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Finding Phantoms [Social: Elk]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:45 am


Fiammetta Barone

The waiting game. No one like to play it, but there was rarely any choice in the matter. Sometimes, even if someone gave it their all, did everything they could… They still ended up just having to stand by and hope, or pray, that everything turned out all right. It was a frustrating position to be in… That much, the girl named Fiammetta Barone certainly knew…

All she’d done in the past few days was ‘wait’. She waited for a decent paying job, having run out of work in Baska, in hopes of sending more many back home. That, however, was the less stressful example. More importantly, she waited on news about Esperia, her recently comatose… Well, Fia wasn’t what she was. All she knew was that every day that girl spent unconscious, Fia grew more and more wrathful.

Doing nothing was the worst thing. She felt powerless and useless. There was nothing she could do, not for the family she held dear, not for the princess she swore to protect. She’d let that rage fester for a few days, until an epiphany hit her… Maybe there was a way she could help. It was something she’d considered doing in the past, but only now was she desperate enough to try.

And so it was, that Fia found herself roaming the residential area of Baska, going door to door and asking a simple yet uncomfortable question. That very same question was asked to a farmer at his estate, who looked at the delinquent girl with a furrowed brow from his front doorway.

”So you’re telling me… That a young miss like you wants to know where she can find members of Phantom Lord in Baska?” He queried, voice thick with scepticism.

”That’s what I said, ain’t it?” Fia growled in frustration. ”Pretty freakin’ simple question. You seen any or not?”

The farmer shook his head, both to answer her question and show disapproval. ”No missy, I haven’t seen any. Not that I’d let a young gal like you know where to find that kinda trouble.”

Another growl from Fia, as she glared at the man, pissed off that he’d assumed her reason was to find trouble… It wasn’t at all, that was the truth. All she wanted… Was the chance she’d find someone who knew her father, or hell, just anyone that could help.

”Yeah, that so? Well, thanks for nothing, asswipe.” Fia bid her farewells to the man, snarling at him before she stormed away from his residence, and off to bother the next door over. She continued that dance, hoping to find some kind of lead, but would settle for just a worthwhile opportunity or distraction…


on Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:11 pm

Elk rolled on the balls of his feet, he was a little anxious being outside of his cozy appartement in Hargeon. He liked the paintings of Elphesia that lined his walls, if someone entered his house it would seem very cluttered and odd. Elk shook his head fiercely, he had promised himself that he would go out and do some quests, he barely had any money left from the move from crocus to Hargeon. Through the crowd of people walking down the street he heard someone talking about phantom lord, Elk, being a part of a Blue Pegasus, a light guild, decided it best to find out why someone was interested in a dark guild.

Walking a little closer to the angry girl who was talkin aggressively he leaned in to catch some words and see what he could make out. Finding phantom lord members in Baska, finally she had enough and left. Elk not being the most spacially aware person was right in the way of her exit. ”crap”was all he could get out of his mouth before he winced and waited for some awful words and probably some harsh fists too. Syliph couldn’t cast defense spells so probably the best chance he had at escape would be casting double alignment and jumping away. He decided to wait

#3Fiammetta Barone 

on Fri Nov 24, 2017 5:05 pm


Fiammetta Barone

Fia continued door to door, her mood progressively worsening as she continued to find a whole lot of nothing. She’d figured her chances of finding anyone who’d give her a straight answer were low, but the number of people who didn’t answer at all was starting to seriously piss her off. So, needless to say, she wasn’t too happy when, after storming away from another house, some asshole blocked her path.

She’d been looking down, kicking dirt when she bumped into the poor guy. ”Oi! Watch were yer goin’, dumbass!” The delinquent girl snapped at him without even thinking. Not being in the best mood meant she didn’t really care about social graces, not that she ever really did. She was already snarling when she actually looked up to see the weak-looking light-haired boy there, seemingly ready to take some fists from the girl.

