do or think about all of this. Perhaps everything would.. no she couldn't think that, she was old enough to do things on her own and she didn't need to be a damsel in distress about it and long for King to help her.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:05 am



She would turn to face the voice that called out to her. It was feminine, a girl probably, but she could never really know. She leaned to look past some trees and saw the shape of a girl not to far.

The light from the snow had reflected to her gaze and made it hard to see. She squinted her eyes to make out the shape, only soon realizing she did not introduce to even announce herself to the person.

"Just passing through!" she answered to the voice, "Sorry if I was disturbing you!"

Was she truly sorry for anything? It was anyone guess. Sekiya was growing tired of these travels and wanted nothing more than to finally rest for a few days, maybe even months. There was much for her to do.

She didn't really care who the girl was, but that didn't stop her from being curious and wondering what her story was. Perhaps she would be interesting company, even just for a few minutes.

Over the last few days it was just her and her thoughts. It would be a good change.


a good change.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:23 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe would wait a bit for someone to reply before making the decision if it really was a human voice but someone answered, "Oh, no problem at all!" she called back, not seeing someone. What she did notice was that it started to snow a lot harder and more than it had when she had just arrived here. She wasn't sure how far she was away from Magnolia town but walking through a snow storm wasn't her favourite part time, no matter how much fire magic she could use.

She looked around to wonder if the person would be coming closer as she didn't hear anything. On one hand she doubted it, considering she talked about distrubing Phoebe, "Are you okay? Not lost I mean?" She decided to ask because that was always the first thing popping into Phoebe her mind when she bumped into people in the forest, as well as how some people might look but she didn't know that. The voice was femine and did sound quite young but she was a very bad person for guessing ages even when she stood face to face with people.

She wanted to say something more but didn't know what as well as that some branch above her began to creak loudly and she looked up, there was a huge pack of snow falling down and she could just jump aside. This was too much drama for Phoebe for a day but she wasn't burried beneath the pack of snow, perhaps she should walk back to Magnolia quickly. She lay on the ground, as she wanted to get up she felt a sharp pain in her left leg on which she had fallen on, oh.. maybe she wouldn't be fast enough.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:11 am




It was all her family was good for. They were warlords and mercenaries for hire. Sure they were harmless and loving, at least from her dad's stories, but still at the core, they were bloodthirsty weapons of war. Sekiya shared these traits. From every story of death and chaos, she found herself at peace. It didn't matter what side she fought on, she just wanted to be on the front lines. But here, saving a stranger was the last thing on her mind, yet there she was, running to the sound of a crashing tree.

She was not going to allow herself to be responsible for the death of some random girl. No, she was going to be the hero, even for just a moment. She begun to run, closing her eyes, letting the magic run through her veins.


The power within.

With it, she begun to focus on any concentration of magic. It would be no more than a few seconds, a few yards of travel. She would feel the girl being so near, and when she opened her eyes, she would appear.

"I'm not lost. But are you okay?" She would examine the girl. She was no doctor, no medic, no expert. What could she really do to help this girl?

"We should make it back to town, at least to get out of this snow." And for once, since her father's death, she thought about someone other than herself.

Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Spirit of The Samurai
Type: Supplementary
Element: Spirit (Dark)
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user closes their eyes and focuses on their own magical energy. By entering a near meditation-like state,
they are able to sense collections of mana around them. They can only sense that a presence is near.
They are unable to find out mana pools, nor rank.
When the caster opens their eyes, the user will be able to see targets within the area, and the spell will be cancelled.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:52 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe wanted to get up but that didn't work and a lot of things happened in a matter of minutes, she noticed that next to her was more than a pack of snow and she had just managed to jump away from that and only hurt her leg, because she had landed wrong and had fallen and hurt her leg, the stranger who she had just yelled at to make sure she was okay appeared in front of her. She must have been really close and Phoebe stared at her and wanted to nod, which she did until she shortly shook her head, "Well it definitely could be worse but I did something wrong and now my leg hurts a lot." and sitting in the snow made even the fire mage cold. It was perhaps more the idea that she would have to feel cold than actually feel it.

