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Tyrant Tea Time [Quest: Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:25 pm

Bianca had accepted another job from the Phantasm family and this time it was from the daughter - Minerva Phantasm. The vampyre had never taken a job from the daughter, and she was rather excited to meet another noble girl. Of course, just like before with Sirius, she was going to shut her mouth about her family being a noble family. She did not want to remind anyone about the disaster that happened years ago. She knew that there was no way people could just forget about it. They just needed to be reminded about it and boom, everything would be brought back. At least Bianca had changed her appearance using countless potions so that she would not look like the girl she used to, so that people could forget. And now she was no longer that girl who killed her own parents, the omen of Oak Town. She was now known as a Phantom Lord member, as well as the ‘Broodmother’ and a well known vampyre. That was much better than being known as the ‘Flower of Death’, however lame that sounded. That was what she was called before. Thank god for corpus novam potions. If not she would have to go through many steps to look like a completely different person. Like cutting her hair short or something, and then dying it. Maybe go through plastic surgery, and do something to alter the shape of her body. But with those precious little potions, all of that was done in a single shot.

After the job she did for the doctor - well two jobs to be exact - the after effects of the white claudia had not completely disappeared. Bianca was already a user of various drugs and she had even tried to take some other drugs to make the effects of white claudia go away, but that seemed to have made it worse. Nothing about her had changed drastically but she was feeling more daring than she would normally. She felt more adventurous, as if she wanted to take some serious risks and do dangerous things. Not like she wanted to jump off a cliff or something, but you should get the idea. It did not happen all the time, but it was like a voice in the back of her mind, coming up out of nowhere when it was triggered and asking her to do things that she normally would not. She had come to believe that it was a part of herself, a darker side to her mind. The more time passed and the more the voice spoke to her, the more she bonded with it. It would only be a matter of time until it swallowed her whole and took over her conscience. The vampyre stood once again in front of the gates of Castle Phantasm, telling the guards her purpose here and the guards would check before letting her inside. Minerva would be waiting for her already at the entrance to the main building, smiling innocently.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:47 pm

Before the actual mission would begin, Minerva had invited her to tell her the situation and how she wanted Bianca to act, and when. The vampyre allowed the noble girl to take her inside, to her own little study which was decorated in a more feminine fashion compared to her brother’s. It was too pink for Bianca’s liking, but it was a nice pastel pink that she could grow used to seeing. It was not the bright type of pink that made her want to puke. Minerva gestured for her to take a seat in front of her desk as she made her way towards the swivel chair that was behind the desk. On their way to the study, Minerva had whispered something to a maid who was passing by, and Bianca figured she had probably asked her to make some tea or something for the both of them. Sure enough, the same maid came by into the study to serve them a cup of tea each. Bianca said ‘thank you’ to the maid who smiled nervously and left them alone. Minerva began to speak, introducing her name as if the vampyre did not already know that. “My name is Bianca,” she replied. Minerva complimented on the name, saying that it was a pretty one and that she noticed how both their names ended in an ‘a’. Before she could ask about Bianca’s family or where she was from and things like that, the vampyre jumped right into the task.

Minerva did not have much to say. She just talked about how she had invited the merchants to have tea with her in their dining room. Bianca knew where it was and what it looked like because the last time, Sirius had invited her for lunch in there and when she refused to eat lunch, he basically made her watch him eat while they talked about random things. The vampyre nodded along as Minerva spoke. She got the idea of how this job was going to go. Minerva would talk to the merchants in the dining room and she would come in and take them somewhere else, convince them to sign the agreement and threaten them if they disagreed to do so. It was an easy job, and since she already knew what she was supposed to do, Bianca downed the tea and placed the cup gently back on the saucer, waiting for Minerva to finish speaking. She was given the timing and everything, all she had to do was wait for the right time to strike. With everything that needed to be said out of the way, Minerva and Bianca both left the study, both of them going their separate ways to prepare for the mission. The vampyre decided to go back into the dining room to observe the place a bit more. She had some time before the merchants would arrive at the castle, since Minerva had already given her the time at which the merchants would arrive.

