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The Dreamer's Requiem [Solo Personal Plot]

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on Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:29 pm

OOC note for those reading this: This is a solo thread taking place during Esperia's comatose. The events Esperia experiences are all a dream, but are tied to an important background development for her.

Esperia V. Eisenberg

As the last leaves fell from the trees and the autumn season was about to reach its conclusion the window of a certain hospital room would have given a pleasant view upon the landscape of Baska, if the owner of the room had been conscious. Instead a young lady, almost even able to be described as a doll-like maiden was lying in a bed. A solemn, actually peaceful expression lingered upon her expression as if she had been trapped within a long dream. However, this was not a story about a sleeping beauty that needed to be kissed to wake up, nor was this a fairy-tale. This was the story of Esperia Von Eisenberg, the victim of a Lycan attack that was on the verge of leading her tale to its untimely end. Even as one girl was on a grand quest to save her, and another was trying to find her own solution on how to rescue her from her plight, death seemed to loom ever so closely.

Doctor Gerard frowned lightly as he stood at the side of her bed, a hand raised to his chin while he mumbled softly. “It’s highly unusual.” The man’s thoughts were interrupted by a light shift in the corner of the room, a tall muscular man dressed in a long coat stirred on his chair and replied calmly. “You seem to be surprised about something doc.” The doctor turned toward him and nodded his head firmly. “While I consider this a blessing in disguise, I have never heard of a patient who survived the Lycan curse for more than a few days before their body gave up.”

The words spoken by the man caused the stranger to nod his head lightly in return. “It’s a rightful statement to make, most humans wouldn’t last long under the strain of such a curse.” The Doctor turned his gaze from the stranger back to Esperia and a noticeable frown emerged upon his features.  “What are you implying?”

The man stepped away from the corner of the room and over to the window, his hands folded behind his back as he gazed outside. “Exactly what it sounds like… Esperia Von Eisenberg can’t possibly be a human being.”

The words clearly shocked Doctor Gerard whose fist balded up in anger. “This isn’t the time to be joking! Did you take a look at my patient? How can she be anything but a frail human girl?!” The man turned around to face Gerard, his eyes sharpened into a focused gaze as he replied to the angry statement with a deadpan question of his own. “Then can you explain why an ordinary girl is still alive and breathing right now?”

Gerard went silent, a hand raised to his chin as he pondered intensely. “If… and I truly mean this theoretically speaking, if Esperia wasn’t a human being, then how do you explain her looks, she clearly looks like an ordinary girl.”

The man’s gaze lingered on Esperia’s face, what could it possibly be that gave a seemingly ordinary girl the power to resist a curse that had claimed a fair amount of victims before?

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on Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:31 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A dream… or was it a dream? At this point she wasn’t certain anymore. Ever since she had lost consciousness it felt like her body had started sinking, sinking deeper into an abyss that had no end to it. Darkness stretched everywhere the eye could see, as if she had fallen into a void. However, just as she thought this darkness would consume her gravity seemed to pull her downwards, coaxing a high-pitched scream from the Eisenberg who fell deeper and deeper till suddenly the darkness made way for a different landscape.

A sudden soft thud made Esperia snap out of her slumber, finding her body sitting upright while a hand rubbed against the back of her head, a lazy yawn escaping her lips. “What was that-” Yet before she could finish her course of thought she felt something missing. Did she just have a dream? Then again, what was that dream about? However, a sudden knock on the door stirred her out of her pondering as the door opened and her elder sister entered the room with an annoyed expression on her face. “Espy! How long are you going to keep sleeping!”

Lazily rubbing her eyes the girl couldn’t help but reply in protest. “I’m already awake...” It didn’t take long for Aselia to drag her out from beneath the warm embrace of her blankets and straight toward the bathroom, closing the door behind the girl while a groggy Esperia waddled over to the shower, stripping of her clothes as she turned on the switch and let out another yawn. Why couldn’t she help but feel like she was forgetting something important?

“Aren’t you going to go out with your friends today? Liana has been waiting for you, and so has your girlfriend~” the last bit was added with an amused giggle from her sister while Esperia recalled something of that nature. That’s right! There was some sort of performance in time and the three of them were going to watch it together! Sensing the urgency with which Esperia was moving at all of a sudden her sister laughed softly and spoke from behind the door. “I prepared your favorite dress for the occasion, it’s on the basket.”

