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The dankest of Journeys.

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

on Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:47 pm

A dust storm was currently in place as Uchida traversed these lands. He heard rumors of this place but wasn't sure if they were true. He was gonna find out one way or the other. He pressed on through the storm and when he stepped on some soft dirt and began to tumble into a large tunnel sliding down into a dank cell. This tumble had briefly knocked the young boy out. When the dust storm had cleared, he slowly woke up, vision blurred a bit, but nonetheless, looked around to see where he was currently located. It turns out, he was just in a cell with a rusted iron gate in front of him. Uchida got up from the ground, walking to the rusted door and tried to open it by pulling and pushing it. Didn't budge. Looking at from where he fell in, he spotted a man in medieval knight armor peer back at him. He couldn't see his face but he knew their eyes met. The man then leaned to the side and throw a decade old rotting corpse into the cell before getting up and walking away. The hell was his problem? He could have threw a rope down instep to help him up but instead he just threw a corpse down here and didn't say a word. Uchida had sighed before he groaned at the smell of the putrid corpse. He stared at it a bit and notice a small gleam in the rag it had covering half it's chest and genitals. He didn't really want to touch it but he did want to know what the hell it was so he  kicked it a bit until the item fell out. It was an old iron, rusted key which he assumed fit into the door behind him. He picked it up with two fingers since it was on a rotten, possibly diseased corpse. He fit the key in the socket and like magic the door opened. Okay, so Uchida took back most of the things he was calling that guy back, in his head before pressing on to see what was going on. There was a narrow corridor in front of it and it seemed like there was a flight of stairs down at the end. Uchida also spotted two bodies that were waling around and...crying? The look exactly like the corpse that he happened to get the key from. Deformed, rotting and the stench was foul. He didn't know if these things were hostile or not so he looked around for a kind of weapon he could use. Upon closer inspection of the ground, he found a broken sword that was mostly the handle and a quarter of the blade that he could use in one hand as a sort of feasible weapon. He picked it up and began to slowly, move forward. Readying his weapon, he was sure he had to kill this thing before it killed him.

#2Shichiro Uchida 

on Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:14 pm

Upon approaching the rotting figures, nothing. Nothing happened. They continued to cry and one started to pound the wall it was standing near and continued to cry. Rather loudly he might add. Uchida shrugged and decided not to kill them if they weren't going to kill him. BOOM!!! A loud footstep was heard to his right and continued to thunder as it stepped. Uchida's eyes widen with horror seeing a very large demon carrying a massive great hammer and walking around through some rusted iron gates which acted as a window. It doesn't seem to have noticed Uchida or the loud crying hollows, is what he'll call them, so he just walked away hoping it never did. He made it to the stairs at the end of the corridor and began to make his way up. He continued to climb the stairs until he made it to the top just to find a smaller corridor to walk along. He jammed his hands into his pockets and continued to walk along. After making it to the end, there was another flight of steps leading downward and so, he had no choice but to follow and go down. Making his way down, Uchida could hear the sounds of water dripping and making a splash into a larger body of water. When he made it to the bottom, he found himself in a small room that seems to resemble and ancient castle bathhouse and one of those walking corpses was in it, head in hands looking all depressed. Uchida figured that he was like the other two that he walked by and continued to press on normally. This one was different however and actually noticed Uchida's presence and started to get up from it's slumped position. It started to dash at Uchida, who had already noticed his getting up, readying his broken blade and swinging it into the ghouls chest when it approached. The hollow staggered back, tripping over the small steps it used to get out of the water and fell on it's back. Uchida then leaped forward, raising the blade mid flight and drives it into the hollow's head for good measure. "Incredibiles!!!!" Uchida had blatantly screamed out. He wasn't sure why though but he thought it felt appropriate at the time. Either way, he dispatched the hollow and continued with his journey. Inspecting the room, he found another way out that had a ladder leading straight up so he began to climb it. While climbing it, he thought of how these strange events had came to be and why the zombies he called "Hollows" were even animated to begin with. Well, they weren't to terribly difficult to deal with so it was whatever. Looking up, he saw that was about to come out of a giant hole. He made it to the top and saw an exit leading to what seems like the outside of the structure he was in. Neat.