She agreed that it would be smarter to get out of the snow but it sure did hurt, "Would you help me get up? I agree, with this weather I should head back to Magnolia." What the two of them probably didn't know was how hard the snow was falling because they were protected by most of the trees around them, but they could see that it was snowing, "I didn't expect it to be snowing so much already, it feels almost magical." it wasn't the season yet for so much snow, which made her surprised.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:23 pm



Some people strive for their own legacy to be remembered. It doesn't matter who you are, you want to leave behind some kind of goal. But when someone dies, this dream is taken, changed, shaped. Often, people's ideal of being remembered changes and they find a new ideal to follow.

"Lean on me." She would offer both her shoulder and her support to walk the girl back. Whatever this storm was, had to be some byproduct of some foolish mage just learning his magic. It wasn't too rare to have moments like these, but it still made her wonder what other power lay out there.

"Probably a training Frost Mage who just made his first mistake." she would say it jokingly. If the girl would allow, Sekiya would be holding her from her side as they walked through the snow under the cover of the trees back to the town.

Maybe someone back within the city walls could offer a better explanation to the strange weather occurrence.

"Makes me wish I was some kind of fire or healer mage." she would say it with a smile, reflecting on a few stories she read. "If I couldn't melt the snow away, I could at least heal your wounds."

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Sat Nov 25, 2017 1:28 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe didn't like this dramatic moment, she didn't like to be depending on people and especially on strangers. She didn't mind bothering people with her feelings but that was mostly her friends and she actualy didn't have that many friends, she would want to go home in times like these but still she had to depend on this person, "Thank you, I'm sorry for depending on you but it was definitely a weird accident." She would offer on the stranger her shoulder and try to make a step forward when this person was to get back to Magnolia, if they would be able to make it, they still had a couple of minutes to walk and they at least had cover from the trees now.

She was looking for her footing to not fall again and take the girl with her when she noticed that she was being very dumb, "Oh I'm an idiot! I am a fire mage, this could be so much easier for us." She held up her hand to make a little bit of flame to clean off the path little by little so she wouldn't take too much energy from herself, "I should also probably introduce myself, my name is Phoebe."

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:24 pm



"Sekiya," she said in answer, ". . .  Manji."

It was odd of her to identify herself like this, but for once, she didn't feel so alone. This girl had made the travel easier just by throwing a bit of heat around. The snow would easily melt away, clearing the path around them, as well as keeping them warm from the falling ice.

She smiled, realizing the humor in her own words. She wouldn't speak much more until the both of them had reached the walls of the town.

"Fire has much more use than darkness." she would say, "The most I can do is make the room black so it's easier to sleep." She was joking around, only wishing that her own magic had more utility uses. It was still something to fear, the magic itself had all kinds of potential.

But her mind would again linger on small facts. The snow melted so easily, it had to be a low ranking mage. Even natural snow shouldn't have disappeared so simply. Was it simply an act of power? Sekiya dwelled on it once more, and the most questions she had, the more she found herself needing to speak to her god.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:38 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
"I'm really glad to meet you Sekiya, I wouldn't want to imagine what happened if I had not." Meant to be! She thought as a joke, but didn't say it out loud, she didn't want to make things awkward. But she was indeed very glad to have met Sekiya, more than only just for saving her the trouble. She was focusing her energy on getting the snow to melt and to keep the two of them warm enough to keep on walking, there was not much blood thank god. It was just stinging though and her jeans were ripped but she was okay with that, she would have enough jewels to get more in the end.

They didn't say much, it was also probably because Phoebe was focusing on walking more, but when they reached the walls of the city of Magnolia, where she had been for quite a while, she turned to look at Sekiya when she started to talk, "That sounds lovely from time to time though." she said with a laugh, "I use mine as a flashlight in the dark, or more like a candle."

They would go to one of the healers close by, and before she would be there, she decided to speak to Sekiya again, perhaps she could.. well Phoebe didn't know, get to know her better? She wondered if it was possible to be friends, Phoebe felt lonely most often, not admitting to the feeling but she could always try, "It's just me rambling something but if they can fix this soon, would you want to go and find this mage together?"

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:12 pm



She didn't want to get more involved than she already had. She was supposed to stay low and act in the shadows. But still she longed for some friendly relationship with someone, anyone. Her journey was long and difficult. Having just her thoughts begun to take its toll and she begun to feel more and more insane by the day.

