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Answers from the Holy [Training | Kon]

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#1Alice Baskerville 

on Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:55 am

Not everything had been going great but Alice knew how to shut up and not complain or worry others, for she didn't want that. Believing that most people had enough to think about, enough to worry about and she didn't want to make a false alarm. Yesterday she had been very tired which had brought pain but right now she was soundful asleep. Perhaps not so peaceful.

Alice had had more nightmares, in which she end up with waking up and staring in Hecate her blue eyes but right now Hecate was sleeping next to the bed, not noticing the nightmares, Jupiter stared at Alice, he noticed. He only didn't do anything for he wasn't able to. Her eyes moved fratically behind her closed eyelids and she couldn't help but mutter words that were actually inaudible. She tossed her head often, tried to get hold of something she couldn't but remained flat on her back.

In her dream she noticed a man, a man that she had never seen or not that she could remember but it was the exact same man that Lacie had described weeks ago. His hair was a golden blonde and his eyes the hazel golden colour like her own but that quickly changed into black and she darted back in her dream. It brought shivers down her spine and she noticed how this man walked and held himself, so much different than from what she could remember, if it was true at all. She didn't even know his name and she didn't even know if she wanted to meet this man, her father had left her to die as well. She tossed her head again muttering the word father and her body started to glow from heat and light as if she couldn't control her solar magic when she was asleep. In fact in her dream she was trying to find a way to protect herself against the monster that looked like her father. Which wasn't helping very well but it was something.

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on Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:53 am

There Kon sat outside on a plush chair wheeled out from inside the establishment he and his partner, Alice were staying at, there he looked out into the stars casually sipping at some tea from a plain white ceramic cup while smoking a thin cigarette. He was outside to allow Alice to sleep in peace or so he thought without his own unconscious behaviour from waking her. There was something to this town that seemed to be affecting his mind finding himself unable to protect it from the demons poked and prodded at his core. Placing down the cup of tea on the side table next to him, he clasped right temple of his head as he began to mull over the various issues that he was dealing with.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice as a woman approached him from behind, it was only when she tapped him on the shoulder that he responded albeit with a slight joint up straight causing her to jump back as a result. Turning his entire body towards her, he looked at her skinny body dressed in a simply blue dress with her hair bound up in a bun. “Yes?” He questioned the woman annoyed about being disturbed. Shuttering not expecting his reaction, she responded with great urgency. “There’s something wrong with your partner, I thought you should know before we did anything as you probably know what’s happening better than we do.”

Alarmed Alice was in trouble, Kon rose from the chair at such a furiosity his cloak flicked around. “Take me to her, please don’t tell anyone else until i know what’s happening.” Nodding to his request, the woman lead him to their room and tried to open it only to be burnt as she gripped the handle of the door. “Thank you, but I’ll take it from here.” Sliding the woman to the side he opened the door clutching the handle with his gloved hand noticing the radiating heat from it. As the door was pushed further into the room, Kon was almost blinded by a sudden outburst from Alice he was only able to avoid it by quickly casting up his free arm in front of his face. Wanting to know what was happening he shouted out to her. “Alice, Are you alright?, ALICE?!”

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#3Alice Baskerville 

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:51 am

Her body was shaking and unnoticed to her Hecate and Jupiter tried to get her awake and to stop using her magic like that but the both of them couldn't get close to her because of the magic. All Hecate could do was protect the two of them with her ice barrier close to the door. As soon as it opened the two ran out and turned to look what was happening. Which meant Jupiter his respect for Kon grew a bit and Hecate followed quickly to see if she could do anything at all.

But Alice was stuck in her dream and memory at the same time. She tried to avoid the demon in her dreams but it grabbed her left arm and left it open with its claws that made her scream in her dream and just turn her head to the other side in reality. The three slashing marks appeared on her real body as well though but she toppled over in her dream, backward and fell into something of a memory where she noticed herself as a child, stare with her than more brown eyes at the two adults she could see through the small stroke of light that the door had created. It were her parents, she recognized Rowena Eventide now and her father, they were fighting about something and she only caught small glimpses of words,

But a child

Which made Alice wonder if it was about her or Lacie, nothing wrong,.
Which her mother grabbed her father's arms and shook him but the man didn't do anything to stop her even though she was scraeming like a crazy person as if it worked to push her opinion through by screaming and shaking her father. She wasn't afraid of this one as if she knew that this one wasn't as dangerous as the one she had seen seconds ago.

