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On the road to recovery [Social: Alice]

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

If there was one thing that she disliked, then it was sitting still and doing nothing, and so by the time her rehabilitation session ended the Eisenberg was not resting in her bedroom, but with the support of a crutch was making her way down the corridor. It was unfortunate that Fia was busy right now, according to Doctor Gerard the girl was at least staying out of trouble and doing some honest work, and yet a part of her longed to see the girl's face again, even if she knew that Fia would surely be visiting her later in the evening.

What about Liana? Thinking back, the fact the girl had turned into an elf was astonishing, to say the least, and to think such a thing was even possible! However, she couldn't help but wonder what sort of things her childhood friend was up to. And yet, even with the little sliver of loneliness occupying her thoughts, Esperia found herself somewhat distracted by the memories of that dream, a hand raised to her head as she tried to recall the matter in detail. She had just chosen her own little spot on a bench near a pond of water that contained some fishes when she sat down and sighed gently.

"What was that all about..."

She could still vividly remember it, the cloaked figure that told her to seek out 'her', a person who despite having never met her, still felt so familiar to her. Kisara was her name, and yet Esperia couldn't help but find herself growing more confused by the moment. "Perhaps I can figure it out later, for now, I shall relax and be a good girl till Fia gets back!"

A few nods of agreement came from the girl before she looked over to the pond, the sight of one of the residents of the pond splashing into the air like a miniature dolphin! However, to her surprise she heard a little bark coming from the opposite side, the Growlithe lying himself flat before her feet, making Esperia smile briefly as she petted the canine's head. "Don't worry Agni, I'm sure I'll regain my strength soon enough to be able to leave the hospital~"

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Adelaide Sokolov
After this whole trip to Baska, she felt so tired and something felt like poking her in a wrong way. Like someone pushed a dagger through her stomach and took it out and pushed it in again. Which had her worried and made her walk slower and had her focus on something else. It happened as she had set foot in Baska, as if it was Baska that had done something to her. She struggled to continue on but Hecate pushed her and Jupiter guided her and she couldn't sit down if the two of them were making up a plan. She had no idea where they would bring her but she followed. Something was wrong, very wrong, and she had no idea what she would do but than she noticed the big building and she felt like crying. She didn't want to go to a hospital, not after what happened in Hargeon and besides, it always made her believe something was wrong.

Finally they entered the gardens and Hecate pushed her shins but she couldn't continue anymore. There was an almost invisible trail of tears on her left cheek, as apparently she managed not to cry with her right and she needed to sit down on one of the benches that was around the pond. She sat down, leaned backward to look up at the gray sky, as if it was going to snow here as well! She had to calm down and calm her breathing otherwise the pain in her well stomach would get worse. Nothing could be seen about the red haired girl sitting on a bench, the only reason you could guess that something was wrong was because her companions were looking at her.

Hecate had her ears dropped as well as her tail and she stood close to Alice her left leg while Jupiter had his front paws on the bench as well and his head close to her to lick the tears away. For a grumpy little man, he was absolutely very worried about Alice all the time and the little peach. All three of them had no eye for anyone else in the area.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

One of the advantages of being at a hospital was that it was a rather peaceful location. After all, there was a reason why a hospital was often called a place of recovery. Perhaps it was for that reason that the girl couldn't help but stifle a yawn at the boredom she had been dealing with, at least until she noticed Agni sniffing the air. It was a gesture she was familiar with, one he often did whenever he found something interesting, and as she expected the Growlithe rubbed his nose against her leg and made a little bark as if to beckon for her to follow.

Of course, Esperia wouldn't decline the invitation for an adventure. Grasping a hold of her crutch the obsidian-haired girl climbed onto her feet and started to slowly walk after the trail of her companion who sniffed the air repeatedly before continuing. It was at the very least until Agni arrived at the location that had drawn his interest that the dog barked softly and Esperia slowly looked upwards.

