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Steamed Greens [Social: Liana]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:01 am


Fiammetta Barone

Even a hot-headed hell-raising delinquent like Fiammetta Barone could some time to herself every now and then. She'd been working damn near every day she'd been in Baska, trying to send as much money back home as she could. Favors for a doctor, tasks for a fashionista, gambling, fighting, scavenging... She'd tried damn near everything. But aside from extra loose change, she just wasn't earning enough.

And if she was perfectly honest, she was getting real sick of it. Stress mounted, as she was continually reminded that she wasn't good enough to take care her of her family. Guilty as she felt about it, she needed a day off, before she blew like the pressured boiler she was.

Her first choice was to spend time with a certain raven-haired trickster, but schedules hadn't quite aligned. So there she was, strolling through the hills on the outskirts of Baska, looking to fulfill the conditions for the second best method of stress relief she could think of. Namely, training.

"Yeah, aight... This'll work." Fia mused as eyed up the perfect spot. The tall girl looked up at a great big oak tree, strong and sturdy, with branches low enough to grab onto.

She shimmied out of her jacket, tossing it aside and leaving her in just her loose pants and the bandaging that wrapped her upper body. Eyeing a strong-looking low-hanging branch, Fia leaped up and grabbed onto it with both arms.

It was perfect, hardly flexed at all, held her weight without trouble. With that sorted, she began her first exercise: Pull-ups. With practiced rhythm, the girl brought her chin up to the branch on each count.

1...2...3...4... And so on. She was already feeling the blissful burn, the heat of the sun overhead, the sweat dripping down her forehead. Fia picked up the pace, letting the thrill rush through her! A little too much thrill, it seemed, as her hand's temperatures began to rise uncontrollably - her human-boiler magic kicking in. She, unfortunately, didn't quite notice the smoke that was starting to rise from where she'd gripped the branch.


on Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:52 pm

The Nature's Bonder
So many things have happened to this poor girl. One good thing could be the fact she had now became one with the elven race, though, for that to happen, the young Sylvaine had to almost go through Hell and back. Her best friend, hospitalized during one of the most frightening scenes of her entire life, now needed help. And during this very moment, Liana was the only one who could do it.

Following the ritual to become an elf, the late teenager was sent to retrieve a special herb of sorts. The very specific item needed to save the currently comatosed Eisenberg, the blonde's precious and main companion. It had worked, but from now on was the painful wait.

And with what better company?

The green she admires; Nature itself.

Sitting down on a tree within the vast cliffed forest of the Baskan Hills was Liana, leaning back against its trunk and keeping her eyes closed, almost like napping. Though, instead, it was more like meditating, attempting to connect with its greenery. Of course, for most, this could sound silly, but it's the only way, right now, that the girl can keep herself distracted from horrible memories.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't last long.

She didn't hear, though she saw, once her eyes would open even if just a tad from her current state. In the distance, smoke rose, and rose up to the clean and sapphire skies. It worried her, especially since the first thought that came to her mind was that of someone destroying what she considered a second home.

An abrupt stand was taken and without hesitating any longer, the late teenager commences a sprint towards the source of what she found threatening. It would take her some time, but once she reached the desired destination, what she saw made her eyes shoot wide open in surprise and not actual shock.


Liana voiced with some skepticism. The smoke wasn't from a fire. Instead, it was from a human. A human doing what appeared to be pull-ups from a thick branch. While the young Sylvaine would be impressed and satisfied to see such due to her own like for fitness, she froze over for that moment, calling out the other female from the distance being kept.

"M-Miss? Why are you heating up so much?"

At least that's what she thought was happening.
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#3Fiammetta Barone 

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:53 pm


Fiammetta Barone

Fia normally found it pretty easy to let herself get lost in the movements, consumed in the sweat and fire. Exercise wasn’t just about keeping healthy to her, it was form of stress-relief, a way for her to bathe herself in the heat that always soothed her. It gave all that rage and frustration inside of her a place to go, burned up all that excess energy.

But today was different. Try as she might, Fia just couldn’t clear her troubled mind as she went about her rhythmic routine. She wasn’t usually such a worrywart, but stress had left her vulnerable to pessimistic delusion. She wondered hopelessly, about what would happen if she couldn’t secure the funds for her family. What’d transpire if her siblings lost them home. Or if her father would ever even get out of prison…

She even wondered why she hadn’t from Esperia for a couple days. But that was quickly laughed off. The trickster was probably just off bothering someone or being a Good Samaritan. It was ridiculous, the idea that the intelligent young woman would be in trouble… Right?