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#3Bianca Fleur 

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:53 pm

As she wandered about in the Phantasm Castle, Bianca checked the time. She did not visit the areas she was not invited into. She did not want to seem like a nosey person. After all, she was here for a job and the only places she needed to be were in the dining room and Minerva’s study later to collect her reward. She was there to discuss the job as well. Now where was she supposed to take the merchant, she wondered. Probably the study, but that did not seem like the best place to take him. That was like a private place. So she asked a maid who was walking by if there was an empty room in the castle, like a guest room. That was probably the best place. And so the maid took her to this empty room that was a few rooms away from Minerva’s study. It was behind a huge staircase that led to the second floor of the castle. Bianca nodded and thanked the maid who nervously nodded and shuffled away. The way the maids here acted baffled her. They were always so nervous and in a hurry. Maybe because they were trained to be that way. Maybe they were not allowed to speak to guests. Bianca faintly remembered how it was in her own manor long time ago. Her mother taught the maids and the other servants not to talk to guests unless they really needed to. They were not allowed to have relationships with each other as well. But Bianca was observant enough to catch some of the maids having secret relationships with the butlers and the guards. It was funny, really. But it was human nature. They want what was forbidden to them.

The vampyre looked around the room. It was pretty empty, and the few pieces of furniture inside it were covered in white cloths. She wondered what this room was used for before it was abandoned. Some crazy ideas came into her head, like a ghost was living in here. It was definitely not a guest room, and it did not look like it used to be either. She went deeper into the room and noticed there was a piano at the corner. It was also covered in a white cloth, but she knew it was a piano by seeing the shape of it. Excited, she went over to it and pulled off the cloth and a bunch of dust flew into the air, making her cough a bit as she backed up away from it until the dust settled on to the ground to carpet the floor underneath. It had been a long time since she last played and she was dying to play as soon as she saw the piano, but the urge died down immediately, and she put the cloth back on the piano neatly as it was before. She made a mental note to purchase a piano for her house, so she could play again.

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#4Bianca Fleur 

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:54 pm

After covering the piano, she checked the lights inside the room. There was a switch but when she pressed it, nothing happened. So it was probably not working. The light coming in from the corner window was enough though, and Bianca could see perfectly in the darkness. It was even better for the situation. Since she could see well and the merchant could not. He would have difficulty trying to attack her if he even wanted to. So the vampyre left the room, leaving the door open. It was already time for the merchant to arrive, and so she hurried to the dining room, just to check. She found that Minerva was already there and so was one of the merchant. Her job had to begin now. So she looked for the other merchant, and once she found him, she captured him and brought him into the room that she had discovered a while ago, shutting the door behind her. She wondered if the staff in the castle knew what all was happening, and if they knew that Minerva was up to this dirty business. They probably knew, and were ordered to kept quiet. After all, the Phantasms were a notorious family in Oak Town. They were pretty well known and all that. The merchant was shaking when Bianca brought him here. He had no clue what was happening, from the looks of it, and so the vampyre began explaining the reason she had brought him to this very room.

The merchant starting shaking his head, saying that he was not going to sign it because he was forced to, and so Bianca brought out the gun that was gifted by her ex-lover. She was not the type to beat around the bush and torture him until he agreed, and at the moment she held her gun to his forehead, she felt as if she was dying to shoot him, as if she was not doing this for the job and because she wanted to. The look on her face probably did the job because the merchant started whimpering and dropped to his knees, hands raised as if that would protect him. Her eyes had an evil glow in them, her index wrapped around the trigger, ready to pull. The merchant then started to beg for mercy, and the word rang in her head like an alarm bell. ‘Mercy.’ In a split second, the grip of her index on the trigger loosened and she lowered the gun, taking a deep breath. “Very well,” she said. “You know what to do then.” The merchant nodded vigorously and then took a deep breath as well. He was still shaking like a puppy. It made Bianca wonder if he had ever seen a gun before. So afterwards she brought the merchant back to the living where the other merchant and Minerva were. Once the signing was done and the merchants left, Minerva took her into her study and rewarded her with a wink.

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