#3Shichiro Uchida 

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:42 pm

Peering through the doorway, Uchida saw a rather small courtyard, for a castle at least, and stepped out into the open. Looking around the area, he saw giant double doors that didn't seem like it was used for humans but at the same time thought to himself that rich people on the mainland seem to have oversize d and shiny things that would show case their money's worth. So he shrugged it off and continued to look around to see if he could find anything leading the way out. There was an iron gate to the right of the courtyard leading into the ruined, old castle. He jogged over towards it and tried to open it. Hm, doesn't open from this side apparently. Uchida went back to where he started from and inspected the area once more. It seems like there was something of importance that he missed. A bonfire. He wasn't sure how he missed that detail but he did. Still, it didn't seem like there was anything that special about it. Even so, Uchida was compelled to rest at it, so he walked over towards it and he did. Sitting down near the bonfire, Uchida could feel his strength and uses returning. Uses? He wasn't sure what that was but he figured that he'd fine out later. After resting at the bonfire, Uchida got up and continued through the only possible way to consider. He realistically didn't expect the door to open but he might as well. Uchida half halfheartedly pushed the double doors. It actually budged. Uchida pushed harder and realized the door wasn't that heavy for a human being to push. Maybe it was there for looks? Either way, he pushed the door open and saw a roofless room. He couldn't recall what these were called but it didn't really matter to him at the moment. Something had taken Uchida's strain of thought away in just mere seconds of gazing upwards. Uchida saw the demon he had thought he saw a floor below him where the ceiling should have been just above an archway with a tiny platform, looking down at him. The giant demon was carrying a large, two handed hammer that was made of concrete and left over steel pipes estimated at a length of three meters. There was a silent pause as the two looked at each other funny. After the pause, the large, fat demon roared at him before jumping down and landing. It had tiny wings behind it as it was falling which somehow kept it's disproportionate, large body afloat for a few seconds. It landed onto the ground and roared once more. It was around six meters away from Uchida himself inside what looks like a twenty meter room. Uchida had zero means of fighting this kind of opponent. Literally, none. He wasn't going to try and fight this thing off with a broken blade, it was nearly the size of a house.

#4Shichiro Uchida 

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:54 am

Uchida panicked a little and looked around for a way out. He checked the doors behind him and to his surprise, the doors were sealed shut. It was like something prevented him from leaving. The gigantic demon started to walk towards Shichiro now. Uchida continued to panic a little bit and looked around. Finally, a way out. There was a vase blocking a small entry way. It seems to have opened up when the door behind him closed. Uchida made a mad dash towards the entry way. The demon swung downward with his great hammer when Uchida got too close roughly at three meters. Uchida pushed of the ground and leaped forward into a roll in order to dodge the incoming attack. In the process though, Uchida propelled himself a bit too far and crashed into the rustic vase, breaking them. Uchida winced in pain as sharp clay pieces pierced him but ignored it out of sheer fear of being crushed to death by a giant hammer. He got up and continued to run until he made it into the narrow entryway. The gate suddenly closed behind him as he could hear the loud roar behind him. Panting, Uchida thought that was a close call. There was no way he was taking on that thing with a broken sword. Even know, he could still hear it raging at the fact Uchida managed to slip past him. He decided to take a break and rest and the foot of the stairs that led deeper underground. He was sure he might have been going back to the dungeon and hopefully there was another way out of this god forsaken castle. He didn't like the idea still being near that large creature though so he kept it short. After a brief rest, Uchida got up and quickly headed down the stairs through a dark doorway. Before he entered the doorway though, he saw that there was a bonfire there. It looks exactly the same as the first one out in the courtyard. Maybe he should have rested here instead but it was too late to do so now. He knew if he sat and rested now, he wouldn't be getting up for a long time. Still, it did only seem appropriate to light the damn thing so he did. Immediately after, the room was lit up and he could see a bit better than before where he entered. There was another large body of water here and a way out if he followed the left wall. This wasn't what he anticipated though. He expected to be led through another long, dim light corridor but inside he was led out through a bright one instead. Judging from it's appearance, it seemingly was suppose to be a long dark corridor but over the years this castle had been through the worse so most of it's exterior had seemed to crumble into nothing. Well, that was pretty good news for Uchida he assumed and thought to himself that, "He was okay with this."

#5Shichiro Uchida 

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:23 pm

Exiting the room, going through the bright passage way, Uchida spotted an archer that was all the way at the end of the brightened corridor. He already had spotted him and was preparing to fire an arrow at Uchida. If Uchida turned back around he could possibly make it to cover to defend himself from such an attack. There wasn't enough room to maneuver or dodge it and from the angle the archer was aiming it, crouching did no good. The advantage was slight but it was still obvious that the archer had a bit of higher ground to the point all the archer had to good was aim for Uchida's body, forcing him to take a body blow or to the head if he crouched. Lying flat on his stomach to avoid it wouldn't have matter either, most likely ending up flying past his body and landing in his leg which would prevent him from defending himself and taking another arrow anyways. Well, this was a bind he found himself in. If only he could perform magic to defend himself. Well, whatever, he'll have to cope with it. While the archer prepared his arrow to be fired, Uchida frantically scanned the area for something to use as a shield. There, a shield was on a body just up ahead. It was a round and small shield, a buckler, he heard it once called. No hesitation was present as Uchida dashed towards the shield. The archer saw Uchida make a move and fired his arrow at him. Uchida decided he would suck it up and take it. He couldn't make it to the shield in time to defend himself with it so his plan was to power through it and get ready to defend himself from the next one. The arrow did indeed connect with Uchida's chest, hitting him and staggering his movement a bit. It was kind of a dull point and it barely pierced his skin but it still hurt like hell. I assumed the equipment here wasn't that great either to do any real vital damage but still, get hit enough with damn near anything and you'll eventually die. Picking up the shield, Uchdia had continued to run a bit further until he finally found a room to take shelter in, blocking any other incoming fire with the buckler. He leaned against the wall occasionally peaking his head out from the tiny room that looks like it used to be a cell. Shit, he was in trouble now. The buckler didn't seem all that durable anymore. Hell, it barely functioned as a shield in the first place. Well, whatever. Scanning the little cell, Uchida looked around to see if there was anything else he could use to defend himself. There in the water, was a sharp, curved dagger. Heh, it wasn't something to defend himself with but at least he had a real weapon now that he could use to defend himself with.