Perhaps it was an effort to expunge those thoughts that increased the intensity of her exercise, causing the unintentional smoke signal as her body began to literally steam, like she was attempting to burn her concerns out of her. She was heating up, and so was the tree, catching the attention of a certain elven blonde.

Fia was so stuck in the zone that she didn’t notice the sharp-eared girl until her exasperated cry. The steam punk glanced down mid pull-up, furrowing an angry and confused brow. Who the hell was this elf, interrupting her private exercise session?

”Heatin’ up? Course I am, I’m feelin’ the burn!” Fia growled enthusiastically.

It was about then that she smelled it. The smoke.

”Oh shit!”

Eyes going wide in shock as she realized her accidental arson, Fia quickly released her grip from the branch, stumbling as she landed on the grass. Some of the bark had started to burn, and Fia wasn’t about to start a forest fire in front of an elf.

So, she picked up her jacket, and began whacking it against the small fire, until it was well and truly dealt with, before turning to face the elf who’d discovered. Fia wasn’t quite sure what to say, presuming she’d offended them somehow by hurting nature. Truth be told, Fia’s never really spoken to an elf before…

”Yo, uh, you ain’t gotta worry, I put it out. Had that shit under control.” Fia announced confidently. It was then that something occurred to Fia. ”The hell are you doin’ over here anyway, Greenie?”


on Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:29 pm

The Nature's Bonder
A huff escaped her lips. More and more, the young Sylvaine started to think like she was going to have to deal with another typical delinquent. The language used, the tone of voice, the expressions, especially the temporary burning of the poor branch, it was something which frustrated Liana to some degree, only adding the happenings with her best friend.

Steps forward are taken, her arms dangling down, hands open to gently and carefully caress any flowers, plants or strings of grass which were tall enough to reach those soft prehensile organs of hers. The long-eared teenager gazed down all the while, pondering about her choice of words.

The moment she closed the gap with the other female, at least at a considerable distance, a way more soothing look is offered.

"I'm not 'Greenie'. I'm Liana. The hills are for everyone as well, not just for you, you know? I'm here because I wanted to have a relaxing time and it would be far from the truth if I said you didn't ruin it."

She spoke, not in a condescending tone, but actually in a surprising calm and kind one. There was not a smile on her face, though there wasn't a pout or anything of the sort hinting at irritation or sadness. There were simply a lot of things on her mind and she did a good job on hiding them.

"Anyway... Forget about all of that."

Liana suggested, a palm stretching out in the other female's direction, shaking from one side to the other only to amplify her will to wipe the memories of what had just occurred. "Now that I came to you, may I know your name? For you to decide on exercising using the branch of a tree and in the presence of nature, I presume you are equally fond of this pleasant greenery. Not only that, but you also appear to be a fan of fitness."

And then, with a soft smile ultimately growing across her features, she takes such an opportunity to add something else afterwards.

"You seem like a person I'd love to befriend."
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#5Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:52 pm


Fiammetta Barone

Fia hadn't had the most academic upbringing, nor had she seen a very diverse array of people in her childhood home. So it was only natural she was completely unsure of how to act around elf. All she knew, from her father, was that they could be stuck-up and were tree huggers. Hence, 'Greenie'.

The delinquent girl didn't give the best first impression, so it wasn't surprising the elf seemed to scold her for ruining her relaxation. Not that Fia realized that, though.

"Ruined yer relaxin'? Cry me a river, Greenie." Fia growled heartlessly, but immediately felt a little guilty when she spotted the elf's expression. The elf, despite their words, seemed... Calm. Kind, even.

So maybe not as stuck up as Fia had assumed.

Fia furrowed a confused brow as the elf suggested they forget about that, before delivering a spiel that had Fia even more bewildered. This girl was making an awful lot of assumptions, wasn't she? Not that was wrong, though. It was just that the untrusting Fia felt a little wary of the girl's intentions.

As if she wasn't already feeling a little awkward, the elf suddenly made an utterly ridiculous suggestion. She wanted to be friends!?

Fia's jaw dropped at the openness, the soft smile. The delinquent girl felt her face heat up a little, a single stream of steam briefly rising her face.

