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Little Necromancer [Quest: Alice]

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Little Necromancer [Quest: Alice] Empty on Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:49 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was now able to stay in an inn in Nanuq, which was a lot more comfortable than the healing huts where she had been before. Besides that it was still very cold in Nanuq and she wanted to leave as soon as possible but well it was a better moment, a better situation than when she arrived and she find the healers nice and she felt at ease here thanks to the healers that helped her gain more energy again and she was able to sleep well and Hecate definitely liked it here, which was fun to see. She woke up the next morning, quite early and went to read a bit before heading down to get some breakfast for herself and her companions. She wasn’t entirely sure how long they were going to stay here now Kon was here but she wouldn’t mind to get away from the cold as soon as possible.

She sat herself down on one of the tables, ordered a hot chocolate and was done with it. She was sure that she needed to eat more but considering the fact that she was full if she had one cup of hot chocolate. So she decided that by the time she would brunch or lunch, she would order more. There was someone coming in, it seemed to be the same woman that had mentioned to find her and reunite her with Kon, ”Chief’s son Muhin Nataqin is looking for you, miss.” and she raised her right eyebrow for she had never heard of him, hadn’t met the chief and wondered what this could be about. She wondered if it was urgent because she was definitely not going before she finished her hot chocolate and so she said that, because pregnant women needed to eat or well drink something and no matter whom it was, they should respect that. So she remained where she was and decided that if it was urgent, the person would have come to her himself. So she made sure she finished the last drop of hot chocolate and that Jupiter was done with his breakfast, as Hecate was already outside playing in the snow. She asked the barman where she would be able to find this Muhin and followed his route on a little map drawn on a napkin. Together with Jupiter she walked towards the manor that it seemed to be. She knocked on the door and it was opened by a tall young looking man and she felt a bit uncomfortable by the stern look on his face which was quickly replaced by a smile, which didn’t reach his eyes. ”Welcome, come in, come in.” She looked at Jupiter but he walked in first and she followed, declining the tea that Muhin offered, she would simply sit down to listen about the mission that he had for her. So he told her about some small figure raising the undead at the edge of the Nanuq seas and that it kept running away as soon as someone got close. He himself wasn’t allowed to go so someone else should.

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Adelaide Sokolov
So she accepted Muhin his offer to do the quest for him. She still was a bit confused why he asked her but she would see and she stood up and walked towards the door. She didn’t trust this guy, so she would see what happened. She followed the route to the Nanuq seas and the glacier wall that was there, it was a small path but she would manage. Hecate would enthusiastically run in front of her until she randomly stopped and stared. With one look at Jupiter, the two of them walked a little faster to get closer to Hecate and see what was going on. She hunched down because what she saw was but a small figure casting magic, dark magic. She could feel it as well and she noticed the creatures that were sort of summoned were skeletons. It must be but a child! She stared a little longer but the hunching down was so uncomfortable that she stood up and the boy immediately stared at her and started to ran away, ”Get him, but be gentle.” she said and Jupiter and Hecate run off while she followed, noticing that the skeletons had disappeared in the mean time. The child would stumble but Hecate would catch him up by holding his clothes in her little mouth and Jupiter had prevented any hard fall by rolling underneath the child in case he would drop, but Alice quickly took it over and held him close to her. ”Don’t worry, it is okay.” she said with a soft sound to not make him more scared of her than he already was. She told him, that she wasn’t afraid and that it was okay again. She made room for him so he could step aside but he didn’t ran away again, he explained to her that he had no water or ice magic as the rest of the town but that his magic was great fun and he loved it. He even told her that he believed Necromancer magic didn’t have to be considered evil, it was the user who decided that and she laughed, ”You don’t have to convince me. I know someone that used to have necromancer magic.”

In the end she told the boy that it might be smart to talk to his parents, they probably would be worried about him as well if he was gone all day so he agreed. And together they walked back, he seemed to be sulking a bit but she really believed it was for his own good. So she made sure to explain it very clear and the parents immediately waved it away that it was no problem at all and the father even ran outside to tell the whole town and she could hear the whole town aww, which surprised her as well. She left the child with a thumbs up and walked back to Muhin, who gave her jewels immediately and that he was wrong about outsiders, which made her wonder if he had spied on her. ”You should join the party that we are organizing for this little Necromancer,”, ”Perhaps.” but she would first see how she felt tonight.

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