The first thing she noticed was that someone was seated on a bench, accompanied by two magical creatures she had never seen before, but as she started to raise her head the girl addressed the stranger with a smile. "I'm sorry for the ruckus, it seems Agni got interested in your compan-"

Before she could finish properly and her gaze was reaching to the person's upper-half she froze on the spot for a moment, her cheeks flushing up brightly.That's almost Alisa-size! No DEFINITELY ALISA-SIZED! What means this person is dangerous!

Taking a deep breath she averted her gaze slightly and let out a little cough. Bad girl! you got an adorable girlfriend now! don't be distracted by the power of pillows! Mentally scolding herself the Eisenberg finally focused her gaze on the lady's face and inquired with a soft smile, her blushing cheeks fading back to normal. "Are you also a patient at the hospital miss?"

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Adelaide Sokolov
Someone showed up but Alice had no idea, she had her eyes closed, was not so alert as when she was a cat, which was a long story but Hecate immediately stood in front of Alice, trained well enough the two of them and it was that she opened her eyes when she heard a soft growl next to her and a voice that rang out to her. Her golden eyes stared at the girl in front of her. She looked at Jupiter who looked at the companion, she had once seen a creature like that before with eh.. what was the girl her name again? It didn't matter. She tried to sit up straight and not show how weak she felt because of this pain. No one should see her as weak as she felt. So she tried to smile and look at the girl with a raised eyebrow because she acted a little strange.

For a second Alice believed that the girl had been staring at her breast but she wasn't entirely sure but that blush was very strange. She looked at Jupiter who still had his eyes on the companion and not on her, yet his front paws were still on the bench. Strange circumstances as usu.. aw. She flinched, shutting her right eye to avoid showing much more pain. She heard the girl ask her if she was a hospital patient, "No, I am afraid I will be."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The Growlithe seemed not entirely intimidated by the wary reaction he got from the stranger's companions, simply sniffing to memorize their scent while barking softly in a greeting while Esperia looked calmly at the lady. Now that her mind had calmed down enough she noticed subtle signs, the expression of the lady tried to remain a smile, but she could feel something was off about it, especially considering she had been the type to try to hide her true feelings till recently also! However, at the words that followed, the fact the lady might become a patient soon the girl's eyes widened in surprise.

That belly of the woman clearly wasn't one from eating too much food, and her pain was likely not a stomachache, right? What meant. While initially, one might have congratulated the lady Esperia's face turned pale as she flailed her arms lightly in a panic. "W-W-Wait miss! you can't pop a baby out here! There are procedures for that! and I was told your husband needs to be there also and and and!"

The girl was clearly panicking, causing Agni to bark softly in amusement as if he was trying to reassure her. "I'd likely ask if you want me to call a nurse, but looking at you makes it seem like you're here for the same reason as me~"

The girl smiled briefly as she stepped to the side, a modest distance between herself and one of the lady's guardians as she continued in a soft tone. "Doctors said I should rest after my rehabilitation session, but I can't really do that. Makes me feel restless to just lay in a bed all the time... It's the same with you, right?"

She smiled briefly as she inquired with a smile, a little nod toward the lady's stomach being made. "Do you think it will be a boy, or a girl?"

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Adelaide Sokolov
She shouldn't be so melodramatic, it was just a check up because of the pain right, so that's why she had said she might soon be. She should be far more positive, in Nanuq they had told her that she was fine. That's when she noticed the pale face of the girl, her expressions were far from boring and Alice found her interesting, until what she said. Which changed the lieutenant her cheeks into crimson red and she stared down and noticed she had not closed her jacket and the baby bump was easily seen in the thin sweater that she was wearing underneath. Which made her quickly close her jacket and look at Jupiter, they were not allowed to tell. What if the Knights would find out. She had to sit back in a house behind windows so no one would see. Jupiter growled only more while Hecate was too curious to notice as she was getting closer to the Growlithe to investigate what sort of thing that was, obviously a companion, Hecate knew but she was curious.

Even though she had been surprised and embarrassed, it was suddenly very funny and she started to laugh, her shoulders shaking and she held on to the little bump, how could someone be so worried, "Don't worry, I have four more months to go." It hurt a little more now that she was laughing but she also noticed less. She brushed away the tears on her cheeks from laughing like that and looked at the girl with an amused smile, she nodded slightly when she suggested the idea about a nurse but pushing it away, "I have been in a hospital far too long about two months ago. It had nothing to do with this little peach but still not a fan."