Good old Aselia, she perfectly knew that Esperia wanted to look at her best for an occasion like this! “Thanks sis!” the girl exclaimed happily as she slowly got herself dressed, and after a moment started the rush out of the bathroom. “Heh~ looking good there Espy, now go and charm that Tsundere of yours!”

Grinning at her sister Esperia gave Aselia a thumbs-up and rushed down the stairs to the first floor of their house. Her father was busy reading the newspaper, while her mother was seemingly playing with Agni. “See you later my dear~” Her mother said, and yet Esperia couldn’t help but find her feet grinding to a halt for a moment, a peculiar feeling building up in her chest, a sensation she couldn’t exactly describe but the girl merely smiled and with a wave of her hand darted out of the house.

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on Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:33 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

As expected Esperia found the two girls waiting outside the house, it was odd how seeing those two could bring such a warmth to her, a feeling of joy that inevitably caused her lips to curve upwards in a bright smile as Esperia almost pounced like a kitten onto her girlfriend, the flustered reaction of Fia as Esperia happily nuzzled into the taller girl’s bust coaxing a chuckle from Liana who lifted a hand to pet the girl’s head gently.

“Good morning Espy~ I see that you’re finally awake.” A little nod came from the girl as she turned toward Liana and grinned sheepishly. “Mhmm~ I was looking forward to today~” Breathing out a sigh of relief as Esperia had chosen to cease the assault on her bosom Fia looked at the girl with a mixture of amusement and curiosity. “Seems the princess really likes watching this particular group~”

Of course Esperia nodded her head eagerly at the statement, her enthusiasm skyrocketing while she  made a little twirl and extended her arms sideways. “Who doesn’t love them? The Yuri Rescue Squad is such a wonderful group! Not only do they sing really catchy songs but they also wear cute uniforms and are pretty also!”

The last bit seemed to make Fia mumble something under her breath, her gaze briefly averting from Esperia. Of course I was a choice the girl would come to regret moments later as the Eisenberg rushed to her side and wrapped her arms around the Tsundere’s arm, bust pressing lightly against her own while the girl whispered teasingly. “Now~ Now~ No need to get jealous my dear~ You know when it comes to special performances I only got eyes for you.” Of course those words coaxed a blush from Fia who quickly retaliated with an embarrassed. “I’m not jealous!”

However, Liana couldn’t help but chuckle at the affectionate display of the duo, clapping her hands together. “Alright you lovely-dovely couple, let’s go to the show shall we?” Of course Fia had something to say about that, yelling in protest. “I’m not being lovely-dovely!” A response that Esperia couldn’t help but teasingly poke at as she hummed softly. “That’s not what you said last night when you stormed my castle~”

The words coaxed a giggle out of Liana while poor Fia felt her cheeks heating up literally, a sound akin to a boiling kettle coming from her. Gods, Fia really was a lovable dumbass, wasn’t she? However, as the trio started making their way toward the theater the Eisenberg saw a figure approach the street from the opposite direction, a long brown cloak covering their entire body and a hood concealing their face.

However, just when they passed the person she could hear a voice resound in her ears.

“Don’t give up now...”

However, when Esperia was about to turn to face the person they had disappeared, causing Esperia to be left somewhat confused. Who was that just now?

“Princess?” Fia’s voice pulled Esperia’s attention back to reality as she asked while tilting her head to the side in confusion. “Did you two just see that person?”

The two girls turned toward one another, clearly confused about what Esperia might had been talking about. “What person?”

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on Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:23 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Wait a moment, they didn't notice that person? Turning back toward the direction Esperia saw the person disappear to the girl couldn't shake off the feeling something odd was going on. She could have sworn she just saw a--- wait what did she see again just now? A hand raised to her head as she tried her best to recall, but like grains of sand the memory slipped through her fingers. "Hehe~ Are you still asleep sleepyhead?" Liana's teasing remark stirred a little chuckle out of Esperia who replied in a cheerful manner. "Mhmm~ Fia kept me quite busy last night!"

Of course, the poor Tsundere was quick to return the comment with a firm "You went to sleep before anything could have happened!" causing Esperia to giggle mischievously as she clung to Fia's arm, humming happily while she continued onward.

Such peaceful days with her friends, surely they were fine right? To just become able to enjoy every single day with them. It wasn't like she had a reason to not enjoy those days. She had a sweet and loving family, an adorable girlfriend, a kind best friend and a life that could only be called a blissful paradise.

Then why did it feel like she was forgetting something important?