Greenie wanted to befriend her all of a sudden!? The hell!? Normally, Fia would be inclined to doubt the girl's true intentions, inclined to push away any attempt to get closer to her. But... Recent experiences had taught there might just be merit in letting herself trust people, if only a little...

"Yer a weird one, Greenie. Wantin' to be pals with someone you ain't ever seen before." Fia groaned, sticking to her predetermined nickname for the girl for now. She could've shortened 'Liana' to 'Lia', but that was to close to 'Fia', and 'Li' felt a bit too friendly.

Sure, she could've just called her by her actual name, but that wasn't Fia's style.

"But I'll bite. Guess a lil' company ain't always bad." The steam punk admitted, looking away and scratching her cheek as she felt herself blush once again, like the tsundere she was.

"Name's Fia. Nice and simple, don't forget it." She gave her usual introduction, stepping toward the girl. "And yer kinda right, 'bout whatchu said. Don' mind all the trees an' shit, I guess. Mostly just like 'em for exercisin'. Air's nicer around 'em"

Fia glanced at the girl, an inquisitive brow furrowed at her. "Said you were here to relax? Heh, guessin' yer a fan of all this, huh? Er, well, guessin' that's a given', what with the uh..." She gestured to the pointy ears on Liana's head, indicating the steam punk's slightly racist assumption.


on Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:53 am

The Nature's Bonder
Liana clapped her hands, her smile widening with pure happiness even after everything that happened not too long ago. It only proved the young Sylvaine's strength, the will she had to not let the past affect the present, and think positive, think that situations always end up the right way. That things happen for a reason. Her parents did teach her well in morals.

"Great!" The girl chimes at the other female's company or friendship acceptance. At that, a few more steps forward are taken whilst she listened attentively and carefully to the introduction being given. If only there wasn't so much on her mind at that very moment, the elf would have recognized the name and even connected it with her behavior.

A curt nod is offered, the same smile not even vanishing for a second as Liana would speak once more, in her usual kind and soft tone.

"Fia, huh? That's a very cute name." She praises. While it was ugly, the young Sylvaine was even allowing all of the bad words used to pass by. Growing up, it's obvious her parents had also taught her about being nice and about the danger of using such elements.

Even the following inquiry didn't bother her, especially since Liana wasn't truly a pure elf. More so a human turned into one through a ritual which was strictly necessary. That's an explanation for another day though.

Her eyes roll up and to the sides, as if she could even take a proper look at her long and pointy ears. The smile on her face still doesn't disappear, meaning the late teenager was probably not even annoyed by the fact she had to be turned. Matter of fact, she appeared happy. Almost proud.

And then, as a hand moves up to gently caress one of her ears, that emerald and joyous gaze of hers returning forwards at her new friend.

"I'm an elf, one with nature. This is just a racial trait of mine."

The girl responds, before a slight tilt of her head was made.

"Why? Have you never heard or read about us?"
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#7Fiammetta Barone 

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:12 pm


Fiammetta Barone

What exactly was this girl's problem? Fia wondered such things as the elven girl displayed her joy at Fia's company, causing the delinquent girl's cheeks to flush. As a girl who could list all her non-family acquaintances on one hand, Fia really wasn't used to or comfortable with people being so... Friendly. Her abrasive attitude usually impeded that, but this was not the case with 'Greenie'.

"Y-Yeah, don't get too excited..." Fia groaned as she looked away from the girl, fidgeting a little. She wasn't used to this level of amiability, of tolerance for her terrible attitude. Her natural instinct was to reject it, her distrust creating a social barrier around her. One that Liana seemed to just walk right through.

Though, that wasn't to say she didn't like such persistence in befriending her. Reminded her of a certain raven-haired trickster...

"C-Cute? Shaddup with that..." Fia stammered at the praise of her name, a bit of steam rising from her ears. Even hearing Esperia call her cute prompted such a reaction, the delinquent conflicted with the actual flattery of the compliment and how it went against the 'thuggish image' she tried to put on.

After her insensitive question, Fia wasn't sure how the girl would respond, not even realizing how poorly she'd worded her comment. Fia hadn't been raised by the most sensitive or tactful man, meaning social graces weren't exactly her strong point.

Fortunately, Liana - whose name Fia had heard before, but wasn't making the connection - continued to display her tolerance, smiling with pride and joy, prompting a confused look from Fia. She'd heard that the elves were a proud people, but didn't realize they were this... Upbeat.