Unsurprisingly, that just pissed Fia off even more. She, ironically, found the fact that this boy assumed she was some violent-short tempered thug infuriating, despite the truth in it. ”Oi, put yer hands down Blondie. I ain’t gonna throw any hands.” Fia growled a bit unconvincingly, before realizing there was something else she ought to say to the boy, just for good measure. ”Dunno if you heard, but I’m looking for any Phantom Lord members ‘round here. Any chance you know anythin’, Blondie?” Fia inquired with a slightly aggressive tone, in spite of the fact she’d already come up with a nickname for the poor lad.


on Sat Nov 25, 2017 8:37 pm

The person he bumped into was certainly one of the aggressive kind. She nagged on him a bit, but he just let the words slide of him, he really didn't care, after she cooled down a bit she asked about phantom lord members, "Sorry that I bumped in to you, and no, I haven't seen any phantom lord members here, I heard most of them are in Oak.
But I'd be glad to help you look for them."
he said kindly. Elk tried placing a smile on his somewhat emotional face, he hoped it looked okay. Stuffing his hands in his pocket, he looked a little more deeply at the girl, she was certainly aggressive, but there looked to be more under the surface that not everyone would see, he knew something was there but he wouldn't pry, it'd be rude, and people deserved to have some privacy in their life. Rolling on the balls of the feet he temporarily looked up at the sky he wasn't a fan of the daylight, he liked being able to see the stars at night and see if he could find Elphesia in the midst of the stars

#5Fiammetta Barone 

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:44 pm


Fiammetta Barone

Social graces had never been Fia’s strong suit, and that much was rather evident with how she handled the mundane mistake of bumping into another. There had been quite a few times were something a simple as that had caused a fight to break it out, but it seemed like that was not at all a concern with the boy she’d bumped into. He was rather quick to believe Fia wasn’t going to hurt him, in spite of her demeanor and appearance, and accepted that she was looking for Phantom Lord members without a single judgemental look.
Fia raised a confused and sceptical eyebrow as the boy eagerly stated his intention to aid her in looking for them. Just what the hell was this kid’s problem? So eagerly helping a punk like her, with that dumb smile on his face, to look for members of one of the most feared guilds in Fiore. Was he stupid or something? Fia had half a mind to just deny his help and walk right past him, and she very well would have on any other day.
But, as it happened… The Fia of that day really couldn’t deny any help. She was desperate, and this wasn’t for her sake. So for those reasons, she was willing to cast aside her pride, and begrudgingly accept the help offered to her.
”I know most of ‘em are in Oak. I ain’t stupid.” Fia growled a half-lie to the boy all of a sudden, though her tone wasn’t quite as angry as before. Deep down, she was just a bit grateful for the help. ”But I can’t exactly go there right now. So I’m stuck searchin’ through this shithole. Guess I wouldn’t mind some help doin’ it…” She grumbled, neglecting to state why she couldn’t leave.
Fia glanced back at the boy, her eyes still angry but with a hint of that desperation she’d developed. ”You wanna help, then you best tell me what it is you know, if anythin’. Guessin' yer a local, so there any chance you know where's good to get info?" Fia inquired, hoping to get some simple help from the boy and then part ways. Or at least, that was her initial intention…


on Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:57 pm

The aggresive girl was harder to read than most people were. Elk rolled all the possible situations in his head of her past.

She said she knew why they were in oak, but she was stuck here in this shithole as she called it. He shrugged his shoulders at this remark. When she finally accepted his offer he gave a small smile, it was nice to have something to do here in this town. But then she called him a local, "Actually,
I'm pretty sure i'm the FARTHEST you can get from a local, but i'd be willing to help you look in any bar,
but be warned I'm not much of a fighter, though I can help you with other stuff, im more of a supporter when it comes to fighting."
he laughed a bit. His entire family was from a different planet, he had been born in Crocus, at least he thought so, he never met his mother, it was a possibility he had been born on Elphesia.

