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Lost and Found [Alice]

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on Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:32 am

While they had planned to meet up at Nanuq town they hadn’t specifically said where this was troublesome as he wasn’t familiar with the town and he had suspected much would be the same for Alice. Knowing his fiancee, however, she likely would want to ensure her and their future child’s wellbeing and would refrain from staying outside for too long with the current weather being bleak, to say the least. The clouds were coming in and the winds were growing stronger with each passing moment, he needed to hurry otherwise he could easily get lost in a snowstorm even in the town with everything having the same snowy exterior. Rubbing his hands together he looked around town checking from building to building eventually stumbling upon an inn that was in the heart of the town, he would need to make his retreat from outside and recover there with the snow swiftly beginning to fall. While he would have preferred to continue looking he lacked the appropriate attire and would likely develop frostbite before too long plus wielding his sword on his back wasn’t exactly the most comfortable thing in freezing weather. Instead, he chose to spend his time asking the various patrons to the inn as to whether they had seen Alice giving them her description such as hair colour and the fact that she had two companions.

#2Alice Baskerville 

on Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:45 am

She had gone to Nanuq and arrived during some sort of blizzard and had entered the first house that she found, which was a part of the healing tents and thus she had not been aware of an inn or anything from that part. Besides Kaita was a big help for her condition. She was tired and the cold made her shiver all the time, even when she was inside. She was reading something when someone else came in, obviously she had not met everyone yet, "Someone came in. Looking for a woman with orange hair. Must be you?" She immediately closed the book and jumped up, that must be Kon!

She turned to look at Jupiter, since Hecate was outside and he gave her a short nod. She picked up her leather jacket and took her bagpack before following her companion outside. It was still snowing and she wrapped her arms around her and tried to not shiver too much. She simply followed the person that came to get her, funny that they apparently all knew she was here eventhough she had barely seen anyone. The door to the inn was opened soon and she quickly hurried inside because it would be far warmer than being outside and she noticed Kon immediately. Even though she had thoughts about how difficult it had been gone lately between them, she grinned. "I'm glad to see you."


on Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:15 pm

The search for Alice took less effort than he had truly expected with them reuniting in few hours of him actually reaching the inn itself. He was curious about what had happened to Alice in the time that they had been separated for before that though noticing her own chilled expression from being outside he called for the innkeeper. “Innkeeper, two spiced ciders please and thank you.” The innkeeper behind the bar promptly nodded to the Holy Knight and started to pour two mugs for the duo. He had noticed the unusual drink being offered from a menu positioned above the bar itself. Wanting to ensure the wellbeing of his fiancee, he finally replied. “Alice, it’s good to see you as well, please let’s sit down, drink some cider and we can share our stories about what happened on our way to this frost covered town..” Looking around he found a spot wanting to make sure that they would retain he spoke to Alice once more. “Mind taking that spot over there while I get our drinks.” Leaving her for the time being with the innkeeper shouting at him for to grab his drinks, a thought of her health came into question. Just when would she give birth?, They had only been together just once but he couldn’t remember the date itself. Purchasing and taking the drinks, he handed Alice hers then drank some of his own before sitting down. “Hmm do you know roughly when you’re expecting?”

#4Alice Baskerville 

on Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:26 pm

She walked over to him and telling him that she was glad to see him which was true, that was a good thing. Even Jupiter seemed to be alright with seeing Kon, obviously he wasn't very happy but there were circumstances, she was already surprised her Jolteon greeted Kon with a little growl that wasn't as hostile as it normally would be. The door was opened by someone else and Hecate skipped in and headed over to her while Kon ordered cider. She nodded while petting Hecate and turn to look at the spot he pointed out and she headed over there while Kon took care of the drinks. She would simply sit down and wait, it was a little warmer here and she took her jacket off but didn't stop with little shivers. It was just smarter to take her jacket off but she wasn't dressed for super cold weather.

She took the cup quickly when Kon offered it to her and wrapped her hands around it, feeling a bit warmer immediately. She looked up and immediately looked down to her baby bump, "Eh.. well I checked it here with the healers. I am apparently already half way, so around the end of March. Since I'm in the 21st week of the pregnancy." Which explained the baby bump. She looked up at Kon with a smile, "They told me it's a girl."


on Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:38 pm

Kon casually drummed his fingers over his mug as he listened to Alice reveal march to be the estimated date and also that they were to have a girl. He didn’t really know what to think about that with the sex of the child not really play a big part in all of it for him, yes all of his siblings were and are boys but each Sokolov regardless of sex provided themselves as part of the family whether for the better or not. There were other questions that needed to be addressed however given the state of things, he wanted to get married before the pregnancy but didn’t want to pressure her and he felt it would be more appropriate given her future role. Another matter he need to ask her about was whether or not she would take his last name with her current one being merely a placeholder. Drinking as he looked at her casually before asking her both questions at the same time. “Hmm, when were you thinking we’d be wed, It would be a good idea if we did so before you have our child additionally have you given any thought as to whether you want to take my name on for yourself, Sokolov instead of Baskerville?”