She nodded a little when she just wanted to assure that it was the same as her, she was a mage that didn't like to sit still indeed, that were going to be tough last months, "They told me last week that it's a girl, just like I thought." She said, for the first time calming down, not minding to talk about it or well last time she spoke about the baby with Kon and that made her happy as well, there was still a little bit of panic because what if the knights would hear, what would the Council do?


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Four months was still a nice time away as far as she knew, not that she exactly knew considering she never was pregnant before, nor did she even consider it! Kind of difficult to imagine it now she thought about it... Actually, what if Fia wanted an heir someday? It wasn't like they could call the ostrich to deliver a baby, and she was pretty confident the cabbages didn't grow them anymore either! So that meant... Magic likely could be an answer! Magic or some sort of special item that well... Actually thinking further on the matter made her cheeks briefly flush up as she shook her head violently to erase the thoughts from her mind.

"You'll likely be fine then~ but I wouldn't be too active if I were you either, gotta think about the baby also!" the girl exclaimed with a smile as she watched Agni being approached by one of the lady's companions. Of course the lovable Growlithe couldn't help but roll over on his back and raise his paws as if he was inviting her over to play, a gesture that made Esperia chuckle briefly as she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her back, her face distorting in a pained frown as she let out a soft whine before smiling weakly as the lady, whose name she had yet to learn told her she wasn't a fan of hospitals.

"Me neither~ Actually it's the first time I been in one as a patient. Got attacked a while back, the injury most healed but because I was in a comatose for almost a month my entire body weakened a lot. Doctor Gerard said it's a miracle I survived an encounter with a Lycan..."

The girl sighed softly at the last bit before hearing the lady explain how she was told the baby would be a girl, causing Esperia to happily clasps her hands together. "A baby girl~ If she ends up looking as pretty as her mom you'll have your hands full with warding of suitors miss~"

A giggle escaped at the little playful compliment she gave before continuing. "My name is Esperia~ Esperia Von Eisenberg."

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was a bit lost in thoughts as well as the girl had said something about a husband. Did people immediately think that old fashioned? She had thought that it happened more often and that Kon was perhaps a bit exaggerating about needing to marry for honour and the like but suddenly she wasn't so sure if it was exaggerating at all. She looked back at the girl when she spoke about not being too active, which was a tough thing to do if you were a lieutenant but she wouldn't tell that, she had to protect herself against the Council. "You are right. Next time I take a train instead of walking all the way from Nanuq to Baska." She showed a sheepish smile and petted Jupiter who calmed down a little and hoped on the bench to look at the strangers, she would roll her eyes because of his stern look.

Hecate on the other hand joined in to play, something that didn't happen often and it was fun or so Alice thought when she looked at the Glaceon and she turned to look at the girl with a smile but noticed the pained expression on her face, "Please sit down." There was enough room next to her with Jupiter only on the right side of her and the edge of the bench. She stared with big eyes at the girl when she said something happened with a Lycan, she only knew Yami but there were far more she was aware of that. "A atta.." she caught herself, she shouldn't hop on to a conversation if this girl didn't want to tell anything, "Would you mind to tell me more?" She said and it was probably better to explain why she was so curious and as she had tried to hide it, there was always a reason to talk about it, "I work with the Rune Knights, apart from being curious, it is good to tell what happened so we could do something about it," she really felt like a pushy person at the moment.

When the conversation turned to the gender of her baby, she smiled because of the happiness of the girl next to her, she was excited about a girl as well, "Well I have her dad to work on that." But she felt flattered. That's when she realized that she had not introduced herself because she introduced herself as Esperia, with some fancy surname, "Alice, Alice Baskerville. Nice to meet you."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Hearing about Alice working for the Rune Knights clearly coaxed a response from Esperia who smiled cheerfully at the to-be mother. "A Rune Knight? That sounds amazing!" She complimented with genuine interest, but recalled something and hummed weakly after that. "Then again, my girlfriend doesn't like them that much, really hope she'll understand that there are a lot of good people among them also."

