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Sieghart Mountains to Oberon Forest [Kon][Foot Travel]

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on Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:45 am

Konstantin Sokolov
He couldn't be sure though how he would feel about those types of things until his unborn child was born but for now he was viewing things and assessing whether or not they could bring harm to his child or Alice the bearer of her. The name of their child was something that they hadn't thorough discussed as of yet however he felt that it would be better discussed at a more appropriate time where they could sit down perhaps in Baska town. The constant thinking was good for the holy knight as it allowed him to pressure onward past the summits of Sieghart and through to Oberon forests which were fairly similar to the Worth Woodsea so alike he almost could have sworn that they had simply double backed to them. The signs that littered the roads in the forest however proved otherwise relieving his stress. Being in a less hostile environment they took a break, setting up camp within the forest itself to recover all their energy and lick all of their wounds gained from traveling through the alps. The fatigue he had shocked the knight who collapsed in his bed the instant it was made only to be awoken by Alice giving him some food despite her own exhaustion.


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