Surprise colored Fia's face at the mention of how she'd never heard or read of them before, a little off-put by how Liana had hit the nail right on the head.

"Well, y'know, there weren't many of yous near where I grew up." Fia admitted as she scratched her cheek, a little embarrassed by her ignorance."All I heard was yous really like nature and shit, got the pointy ears, and can be some real stuck-up sons of-"

Fia stopped suddenly, realizing how she'd been echoing her less-than-tolerant father's words. With slightly flushed cheeks, she looked to Liana with a wide-eyed expression. "Er, but yeah, that's just what my old man said. Dunno how much of it is true."


on Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:27 am

The Nature's Bonder
It surprised Liana, of course. Her eyes would blink and widen for a couple of seconds. From what she heard and read, she wasn't aware elves were actually known for being stuck-up. Then again, Fia did state there weren't many of her race where she grew up, therefore maybe her parents weren't telling her the entire truth during that moment in time.

After listening to the words of the other female, the young Sylvaine would approach the trunk of a tree, actually leaning against it and caressing any nearby branches which contained leaves, returning a smile. Nature did make her feel at home and it did make her feel better.

"Well... I'm not a pure elf. I was turned into one through a ritual for a good cause. Perhaps if I was the former, I would be able to tell you if your father was right or not. But from what I know, after reading and hearing people talk about it, I don't think we elves in general are that stuck-up. Some may towards racism, for example. Though, that's only natural."

Liana states, returning her attention towards the female Barone, tilting her head to the side a tad and keeping that same smile stretched out across her features. "Anyway... Where did you grow up, if you don't mind telling me?" She asked, willing to know more about the other girl. That's how friends are made, after all. One has to know another, and vice versa.

While awaiting for a response or listening to it, the young Sylvaine begins to lower down, eventually sitting down on the grass and passing her hand along its soft, greenish tresses. Her love and admiration for nature wasn't a lie in the slightest. It was the reality, especially now that she's an elf.
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#9Fiammetta Barone 

on Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:37 am


Fiammetta Barone

In the past, Fia would really not have cared if the girl took offense to her 'stuck-up' comment, but certain recent encounters had the delinquent girl a little more concerned with actually making friends. Fortunately, it didn't seem like she'd have to worry about being offensive.

The steam punk's eyes widened in shock at the elf's mention of how she gained her pointed ears. A ritual to change one's very race? She didn't such a thing existed. Though, apparently, it was for 'a good cause'. Probably some environmental thing, Fia figured.

"Shit, must've been somethin' extreme to make you change yer whole frickin' body with this ritual or whatever." Fia mused as she traipsed over to the true, leaning against at as she re-adjusted the bandages that covered her chest. "And, uh, don't worry 'bout what my old man said. Knowin' 'im, he was probably dealin' with the worst of ya. I mean, errr... Y-You don' seem stuck-up or anythin'" Fia said as she scratched her nose, still a little embarrassed by what she'd said. She genuinely believed that anyone else would've given up on befriending her by now.

The conversation continued to flow, no thanks to Fia, as the elven girl inquired about Fia's origins. A natural to ask in Baska, it seemed, with how many travelers the city attracted.

"I don' mind talkin' 'bout it." Fia shrugged as she watched the girl sit down and began brushing her hand on the grass. She really did like nature, didn't she? Maybe Greenie was a pretty solid nickname after all.

"Raised not far from 'ere. Orphanage, run by the guy I call my old man. Place was outta the way o' most things, close enough to a few of the smaller towns though." Fia spoke with a slightly strained tone. She wasn't normally this open, so all she could really do was be casual and flat about it, avoid any opportunity for pity or empathy.

"What 'bout yer self, Greenie? You a local?" Fia asked in an attempt to pitch into the conversation. She slid down the tree, sitting down and leaning on it with her arms resting on her knees.


on Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:02 am

The Nature's Bonder
Liana continued to wear the same kind smile, happy to know that the conversation had turned a way for the better and didn't continue to be solely about her race and about how others view it. Truly, the young Sylvaine doesn't remember much about how the ritual went and its procedures. She only knows she had to search for a herb of sorts to save her best friend, but in order to do that, she had to be turned into an elf. Curiously, the one who helped her was an actual elf herself.

"I don't have much memory of how it was, though as long as I know it was made in order to save someone important to me, that's all that matters really. I don't care about anything else."