She isn't a demon.

Which made Alice look at the smaller version of herself standing directly behind the door, she noticed her big and fearful eyes now for the first time and she heard a hard clashing sound and turned to look at the scenery through the little keep in the door and noticed her father's face turned towards them and the red mark where her mother had hit him, "Adelaide?" Which made the little Alice take a step back but her father came towards them, followed by her howling mother and the demon version of her father, "Put her down Richard. Alice stays with me."

While she heard her mother scream for Richard, she was running away from the form of her father's demon. While the word Richard rang in her ears it formed into something else, Alice.. her name. Alice again and she tried to desprately find the place where the person called for her. Slowly she made the realization and she stumbled and turned to look at the demon in front of her and she yelled, screamed in fear but woke up. Her eyes turned to look through the room, her breath going way too fast but the thing wasn't here. She heard her name again and turned to look at Kon and Hecate and tried to breath more regular. If she had not cast so much magic she would be able to show her tears but the heat and the light dropped slowly now that she was awake. "Where are we?"

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on Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:30 pm

Wanting to reassure Alice unaware of where they were, he rushed towards her ignoring the embers that still burnt around the area and grabbed her in a careful embrace. “It’s okay, it’s okay, you’re fine, we’re at the inn at Baska town, remember, we’ve been here for the last couple of days.” Trying to help her remember, he gently stroked her hair and began to remind her of the various things they had done since they had been there. “Alice, we helped out that doctor in the hospital, and meet Lycoris that mercenary swordswoman, I was going to make her my apprentice.” Wanting know what just had happened to her to put her in such a state, he probed her with a simple question of his own. “Alice, is everything okay?” Clearly nothing was okay, but he wanted to start off slow wanting to have her readjust to the real world, he released her from his embrace. “I’ll get you a glass of water now just stay still don’t get up, okay?” Leaving her side briefly, he grabbed her cup from her side-table and his way over to the bathroom, pouring her a glass three-quarters of the way full before returning to her. “Here take this, both hands there, slowly drink it.” He wanted her to take it slowly and even aided her in angling the drink to make sure she didn’t struggle in the attempt.

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#5Alice Baskerville 

on Sat Nov 25, 2017 1:58 am

She was so confused about everything, one moment you were running away from a man you assumed to be your father and the next moment you stared at someone completely different. But she knew who he was, that was a good thing and she was very happy to see Kon, she felt safe but not completely for she had no idea what had happened and where she was, where was her father? Kon was there quickly to aid her, apparently it was okay, but no it wasn’t! Her father, he was trying to hurt her, she closed her eyes when she felt a pain in her left arm but she couldn’t see it right now because of the embrace and she tried to focus on what Kon said. She made small noises to let her fiancé know that she was listening and that she remembered. Doctor Gerard, Lycoris and her broken arm.

She hid her face against his chest and she wasn’t sure how to answer the question, ”I do not know to be honest. I had I don’t know a memory perhaps but there was something wrong, I’m sure, it didn’t feel like a dream. I saw my father but he had these weird eyes, completely black, like he had no idea who he himself was, he looked like a monster.” Which gave her the shivers, had she finally remembered her father, ”What did I do?” she murmured because she noticed the heat here and heard Hecate use her ice magic to stop the embers. The question kept on going on in her head; this would have never happened if she still had been a requip mage. She felt more like crying but that happened a lot lately, it probably made sense as well considering the circumstances. He let her go and she actually wanted to cling to him like a child but she only nodded because it felt alright to drink something, she looked at Hecate for the first time and Jupiter and the damage that she had created and she felt very embarrassed. That’s when she remembered the pain in her left arm and she quickly looked at it and noticed the cuts like sharp fingernails, she shook her head, it might have been one of the companions and she turned to look at Kon, [color=#ff9900]”I’m sorry, I didn’t know I didn’t control this new magic while I was asleep.” She took the glass with two hands and took a small sip to make sure she didn’t drink too quickly as she swallowed and took a second sip, “I don’t know if it is either Jupiter or Hecate but in my dream my dad, the monster version scratched my arm and at the same spot is this wound.” She turned her arm a little so he could see if he hadn’t already. “I wonder what it all means. I probably make too much drama about a nightmare.” She tried to laugh it off a little bit but it had felt so real in between the memories.



on Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:51 am

As he helped Alice, all he did for the most part was comfort her and just listen as simple that, listen. There wasn’t really any need for him to talk anyway as she seemed more then willing to reveal her problems to him just as he had revealed his own to her. It was troubling to know that Alice still hadn’t figured out anymore about her past with her elaborating on her father seemingly possessed in her dream. The outburst prior to him waking her seemed to have stemmed from her lack of proficiency with her magic, a fair enough claim though it was one that was being used to hide another more significant problem that he would have to address with her later. One thing that did give him enough pause to want to interject her from talking what the mention of a seemingly recurring injury which she quickly revealed to him even before he uttered a single word. “Do you have any idea how you got this wound?” He said as he clasped her hand inspecting the wound with great care. “Hmm, I’ve read about this odd…” He thought to himself as he poked and prodded her skin noting her displeasure he stopped quickly thereafter. “Sorry I shouldn’t have done that, look, I might be able to help with that I’ve started researching the occult and other such matters since you know joining the knights and well I think i can do something if you’d like.”

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#7Alice Baskerville 

on Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:50 am

She believed in a lot of things, but mostly at the moment; she didn’t believe in herself. Her dream had been strange, the idea that she had been burning this room with light and fire because of her solar magic made her anxious, the idea that she lost the magic that she had loved and with that a feeling that she was no longer capable of using weapons to fight with. Maybe it was just a bad moment, a bad feeling because of her condition and that would change and that was fine. She didn’t like it but it would go away, training was just a bit difficult but she tried, secretly. Something Kon should not know because she wasn’t sure he would like the idea of her trying to train. But she told him, all that was bothering her, well not all because she didn’t want to bother him but she told herself that he of all should understand most of it, right?

She showed him the wound, not entirely sure what to think about it, and he asked her how she got it, ”I don’t know. In my dream it was my father or well some monster version as if he was possessed, his eyes rolled away and he gave of this scary aura that made me want to run away, I bet it was Hecate or Jupiter who..” but she couldn’t finish her sentence as both her companions started to growl to show their annoyance with the claim that it was either of them, because they had not done that. Obviously they couldn’t express their feelings by words and Alice looked at them shortly before turning her eyes back on Kon, ”Or not, but is it possible in general to be attacked and wounded from something in a dream?” He poked and probed her skin near it and it was good he was holding her hand else she would have pulled back but she simply bit her lip and didn’t try to say much, but it did hurt, of course she had bigger injuries but not now and thus this hurt enough. It also was red and irritated but she didn’t think it was infected or something, it was just a normal slashing wound apart from the fact that it happened in her dream. ”Researching the occult?” What did that got to do with.. Slowly it started in her mind, ”Do you think that what I saw might be real? I mean my dreams never triggered a flashback but it did now.” Apart from that she wouldn’t mind for Kon to help her, especially if he could heal this annoying wound.

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on Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:18 am

The wound Alice had received created a variety of emotions to spawn the most prominent of them was his desire to protect the love of his life from any harm. The true issue behind it was that the wound appeared to have been created not by a force known to him through another unseen presence, a presence that made themselves known under the guise of her father whom she barely knew. Obviously worried about her own well being, she questioned him as to whether it was possible to be attacked in a dream state, with a downtrodden sigh, he understand revealing the entire truth. “Based on the wound with how you received it and my inability to heal it, see watch.” Casting his hand he tried to heal the wound to no avail. “It’s clear that yes you are under the threat of being attacked once more it’s easily possible that you are possessed even now by a demon or vengeful spirit that seeks to do you harm.”