"Perhaps." she would answer her, "But before we even think about where to look, what would we even do if we find him, or her?" She explored her options. She was in position to arrest anyone, much less give a punishment.

"If this mage is a criminal, or even just an innocent child?" She pondered it, perhaps more than she needed to, she begun to ramble on.

"What do you normally do?" She was lost to the true customs of these people. She lived reclusively, knowing only the bits that people brought with them when they prayed at her father's shrine. How much different could things really be?

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Sat Dec 02, 2017 10:24 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Sekiya asked her what they would do if they would find the mage, which is when Phoebe realized she had not made a great plan yet in her mind. Perhaps they should tell the person only what kind of effect he or she had on the whole area but that depended on the person if it was easily accepted. While she was thinking about it, she heard the other young lady say something about a criminal and a young child and that made Phoebe nod, she sat herself down in a chair because she had to wait for the healer. "Hmm yeah you got a very good point. I was just very curious who would do such a thing. It might be a starting person but yet it's quite an area of effect."

Which made Sekiya ask what she would normally do and Phoebe pondered about it again, "Well you are right it depends on the person, if it is a child, it is perhaps easiest to explain, or give some tips. I taught someone magic recently, it didn't go all that well but it worked a bit none the less. But you are right it truly depends on the person." and she had to reconsider that it might not be smart considering the strength of this person, "Perhaps I just need to leave it alone." Which was a good end of this part of the conversation as the healer came towards her and she explained what happened and was healed soon enough.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Sat Dec 02, 2017 10:40 pm




There was so many. In her bloodline, the magic they used changed with each teaching to match the personality of the student. Sekiya was stuck with Darkness, something she feared since she was a child. It was only fitting that it became her magic's element.

But she wondered if she could change her element, was it possible? And even so, what would a dark and fire mage have to teach this frost child, if it was a child? Their teachings would be over general if anything. And if it was a criminal who sought chaos, then could the two of them fight this mage off? Even if he outranked them combined?

No, if it was a child, what if he was used for evil?

It didn't matter. It wasn't something they could pull off. But maybe there was other things they could do. As Sekiya explored her options, her friend would find her wound healed, or mostly so, and then Sekiya would speak again.

"We should tell the local guild." she said, "They'll have more experience dealing with this. Besides it's probably a local, and if it's something serious, they could capture the criminal, if there was one."

She was proud of her new plan, but still it seemed to lack something. Did she overlook a detail?

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:19 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
while the healer was working on the wound in her leg, probbing and seeing what happened and if it was okay now, she simply tried to distract her own thoughts by thinking about a plan, but not much was forming, she should actually leave the matter alone and just walk on perhaps ask Sekiya for a cup of tea to warm up or whatever she liked to make sure to thank her properly and so on. It was mostly that Phoebe had this horrible longing to go back home again which, as she thought, only happened when she was alone and this could give her the opportunity to think else instead of running back to her father and little sister.

When the poking was over and the wound was healed as good as possible, and patched up, she simply felt a bit wobbly but it was because she had not used her leg during the walk, or well not to stand on at least. She turned to look at Sekiya who was still here and gave a small smile because it actually made her happy to see and apparently she had been pondering about the issue as well, "Oh that sounds like a very good idea." Phoebe instantly responded because that was it, why leave it only to the two of them while there were such capable mages nearby.

Little did Phoebe know that barely anyone was left in the guild hall, she had not met any of the Fairy Tail mages and it would probably also not be today to meet them.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:02 pm



Quests. Tasks. Jobs. It was what mages lived for. Little missions to give their higher purpose a meaning. With all of this power and no where to use it, they were nothing but weapons of a war long lost by time.

It was those things that would empty guildhalls and cities. Mages moved like animals to the city that housed new options and paths for them to take. With new things to complete, was new opportunities to make a name for yourself. That was what a mage strived for. It was the mark of your successes. You had to leave a legacy, or the hard work you had done all along was just a waste of your time.

While Sekiya had suggested the idea of going to the local guild, she had no idea which guild was in the city, if any at all, nor if anyone was left. Everyone that used to be in those walls left long ago to cities like Dahlia or Baska or some other far end of Fiore searching for some event or gathering that would give them something to do.