Nonetheless, Esperia soon found herself in a spacious building, the theater where the performance would be held that they had tickets for. At the entrance, several staff members were checking the guests, simple things really and perhaps it was her excitement at the upcoming event that coaxed the excited girl toward the entrance, almost rushing even as she pulled along her two companions.

The moment she arrived and handed over the tickets to the staff member the young man smiled kindly at Esperia while he pulled them through some sort of device and handed the tickets back to Esperia. "Those tickets are for the VIP seats, take the staircase to your left upon entering the building." Liana couldn't help but chuckle as Esperia's energetic demeanor reminded her a little of a child, especially when she released the two of them and darted off toward the staircase, spinning around and jumping up and down at the spot, beckoning for them to follow.

Once properly inside the trio found their seats, but not before getting an assortment of sweets, snacks, and drinks to enjoy during the show! And then it began! The lights slowly started to dim as a small green-haired girl appeared on the stage, her soft and cheerful voice stirring loud cheers from the crowd, and for a moment the Eisenberg couldn't deny that she wasn't sure what was cutest: the outfit the performer was wearing or the performer herself.

A light show of effects started to emerge on the stage as the girl started to sing, and in grand fashion soon became accompanied by two other girls, the trio's song causing the crowd to start singing along, and yes even Esperia herself was humming along with the melody.

"I wanna be~ The very best~"

The girl's humming started to make her companions grin at each other as Esperia started to sing more eagerly along with the song.

Yes... this peaceful existence was fine...

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on Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:40 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Or was it? If it was, then why did she feel somewhat restless, as if something wasn't right? Nonetheless, the mood of the performance of the group was enough to lift the girl's spirits as she resumed singing along with the crowd. "What's that?"

A voice questioned from nearby, and glancing upwards into the sky Esperia noticed something she had never witnessed before: countless falling stars were covering the sky, but rather than actual stars they pulsed with an eerie light, and they were steadily approaching the theater! A sudden scream came as the objects came crashing into the ground, covering the theater in a brief shroud of dust and yet upon it clearing Esperia saw something that send a chill right into the core of her being. Large humanoid figures emerged from amidst the dust, but to call them human would be incorrect.

They resembled humans, but only in shape for their actual features were much more monstrous, akin to a feral wolf even. The beasts soon went on a rampage as the crowd tried to flee, and while the performers started to showcase their magical prowess alongside the guards Esperia noticed something odd unfolding.

It was as if time had frozen, and standing before her was the cloaked figure she had spotted before during their walk to the theater. "And so it begins."

Wait, what was beginning?! Rising from her seat Esperia raised a hand toward the figure but a sudden rough force knocked her sideways onto the floor, her gaze shifting sideways to find one of the creatures towering over her. "Esperia!"

Fia's voice seemed to stir time back into motion, a punch that was coated in a highly condensed burst of steam knocked the monster over the railing and into the lower floor while Fia extended a hand toward her. "Are you alright?"

A timid little nod came from the girl while she turned her gaze sideways, having seen Liana brandish a sword made from pure mana and having just dispatched another of those beasts.

"W-What are those things?"

Esperia's frightened question caused Liana to look over at the corpses of the monsters that slowly started to dissolve into a black shadowy substance. "Daemons, you know... the creatures that come from the plane of nightmares."

Wait, they were monsters?! Like actual real monsters?! "Let's get out of here Esperia, it's not safe here." Liana's suggestion made the girl nod her head lightly, and soon the three started to run toward the exit.

Despite the fact she was glad she was with her friends, why in the world did she feel so uncomfortable? Why did she feel... so powerless? Watching the two girls deal with the monstrous creatures only intensified the feeling of guilt that she needed to be protected, and slowly they reached the exit. "We're almost outside! I'm sure the Royal Knights will arrive to deal with them soon!

However, it appeared fate had a different surprise in store for them, because just when the three girls were about to cross the avenue another large meteor came crashing down from above, yet this time it was an entirely different creature that emerged from within!

"Seems we got a big one this time..."

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on Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:02 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall!" Fia exclaimed while she pounded a fist into her hand, looking at the giant Daemon with a confident smirk. Liana at the other hand raised a hand to the side, brandishing a longsword made of pure mana as she took a step forward. "Hide Espy, we'll take care of it."

A feeble nod came from the girl as she ran toward a pillar and hid behind it, peeking at the side at the unfolding battle. The fiery Daemon roared menacingly at the duo while Fia yelled in annoyance. "STOP BEING SO LOUD ASSHOLE!" A sudden rush was made by the girl, causing the Balrog to raise his arm into the air, the sharp blade flung high above before he swept down toward her, but Liana had already acted!