#6Alice Baskerville 

on Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:44 pm

But most important: the baby was healthy. She wasn't entirely sure what Kon thought about it as he said nothing about it and she frowned. Which maybe made it time to really ask him the question that had been bothering her the moment she told him she was pregnant. She had said it, he had asked her to marry him and suddenly she had her doubts. Maybe it was because of the awkward situation where they fought and basically didn't talk about it. She had seen him cry and she didn't want to say that she had doubts because of that fight, she knew he was sorry but still, what was basically going on between them? "Are you okay with having a child? I mean I know it's early and definitely not on the plan-to-do list." Perhaps he never wanted children?

There were other questions addressed and she nodded about it, "Well considering how I feel now compared to the first three months, I think I could handle that. It is a lot to take care off though in such a small time. I mean we haven't discussed any details about the wedding." She had never really dreamed about a wedding, well she started once he had asked her to marry him and she wondered what he thoughts about it would be. And she thought a little bit about the thing about their surnames, because she had thought about it and come up with the same thing: Baskerville was not her real name, so she had actually believed that it was no problem to change it to Sokolov. "I would like to take your name." she said with a small, sweet smile.


on Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:11 pm

A stray question led in his direction from Alice seemingly to question his desire to have the child, it was a perplexing question with him thinking he had shown all of the hallmarks of wanting the child, perhaps the events between them in particular recently she had thought otherwise. Wanting to relieve her of her doubts, he placed down his mug gently on the nearby table then removed Alice’s mug from her own hands before taking them into his. “Alice, while this is earlier than I ever expected to have a child, I am confident that we will be capable of looking after her, she will be safe with us, we have a home, we have a sustainable income perhaps the only thing is will we have enough time to spend with her.” Scratching his head, he admittedly didn’t want to be like his father always absent from him and his siblings but he felt it would be needed… “If we can’t have her stay in the manor we can always take her with us on our adventurers anyway as dangerous as that seems.”

The wedding was another issue for Alice which he would promptly try to address, albeit most likely poorly from her position. “There are many things that need to be sort out with the wedding but for now we should invest in a nice little nest egg for it so that we can have exactly what we want, whether it’s grandous or plain and simple.” The reveal of her accepting his name drew a smile on his face as he replied with a simple. “Thank you for the honour.”

#8Alice Baskerville 

on Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:05 pm

She wasn't entirely sure what to think, her brain seemed to make overhours rethinking everything where she had been so sure about so that's why she couldn't help but ask. Worrying that the answer might be no and that he would never come to.. but she couldn't even finish that thought as Kon took her mug away and she followed it with her eyes, not sure.. again her thoughts weren't quick enough as he took her hands and said her name to completely get her attention to what he was saying. She heard everything but the most prominent thing he said was that she will be safe with us. Which brought a smile to her face and a longing for them to be back to their original ways, for her to stop doubting everything. She let him finish, didn't want to interupt words that made her happy. "I could ask if I could be stationed in Orchidia for the time being? Until she is a bit bigger and can travel with us indeed. Which sounds amazing." Maybe for the first time or maybe it was a rare moment that she didn't think that being pregnant was something terrible. And maybe now she could finally settle with this okay feeling.

The topic turned to the wedding and she wondered how she would feel in the last couple of months of her pregnancy but for now it sounded like a great idea, hoping the baby bump wouldn't become much bigger. "Just out of curiousity because I agree on saving money, but did you ever think about what you wanted your wedding to look like?" And that topic brought the question if she would take on his name, which she would. She never felt like a Eventide and Baskerville was just made up. She couldn't help but smile again, "I'm glad we are talking about it. I felt we became a bit distance because of the circumstances."


on Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:18 pm

A proposal of Alice being stationed in Orchidia town lead to him being reminded of something else, something perhaps more important to the two, even the three of them. “Ah yes, you’ve just reminded me of something else I’ve been meaning to bring up with you.” Clearing his throat to bring about the importance of his follow up. “Have you given any further consideration into leaving the Rune Knights and joining me at the Holy Knights?” He said in almost a whisper moving closer to her as he did so. “I know you’ve had some hesitance on it but I think it’d be better for all of us as they have been far more lenient in regards to being stationed anywhere, it’s also why I brought up the wedding as it would look far better on both of us to have a child together as a married couple.”

