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Little Necromancer [Kon][Request]

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on Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:39 am

Konstantin Sokolov
The weather was bleak with powerful gales of wind traveling from the west striking everything unprotected by a blanket of powder snow. A man shivered as he looked outside of the window to a building made entirely out of the every same snow. A puff of mist fell in front of him as he exhaled, trying to warm himself he rubbed his gloved hands together hoping the friction would prove some comfort for him. Despite the poor weather he would be working today as he had not paid for his rent at the hotel he and Alice were staying at.

Traditionally he was one to pay outright and even ahead of time however due to the snowstorm the town was facing he had been unable to do so. Unable to tell the time by looking at the sky with the clouds darkening the entire area to decide upon the appropriate meal to eat, he merely decided to have breakfast considering he had only just recently woken up.

Normally he would have started off his day with a nice hot shower however he could not enjoy his daily bathing routine with there only being ice water running through the taps of the bathrooms. Foregoing that he simply changed into something warmer choosing to don some thick fur pants and jacket with matching hat, his dress shoes were replaced with strong leather boots lined with the same fur, his scarf and gloves were the only piece of clothing that he retained from his regular clothing. The change in clothing gave him a far bulkier appearance and allowed him to retain his warmth even in the most bitter of weather.

He would have to be quick with both eating his breakfast and completing any potential jobs in the town with the owners ready to kick him out at any moment. Fortunately for him though he was able to eat his meal in peace or so he thought with the owners leaving a rather passive aggressive note to him by slipping it underneath his door saying:

“Dear Konstantin Sokolov,

Occupant of Room 23A

While thank you for staying here with your company has been well received both by us and the other residences here at Snowy Peaks. you have yet to pay for your room here and with times as they are we request that you pay as soon as possible otherwise we will be forced to have you removed from the building. We will be out for today celebration our niece's birthday, please have the jewels ready to be received by the time we see each-other.


Mr. and Mrs Man’tua”

Picking up the note and reading it, he was shocked to say the least before feeling insulted as to their threat of having him and his pregnant wife removed from their hotel, he would definitely not be staying with them again. Finished with his meal, he scrunched up the note and threw it casually into the bin he had been given in the room.


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on Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:39 am

Konstantin Sokolov
Almost ready to go and start looking for jobs, he went to the far corner of the room where he had placed his new sword, Samehada, he had learnt the name of the blade from a travelling scholar who was staying conveniently in the Snowy peaks as well. Drawing the weapon with his two hands he slung it over his back and then left his room. He had to be careful with how he left the building more appropriately careful with his weapon as it would nip at anyone that was close to them, walking through the building he cling to the left side of the corridors to the side exit.

Leaving the building, he was assaulted by the wind and snow, covering his face with his scarf and shielding the remained with a raised left hand he began the slow march over to the request board. The board itself was in another tavern, one far friendlier than the one he was staying at, the owners were bubbly and happy to point him to the board as he entered even offering him a beer as he walked past. He almost accepted the offer however declined with him instead commenting on how he would return later.

Scanning the sparse board he grabbed one that was within the town itself, it was a request of Muhin Natagin who it was he didn’t know instead merely requested the aid of an outsider. With haste he made his way to his future client leaving the building after thanking the owners for their hospitality. The man was blunt in nature simply telling Kon, there had been sightings of a small figure raising undead before running away, so he wants him to check what that is all about.

Accepting his request, Kon left the client after declining some tea for the mission and began to walk on the edges of the Nanuq seas and the town itself. It wasn’t long until he spotted a small figure casting dark magic. Rushing over to the figure, he nabbed the figure with his right hand surprising the two of them as he realised it was a boy from Nanuq, perhaps only nine years old who had been the source of all of the rumours. Upon grabbing the child, the spell he had cast broke causing the skeleton he was controlling to crumble and disappear.

Releasing the grip of his hold on the boy, he run off only for the deep snow to cause him to fall down easily, easily Kon caught him however preventing him from harm. The boy swiftly explained how he wasn't born with water or ice magic like the town is known for, was scared that he will be an outcast despite loving his magic. He telling Kon how he doesn't think necromancy is inherently evil and can be used for good. Wanting to give hope to the boy Kon revealed his own abilities stating. “I was once a necromancer myself in fact I was a part of the rune knights, even now I can revive the dead just in a different way.”

Returning to the city and they spoke with his parents. Intentionally Kon thought he might have to convince them or make them accept their child as a necromancer, he was surprised how accepting they were. The whole town hears about the incident and everyone goes "Aww..." Meeting with Muhin again and he will rewarded Kon, saying he was wrong about the outsiders and tells you that there will be a celebration tonight for the newest mage of the town, the little necromancer.


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