It was all they wanted. They all wanted a purpose.

"Forgive me." Sekiya would say finally, "But I don't really know my way around here, where is the local guild?"

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:35 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe didn't know much about the situation, that much could be said. She was needing another plan in her life, to figure out how the world really worked because right now her life wasn't really working. Considering a lot of it were a mystery to her, how the whole world worked as well. She didn't feel like thinking about it too long. But that worked well with Sekiya at the moment, who asked where the local guild was and she couldn't help but laugh about it for a little. "Right it's Fairy Tail and I walked a couple of times past it." So she tried to point it out but it was better once they went outside. "It's that big orange building over there." she would walk that way now that she could finally walk again on her own.

When they came closer to the guild she looked around, "Is it me or is it really empty here?" But they weren't inside the building yet, perhaps they were there and than there were still mages but it really looked bad, so she walked the last few steps towards the door and tried to pull it open but it was closed, "There is no one here." she said surprised.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:51 pm



Was it a sign? Was it something they just had to do? Or was Sekiya searching for a way out of it?

There was no way telling what was coincidence and what was fate. Everything simply just happened. But no matter what, she had a job to get to Dahlia. It was the place she was drawn to, and would house the largest shrine to her familiy's name. For her, the answers were there, not with some ice mage.

But if they didn't at least tell someone about this mage, perhaps then he or she would become a threat later on. But the snow never got worse. Was it a one time thing?

Maybe it was just some kind of magical item that was wasted in trying to understand it. There was too many possibilities and not enough facts on the situation. They needed to do something, or else whatever misfortune fell upon this city, or someone else, would be on them. That alone was encouragement for Sekiya to help in this. But at the same time it was something she cared little about. This wasn't her city. This wasn't her home.

"If we go after this mage," she began, "Do you think we can even stop him? Together, what is our limit?"

And for once, Sekiya considered herself part of something larger than just herself.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Sun Dec 17, 2017 5:38 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe sighed a little and turned away from the door, this was a rather sad thing. She looked at the ground and sighed again while she looked up at Sekiya. Who asked her what they could do, what was their limit. Which was a good question, "Perhaps we shouldn't do anything. It was a great idea to talk to Fairy Tail members but apparently no one is around. Perhaps we could inform some Rune Knights. You were right before, if it's someone with bigger power than we have, we might get caught up in this whole uprising and I rather don't h ave that problem."

Which meant that even without knowing what Sekiya thought, Phoebe would rather pick them, choose their freedom and their ability to do whatever they want instead of being caught up in a problem that might be too big for them. The idea of going to the Rune Knights only popped up in her mind because of the fat that Fairy Tail wasn't there. Had Sekiya not suggested that, she wouldn't even thought about it.

She had no idea where the Rune Knights could be in town, but she was sure there was a station, as she had seen it but couldn't remember. Apart from that every town had at least a handful of Knights, with what happened in the towns around, they ocouldn't afford to not have someone around.

"We could try and find them?" She suggested to Sekiya, "But if you have more on your mind, I can also go alone." after all she didn't want to force her to have to go and find other people.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:54 pm



No, she had to do something.

"I'll go with you." she would say to her. If Rune Knights would seek the answer for them, then perhaps that would be best. The worst case they could issue a notice to the town and see if some travelling mage would maybe take it up. Sekiya had done it a few times before in Oak when she needed help tending her father's shrine.

There was more options than she initially imagined. There was plenty of people. And seeing as the town was still warm and free of the snow, then maybe the threat had learned already. But still, someone had to know, just in case.

". . . And maybe," she began, "When they go, we can go with them. If we can help, we will. If not, then we can at least know the truth behind the cause of this."

She had come too far. She was too invested. She had spend too much time on this little event, yet still she craved more. She needed closure. She needed an answer.

She just needed to know. And she would not stop until she found the answer. Even if it meant going on alone and risking her own life.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:47 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Where Sekiya had thought about the guild, Phoebe thought about the Rune Knights as soon as they figured out that there was no Fairy Tail mage around. She suggested to go there and find them even though the fire mage had no idea where exactly but it couldn't be too difficult, it might take a while because of the big town but she would find someone, she asked if Sekiya would come along but didn't meant to push her, yet she was glad to hear the young lady would come along and find the knights.

