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erzila Packs (done)

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#1Erzila Packs 

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:48 pm



Name: erzila packs

Age: 20

Gender: inter sex

Sexuality: homosexual

Class: Battlemages

Rank: D-rank

Guild: fairytail

Tattoo: right bicep

Face: margit eberbach form Majikoi!


Height: 6'7

Weight: 240

Hair: red

Eyes: blue

Overall:Erzila is a large muscled woman of 20 years of age. while she is muscled she is also very woman like in her appearance.Her tall and muscular frame makes her a brick wall. Her hair is so red it looks like fire and has a flaming glow thanks to her magic.

She can often be found with either a smile on her face or a look of rage depending on if your friend or foe. Or you just so happen to piss her off. People often commit on her body being that of a very muscular and bulky milf.

Extra: is missing her left eye


Personality: Erzila has a short fuse. And has been known to cause bar fights. At her guild hall. Being a member of fairy tail that is very common it as also given her a great sense of right and wrong for more than the one she already had. She also loves small children and wishes to one day be a mother herself. While she was born and grew up rich that life has not affected her personality like it would any other rich child. Another factor in why she didn't turn out like other rich kids of her age is that her mother and father have taught her that money means nothing without someone to share her life with. Due to this she is very shy around girls she like and has been know to become very soft spoken almost to the point where she has been asked to speak up.

She also can be very alluring and seductive when she wants to mix that with her looks and she has been know to be called by sides the flame queen the flaming bombshell. However her size and intimidating demeanor have made it hard for her to find a date in the past and make it hard for her to have a love life. Past her raging temper and angry face is a loving caring woman with a heart as big as earthland itself. One way to piss her off is to call her eye i or matie or eyepatch or cyclops.


  • women:being homosexual erzila has a fondness for the same sex. but often has a hard time expressing her feelings around someone she likes. Often leading to a misunderstanding.
  • being in fairytail: Even though she was born in era she grew up in the guild hall. And with her return to the guild hall coming soon she is sure to have stories of her travels.


  • seeing her guildmates sad: Erzila cares about her guild mates they're like family to her. they have and always been there for her and she for them. So seeing her guild mates sad or someone making them sad is the best way to send her into a fit of rage. Even though some part of her feels they would be better off without her around.
  • some dark guilds some dark guilds like the one her cousin in is i will never be forgiven for what they have done. while she is normally very forgiven to the members of dark guilds she wont forgive them all. and when a member of a dark guild refuses to show remorse for his or her's actions her forgiveness for them and what they have done is no longer there.


  • having her own family: One of erzila's biggest goals or motives is having a family and kids of her own she loves kids. And wants nothing more then having kids of her own. So one day she hopes to have a family of her own it is what keeps her going.


  • being left behind: For erzila one of her biggest fears is being left behind. it stems from the part of her that believes her guild doesn't need her. she knows her fears are unfounded but she still can't shake them. this type of fear is natural for everyone she knows that but it still makes her scared of being disowned by her guild.
  • becoming evil: Her family has a dark history. But they have moved past it. And while some members of her family choice to remain dark wizards most of her family does not. Dark wizard blood as will as light wizard blood both run through her veins it is a huge fear that she will one day turn on her friends.


Magic Name: flame kingdom magic

Magic Element: fire

Magic Description: flame kingdom magic is an a very old from of fire make magic. form back when everyone was part of one kingdom.It was created by the packs family elders and taught to the oldest daughter in the family. They believed she would be the one to save their village and there wealth. At first it worked she cared for the village and protected her family and friends. But after sometime she wanted more power. so the family killed her and sealed her soul away.
Offensive, Self-Buff Speed and Supplementary spells.


History: Erzila packs is born to one of the most wealthiest families in era in flore. Her family has been in the fairytail guild for a very long time. Most of her memories has been going on guild mission with her parents. When she was 12 her left eye was stolen by a member of her own family who left fairy tail to join a dark guild.

About three years later erzila became a full member of the guild herself after that she went on a six year training mission with her aunt. Where she learned to control her magic better and even learned a few spells as will. After six months she took a break and returned to fairy tail. To see her friends and to take on a few job requests. After doing them she returned to her aunt's farm to finish her training.

And as of right now is on her way back to the guild hall. Back to her family in fairy tail. along the way there is no telling what is going to happen and the stories she will gain. As will as the life lessons her travels back home will bring her. one thing is for sure the guild will never be the same again erzila packs the flame queen is back.
Reference: returning

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#2Erzila Packs 

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:19 am

bump and bump


on Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:24 am

Hello, I'll be grading your magic.

  • Please mention that you're able to cast Offensive, Self-Buff Speed and Supplementary spells.
  • There's a lot of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in your paragraphs. Please fix them as much as you can.

Bump when edited.

#4Erzila Packs 

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:26 am

bump on the spells can you point out the mistakes?


on Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:45 pm


  • "...form back when everyone was part of one kingdom."

    It's supposed to be "From".

  • "...and protracted her family and friends."

    Fix it to "protected".

  • "... one of the most wealthy families"

    To "wealthiest".

Bump when done.

#6Erzila Packs 

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:43 pm

bumped and bump.


on Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:54 pm

This character application has been approved.

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