She admits, that beam of hers widening for a few brief seconds before she looked back up at the other female. "Oh, don't be concerned about it. I'm not too worried. I'm sure it's not his fault for him to think that, like I said before. Morals were passed down to him just as morals were passed down to you. Like you said, something must have certainly happened between him and the elven race in the past." The girl reassures, nodding once at the end of her response to Fia's worry about her being annoyed.

Whilst still keeping her emerald gaze fixated on the female Barone's own, Liana would attentively listen to her side of the story on where she was born and how she grew up. "Ooh... That man must have had a really kind heart then. I'm glad you managed to find a place." She says, showing a genuinely satisfied smile. It was always pleasant to hear stories about people like Fia, in her case ones who grew up in an orphanage, without their parents' presence.

About herself? She thankfully had a much more peaceful life.

The girl stared back down at the grass, continuing to play around with it.

"I'm not a local, no. I was born and grew up in North Fiore, back in the forest complex of Worth Woodsea, in a small shack. My parents took care of me until I became old enough to travel and do things on my own. When I reached the age of seventeen, which is what I still am right now, I left my parents' home."

She states, continuing to explain.

"And only a few weeks ago did I come here to Baska, where I met now my best friend and someone I had promised to see again five years ago. I'm very glad I found her that day."

At the end, her attention is reverted to the side, now observing as Fia would sit down and lean against the same tree. A smile was on her face, memories which she appears to miss heavily having been shared.

"That's basically the story of my life until now."
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#11Fiammetta Barone 

on Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:28 am


Fiammetta Barone

It seemed the elf's reasons for becoming one were more serious than Fia had initially thought. Sure, she'd taken the whole 'good cause' thing seriously, but didn't know that it was this personal. The delinquent girl ended up staring down at her knuckles at the mention of this important person and how far Liana would go for them. Staring into the scar tissue along her hand, Fia was reminded of a certain someone by those words.

"Yeah, guess I can understand why ya did it, when ya put it like that.." Fia muttered in response as she ran her thumb over the wounds on her knuckles that Esperia had bandaged.

The mood was lifted as Liana once again assured Fia that she'd no reason to be ashamed of her or her father's initial view on elves. Though, the mention that something must've happened between her father and some elves prompted a chuckle from the steam punk. "Sounds about right. Old bastard probably ended pickin' a fight with one over somethin' stupid." Fia commented with an almost wistful grin as thoughts of her father emerged.

When the topic of origins came up, Fia was once again reminded of dear old Dad, with Liana's mention of Baldo's 'kind heart', prompting Fia to look down in an attempt to hide her soft smile. Hearing people talk about her father like that was something she liked, but was never going to get used to.

Liana's own origins were comparatively much more simple. She was just a girl from North Fiore, a forest-dweller it seemed, who'd been let out into the world by her parents after reaching the right age. Fia found it a little amusing, that this was the second person she'd met from North Fiore. She supposed that people just wanted to get out of the hellish cold weather.

Though, with the girl's next words, the coincidence would become more evident...

"So ya came down here to meet a friend, huh?" Fia said curiously, something about that statement reminding her of something. Her face scrunched up as she focused inward, racking her brains to try and think up whatever it was that sounded so familiar about his girl's story...

Hang on...
Reunited childhood friends?
5 years ago?

"Oooooh shit!" Fia suddenly exclaimed with the relief of someone who'd just figured something out. She snapped her fingers at pointed at Liana. "Yer Princes- Er, I mean..."

Fia quickly caught herself, face steaming immediately after she realized she'd almost publicly used the private nickname she had for the girl. "Oi, uh, Greenie." Fia spoke up, trying again. "Any chance yer talkin' 'bout a girl named Esperia? About yay high, gots funky eyes, real perverted?" Fia queried, trying and failing to hide the small grin of satisfaction at finding the person Esperia had talked about so much.

She, of course, had yet to make the connection between Esperia and the 'important person' Liana was trying to save...


on Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:02 am

The Nature's Bonder
The world really is small, for the young Sylvaine to meet someone Esperia had already mentioned and appeared to be pretty delighted about. The same was the case for her new friend, Fia, who also had Liana mentioned to. It is those kind of moments which make life even the more interesting.

Liana's eyes widen as she blinks and her curious attention is kept fixated on the other girl, listening and observing to her astonishment. Once the query was made, the elf also had no more doubts that this was the female her best friend had mentioned having a meeting with, arranged by doctor Gerard himself from Baska.