While Phoebe started towards the centre of the town to find some clues as to where they might be able to find a knight, she looked at Sekiya as she suggested they would go along, which sounded very interesting, considering Phoebe was curious about what was happening and what kind of person might be behind it. "I actually like that idea. Than we got the answers as well." and perhaps they could use a fire mage indeed in that case. She gave Sekiya a smile, happy that they thought in the same way as Phoebe as well needed to know the answers else she would think about this issue the whole time for the next couple of days.

She looked around as they got on Magnolia Square, hoping there would be a sign that would inform tourists and the like where they would find the Rune Knight station because that would make things easier especially in circumstances like this. Finally she noted a pole with little blue signs on it and one said: Knights. "I think we should go there." as she pointed at the pole and made already a few quick steps to the right direction.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:03 pm



She followed the girl obediently. There was no reason to object to her wishes to help a city from a possible danger. To stop a power greater than them was the only variable she had no idea to calculate. But with the help of an outside force, she wouldn't even have to factor that choice. No help, no travel. With help, she would follow.

She was in no position to save lives, she was unaligned to any guild. For all she knew, the snow mage was that of the Rune Knights or of some other legal light guild. It could have been caused BY Fairy Tail for all she knew.

Sekiya followed the signs with the girl, wondering what they would ultimately lead to. The worse outcome was a single weak man or a novice knight. Still, even that would settle their curiousity. But her mind would again linger on small facts. The snow melted so easily, it had to be a low ranking mage. Even natural snow shouldn't have disappeared so simply. Was it simply an act of power? Sekiya dwelled on it once more, and the most questions she had, the more she found herself needing to speak to her god.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:38 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe had pointed out that she saw a sign that showed Knights which was probably the Rune Knight headquarters. So she started to walk over there and Sekiya followed. She actually wanted to know Sekiya a bit better, but how would you randomly ask a person you just met, who helped you find a healer after your own embarrassing fall. It sure brought no idea in her mind, "I'm really curious," was all she said, as if that wasn't clear after she suggested to go and find out what was happening. It was Sekiya that suggested not to go on their own and she had a fair point there.

Not much later they were in the headquarters were only a handful of people were, she had no idea what their ranks were and that didn't matter, one of the young males came to ask and Phoebe tried to explain as best as she can that there suddenly had been a lot of snow around in the Magnolia Forest and that it had also hit town. The Knight told them that they were already working on it, but that it was difficult to find a trail. Phoebe turned to look at Sekiya before she turned to the Knight again; "We would like to help search around." she said and she hoped she hadn't spoken for Sekiya in the wrong way.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:10 am



". . . We'd like to do something to assist your efforts." she would add. But like the snow, the trail ran cold.

If the knights had already begun their search, then in the time it took them to find this place they must have sent out a party for any information about it. Sekiya would sigh at it, but she would also smile. It seemed as if they did the right thing after all, but were a little too late. It couldn't be helped however, the matter would be solved by them, she was sure. But if they needed help she was sure the other girl would join her in helping out.

"I may not belong to a guild, but I would like to help in any way I can."

She just wanted answers.

There was no way she could leave this place without a proper ending to this tale. She had other things to do, sure, but nothing was more important than this in this moment. She wanted to help. She needed to help. And maybe, if time would allow it, one day maybe she would join these knights and help others as well.

Any where. Any one.

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Muddy steps in the Forest [Social | Sekiya] Empty on Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:48 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe looked at Sekiya, adding that they would do something to assist. She gave her a short smile, that was indeed good to say. They weren't the only one that had noticed there was something wrong and that meant that the Rune Knights were already working on the issue at hand. "I am the same as my friend over here. We were in the forest where it happened, we could help." She wasn't even sure if they could but you needed to be convincing if you were trying, right?

Finally the knight decided that it was fine, mostly because they seemed to have been around and he told them that a squad would go to the woods not much later and that they were preparing right now and that the girls might want to do that as well. Phoebe didn't need to prepare anything with her fire magic, she could keep herself warm and keep the path clear in case that was necessary. She should not forget that another time with the moment that Sekiya told her. She looked at the other girl and gave her a short but exciting smile and turned to look at the knight who went on to talk and told them to wait for a short while.

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