#6Shichiro Uchida 

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:58 pm

Discarding the broken blade he clutched onto for dear life, Uchida had walked over to the back of the room and picked up the dagger and gave it a few practice swings. It seems like the person that was wielding this, died with a clean blade. Or maybe that person was using a different weapon and was carrying the dagger as a back up weapon. Either way, it was in good condition, little rust here and there but still usable for the longest of times. Holding the buckler and the dagger, Uchida took a deep breath, inhaling then exhaling and repeating it once more. He leaned against the wall to peek and see if the lone archer was still there, waiting and watching his current location. His bow wasn't drawn this time so he figured it knew it was futile to continue to shoot any further. Uchida could use this to his advantage and sprint a good distance towards the archer before he could fire again. That was his game plan and so he would proceed to carry it out. Suddenly, Uchida turned the corner of the corridor from the cell he was in and made a sprint towards the archer. It seems he unintentionally caught the thing off guard since it took a bit for it to get ready to fire another arrow. To his surprised, Uchida made it to the archer quicker than he thought, seeing as he was already half way there anyways. Well, that was lucky he assumed. Uchida swung the dagger vertically at the archer which easily tore the flesh and staggered the creature. It turns out this archer was also one of those hollow creatures that he'd been fighting previously. It seems that this one retained some of it's skills from life and was trying to use them against him. Uchida shuddered to think what he would do if he came across a sword master of some kind. The hollow writhe in pain on the ground a sit made incoherent noises. Well, it wasn't human so Shichiro didn't feel too bad about putting it out of it's misery and so he did. Quick and easy slice across it's neck as he watched an anomalous amount of blood gushed from it's neck like a spray and eventually bled to death. Well, that was weird. Onto the journey of getting the hell out of here. Wherever that may be. Seeing as he was at the end of the corridor, the only way Uchida saw he could go was back the way he came or up the stairs that was in front of him. Unlike the other flights of stairs, this one was short and he made it to the top rather quickly. Upon reaching the top, Uchida spotted another archer with a smaller box. It was one of those hollow things as well. Staring at the potential enemy, it seems to not have noticed him. This was pretty ironic considering all the noise that was made downstairs during that little skirmish.

#7Shichiro Uchida 

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:28 pm

Well, this one was a no brainer. If this enemy was unaware of his presence, he'd just catch it slipping off guard and dispatching it quickly. Uchida walked forward with his dagger in his right hand and his buckler in his left. Quietly making his way towards, pausing every few seconds just in case it could turn all of a sudden. When Uchida was just a few inches behind it, he plunged the dagger into the back of it's neck, dragging the dagger up to it's skull before pulling it out. Well, that was easy. Uchida watched it die with his own eyes as blood started to gush out from where he made his mark. Uchida pondered at why this only happens to creatures in these lands but decided it wasn't an important matter. What mattered to him now was the strange mist in front of him. Uchida shrugged and decided that maybe it would be best if he didn't enter the mist without some form of protection but at the same time, he didn't really have much of a choice. Sighing, he decided to go through with it. He didn't pick up on any hostility when examining the mist, or any mana for that matter. It was natural, or as natural as this place got. Uchida hesitantly stepped through the fog and instantly, he fell through the floor as if he was falling through a deep chasm. It seems everything was resetting back to it's prime state as he fell briefly and whit a thud, Uchida hit the floor once more. A woman was heard narrating the story of another lost soul wandering about and captured. He was thrown in a jail cell for being able to use magic and the likes. Confusing him for one beings they called “undead”. This boy’s name, was Shichiro Uchida. He was taken far, far up north to uncharted lands and thrown in a dingy and small cell there, How they caught him? Nobody knows. He pondered a bit at how to get out. The only way he knew out was the way he was thrown in, from above. Not even he could jump that far. Next was the door in front of him. It was rusty and pretty old, to the point where he was confident that he could break it with his bare hands. Giving the amount of physical training, He should be adept enough at it. Curling his left arm backwards, he then stepped forward and threw a left straight at the door. Despite being it with a devastating blow, the door didn’t seem to budge. It was baffling how incredibly sturdy it was despite being so old looking. Well, he guessed there was nothing to do. He leaned against the wall slouching down, watching a line of insects traverse this place as they please. At that moment, He wished that his family line inherited any kind of magic that bolstered his own strength instead of other peoples, not that he knew how to conjure it right then and there. Maybe he could get himself out of more situations. Oh well, can’t do anything about it now.