Taking a sip of his drink once more noting the thick texture and bold favours, he listened as Alice returned to wedding plans and how he felt about them. Admittedly he had never really given the idea much thought, there was something that did stick out for him however. “It really depends we could easily have it in the manor as there is numerous rooms for guests to stay and a large ballroom for us to have not just the ceremony but also the festivities prior to it while I do have some affiliation to the church by no means am I going to force you to nor do I desire to have anything at a church.” A loud grumble swiftly gained the knights attention, looking downward while Alice spoke on. The cold environment had brought on a hunger inside him that he had never felt before, want to eat he with much urgency responded to Alice’s remark in total agreement. “Hmm, perhaps the short time we spent apart despite how short it has helped us gather our thoughts, let’s have something to eat, I’m starving.”

#10Alice Baskerville 

on Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:40 pm

With her talking about being stationed in Orchidia, Kon turned the conversation to the Holy Knights which reminded her what she indeed thought of the Rune Knights lately and she nodded, "I know it sounds weird but do you think I could belong there? I do not have the.." she cut herself off because she didn't want to hurt his feelings or start a whole pity party as she once had called it for Lacie, who had screamed at her that her whole life was perfect, well look at her now, "I do not have the feeling I belong anywhere but I do want to. I can see what the Holy Knights do," she whispered the word Holy Knights, "I know I do not agree with everything the Rune Knights do and they are very restricting, too restricting for my liking, which was the whole reason I left my well so called original guild." she had told Kon she was a part of Phantom Lord but she had been stupid and naive and had not understood what Phantom Lord had meant, as she had just joined when she turned out to be a mage. Selena had told her and Yami and she had left.

The idea that the Holy Knights would be much more sympatico about the whole ordeal of having a baby, exactly what the Rune Knights forbid her, she was no longer against the idea and she believed that she never was, "I would love to become a part of the Holy Knights if you think I would fit in." because wouldn't she be a bother to him if she was in the same organization?

When she said that, she finally took her cup of cider back from the table and took a sip, which made her shiver for a second as it warmed her up. She looked at Jupiter and Hecate for a second and smiled, okay everything finally felt a bit better than a week ago or so, it was only very cold still. She turned the topic to the wedding again, asking him what he had in mind, if he had anything but he denied, "What you just said sounds wonderful." The house actually meant a lot to her, having not have a place to call home since she was dropped off in an orphanage, the manor to which he had invited her, meant a lot to her as well as Kon and wouldn't it be nice to combine that?

She also accepted his name and told him that she was glad that they were talking and he agreed, maybe the short moments apart had helped them gather their thoughts, she couldn't help but giggle when he said he was starving, because he always seemed to be hungry when they met up. "I couldn't agree more." She had no idea what to eat but would look at the menu for that, "Thank you for finding me again." she said softly, not entirely sure if he heard her, maybe they had talked about going to Nanuq, but she had been more or less lost and here he was again. Perhaps they always knew where to find each other. She had found him in Orchidia and now he found her in Nanuq and there were more times.


on Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:42 pm

Alice brought about a question that he hadn't really thought of previously but could answer easily without any hesitation. "Alice, past sins that you have committed before joining the Holy Knights would be completely resolved with the organization will to accept you especially with a recommendation from myself." Scratching his chin, he listened as Alice continued onward about her opinion on not just the holy knights but too on the Rune Knights seeming to agree with his own in that the Rune Knights were far too restricting. It never ceased to surprise him how forthcoming Alice was to him something that was significantly uncommon for him to experience but regardless he still enjoyed it. Her doubling down on her stance towards joining the Holy Knights only reinforced his thoughts on sending off a recommendation. Wanting to give her some hope for her to join the Holy Knights, he nodded then replied in kind. "Alright, I'll begin a letter of recommendation upon reaching Baska town where we can go over everything."

Conversation swiftly returned back to the wedding plans with Alice agreeing to his proposal of just simply having the wedding at the manor, which would reduce the cost of the big day significantly so they would only need to focus on other things such as the food, clothing and along with all the other items. "Admittedly when you came to stay I only managed to clean up a portion of the manor so I'll need to finish off the rest of it before it's in a state to be presentable to guests." His stomach seemed to entertain Alice significantly, he couldn't help but give a hearty chuckle as well, lucky she too seemed hungry. A thank you was uttered ever so slightly causing his face to expand once more into a hearty grin. "Of course, of course I'd find you always and forever now onto the food, let's see." Tilting his head back over to the board. "Hmm, meat pie looks good, what about you?" Leaving his chair to order for the two of them.