She couldn't help but think back about her sister and how she described the Rune Knights as those who had the most power to directly protect the people of Fiore, the way her sister always spoke so admirable about them coaxing a smile out of the girl as she explained with a soft tone. "My sister was a Holy Knight, but she often spoke very highly about Rune Knights, saying how they possessed the means to help keep Fiore save. If the Holy Knights are a sword that strikes down evil, then the Rune Knights are the shield that keeps us safe." It was evident that the way she spoke about her sister came with a lot of admiration and happiness, but the past tense also came with a hint of sorrow and loneliness, a reason she explained why soon afterward.

"My family was murdered... By a pack of Lycan when I was a child. Five years ago I lost them, even my sister perished that night..." She lowered her gaze a little and after a moment tried her best to force a smile.

"Still don't know why... From what I understand they were looking for something, some sort of ancient relic that my sister retrieved while on a mission for the Holy Knights, but she never had that with her nor did she ever talk about it... then again she rarely talked about her work."

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she proceeded to recall the rest of the event, of how she got ambushed alongside her best friend on the outskirts of Baska, the moment she got slashed by one of the Lycan...

"You know the forest near the church in Baska? I was there with a friend when the same pack ambushed us, they demanded answers, answers I didn't have and in their rage, one of them attacked my friend. Hehe~ guess I did something dumb when I tried to protect her, and then 'woosh' the claw dug into my back."

She explained to Alice, yet the next part made her frown slightly. "According to the doctors, I was infected with a curse like you know the thing that can turn a human into a Lycan, a wrewolf? However, some rare cases have people resist the curse till the moment their body can't handle it... and then they die."

She pondered once more about what it had been that allowed her to live when the curse had killed people before. "My best friend tried to find a rare medical herb that could remove the curse, and while it worked Doctor Gerard finds it odd. By all means, I should have been six feet under the ground already, yet my body survived the curse... guess I'm really lucky."

An innocent little chuckle escaped her lips as she looked at Agni who was happily rolling around with the magical companion of Alice that had been fooling around with him.

"But it is a pleasure to meet you Alice~"

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Adelaide Sokolov
She didn't always plan to tell people that she worked for the Rune Knights, obviously not everyone was always happy to hear about it. With a risk to have such a reaction she told Esperia that she was a Rune Knight and that's why she wanted to know more about her recent attack. Esperia though answered happily and saying that it sounds amazing. Well yeah it did, she was doing a lot of good jobs but the Council and with that the knights weren't always her friends and she had just broken one of the rules that they had given her after her month in Hargeon Hospital. But maybe she had made up her mind and was she done with wondering about the.. she had been thinking too much to listen to Esperia but in that matter of seconds she caught the words Holy Knight. Which immediately brought her attention back, missing the fact that Esperia had a girlfriend and that the girlfriend didn't like knights.

Since Kon had invited her to think about joining the Holy Knights, she heard the word pop up everywhere. She nodded when Esperia spoke, she frowned though because the way Esperia said it made it past tense and that could only mean one thing, but Alice hoped she was being dramatic and her sister had simply left the Rune Knights. "That are very wise words." She didn't want to say more and see if Esperia wanted to talk more about it, she couldn't help but gasp when she was told that Esperia her family was murdered, five years ago including her sister. Again she kept her lips unmoved when she told Alice that her sister didn't say anything about such a relic or talk about her job in general, which was exactly what Kon did but she came to respect that. He told her as much as he could and so she only could nod to understand what Esperia meant.

She shivered a little when she listened about the encounter with the lycans and how she was hurt in her back and even though she had seen a lot of things, she was sensitive for such information. But she listened and looked up in surprise about the information about the curse, which was very interesting of course, "Lucky indeed." She replied when Esperia finished her story and she wondered what it meant, it could be really the herb, if it was her sister she would sprew something about the Divine and the like.

