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Nanuq to Baska [foot travel]

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#1Tsubaki Blossom 

Default on Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:22 pm


"Just how confident are you?"

Tsubaki was so excited for today, as she knew this was her final day of traveling. She would get to Baska maybe a little tired but very excited and proud of herself for her courage to face her fears and disobey her mind to do something new. She also really wanted to see Baska, as she had seen most other places in Fiore in books, yet Baska hadn't been in any of the books she had ever read so it's even more exciting to go there for her. She changed her clothes again, checked out, and set off on her adventure.

She walked through the silent town of Nanuq, seeing that there weren't many people who inhabited this place, probably because there aren't many houses around and the weather is freezing cold all the time. She had gotten a hot chocolate and left town, entering Sieghart Mountains. It felt nice, emerging from the cold and going straight to a natural terrain. She stopped and looked around from a high mountain that she was on and just admired the sights. She had already come so far and she was only just realizing that this might have been the best decision of her life. She really couldn't understand why she wanted to stay inside for the rest of her life now and she just thought she was an idiot for having such a dumb idea.

She moved fast and quietly through the mountains, trying not to disturb any wildlife that may be around her as she travels. She had made sure to pack a little extra food because she had already known where she was going, and that there weren't going to be any towns any time soon. She sat down on the edge of a cliff and ate her small sandwich, the breeze blowing her hair back as she ate.

It had been about an hour before Tsubaki got back to walking and that was only because she fell asleep on the mountain after she ate and got woken up by a deer rubbing up against her face. She immediately got to walking again and gave the deer the last of her food as a thanks. Oberon forest wasn't really too much of a challenge to get through, all she really had to do was follow the dirt paths that seemed to be man made and they led her straight to Baska. She was so happy she had made it and went straight to another Inn to get some sleep before going out and exploring the wonder filled town of Baska.


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