"Y-Yes... I am..."

She'd respond, only to make a connection with Fia's name and the day Esperia had mentioned meeting someone with that name. "You... You must be the one she went hanging out with then! Arranged by doctor Gerard!" The young Sylvaine would state, before adding.


A few light giggles escaped her lips at that, Liana quickly finding the situation rather amusing. After all, with everything happening, this was a great moment to use in order to forget about all those negative thoughts.

A stand was taken from the tree and she takes a step forth before turning around and looking down at the female Barone.

"So! Why don't we go for a walk and you tell me what you think of Esperia?" She suggests, extending a hand out to both help Fia stand and lead the way for her.

Now was the perfect time to make an amazing friend out of her.
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#13Fiammetta Barone 

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:23 pm


Fiammetta Barone

It was really an incredible stroke of luck, bumping into the childhood friend Esperia had talked about on the outskirts of Baska. Sure, the town wasn’t the biggest, but it still one hell of a coincidence, and the prospect of meeting one of Esperia’s close friends had Fia quite excited, if only so she could learn a little more about her dearest girlfriend.

Though their relationship was only somewhat new the two had come very close very quickly, both emotionally and physically, so getting to know Esperia’s best friend was definitely something Fia was interested in, not that she’d admit that. Fortunately, it seemed Liana was just as interested in their connection, apparently already knowing some details of Esperia and Fia’s date.

”Y-Yeah, that’s me, Doc got us together, I guess.” Fia admitted, looking away and blushing a little as she began to wonder just how much Liana knew of her and Esperia’s date. She figured it must be a fair amount, judging by how happy the elven girl looked after learning Fia’s identity. Though, honestly, that made Fia quite happy, knowing Esperia had mentioned her.

The elf proposed they go on a walk, and asked what Fia thought about Esperia. The delinquent girl gulped a moment, taking Liana’s hand as she stood up to follow the elven girl, scooping up her jacket as she did. Fia wasn’t quite sure how to answer Liana’s question at first, still being far from comfortable with the way she truly felt towards Esperia. Then again, this was apparently Esperia’s dearest friend, so anything short of complete honesty would’ve been wrong, right?

”What I think of her, huh?” Fia said lowly, clearing her throat and scratching her cheek in embarrassment. ”Well… She’s a good person, don’t let anythin’ keep her down neither. Espy’s a bit of a pervert, but it’s kinda endearin’ at times…” Fia rattled on, her desire to be honest getting the better of her. The steam punk looked away from Liana, her face reddened as she decide to just summarise her points. ”So, basically, I like her, I guess…”


on Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:08 pm

The Nature's Bonder
The young Sylvaine led the way the entire time, though she didn't stay too further ahead of Fia, only a few feet and walking at her own slow and tranquil pace. All the while, her head gently turns to various angles, those bright emerald orbs of hers catching sight of the beauty that was the green plains in the outskirts of the town. Luckily for them, it wasn't too late, and thus bandits weren't as active, neither were beasts.

Liana carefully listened to Fia's words, describing her best friend. She learned something new already, which may have caught her off guard a little, though more so of surprise and not of shock. The elf looks over her shoulder for a moment, eyes widened as they fixate on Fia's own.

"O-Oh, you two are together like that? I wonder why Esperia didn't tell me yet..." She pondered, only to end up bringing up a soft and delightful smile, giggling once. "I'm glad you like her though. She can indeed be a bit of a pervy at times, though that's only because she truly cares about someone. I'm sure you two will make a great couple."

A tilt of her head was made at the end, eyes shutting for a moment only for her lips to widen and part, Liana offering a big toothy smile in the other female's direction.

Ultimately, her attention is turned back forwards. She thought about telling Fia of what happened to Esperia recently, since she appears to be completely unaware of it. That was fine, after all, neither the Eisenberg neither the elf had enough time to tell many people yet. At the end, the young Sylvaine decided not to change from a happy subject to a sad subject. Perhaps only if they end up sitting down and relax once more.

"Either way, congratulations. I'm happy for you both."

Liana genuinely stated, continuing to lead the way while casually brushing her hand across a few leaves of trees they both passed by.
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#15Fiammetta Barone 

on Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:41 pm


Fiammetta Barone

Fia couldn't but smile as she noticed just how enamored the elf was by the environment around her. The nickname she'd given the young Sylvaine was looking more and more suitable by the minute, and just seeing such genuine connection with the world around her reassured Fia that she could trust the blonde. Though, she might've been a bit too honest, revealing things she thought the girl already knew.