His research too came into question with him choosing to wave it off. “Yeah, it’s something that all knights are recommended to do so they know all the tricks which they have gathered on the various occults through Earthland both dead and active.” Wanting to readdress Alice’s problem he turned back to her problems. “I can’t answer that question yet given time it will become clearer, how about this, I’ll double down on my focus on you and make sure that there’s always someone with you able to help you.”

"Being of Evil, Blight on the world the time is nigh for your demise. Hear me and fear me, for I will be the bringer of your end.” ~ Konstantin Sokolov, Demon Raid!
#9Alice Baskerville 

on Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:57 am

Whe would actually want to read his expression which was difficult when she was overcome with many emotions herself. She was actually very unsure about a lot of things, as she had thought before but the fact that the only possible explanation came from the dream was a bit scary as well, which is why she asked it. Kon would know right? He would assure her that it wasn’t from a dream because that would basically be impossible. She closed her eyes for a second but it took much longer than a second for her to see, another flashback of her father, with a lot of things she didn’t understand.

Again a fight, this time Alice didn’t stand next to her five year old self but she was the little girl, ”What you are doing is crazy, to believe your own child whom we both raised. Adelaide is not something you can call something like that. Besides we have been with her for almost all the time, when do you say this happened, Rowena.” She felt the emotions of the little version of herself as well as her own, the hatred that her mother could think that, ”In the womb.” which was an answer that Richard couldn’t rely because he obviously wouldn’t know, ”Alice is a thread for Lacie and if we do not stop her on time also for us.” Which made the five year old take a step back, ”And you are sure it’s not Elisabeth who sets up Adelaide her attempts.” But her mother shook her head and mentioned something that Alice couldn’t hear, it was as if the two of them spoke about four different children at the same time and her sight became blurry as the child tried to not cry. Without being able to stop the memory to move, the little girl ran away to her room that she apparently shared with Lacie or Elisabeth or whoever and Alice could feel that her five year old self wished to be Adelaide but she was called Alice all the time by most people, it was no use, she was something bad and the reason that her parents were fighting was because of her.

The next moment Alice was able to stare at her five year old self and see what she was doing, she didn’t scream, she didn’t cry but she tried to hurt herself a lot and she muttered to herself, ”Get out defil.” not able to pronounce the word right but she had heard it enough times from her mother. Richard found her but nothing happened, this was probably before he left and was unable to take her. But suddenly Alice realised that she couldn’t only blame the wrong ritual for her memory loss, she had done so herself out of protection. In that reality second she had to resist the urge to cry, something she hated anyway but with the pregnancy she had the feeling a lot more often and restraining it was a lot harder. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t know if Kon noticed what happened in that couple of seconds of blinking and taking a deep breath. She simply watched him and listen to him, seeing how he couldn’t heal the wound. She looked at the wound a little longer and sighed, ”Possessed by a demon, finally my mother got it right.” She looked up, definitely no attempt to sleep now, ”Would that mean that every time I try to sleep it might show up and I might burn another room down? I really need to get control over this magic.”

She nodded when Kon said he couldn’t answer, which was only logical, she had been the only one to see the problem, ”Would that work?” was all she could ask because she believed it but what if she would hurt him because of the magic, she would have to come up with answers and try to find out how to get rid of this demon if she was possessed, ”Perhaps I should try and find my father.”



on Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:24 am

It appeared that she had taken his words too close at heart, lingering on his usage of “possessed” in the worst of contexts. He had forgotten the small portion of history that she had revealed to him and it seemed he was only making it worse. Wanting to reassure her, he listened onward with her questioning her own abilities and whether she would be a danger to those around her. “Alice, know this when I say, I will look after you no matter what happens to you or what you to even if it’s unintentional, I have made my own mistakes in the past and I will always hold a sense of debt towards to you for overlooking them.” Sincerity was all that he tried to deliver with his mannerisms and tone throughout his response.