Thinking of sketchy places the pair could look all he came up was some kind of sketchy cafe, "Any Ideas on where to look?" He asked.

#7Fiammetta Barone 

on Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:36 pm


Fiammetta Barone

It seemed like Fia had, once again, been barking up the wrong tree, judging by the boy's response to her inquiry for help. Apparently, he was the farthest one could get from a local, whatever that meant. Fia certainly didn't get it, so just furrowed an eyebrow in confusion.

"Farthest from a local? What, you  from the West or somethin'?" Fia asked confusedly, figuring the boy at least didn't look like he was from a different continent. Then again, Fia wasn't the most educated on such matters, so there was every chance she was wrong, really...

Aside from making her curious, and apparently being more supportive in a hypothetical fight, the boy didn't really seem as helpful as Fia had hoped, even asking the same question she'd just asked him.

"Tch, if I knew where to look I wouldn't be askin' your sorry blonde ass..." She groaned abrasively, even more unfriendly than usual given the circumstances. "Guess you can stick by if ya want though, won't hurt to have a support, I guess. I'm more into just punchin' shit myself." Fia continued, warming up a little bit as her desperation came back into play. As little as she seemed to be getting along with the blonde boy, she wasn't about to turn down help. She wanted as much as she could get.

For her family, and for Esperia, she wanted every bit of help she could get.

Fia crossed her arms, her face scrunching up as she thought of where they should look next. "Maybe tryin' out a bar like you said ain't a bad idea... Though..." The delinquent girl turned to the boy, a skeptical eyebrow raised. "You even old enough to go into one?" She queried, not sure what age to even peg the very youthful blonde as...


on Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:11 pm

The girl, which Elk didn't even know the name of, was not one of the friendly or helping types, in her own words, I'm more into just punchin' shit myself. Elk laughed a tiny bit when she asked if he was from the west, but not loud enough to be heard.

Finally she accepted his offer to help, she asked him if he was even old enough to go into a bar, "My age isn't the question in this scenario, the question is will we find phantoms?" He retorted. This girl was definitely pushy, but he wasn't gonna let her push him around, he might not be as much of as a socialite as other members of his guild, but he was certainly not a social idiot, he hadn't been in Blue Pegasus long, and he had learned some interesting things on how to sway people. Thinking over some bars he had seen he finally thought of one, "I know of a small, sketchy bar a few blocks away, I know the owner so my age
wont be a problem if that's what you're so worried about."
He said.

#9Fiammetta Barone 

on Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:23 am


Fiammetta Barone

Fia was already starting to realize that she and this boy wouldn't exactly be getting along, at least not in the traditional sense. Probably because he, unlike a lot of people, actually resisted Fia's pushy and abrasive nature. The delinquent girl flashed a snarl at the boy's retort, responding with her own comment.

"I sure fuckin' hope we find some. Unless a smartass like you can't handle them, Blondie." She'd quip, deciding to take a jab at the boy's more timid nature. Fia couldn't see him holding his own in a fight, if she was being honest, but on the other hand was quite aware that looks could be deceiving. Esperia herself, the tough little fighter, was a testament to that.

Fia raised an eyebrow as the boy continued, seeming to develop a bit more of a backbone after his little retort. He informed her that he actually did know of a place, much to her surprise. To say that 'Blondie' didn't look much like the kinda guy who visited bars would be an understatement.

"Huh, wouldn't have expected a lil' punk like you know bout' somethin' so shady." Fia said with a sly grin, before gesturing with a nod of her head. "Well, if you know this place, lead the way, Blondie."

From there she'd follow the young lad, but not before she realized that there something rather important she'd forgotten.