A swift raise of her hand caused a collection of branches to twirl and rise upwards into a wall that made the sword bounce backwards, making Fia get an opportunity to jump at the exploited defense of the Daemon, her arm hooked backward and ready for a punch. "ORYAAAAAA!" a warcry came from the girl as she lunged her fist forwards, her entire arm expelling a blast of steam with such force the Daemon was knocked backward into the wall.

"Bah, all bark and no bite!" Fia complained disappointedly at the performance of her foe, but the girl's overconfidence would soon lead to her downfall, for the moment she turned her back at the beast a long crimson whip coiled around the girl and knocked her upwards into the air before slamming her down into the ground.

"FIA!" Both Esperia and Liana yelled in concern, but even more worrisome was that Esperia had ran out of hiding, hoping to come to her friend's aid, but instead, she found the large Daemon rushing straight at her!

"Esperia watch out!"

Liana's warning made the girl freeze at the spot, looking sideways to see the juggernaut charging at her, making Liana leap at the Daemon, her sword flinging down at the creature's head, but a large fist knocked her back into a pillar with enough force the structure collapsed and Liana was found lying among the ruins.

"Run Esperia..."

Fia's words made Esperia's eyes tear over, the instinctive desire to run mixing with the concern for the two girls as the Daemon slowly stepped toward her, inching closer by the second.


Staggered footsteps were made backward, but fear took a grip on her as Esperia felt her legs give way and the girl collapsed onto her knees. Meanwhile, from a higher point, a cloaked figure was observing the ongoing battle, the sight of the frightened girl making them whisper softly.

"Hmm... Could it be that she doesn't remember?"

The mysterious figure's eyes gazed firmly at Esperia who felt her body tremble in fright. Was this the end? Was this how her life would end? Was there nobody who could save them?! If only she had been stronger...

WC: 505


on Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:23 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"How disappointing, and here I thought she wouldn't need a helping hand..."

The figured sighed in annoyance as she raised a hand, a simple gesture but it did seem to trigger something. While the Daemon was about to reach Esperia the girl suddenly felt a sharp sensation resound through her entire being, hands reached for her head, as if the pain was about to make her mind was about to melt. She could see it, scenes of another world playing out in her head, memories that started to flood her mind and finally the memories ceased to be, instead bringing forth something new.

"Go on... remember her..."

The figure whispered as she watched Esperia's body become coated in an aura of mana, the blue hue that surrounded her suggesting she was on the verge of doing something important. It was at that moment that Esperia heard a familiar voice whisper in her ears.

"You're never alone Esperia~" Wait... She remembered, her sister... her sister once told her a story, a very important tale. One she had almost forgotten! "There is someone... someone who will always watch over you. Her name is..."

The Daemon seemingly felt threatened by the glowing aura of the girl, raising his sword high in the air as he swooped it down onto her, blade swiping down toward the girl as she screamed in panic, screamed for the one who could save her.


The scream came from the top of her lungs, and as if brought forth by her call the aura unleashed itself in a pillar of blinding light, the sight of it growing larger and more powerful by the moment as a large silhouette appeared amidst the light. The cloaked figure couldn't help but find her lips curve into a smirk.

"Finally... took you long enough"

With a mixture of awe and disbelief the girl looked upwards to find the mysterious creature towering above her, its large wings beating lightly. The creature looked down at her, its gaze softening for a moment while its nodded its head lightly, as if to wordlessly tell her that everything would be alright, and then it turned its attention toward the Daemon. The creature recoiled slightly at the arrival of that magnificent guardian, and the moment it did the dragon attacked, letting out a stream of blue flames that consumed the Daemon, causing it to release a high-pitched roar.

Meanwhile Esperia had found the strength to stand on her feet once more, but before she realized it a soft voice came from beside her. "You lingered in this realm of dreams long enough Esperia."

The voice made the girl turn around to face the same mysterious stranger from before. "You again?" The figure only smiled at her reaction before she pointed at the girl's face and continued. "Don't forget her... if you wish to discover the truth... But for now you should return to reality, those dear to you are waiting for your return..."

Esperia was about to take a step forward again, seemingly to ask a question. "Who are you---" But the figure merely raised a finger to her lips, as if to silence her, white-locks of hair flowing gently from beneath the hood that covered her face. "I'll tell you next time~" And the moment the figure gently pushed her Esperia felt her visage growing dark once more...


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