Unfortunately she placed so little faith in her capabilities that she even questioned his own to stop her, it was true that he was limited to prevent her from doing things but it didn’t stop him from dealing with the aftermath. “It’s quite simple really while I can’t stop you from harming otherwise we, or more specifically I will make sure that you are in a place where you will do the least amount of harm and damage to the people or things around you.” Her father was brought up once more there was something significant about his role in this affair and clearly Alice wanted to know what it was, he could only agree with her feeling it would be paramount for them to help should her problems. “Do you know anything that would help us find him?”

"Being of Evil, Blight on the world the time is nigh for your demise. Hear me and fear me, for I will be the bringer of your end.” ~ Konstantin Sokolov, Demon Raid!
#11Alice Baskerville 

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:43 am

She had no idea that Kon meant it in a different way but it wasn’t that she was totally freaking out, something you might suspect from a young woman who had heard her whole life that she was possessed by the demon or the devil. Thank god she couldn’t remember most of it, which was still weird and now that she shortly thought about it, she had figured out in her flashback to her six year old self or so that she was hitting her head to get the so called demon out, that might have triggered a part of the amnesia but why did it happen when she was eighteen. What did happen when she was eighteen? But there were other things to worry about so she asked if it was possible that the demon would return every time in her dreams and make her burn down another room. She looked up at him and a small smile appeared on her lips, ”I know and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do that.” She was glad for that, perhaps the two cat like creatures Hecate and Jupiter but they wouldn’t be able to wake her up and protect her like that, the ice magic did help a bit but it wasn’t all. ”I quickly want to say this, I love you and considering the circumstances how could I not overlook what you did?” and she gave him another smile and a quick peck on the cheek, thank god she wasn’t burning up like she had a fever anymore. She didn’t hear Hecate use her magic anymore and she didn’t want to see the rest of the room to see the possible damage that she had done. She wasn’t sure if she hurt his feelings by saying it, but she meant it. She wasn’t sure what the future brought them but up till now she surely could overlook things. She didn’t have to agree but would she have to punish him for that, punish herself? Because well let’s face it, she wouldn’t want to split apart but she thought perhaps that they would have to find answers for his problem as well, the mana thing couldn’t be good and what could the consequences be. The thing was that perhaps it could wait a little bit now that she was having this nightmares as well.. why was everything always happening at once? Or so it felt.

She nodded when he told her that they would find a way, right, Kon would find a way and it would go fine. She was sure that he would find a way to do exactly what he said he would, it was probably that she wasn’t as good as describing it as she hoped and she felt a bit bad for that but her state of panic had his ups and downs and well she shouldn’t offend people because of that and especially not Kon. The next question was about her dad if she had any idea where he could be, anything that could help them find him, ”No, I have not seen him in a long time. I didn’t even know what he looked like before these flashbacks and well all I heard from Lacie was that he brought her to a monastery because she wanted to be away from him. But I have no idea where, I believed near Magnolia but I can’t imagine he would stay there.” She closed her eyes and frowned, trying to remember what she had seen around him when she saw the demon part, ”If it was real, like the exact time now when I saw the demon version of him, I might know where to find him.” but that was difficult when it was dark. She felt a shiver going down her spine as she opened her eyes quickly, ”I saw the windmills, does that mean Baska?” The size of that thing, no matter in the dark were visible like dark shadows besides it was getting towards dawn right.. Was her father in Baska and was he really cursed.. ”I have no idea where in Baska, he can be everywhere.”



on Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:34 am

A sense of pride and honour was embolden within him as Alice revealed her trust towards solely upon him and no-one else. Refraining from making a comment on it though, he instead listened onward causing him to first just simply smile then laugh with a bit of sadness mixed in as he felt as if his actions would have surely cast aside any potential partners. “Sorry that wasn’t directed at you, it’s appreciated that you speak of me so highly and in such a kind manner, I too love you dearly.” Onward the conversation led back to Alice’s father in particular his location mentioning Magnolia town, a place where kon and the community had developed mix feelings towards both parties for understandable reasons. Magnolia was quickly removed from the list of potential locations, commenting on windmills. “Windmills…?, there are a variety of different towns with windmills…” He thought to himself as alice questioned him about the Baskan windmills. “I guess, yeah there are some windmills here, but there are some as well further south towards Marigold town…” Wanting to cheer up Alice he took a more positive stance on the matter. “Let’s look around a bit, get some flyers maybe or just do some general information digging from the taverns and other hotspots?”