"Oh yeah, oughta' know, the name's Fia. Simple, so don't forget it."


on Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:32 am

As Elk lead Fia toward the bar he rolled his eyes, totally out of Fia's view, but still as stress relieving to him, this girl definitely had some spunk, and whether he liked the spunk, Elk had no idea. In an attempt to mend their failing relationship, he gave her his own name, "The name is ELk, by the way." His response was short, he would try and keep conversation to a somewhat minimum, only explaining the important, like how he knew the bar owner, "He's-uh-debtor to my grandma, she lent him some money awhile back,
and now that she's dead he doesn't think he needs to pay it back, so i'm gonna show up and nag it out of him, not the most violent option, but I can be one little bitch if I put my mind to it."
Elk responded.

Walking up on the sketchy bar, he recognized the peeling siding, and bricks that were slighting out of place, and the flickering magic sign that hung above the black door, The Shady Door: Bar and Inn, all welcome. the last part was a complete lie, the owner, Janet McFarland, turned dosn every non dark guild member that walked into her joint.

#11Fiammetta Barone 

on Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:59 am


Fiammetta Barone

Fia rolled her shoulders and cracked her knuckles as the blonde boy led her toward the bar he’d spoken of, clearly ready for things to go less than swimmingly. As they made their way along, the boy offered his own name, prompting an immature little chuckle from Fia. ”Elk? What, like the animal?” She uttered in a teasing tone. ”Think I’ll stick with Blondie, suits ya better.” The girl declared with a smug little look, finding a bit of amusement in teasing this poor lad.
Elk/Blondie then went on to explain in greater detail his apparent relationship with the bartender, prompting a raised eyebrow from Fia. From the sounds of things, Elk’s grandmother was some kinda loan shark, and now Elk himself was there to use the outstanding debts to his advantage. ”Damn. Sly one, ain’t ya? Didn’t figure you fer a debt collector.” She commented with a small grin, amused and impressed by the boy’s strategy. He was truly proving to be more than meets the eye.
Soon enough, they were at the bar Elk had mentioned, and it looked every bit as shady as he’d described it. Fia’d been to some pretty bad watering holes in her life, and this one looked like it was about to top the last. Cracking her neck, Fia wore a wild grin as she readied herself to make an entrance.
”So this is the place, huh? Figures some Phantom bastards would be in a shithole like this.” She growled, before stepping forward past Elk. In one strong movement, she shoved the door open, entering the bar with as much as noise as she could muster. The moment she was inside, she’d cock her head upwards, and begin strolling confidently towards the bar. She was hot-headed, but wasn’t about to start swinging hands until she sized up the bar’s patronage…


on Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:53 pm

Fia decided to stick with the name Blondie, which honestly didn’t actually bother him that much. Remarking on the sly factor Elk laughed a bit, ”My grandmother didn’t work so she used some old investments to keep us feed, she did it pretty well, and I haven’t collected recently so I decided a visit would be best.”

Fia quickly stepped in front of him and slammed the door open, making quite a presence, a few people scowled. A tall lanky woman with beat brown eyes and curly red hair tied up in a bun, he eyes narrowed as she looked up and sized up the pair. Elk looked from behind fia and stretched out his hand mimicking a money bag. Janet, the owner, her eyes narrowed and she produced a small bag of jewels, than speaking directly at how they entered she began to speak, ”What the Hell are you two doing? This is a private establishment!” Janet yelled. Though immediately afterwards she beckoned for a man to hand Elk the bag of jewels which he placed in his jacket. He looked back to fia, he’d wait and see what she said to Janet.

#13Fiammetta Barone 

on Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:50 am


Fiammetta Barone

Fia didn’t say anything more about Elk’s grandmother, but did smile softly at hearing what she’d done. Going to those lengths to provide for one’s family was something the fiery young lass found very commendable, and gave her a bit more respect and consideration towards her blonde companion.

Once they reached the bar and Fia marched, there was no holding her back, her stride full of fury and purpose. She was done idling, done letting fate kick her down. Now was the time for her to take control of her situation and start making some demands, regardless of how much trouble she might find herself in. The scowls she earned didn’t worry her, she wasn’t afraid to fight the few punks within the shady bar. Though, perhaps there was a fine line between bravery and stupidity.