Hazel eyes locked with the elf's surprised look, and Fia suddenly gulped, steaming a little as she realized Liana didn't actually know they were a couple. Some deep part of her feared a disapproval, but fortunately, it seemed Liana was quite happy with the reveal, even saying they were a great couple.

"Y-Yeah, I guess..." Fia stammered out suddenly, turning away to hide her deep blush and joyful smile. Liana was, apart from Gerard, the only other person Fia had told about their relationship, so hearing such a positive assessment had her feeling over the moon.

Even though she'd have never revealed it, some part of Fia still felt so... Uncertain about things. She and Esperia, the delinquent and the princess, it just didn't sound like something that would work, so being reassured that things would go well for the pair was pretty awesome. It made her even more excited for the chance to tell Baldo about it too.

Fia's blush lightened, feeling a bit more comfortable around the Sylvaine, a bit closer thanks to their mutual connection. Her look softened further at Liana's congratulations, a half smile flashed in her direction as they walked.

"Thanks, Greenie. It... uh... Means a lot, y'know?"

The steam punk had come out to relieve some stress on that day, and it seemed she'd been able to do just that. She'd made a new friend, been reassured of the connection between and Esperia. And so, it seemed just a little more possible that things would be OK.

"Oh, yeah speakin' of Espy..." Fia suddenly chimed in, realizing there was a particular question Liana might be able to help her with. "Any chance you know where she's been the past couple o' days? I mean, I ain't worried or nothin'..." The oblivious girl smiled a little, continuing to be confident that nothing was wrong.

"Heh, guessin' she's out botherin' someone, huh?" She joked, a sly smile coloring her lips. If only she knew what she was asking.


on Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:25 pm

The Nature's Bonder
It was a question the young Sylvaine truly didn't want to have to answer, especially to someone like Fia. Knowing her and Esperia had just recently started a relationship, having to hear about such horrible news would have most likely be a cause for great shock coming from the other female. With her gaze still turned forth and expression hidden from her friend, Liana lightly clenched down her front teeth onto her lower lip in obvious anxiety. She didn't really want to be the one to tell such...

... Though, the elf also refused to hide the truth.

"Esperia... She... She's fine, but... She's in a state of coma right now. I'm sorry you have to hear this."

The blonde firstly allowed it all to sink down, for Fia to give her reaction even though the late teenager still refused to look back and observe it. She was too scared to do it, having not yet grown enough guts to look at an obvious expression of shock and grief. Not like anyone died and it was not like the Eisenberg was in risk of such. But Liana thought it must have still been horrible for the female Barone to receive those bad news.

She continues to walk in the same direction all the while, leading the way for her friend. The young Sylvaine didn't want to say much of anything else. She felt like if she did, she would only be worrying the other female even more and that was something she didn't want to do.
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Fiammetta Barone


That small grunt was all Fia could manage at first. The Barone stopped in her tracks, her body completely frozen, any train of thought she had ground to a halt. The words just spoken to her by the elf were practically incomprehensible, at first. They just didn't make sense, Fia replayed them over and over, figuring she'd misheard.

Esperia? In a coma?

Hazel eyes looked with pleading and confusion to Liana, but the Sylvaine would not even face her. "Huh?" Fia repeated again, her heart rate rising as it sank in, ever so slowly, that she had not misheard Esperia's dearest friend.

Esperia was in a coma.

"Huh!?" Again it was uttered, this time her tone was strained with anger. She felt her body tremble, felt something bubble and boil deep within her. Were Liana to look behind her, she might notice steam rising from the girl's back.

A step was taken toward the way Liana walked, Fia's skin reddened as her temperature rose. Her face was twisted in an ugly mix of anger, confusion, and distress.

Esperia was in a coma. She told herself that again. But it still didn't make sense. She'd only seen the girl a few days ago, smiling and unharmed. So how? How was she in such a state? And why, why did Liana not tell her more?

Letting out a wrathful growl, Fia stormed towards Liana with eyes like a predator's. She grabbed the elf on the shoulder, hard, turning her around and pulling her in by her top, glaring into Liana with focused hazel eyes.

"Where... is... she?" Fia growled, though her expression betrayed far more than just anger. She was distraught, bewildered, afraid. And unfortunately for Liana, it seemed like the elf might have answers.

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