"Being of Evil, Blight on the world the time is nigh for your demise. Hear me and fear me, for I will be the bringer of your end.” ~ Konstantin Sokolov, Demon Raid!
#13Alice Baskerville 

Yesterday at 12:50 pm

Her vision felt narrowed, the only thing she could remember was the last couple of years and it had not bothered her. There were truely things that wouldn't change her point of view because she was who she was right now. No flashback would be able to change that, but she wasn't entirely sure. She hated who she had become for the last couple of weeks, perhaps months after the fight with what's-his-name-again from the Grimoire Heart Guild. She felt so small, and in need of help something she had definitely despiced from the beginning of her memory. She had a couple of flahsbacks giving her the idea that as a child she had been an adventurer, she remembered vaguely how Lacie would be inside, ill at the first drop of snow and having a heatstroke the moment the sun will shine or whatever it was that she had not paid attention at when she was but a child.

No one could blame her but with these visions, flashbacks, whatever you wanted to call them she realized that there must be something. Something must have happened for her to get an amnesia, where she had always thought that it had been the ritual her parents or well her mother and sister performed to get the so called demon out, she wasn't entirely sure if that was the truth anymore. Everything suddenly felt so limited while it wasn't, there was a broad prospect of a future, she was engaged for crying out loud, she got a new magic, she got a job, what more would she wanted to complain about.. apart from being attacked by a demon in your sleep that looked like your dad but that was beside the point right now.

She would figure it out some other time there were more things important, and well more things to work out and to focus and that demont hing or whatever it was, possessed or not was really an issue as so many other things that were pressing as well, hello growing baby bump but still. This moment, while the sun was almost getting up, she needed to find answers about her father.
But her own thoughts quickly gathered together again, focusing at the issue of a room that she would have set to fire, if only she had the right power to do that, thank god she had not. It had been boiling hot though and perhaps some things were scorced, but she had not seen that. Her golden eyes were looking at Kon, did he.. where did he came from? She could only remembered he called her name but she looked away from him for a matter of seconds and noticed the open door and Jupiter there, no one else that she could see. Perhaps.. no, she wasn't allowing herself to think again that she was a burden! But her eyes noticed a sadness in her partner's eyes but before she noticed it was gone again as well, she didn't have to ask about it as he spoke. And she gave him a smile, looking away for a second and smiling even a bit more because the words made her happy even considering circumstances as she had just said.

Windmills was the only thing she could see or recall from her memory, "Really? I haven't been to other towns with windmills," or she had not seen it, which was highly possible, "I so hoped it would be Baska, it would make things surely easier or so I guess." But she quickly learned there were windmills in Marigold, she had been there once before she met Kon or before she became a Rune Knight so that was a long time ago. Which made her look at her hands, it would have been much easier indeed, but that didn't tend to happen often. It didn't bring her down that much but it was a bit disappointing but she looked up again when Kon suggested to look for information, "Oh yeah that might be a good idea, I bet someone must have seen him and if it wasn't here, I could or well we if you want, can see in Marigold?" She frowned, she didn't want to force Kon to find her dad with her if he had other business, but she rather stayed together or at least in the same town.

But before they could do that she had to realize she had something else to do first, "There is something else first, I need to learn how to control this Solar magic, before I do something worse." she looked up at her hands again, it was strange. She had used this magic before and it had gone fun, but the first time she used this magic, she had sort of kicked it out without knowing. Was it the effect of something else...? She didn't want to think about it, perhaps in a couple of months she would lose the ability of magic again and she didn't look forward to that idea. "I should better get dressed and to a spot to train or so." she muttered, she didn't dare to ask Kon, what if she wouldn't be able to train this magic and she might hurt him, ha who was she even kidding again.

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