One woman approached them, seeming to be the owner of the bar by how she handled herself. Fia snarled at her as she shouted, clearly not having any of her objections. Though, that snarl did turn briefly into a snicker as she noticed the bag of jewels handed to Elk, before she turned back to Janet with her wrathful look.

”I look like I fuckin’ care if this is a ‘private’ establishment?” She growled, steam starting to rise off her back as she felt her temperature rise. ”Listen here, bitch. I’ve got a few questions fer yer patrons, lemme ask ‘em, and I’ll be outta yer hair real quick.” Fia raised her hands, cracking her knuckles threateningly. ”Otherwise… Well…”

She could feel herself practically shaking with anger now, reminded of her struggling family, her imprisoned father, her unconscious lover… She was done being powerless to help them.

”Otherwise, I burn this fuckin’ place to the ground. You understand that?”


on Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:49 am

Elk watched Fiammetta threaten Janet and her people, Fiammetta was unphased by any of Janet’s rebutted, she simply asked for information or she would um, burn the place to the ground. Janet scowled at Fiammetta, ” you think I’d run a place like this and not be the slightest bit prepared, you’re sorely mistaken, now get out, you won’t be getting information.” Janet said. Green smoke curled around her fingers, summoning whatever weird magic she had. Elk not wishing to see a piece of his grandmother’s legacy burn to the ground, stepped in. ”Janet, you help this lovely lady right here, and I don’t activate the eviction charm, you remembered what happened last time you were late on a payment right?” Elk cocked an eyebrow, he disliked elderly, they were so close minded and it was pretty annoying.

Janet let the smoke dissolve, and waved to a back room which she led the pair back into. It was a dark grungy room, barely cleaner than the main room. The steel chairs clashed oddly with the old wooden table. Janet waved her hand waiting for Fiammetta to ask the first question.

#15Fiammetta Barone 

on Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:55 am


Fiammetta Barone

When Fiammetta was angry, she was a dangerous force. When she was angry and impatient, she was practically a ticking time bomb. She'd every intention of following through with her promise to 'burn the place down', or at least try to. Fia had simply stopped caring about who or what was in her way, she was that frustrated. Her father was imprisoned, her family struggling, her lover incapacitated. What reason did she have to hold back her anger?

Janet, however, didn't seem to be quite ready to give in to Fia's demands, unsurprisingly. But the resistance did nothing to soothe Fia's anger, and instead just had her blood boiling even more. Steam began to rise from her fist as it turned a crimson shade of red, a sound like a kettle beginning to rise from her body. "Guess it's gonna be the hard way then." The steam punk growled, clenching her fist and getting ready for the fight she was picking. She didn't care how many jaws she had to break, she was getting answers, and that was final.

Fortunately, before things got - literally - heated, Fia's more level-headed companion stepped in, continuing to use the leverage he had over Janet to extort her into following the pair's wishes, and in turn, preventing some inevitable violence for a moment more. The steam from Fia cooled as the girl felt herself relax a little more, now that Janet was doing what she wanted.

She was still angry, but thanks to Elk, she was a controlled fire. "...Thanks. Didn't want to hafta burn the hag." She muttered to him as they entered the back room where Janet had gone.

It was a shady little room, but Fia didn't mind. Just meant that if she had to raise her fists again, there'd be no one else to witness. Taking a seat on one of the uncomfortable metal chairs, Fia crossed her arms and continued to scowl at Janet, even as she was allowed to ask her questions.

"So yer gonna talk now, huh? Blondie's really got you bent over, huh?" Fia couldn't help but throw one quick insult Janet's way, before getting into the heart of the matter. "Alright, enough bullshit. My question's nice an' simple, ya senile old bitch."