"Like wise Esperia." She felt a kick in her stomach and took a gasp, okay, now it was getting annoying. She turned to the girl and looked at Hecate and the Growlithe, how Hecate gave a little tick to the Growlithe to run away and run back, it seemed like a fun game. "I have never seen her so active and happy." which wasn't entirely true, she had been very happy back in Nanuq with the snow. Jupiter looked as if it offended him such childplay.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Watching Agni running back and forth in a makeshift game of tag with Hecate was an endearing scene to watch, to the point it made her smile a little. It was a pleasant experience to observe, to see Agni so cheerful and willing to play without any worries. Sometimes she couldn't help but worry about how the Growlithe must had felt, in the end his beloved owner had died... murdered by the very people she had once held so dear to her. Of course, the two of them had delivered justice upon those wicked people, and Agni's owner was able to peacefully pass on into whatever was beyond life, but the girl couldn't help but worry about the consequences this had for Agni.

The fact he had decided to join her was already heartwarming, even if it was out of a sense of obligation for his late owner, but by now Esperia did feel a true bond of friendship had been forged between herself and the Growlithe. However, thinking back to Alice's response Esperia couldn't help but wonder if she had 'truly' been lucky. Was it truly luck that had saved her? She was uncertain, and perhaps it was for that reason she was somewhat terrified...

"mhmm~ Agni seems quite fond of her~ Then again, he tends to easily get along with strangers as long as he doesn't perceive them as a threat to me."

Esperia explained with a smile, briefly thinking on the matter before she explained in a gentle tone. "I wasn't always Agni's partner, in fact, his previous owner lived here in Baska. However, a certain tragedy made her lose her life... but before she passed on it seems she told Agni to watch over me, a promise he has kept akin to an oath."

It was true, Agni had loyally remained at her side ever since that night, willing to face any threat or endure any challenge if it meant keeping her safe. "I heard he might grow up into something called an Arcanine in due time, he seems rather excited for it, but I don't want to rush him to grow. This somewhat peaceful and gentle existence... I hope it will be able to last for him."

She smiled warmly at the Growlithe who had just caught up to Hecate and tried to playfully tackle her, although if she had dodged he would have slid straight forward and toppled into the pond, waddling out of it and shaking his body to spray water everywhere!

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice couldn't help but giggle a bit about the way Esperia described Agni, "That sounds familiar in a way, I know someone that is very wary of everyone though, thinking they are always a threat to me." She turned her golden hues to the creature that sat next to her on the bench and he stared at her with his own eyes narrowed, "Admit it Jupiter." but the Jolteon looked away as if to avoid saying anything at all and she could only laugh a bit more, "He doesn't even like my fiance." She heard a growl coming from Jupiter and she tried to not giggle again but turned back to Esperia, "Hecate over there is a lot easier. She does a lot to stick with me but she seems to enjoy things more than the grumpy one over here."

"Oh?" she said surprised when she heard more about Esperia her companion, "You two seem already very close for as far as I noticed." She of course hadn't paid attention to it all the time, but the pain was now subdueing so she was doing better. She didn't know why but Agni reminded her off Ophelia, something that didn't happen much often anymore. "An evolution isn't always something bad, before I was lucky to get these two I had.." she sighed, "I had another companion a Cleffa called Ophelia, she was always with me and she seemed to be exicted to grow up and change into a Clefairy but I thought it would mean she would change and become something different so I was more or less afraid that it would happen, but once it did, it seemed that she was more excited and seemed to be able to do far more than when she was but a little cleffa, it is something that they want and once they are ready it would happen. So you don't rush him, it is his own decision." She wondered what she was now actually trying to say with this because it seemed like there was no message at all, "What I mean is, don't be afraid, when it happens, it had to happen." She still believed she was making no sense at all but sort of gave up and looked at Jupiter who intensely stared at Hecate.