#12Alice Baskerville 

on Fri Nov 17, 2017 2:44 pm

Her golden eyes had looked at Jupiter and Hecate before turning towards Kon and she nodded. She wasn't sure if she was immediately buying it but she also didn't want to disbelieve in what Kon said. She told her doubts to him because of this and she nodded once more when he said he would write a recommendation letter once they would reach Baska, "Didn't you also do that with the Rune Knights?" she couldn't help but grin, apparently he was guiding her and she wasn't minding any minute of it. She smiled because of the idea and stared at the cider and took another sip, Hecate being curious leaned on her left leg and sniffed the cider which she quickly turned away and back on the ground as the spices were a too strong scent for her, which Alice found funny.

She agreed with the idea of having the wedding at the manor and she was surprised about the next part of the conversation, "I could help with that. Sure I might be a bit slow considering circumstance but I can still do something." Besides it saved a lot of jewels and she wouldn't mind staying home for those things while he would have to go on jobs. The Rune Knights didn't seem to be happy with her anyway.

They decided to eat something and she nodded on that idea and looked at the menu, she still didn't trust herself eating meat and fish because the smell had made her gag all the time so she decided to order the sweet potato pie. Kon would order for them and she would talk to Jupiter about being a jerk ninety precent of the time but the Jolteon didn't want to listen.


on Fri Nov 17, 2017 4:35 pm

It seemed Alice had been paying attention to his actions for her, with her remembering how he had been the person to endorse for her to join the Rune Knights, just as he would be the person to recruit her as a Holy Knight. While he didn't have any hidden goals behind the first recommendation, it was clear that he had other motives to have her in the Holy Knights, evidently, Alice had noted this as well. Shrugging off the question he merely said as he began to walk away. "I was just helping a friend at the time, Alice, geez." As he moved away he heard her offer to help with the wedding, he would have none of it has he found it inappropriate for someone who would be so close to giving birth to be doing any hard work merely waving the idea away instead. As he didn't catch what Alice wanted he shouted out to her from the counter asking her to point out what she wanted. "Hey Alice what do you want, just point out on the board?" Looking back he spotted her selecting the sweet potato pie, ordering his own meal as well as Alice's he took the tag to the waiter so they could find their table. Returning to his seat, placing the tag in the middle of the table, he got comfortable once again before drinking his cider once more. "So we've spoke about a lot, anything else you'd like to talk about, anything giving you pause for thought?"

#14Alice Baskerville 

on Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:10 am

Even though he sort of sounded annoyed with her comment about him doing the same when she joined the Rune Knights, she couldn't help but giggle. "A friend hmm." she said softly it sounded very funny for some reason because look at them now.

She ordered a sweet potato pie and now that she had done that she noticed how hungry she was and she stared at the little peach baby bump. So her insticts were right, interesting. Because she still didn't really believe that she would be a great mother or a good one for that matter, considering her family. On the other hand she didn't want to discuss that with anyone because people would always reassure you and that was not what she needed.

When Kon came back she took a sip of her cider as well, she kept forgetting it and he asked her if there was something on her mind and she frowned, there were lots of things she wanted to talk about but apart from wanting a better bond between Jupiter and Kon, there was nothing much, "I just look forward to travelling together." Being together in general, "It has been a long time ago since I've been in Baska." She had met LeeAnn and Arisa there for the first time.

She would slowly eat her pie once it arrived and basically have a chitchat about nothing special, she wanted to leave Nanuq as soon as possible because she couldn't stand the cold and that's what she told Kon.



on Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:41 pm

Their meals were prompt in being delivered and bountiful in size, his own meal had numerous sides to it including some wedges, a bunch of steamed vegetables even a scoop of potato coated in a thick gravy. Consuming their dinner together, they spoke more just simply idle chit-chat though, having said all they needed to. Upon finishing both drink and food, the duo lingered at the inn before retiring to a hired room where they would stay for the duration that they were in Nanuq town for. He was glad that they would be sharing a room as it would allow them to become closer but in a more passive fashion. The only downside of their room was that it was lacked a lot of what he viewed were basic necessities, though he would make do until they got to Baska town. In a far warmer room, he decloaked something Alice had done numerous hours prior. Throwing his cloak onto the bed, he quickly followed suit fall face first into the fluffy bed causing the pillows at the head of it to fly out into the air towards Alice. Turning around swiftly he watched as the pillows arched over to her only to land lazily onto the ground. “Welp that was unexpected.”


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