Fia leaned forward, gazing spitefully at Janet. "Ya got a lot of shady people comin' through this shithole. I wanna know if you've seen any Phantom Lord members, and who and where the fuckers are. Ideally... Which of 'em might be familiar with or have mentioned a guy named Baldo Barone." She'd utter flatly, forcing herself to seem impartial on the matter, and purposefully leaving out that Baldo was her father. Having to explain that would only make things more complicated. Though, it likely wouldn't come to that, given the fact it was unlikely any of the PL would have known her father.


on Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:15 am

Fiammetta had become much less volatile, at least towards Elk, to others, the woman was literally a firebomb just waiting to happen. Once inside Fiammetta made some digs at Janet who took the without shaking or becoming over agitated. Fiammetta got right to businesss wanting to know all about phantoms, and one in particular by the name of Baldo Barone. At this Janet’s eyes peeled up a bit, she was eager to have the duo of destruction out of her establishment as soon as possible. ”I haven’t heard from Baldo Barone in awhile, he was banned from here after killing a few mysterious dark guild members from another guild, they would have payed some great money, but HE lashed out, so I banned him. Last I heard of him was from Melissa Savage, one of those humans who wanna be a Vampyre but aren’t, she also goes by the name cannibal. Go talk to her, she’ll know where he is, or where any phantom is. she lives under the bridge down the street, in a tent. If she comes out she’ll look to wealthy to be homeless, she’ll have short blonde hair and a hourglass figure, her eyes will be pure red the whites of her eyes will be blood shot, whatever you do, don’t make physical contact. There in down, now please leave.” Janet said. Elk looked towards Fiammetta, it was her move.

#17Fiammetta Barone 

on Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:26 pm


Fiammetta Barone

Fia continued to glare coldly at Janet even as the woman spoke, giving her all the answers she desired. Overall, she didn't seem terribly intrigued or surprised or even content with what the barkeep told her. The vast majority of the information wasn't terribly relevant to her predicament, after all, though Janet could really not be blamed for her misinterpretation.

Truthfully, the steam punk didn't particularly care about any news related to her father himself - she knew exactly where he was, after all. She wasn't surprised nor fazed to hear he'd gotten into disagreement that resulted in his banning from that particular pub. Fia was under no illusions about the sins her father had committed, so it didn't at all shock her to hear about those apparent murders. Hell, she was quick to make the assumption the guys Baldo killed were asking for it.

The only useful information Janet provided was in the form of some vagrant that might be able to offer her information on Baldo or other phantom lords. Though Fia had no use for the former, the latter sounded at least a little promising. But, at the same time, Fia was pretty frustrated with what info she'd gotten. Nothing of value, just being pointed to the next person down the line.

"Gotta be honest ya ol' hag, wasn't all that helpful." Fia would growl a little a threateningly as she stood up and began to make for the door. "But it was just enough to stop me from burnin' this place down."

Before she made her exit, Fia gave one last glance and nod to Elk, offering him some parting words. "Thanks for the help, Blondie. Now if you'll 'scuse me, got a cannibal to find..."

And with that groan Fia left, off on a wild goose chase in hopes of finding a single desperate possibility. That maybe, just maybe, a former associate of her father's might be able to help her. Time would tell.



on Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:40 am

Fiametta sighed, she had apparently found the info rather unhelpful, with a nod she left Elk standing there with an angry Janet, Elk smiled and left, Fiametta had left to find Cannibal, that would be...interesting, he had no idea what kinda weirdo went that far with their obsession. Sighing he walked out the door and down the street, he didn't know how long he wanted to stay in baska, there wasn't much to do here honestly, it was sad and annoying to be honest, he had hoped to find some kind of...life in this town, but he was left empty handed in this town, maybe getting drunk and letting life happen wasn't a bad idea, but he wasn't gonna end up like some of the people in Janet's bar, the ones who were always drunk and sat in the back of the room, they were always droopy eyed and nasty looking, but Syliph shrugged it off and went back to thinking of Elphesia, he'd like to go back there, but he doubted it would happen. Yawning he decided it would be a great idea to turn in early tonight and take a nice long nap.


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