For she had just avoided the tackle because she had noticed the pond and she made some sort of noise that she was snickering and stared happily at Alice and walked back to her, obviously the Glaceon hated to get wet.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

She couldn't help but chuckle a little at the not so subtle reference to the Jolteon, the reactions from the magical beast making her grin at the sight of the two their interactions. However, her attention was quickly drawn back to their ongoing conversation, a little nod and a sheepish smile lingering upon her lips as Alice described how she believed Esperia and Agni had been quite close already, a comment she considered quite truthful also to be entirely honest. Of course, she was rather fascinated to hear Alice talking about a former companion of her and its evolution, the tale clearly keeping her quite interested.

So it was meant to happen? That was one interesting way to look at it, and if she was entirely honest, it was a way of thinking she didn't entirely dislike either! To just leave it to Agni to decide when it was his time to grow up. However, the sound of the splash made her turn toward the canine, a playful sigh escaping her lips as she watched the soaked Growlithe approach her. "Geez Agni~ you're totally soaked..."

The girl protested with a hint of amusement in her voice when finally she turned her attention back to Alice. "I might need to take him back inside, Growlithe tend to not deal with water that well, even if Agni loves jumping into ponds he shouldn't jump into..." Agni barked playfully in return to the comment.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked surprised up as well when she heard the sound of a splass, noticing Hecate strotting back as if she won the game and she could only raise her eyebrow. She shook her head slightly and turned to look at Esperia. "If I'm correct, he is a fire type right? Perhaps you could try to teach him into drying off himself with steam? Heating up his own body." she suggested, not that she would let Esperia sit here if she wanted to leave, she herself still had to get inside to get a check up after the pain from this afternoon or well from a mere few minutes ago. "I don't know if it is a possibility but I have seen Jupiter do something like that. He uses electricity and can coat his own fur with it to say it like that."

She didn't know what else to say but felt the pain surge through her body again and she didn't know how to stop it. She turned more pale than she usually was and tried to restrain herself from sitting and bending forward but she tried to protect her belly as she had done before, before she ended up in the hospital. She was totally gone from the world for a few seconds or maybe even longer. She could only hear the whiny sound that Jupiter made to get her attention, she didn't even feel his paw against her arm or his head against her shoulder. She had no idea that he was trying to push her to sit upright. What the heck was going on?


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Heating his body through magic? Was such a thing even possible? Esperia had to admit she was quite fascinated with the idea, to see Agni using his magical abilities was something she had always been a bit curious about, so when Alice suggested the idea Esperia couldn't help but find her gaze wandering to the Growlithe who was still shaking his fur playfully. However, it was at the same moment that she had sat upright, grabbing a hold of her crutch and rose from the bench that she noticed something: Alice was in pain, enough that it seemed her senses had dulled, for even the lady's companions couldn't stir her attention.

Could it be that she was feeling unwell? "Alice?" A frown emerged upon her features as she raised a hand toward the pregnant lady, noticing how the Jolteon was trying his best to help her sit upright, and soon she called with a soft tone. "Don't worry Alice, I'll go and get Doctor Gerard, I'm sure he'll be able to help you."

And with those words the young Eisenberg had a new goal in mind, trying her best to leave the courtyard and find the doctor. She didn't know why she was so concerned, especially for a person she had just met, but something was telling her she needed to help, and so the girl made her way toward the exit, trying to move as quickly as possible while Agni chased after her.


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Adelaide Sokolov
She didn't know what was happening, she felt also her magic activating in a way that her body became  hot but she noticed, so she could block it and wondered if a baby that wasn't even that much but a little peach would be able to use and control magic. Considering that the child maybe had taken away her requip magic, it made a lot of things possible and she tried to notice what was going on. Where was she, what had she just said? Something reached her in her cocoon of protection and she nodded, "That would be great, Esperia." Right she was outside the hospital, help was close.

Jupiter jumped off the bench, barked something to Hecate and hurried to follow Esperia the moment she walked away, as if the Jolteon didn't trust anyone, which was a close thing but Hecate was desperate as well and sat in front of Alice trying to get her attention, so when her golden eyes opened she stared in worried blue ones. It was no miracle that Hecate and Jupiter kept a close eye on her, everytime she seemed to walk into new trouble after all. She sighed and tried to sit up straight. Who knew, ony four more months.. which sounded like a damn long time.


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