#8Shichiro Uchida 

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:45 pm

Sighing, he picked a pebble to the side and looked to his right. There was a rotting corpse there. It seems he had somehow ended up where he started and was back in the cell that he first woke up in. Well, isn't this is just great. Uchida leaned away from it cause he didn’t notice how bad it smells in this cell until he actually looked for the source of the problem. He just thought it was this place in general. Now that he thought about it, that corpse wasn’t there before when he was thrown into it. Hell, he didn’t even hear the sound it made when it impacted the floor. Looking a bit further, he noticed there was a key on the thing’s body. It was flashing and shining awfully bright for some strange reason. Uchida was edging slowly towards it thinking it’s better than sitting here and doing nothing. Before reaching the key, he heard some rustling above him. Looking up, he noticed a person in peculiar armor staring down down at him from above even though you couldn’t see his face since it was covered by a medieval knight’s helmet. It's not like he didn't already know this was going to happen but he decided it was just best to play along until he figured out what the hell was going on. Uchida stared at him for a few seconds before he got up and walked away out of Uchida’s line of sight. He was a bit startled at that small exchange but if that person was trying to help him out, then he appreciated it. He reached for the key lodged in the corpse’s chest. It was a bit pungent but he had no choice and no other way to get it but reaching for it with his bare hands. Groaning, he snatched the key a bit of rotting flesh from it before standing up once more and running to the door to test it. To his surprise, it worked. It actually worked. Uchida wanted to thank that person properly but it was too late for that now. He began to walk down the hall seeing various and strange things. There was people that looked as back as the dead person in the cell walking, hitting walls and even….crying…? Neat. It's not like he didn't witness this before but it was still startling seeing something that basically looks like a zombie, cry. He continued to walk pass them if they weren’t going to attack him and pressed on. He made it to a place that looks like an outside courtyard. He was technically still inside but this part just didn’t have a roof. As he walked, there was a sword stuck in the ground surrounded by smoldering ash. It was awfully cold though so he thought of a way he could light it up. He didn’t have any tinder on or around him so there was out of the question.

#9Shichiro Uchida 

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:17 pm

Sighing, he decided there was once again nothing he could do. He extended his right arm out and pretended he could feel the heat of the previous fire of this bonfire. As he did this, the bonfire mysteriously lit up. He blinked a bit wondering how the hell this occurred and decided he was gonna put this one in his mind vault. It didn't happen before but whatever. Uchida decided to sit at it for a few minutes to warm up before taking off. There was too ways to choose from. He could go straight forward through these large double doors. Or he could check the side entrance that resembled his cell’s door. He decided to go with the side door first. Walking over towards it and checking, Uchida thought it was simply locked. So, he decided to try the key he received earlier. He then realized there was no keyhole for this particular door from this side and gave up trying to get in. The only way to open it was from the other side. Not like he was gonna waste his time with opening all the doors in this place anyways. Through the double doors was his only option, assuming that wasn’t locked either. Backtracking to the double doors, Uchida had placed both his hands on the handles and pushed it open. He was relieved they weren’t locked. He took a couple of steps in before looking around. It was eerily quiet in this particular room a bunch of jars to the left like before and nothing but decaying walls to the right. Taking further steps into the room, a large beast had jumped down with a giant sledgehammer and smashed the ground in front of Uchida blowing him back to the double doors. He had scoffed a bit and tried to exit through the doors he came through but for some strange reason they were locked all of a sudden. It's not like this didn't happen before but he might as well have tried to do it anyways to see if something had changed. He had then attempted to equip the dagger and shield he was carrying previously but apparently, he didn't have those anymore. To his surprise, his equipment was gone and he assumed he'd have to retrieve it again. This time though, he also forgot get the broken blade, more like, there was no broken blade to be retrieved which kinda screwed him over. It's not like he needed it prior but shit, it would have been nice to have right now. What the hell was going on…? The giant, hammer wielding demon had swung his hammer in a clockwise spin, knocking Uchida to the left side of the room. He didn't have time to dodge or react it was just instant. This didn't happen before. It only stared at him and roared the first time around before it attacked. What gives? It might have just remembered everything that previously happened like he did.

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